Kumkum Bhagya 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Nikhil asking his man to go and dance with Pragya. He goes to Pragya and dances with her. Pragya is surprised as he holds her and gets closer to her while dancing. Tanu thinks Pragya will be ruined today. Tai ji asks Tanu to tell about the inside story of the party. Tanu says I will not tell anything. She gets Nikhil’s call and she asks her to manipulate Abhi now. Abhi is standing alone and watching Pragya. Tanu asks why you are standing alone? Abhi says he is watching dance. Tanu asks if Pragya’s dance partner is your friend. Abhi says no. Tanu says he might be Pragya’s friend and seems to be very close. Pragya continues dancing with him (can’t figure out why she is dancing with a stranger for so long).

Tanu says Pragya never danced with you so closely. Abhi

says there is a dirtyness in your eyes. Tanu gets irked, but Nikhil asks her to continue provoking Abhi and asks her to try again. Abhi appreciates Akash for bringing the bouquets. Akash says I didn’t get it. Abhi wonders then who brought it. He sees Pragya still dancing with him. ( she completely forgot Abhi and dancing with Champak). Abhi reads the notes written by Champak for Pragya revealing about their love. Abhi thinks Pragya knows him. Tanu takes a chit and reads Champak’s other chit and asks who is this lover boy. She says I told you already, but you said that dirty is filled in my mind and eyes. She says this guy loves Pragya. Abhi says who cares, anyone can love Pragya. I have full faith on Pragya. Tanu says when you can break her trust then why can’t she? She says Pragya is not leaving him and still stuck with him.

Abhi shows faith on Pragya and says if there was something then she would have told me. Tanu says you are going to marry me, and that’s why she might have thought to move on. Abhi gets angry and asks her not to come near him. Nikhil thinks we have to turn this jealously into hatredness. Pragya thinks the man is uninvited guest and excuses herself. A waiter throws something on champak’s suit. He asks Pragya to help her clean his suit. Pragya is surprised and asks him to go to washroom. He asks her to take him to washroom. Pragya goes with him. Tanu asks Abhi to ask Pragya who is he? Abhi says I don’t want to hurt her on her birthday. Tanu asks him to hurt himself then and says she had a doubt on Pragya since a week. She says she saw Pragya with him and when she asked Pragya about him, she refused to tell him anything. She says then I took your friend Nikhil’s help and got this info. She shows the fake, morph pics. Abhi is shocked.
Abhi says you are lying? Tanu says no and asks him to come with her, says she wants to show him something.

Rachna brings something for Dadi and asks her to eat. She asks where is Pragya? Purab says Abhi and Pragya might be together. Dadi says Pragya was dancing till now, but Abhi was missing. Rachna says Abhi will propose Pragya today. Dadi says he shall propose today. Akash says you are saying right. Dadi says he was searching card in his room. I asked him to leave card and propose Pragya holding her hand. Rachna says dance went on for long. Dadi asks who was that guy? Rachna says he was not Pragya’s friend and says it seems he is uninvited. Dadi says he must have come for free food and dance. Rachna says she is beautiful. Dadi says Abhi and Pragya will be no. 1. Mitali hears them and tells Tai ji that Abhi kept the party for some reason. Tai ji asks what? Mitali tells that Abhi wants to propose Pragya today. Tai ji says what will happen to Tanu then? Mitali says Tanu is not helpless and says she is very cunning. Tai ji asks her to stay far from Tanu and hugs her.

Pragya takes him to washroom. Champak thanks him and asks her to help him clean his suit. He praises Pragya. Pragya says I came to just show you washroom. Champak being chipku says that she has so much love in her heart. Tanu asks Abhi to come and says she wants to show him real (actually fake) picture. She takes him to washroom. Pragya says you are very difficult to understand. Champak asks her to make him wear his suit. Abhi is shocked.

Rachna tells Pragya that Abhi can propose him at anytime. Pragya gets happy. Champak comes to Pragya. Abhi is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am also read the same news india form . The chambak stay in mm and abhi thing this is pragya plan to teasing him but the news is real or not any body guess pls tell me prathiksha

    1. Sweety yes it is told by tellyexpress spoiler but how much it is correct, it we will know later in episode or in next update. Well if champak got a role in kkb to play for sometimes to use to create twist in abhigya’s life so his presence will also needed in the show near pragya everytime to increase more misunderstandings and rift between them as well as to solve this matter also. So may b he stay in mehra house. But how and how cvs will make his stay justified in the hosue, it is left to know. As pragya is owner of the house and herself will not want to let champak stay in mehra house without any relation and reason, when misunderstanding has been already created between her and abhi’s relationship becoz of champak and takhil also can’t fix him in house. So it is left to see if champak will stay in mehra house then how and by whom’s refference. Whatever it will, i m not interested in this crap and don’t want to b a part of this bullshit. Until the story takes right turn, i m just getting update and sharing it with u all. That’s it.

      1. Thank u for u r reply prathiksha

  2. pragya and champak tanu and abhi ye hi log shadi karlenge iss serial ka naam kumkum bhagya nahi punarvivah 2 rakhana chahiye every body can stop wath this serial jabthak tanu expose nahi hojathi we hate this serial

  3. Hello guys! !..how r u all? ?I know I am not commenting regularly as fasting time! !so only I just started to quit kkb! !..gowtham was very angry on abhi to show his hand on pragya! !actually that time I went for ramzan shopping! !after that gowtham anna said abt the segment and he said surely he gonna quit! !!.so I also said i am not going to waste my time by watching this crap! !patience and evrythng has a limit but they have crossed! !so i thought next week I can watch! !I thought to say my views! !and how r u all? ?pratiksha sahithi shobana hency karthika brindha gowtham fowziya sheetha shivanya fathima and all? ?pratiksha sheetha brintha shobana how is ur work going? ?shivanya hency karthika how is ur studies?

    1. Hi reji. I m gud and feeling more gud since i took a break from kkb from watching for sometimes. And my work is also going gud. How r u reji?

      1. Ya i am very fine yaar !!..missing u guys !!and ya me too took a break from kkb !!..only updates in free time !!…happy ur work is going good !! …and i am in fasting yaar so can’t comment regularly so sorry for it !!..

    2. Hii.. Am good what about yu ?

  4. every body can stop wath this serial

  5. Divya chandru

    Omg, what fool script of these characters, one by one leaving kkb, superb, again we should wait for next segment until then we cant watch is crap and bullshit …. one day is equal to 10 episode kkb, at least time abhi should find out the truth by himself again, plz bring back our rock star style investigation ….

  6. wat the hell is going in this crap

  7. I donno why CVS are deteriorating the storyline day by day, they are complicating each n every situation.. And Abhi will easily believe Tanu whatever she tells, and he will as usual hurt Pragya and nor believe her words! This rubbish track is similar as the MMS track, ok in MMS he didn’t believed Pragya coz there was no Love between them, but now ? He still loves Pragya to the core why he don’t even try to understand her feelings, always hurting her, and ya i agree it is not only Abhi’s fault Pragya and Dadi also are responsible for what is happening now.. Pragya always used to challenge Tanu that she will expose her and blablablah but till now she didnt even tried to execute a plan successfully.. and Champak he is not Pragya’s Ex Bf but still Takhil have collected fake proofs against her and they had put her in trouble.. Nikhil is Tanu’s real Bf and still Pragya n co are searching fo proofs? Oh god atleast Pragya should learn from Tanu! Seriously guys it is irritating, they are destroying such a beautiful characters like Shabir n Srithi ☹
    And if Aliyah aka Shikha quit the show, it will be more boring to watch this crap..Ok Lets see what Cvs are upto.. Thank god i didnt watched the epi and i wont watch it until they give us some good episodes..

  8. not understanding what to comment I think they will drag again not interested to watch stupid crap

  9. i dont want to see dis serial qki tanu ka secret to open hi ni hoga pta ni kha kha k pragya k bf nikal kr aa rhe h bwass seriall bullshit

  10. i cannot read even the written update only read comments also very depressed really cannot stop crying you bcause my favorite is abhi n pragya so my tv is alrdy off for 1 week so sad

  11. After watching today’s segment looks like, Tanu lit a match stick but these both are bringing the house down themselves.

    The twist is actually not as bad as I thought as it kind of brings out the trust issues between this couple. None to blame or rather both to be blamed, keeping aside what tanu and Nikhil were upto. Pragya doesnt trust Abhi to believe the baby truth and now Abhi doesnt seem to trust Pragya’s love for him. Time and again they both seem to come near but move far because everytime one of them proposes the other moves away due to some misunderstanding.

    Hope Pragya realizes that she should do something herself rather than depend emotionally on Daadi everytime. Similarly Abhi should also stop getting influenced by other’s opinions n give Pragya the benefit of doubt.

    Probably actual episode will be more clear, as segments only giving brief details.

  12. this serial is gettin nowhere of nonsense. just repitation….

  13. munindra arjel

    ye samaj birodhi dharabahik he apne behen mataji ke sath baith kar dekhneko lajja ati he . Kripaya ye dharabaik me achai ka jit dikhaiye .har wakt app log burai ki jit dikhate he aur ek sadhi nahe huwa aurat ma banny ja rahe he saram ki bat he

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