Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Police station and talks to the Inspector. He says Pragya is missing since last night. Inspector says 24 hours are not over yet and asks him to go home. He says Pragya might return home. Abhi thinks Pragya will come home. Dadi greets Beeji and asks if she would like to have anything. Beeji says no and says she wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi comes and asks Beeji not to worry as he will search her. Beeji says she is not worried as she knows where is Pragya. Abhi asks where is she? Beeji refuses to tell and asks Abhi to read the papers and sign. Tanu asks what are these papers? Beeji says divorce papers. Pragya wants divorce from him. Abhi is shocked. Nikhil thinks to book tickets for grand masti film, before it gets house full. He sees someone coming and checks.


comes inside. Nikhil gets tensed. Aaliya says she has taken all measures to ensure that nobody is following her. She asks if the work is done. Nikhil says infact Abhi must be going through the papers and Tanu might call us now to give good news. Aaliya says I know…and says Abhi will go in shock. He will think why did Pragya haven’t come infront of him, and will get angry and sign on it. He says it is your USP to send those papers with her family. Nikhil says Beeji will not leave any chance to convince Abhi to sign. Aaliya says when this will happen, then I will return home. She says I will trap Abhi slowly in my trap for my advantage. Nikhil says who has executed this plan. He tries to take credit. Aaliya asks why didn’t get you idea before. Nikhil says who can kidnap Pragya, then can’t he get her signatures on the papers. Aaliya says I want to see end result, and want to see Pragya out of Mehra Mansion. She says I want to meet Pragya and see her marriage breaking. Nikhil says I wants to enjoy too.

Abhi asks Beeji to say that it is a lie. Beeji says it is not a joke and asks him to sign so that she can take it. Abhi asks why she wants divorce. Beeji says as she wants to separate from you. Abhi says you are lying. He says Pragya don’t want to go away from me. Tanu gets happy. He says I accept that I didn’t trust her, but it doesn’t mean that she will send divorce papers. Tanu asks Abhi to sign on the papers and return it. Abhi refuses to sign on the papers and says this is wrong way. Why I shall sign? May be these papers and her signatures are also fake. Tanu says this papers and signs are original. She says these papers are brought by her dadi. She says we both want to marry and says it is a freedom from her. She tries to emotionally blackmail her and asks him to think about his family and sign. Dasi says this is not just between them, it is between their families too. She says Abhi will talk to Pragya and asks about her move.

Taya ji says Pragya have to take elders consent to get divorce. Purab says Abhi will not sign as these papers are fake. Tanu says Pragya never respected you or thought about his family. She says if she cared for him then she would have come here and talked to everyone. Abhi says he will sign on the papers only after talking to her. Tanu says Pragya tried to kill my baby and when she couldn’t be successful, she played this conspiracy. She says Pragya’s family also wants this divorce. She says why you people can’t decide between Pragya and me. Did you want heir or enemy of the house.

Dadi asks Beeji to tell clearly and asks where is Pragya and what did she tell? She says I know well that she can’t do this. She says she is not my daughter in law, but a daughter. She says you are definitely hiding something. Beeji says Pragya don’t want to meet anyone and that’s why she has sent me. She couldn’t bear anymore now and asks to give freedom. Tanu smirks. Beeji says Abhi has decided to marry Tanu, then give freedom to Pragya and sign on the papers. She says Pragya has suffered a lot. Abhi says we have suffered and bear her tortured. I won’t sign on these divorce papers. Tanu gets tensed.

Abhi tells Beeji that he will not sign on the papers and says nobody can separate us.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    I don’t want to say anything about epi but abhi’s desperation was really awesome the way he was feeling and he was not ready to accept it he don’t want to leave her I liked abhi so much today when RS dadi said that she knows her whereabouts then his eagerness to meet her I can’t describe I think tommarrow will be so emotional and I think today sriti got break they didn’t shown her y they was showing brother sister relation this much bad really it is pathetic

  2. Pratiksha

    Exact precap: Abhi says to pragya’s dadi that he won’t sign on these papers whether whoever force me, whether god comes to force me but nothing can make me force to sign. And nothing can stop me from meeting with pragya.

    • Pratiksha

      Now let’s talk about the episode. They showed no scenes of pragya. Episode was filled with only evil’s smirks. God i m badly fed up with tanu’s screechings. Only to saw her exposure, we r forced to tolerate her. Aamitha u r right. I thoroughly hates tanu,her face, her voice everything. Whenever i sees her in any scene, specially when she screems on pragya and blabbers rubbish and dusgusting thungs about her and whenever she stays with abhi, i feels to kill her. My blood starts boiling on high level. Today also my condition was same when i was watvhing the episode. But then i drunk my anger by thus thinking that her days r going to end of screeching. So i left it. But i don’t havore gutts to tolerate the evil’s smirks amymore , specially tanu’s. I can’t watch that moment when she will take abhi’s sign on divorce papers by emotinal drama and manipulation amd i cam’t tolerate herevil smirks and taunts until her exposure so i will not watchbfurther episodes amd i will watch then, when story of this track will get turn positive and it will reach very close to exposure. Till then i will mamage with updates. Nikhil says to aaliya that he took pragya’s signatures forcebly so I think surely nikhil used pari to threaten pragya to taking her sign on divorce papers forcibly. And one more thing guys, just a question. Pragya’s dadi says to abhi and everyone that pragya suffered a lot here in this house, that’s why she wants to b free now. We know that pragya’s dadi made this excuse to convince abhi and everyone to take abhi’s sign on papers. But in her this excuse, she have a logic too. Yes peagya suffered a lot and still suffering but it is another thing that abhi don’t know about it but he knows very well that yes pragya suffered a lot since she got married with him but he says that he and his family suffered a lot and tolerated a lot becoz of her and tolerated her all torchers more than her. So guys my question is what u think, abhi and family suffered and tolerated a lot becoz of pragya or pragya tolerated and suffered a lot becoz of abhi and abhi’s family? Guys shared ur views with reasons. I just want to discuss it for a change in mood.

      • Brintha

        Prathiksha, not abhi and pragya.. we fans are tortured and tolerating.. compare to us abigya tolerance is nothing… and if any one ask me best tolerance fan award… u deserve it prathiksha.. u hv amazing tolerance than any other fans here..

      • Shavi

        Sure pragya is d one who suffered a lot by saving abhi.. though abhi suffered a lot by pragya she din do it intentionally. . And also many attempts of pragya are failed bcos of oversmartness of abhi.. at that time too pragya din leave him .. she showed more nd more love towards him.. abhi too, though din know d truth he is always with his true love towards his fuggi . Atlast d story is dragging so that who tortured whom is a very big question. Each ve their own explanations for getting tortured. . Bt pragya beared more than abhi is my view..

      • asmitha

        Pratiksha if I have a chance then I will kill this stupid tanu her scenes really gives so much irritation and they should expose tanu this time surely if not I can’t see her in further episodes as abhi’s girlfriend

      • shobana

        Yesterday my ear started to pain after hearing Tanu’s screeching ?
        Pragya suffered a lot but MM members don’t know about it except dadi. I don’t think that Pragya has torchered MM members since the only thing she did is that she didn’t give excess money for them.
        And abhi he himself was hurt by seeing Pragya behaviour and she repeatedly said that she loves only money and not him. With this he was hurted more.
        Accordingly to me both abhi and Pragya suffered alot.

  3. Muffin

    Thank god today I didn’t watch d show so irritating & frustrated to watch the show . Guys the show extended on Sunday’s also more dragging…………. From nw onwards nly updates I’ll c

  4. Blossom

    Wow thnx fr d quick update…
    Hope tanu’s exposure is a BANG…!!! It shud coz d viewers hv tolerated d nonsense of pregnancy fr 1 yr… !!! If tanu’s exposure is nt a bang thn b b ready writters fr anothr set of curses…. !!!!

  5. asmitha

    Just saw a news in Instagram that pragya is going to have a memory loss after this a new character is going to enter as a pragya lover role played by Harshad chopra it is a rumour I think so and the other news is abhi having memory loss in which he is going to forgot pragya and his love and tanu is taking advantage by his situation and saying they both r married and going to become parents soon I think as pratiksha said these two r rumours only who will see pragya without abhi and abhi without pragya all r seeing it because of their jodi so just I want to share it guys

  6. Praharsh shetty

    In the promo pragya come home and show abhi DNA reports that it was not abhi child and reveled tanu and calls abhi from a phone booth

  7. keerthi

    guysi lost all my hopes.There is a new news that tanu’s truth will be exposed but the worst thing is abhi will suffer memory loss and forget pragya.Tanu will take advantage of this and telln abhi that they are married and are going to become parents.Abhi believes her and pragya is shattered.i common atleast unite abhi and pragya for once..god worst serial.and then kumkum bhagya is from monday-sunday oh god

  8. I don't know

    Thank you abhi! Yet the whole show was wasted on a conversation.?
    Can’t abhi realize that purab,rachna,akash,and dadi are always taking Pragya’s side. If it was me then I would want to know the truth and spy on them and in the end figure out that Pragya’s is good and always will be and tanu is evil.

  9. janu

    Superb this kkb is my life long best & fav serial both abhi pragya is my fav,I want end only tanu track

  10. steffyrao

    Gosh! Just cant bear to watch KKB’s episodes since yesterday. Reading the WU alone is mental torture. So many illogical and insensible dialogues.
    Gosh! Pls CVs for Christ sakes give us viewers a BREAK frm your insensibility! !
    Please break away from normality and predictability.
    Pls stop using the age old prolonged kidnapped, memory loss, double act storylines.
    I seriously hope the script can find a way to its initial creativity and originality of the 1st 200 episodes. Its such a pity..the script writers just lost their ability to originality due to the pregnancy track.

  11. Saranya

    Its jst ridiculous if they make abhi hvng memory loss ten damn sure no one wil watch tis crap pls use brain writers???

  12. S.F.A

    Why cant they end the serial if they cant write proper story.
    The writer of kkb should fet first prize for the most extending tv series

  13. Naz

    Please viewers, STOP STOP STOP !! Why complain, are you all not gray in your head by now, hoping Tanu track will end soon? When that phenomenon do happen, it will be so bland, it would be without fizz!!! Don’t you all know sl*tty tanu illegitimate baby isn’t abhi one but nikhil? The whole mehra mansion knows including pragya mother, only Abhi don’t know….who cares? One day he will know. So all viewers waiting and holding their breath for that?? Go look at some other serial worth watching, where you can really bask in some glow with some drama. Yesterday, I absolutely loved reading sapphire and another viewer comments,…cant remember her name…anyway, I laughed my head off. They were spot in on their analysis, keep posting comments like that, it’s funny but the truth.

  14. rutu

    Hey guys I m new here bt I read WU every day literally m fed up with this and now new update added that abhi’s memory loss and again this time also pragya have to suffer y always female leads most suffer let sometimes heroes should suffer na…..so it’s my opinion bt craziest fan of abhigya

  15. Evan

    Why can’t Abhi and Pragya live a happy married life, instead of living in all this confusion?

  16. Nithi

    Prathiksha is the news is true whether abhi n pragya will get memory loss…..OMG:(
    can u plz confirm

  17. Tsk

    Today’s promo showed that pragya managed to escape frm d kidnappers bt still kidnappers following her.she however called abhi frm phone boot n jst told abhi that I wanna tell tanu’s truth to u wanna meet u right now.n suddenly while running meets wid an accident(as usual).so I think pragya is gonna suffer frm memory loss…gosh its bullshit.:(

  18. Chanchal

    i stopped watvhong..bcoz der is a update that soon abhi will suffer from memory loss and forgets pragya.. as and tanu will take the advantage of the situation,she tels him tgat they married and they are going to become parents..
    i think they won’t expose tanu..yaa phir uski exit bhi nahi hoga..

  19. shambhavi

    comeon plz end this aliya-nikhil-tanu track nd bring happy ending. all viewers r so frustrated.

  20. Madhu

    These days..it’s not interested to read the written updates too.. already we are lost in watching the show..it’s better to watch old episodes of kkb..
    Guys I want to watch kkb old full episodes..but in YouTube there are only till around 270+..the videos are not playing I’m ozee..is there anyway to watch those episodes ??

  21. Evanisha Pathaw

    Everyone wants to kill tannu but I want to kill the script writer we just need to crab him really so rediculous ufffffff….d story is frm left to right up tp down….what the f**k really ?????

  22. surekha

    dis serial is getting shitty everyday …….nw js can’t bare it …….pls end the serial if u ppl can’t finish d pregnancy track nd strt new 1 !! fed up to d core ……..nd about d memory loss rumors …….it can’t get worser than dis !! Wat d hell scriptwriters r doing ??? dey can’t see d viewe’s r frustrated ……..it’s been almost 1year …with dis pregnancy track ….. stop d melodrama nd show some sensible stuffs !! …………”at d peak of frustration nw ” thanks to writers nd producers nd director :/

  23. Alisa

    Oh god they are really drag in this series. This was all about divorce. If Abi sign those papers something is really wrong with him.

  24. Priya

    Please writers we expect good from your mind.stop dragging.why nikhil Aliya tanu behaving like god.all good I’d for them.please unite abhigya.

  25. subasini

    This story is a total crap and bullshit. If Abhi suffers memory loss, they are going to continue the same thing like from the beginning; again Abhi gets close with Tanu, meets Pragya then he falls in love with Pragya and again Tanu and Aaliya tries to break their relationship. Again the same crap. They think the viewers are fools and they dont mind repeating the same thing. I feel like killing the story writer and he does not have at least an ounce of brain in his head. Plz end this crap ASAP for god’s sake….

  26. Riki

    After a two months gap, I am reading the updates with some positive hope..Its been months I left watching the show but used to read the tellyupdates.its been almost two months thay I have stopped reading the same.But the funny part is that from whr I have left watching n then reading ia the same n even today its the same..I dont understand why the storyline is not moving.

  27. Kiara

    I am hearning news that Abhi will lose his memory.But I also heard that Pragya will lose her memory. Who will lose it-Abhi or Pragya?

      • shobana

        Yes sravs for that only the CVs has found a way to avoid viewers memory loss by watching this show. Their idea is recycling old scenes and using it in new situations. So that the CVs feel that the viewers wont suffer from memory loss by watching this show

  28. sati nancpp

    pragya suffered the most , in my opinion she has tried so many times to make abhi see the truth for only tanu and her cahoots only to foil her plans . tanu i think is high time tanu got what she deserves ,. if abhi signs those divorce papers i am never gonna watch this again .they over doing it with this storyline i getting fed up please make abhi and pragya get back together

  29. ria

    Dis show is just full of bullshit why are the writers always prolonging d film so tired of it and hate tanu’s character so much????

  30. kkB-fanornot

    Read the write up after 3-4 days….no change. They have Pragya kidnapped AGAIN!!!! Ridiculous. I so agree with Naz. Asmitha, memory loss…how crazy can the writers get!!! Anything to continue the story….I am so with you on your thoughts.
    Just stopped watching and now have stopped reading too. Tanu is getting too much of footage…and so is Nikhil and Aaliya. RIDICULOUS!

    • rekha vaghela

      I just read the precap of last episode of every week. I haven’t seen serial since January. But still it doesn’t matter. Nothing has changed since then

  31. amanda

    Writers go to hell…..crap crap crap. …shit shit shit. ..thank god i dont waste my time to watch i just read updates now and as i said before tanu them going to be victorious

  32. Anjali Pathak

    I think Pragya and abhi bling together but tanu should be out of there lives and never come back into there lives

  33. Omer Sher (OSS07)

    They should find a different story than the current old crap of Tanu & Nikhil, Tanu needs to expose , enough is enough,

  34. Pradnya

    Inke pas koi aur track nahi hai kya.. bas ek hi track salo se chal raha hai…ao irritating

  35. Kushi Johar

    Dragggiiiiiinnnnggggggggg… Stop now plz.. Earlier this was a great drama; but anymore

  36. Amit Saxena

    This is a bullshit serial…just simply stop watching this serial and come back after one year.. you will find this serial with same story….
    How many times they kick out Aliya and again she came back.
    See the stupid Abi…. He don’t have his own brain…
    Finally decided to stop watching this serial…
    Enjoying with Bhabhi Ji Ghar par Hain….. Taran nath ka ulta chasma… Light serials..atleast somewhere you can laugh after getting tired…

  37. ss

    Dont expect anything new from this serial… this kidnapping track will go for a month. I dont feel that Tanu will expose now. Nothing new in this serial. When DNA report track started i thought tanu and nikil will kidnap anyone in family and blackmail pragya to fail Tanu’s expose. But just small change happened instead of kidnaping family memeber KD doctor’s child. ufff. DO u people thing Kidnaping track will end the Tanu’s drama? i dont think so. Once pragya found they ask police to search whose behind this and pragya too wont open her mouth bcos she dont have proof. merry go round …

  38. sham

    Even sarala get kidnaped and her accident after her recovery they forget every thing no police equiry for such big crime and the same drama with pragya

  39. Neelam

    Serial becoming day by day boaring in fact I have stopped watching I think they don’t have other story and above all writer is telling that jooth he sab kuch hai

  40. Pratiksha

    Guys since past few days, from when it news came that finally pregnancy track going to end, lots of rumours r spreadings on different sites. Like, abhi will lose his memory or pragya will lose her memory and harshad chopra is entering in the show, abhi will put his life in danger in saving pragya, abhi will kill aaliya in saving pragya, aaliya will die in saving abhi- pragya etc- etc…so many rumours r spreading as spoiler about upcoming story as many portion of the ongoing story is still suspence for us. How much these spoilers r true or wrong, only CVS knows. And we will get any confirmed news or update regarding further story, when a sequence will b shown of the episode for further story. These spoilers and rumours r not to believe, even many times, segments also doesn’t give exact info about the upcoming story becoz they shows segments with puzzled scenes. But if we r enough intelligent so we can guess about the further story through these segments. Although segments also doesn’t give exact info about further story but they gives us a short update and idea about upcomings. So i will say once again that don’t disturb ur mind becoz of these rumours based spoilers and wait for the segment scene regarding the further story but for now we should only focus on ongoing story, who will take us to the most awaited end of most irritating track. Now this news is coming that zee is going to telecast it’s shows for all 7 days. God knows now how much cvs will torcher us then?

    • shobana

      Yes pratiksha, nowadays lot of rumours are there. And we have to wait patiently to know how the story goes further.
      What ? Sunday also serials eh ???? Actually kkb team has started to torcher us more when the started to telecast on Saturday. If Sunday too serial means then surely the CVs will kill us ☹ .

    • Sahithi

      Yeah Pratiksha, Shobana I have also expressed same feeling when I posted 2 days back about show mostly extended to Sunday also,. We should be ready for more and more drag, as this never ending dragging started mostly after it got extended to Saturday. Now if one more day is added, writers will recycle, recycle and drag, drag, till the show is pulled off air.

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi , ? ?? we have to be ready for more and more dragging and recycling scenes ?☹??

  41. shiny

    Its better to end the show after thiz track we cant tolerate memory loss of abhi and cvs surely will drag for another 300 episode and shit continues in kkb..uff

  42. anne

    hi Pratiksha tqvm ma for your updates atleast my stress is a bit release couldn’t even sleep as u know i just watch kkb for only ABHI N PRAGYA very sweet of u my dear thanx again

  43. Sahithi

    Guys I was wondering why again divorce drama is started when last time also Pragya came in last minute and stopped marriage saying her sign was taken under alcohol influence. Why are the evils also made to use same plans again n again by these writers. Why do they show every sequence as if they are short of ideas and keep repeating the same old ideas..

    This time around Aaliya was also so boring to watch, as if ppl dont have anything better to do in life than plot about others lives. So she plans to throw Pragya out, get Tanu married to her brother and get back to MM. But what next, she plans to spend the rest of her life there is it..Too lame

    • Pratiksha

      Sahithi may b CVS wants to show through this divorce drama again and again that consequences can take abhigya away from each other for sometimes but they can’t make them separate with each other as abhigya r destined to b together and their relationship decided by god and their destiny so even after reaching at the moment of separation, abhigya will again come together by their destiny. And ya sahithi like tanu’s track, aaliya’s same revenge for same purpose like always seems boring now. Better to show some different thing instead of repeating same way and reading for showing evilness all the time. Kkb is running with same boring things since long but now there should b some freshness and new changes and different story from now. This is a fiction show so I don’t think so that it can’t b changed. Leads and characters remain same but story should b different now than before. Now aaliya’s come back and intentions r revealed in front of sarla maa. So let’s see how aaliya will take her entry back in mehra house and take over the place of villain after tanu and how the story will unfold further.

      • Pratiksha

        Sahithi I watched SBAS segment today, in which I found answer of urs question. They were showing a special segment on the ongoing kidnapping trend in TV shows. They tells about pragya’s kidnapping sequence that show was gaining gud trp since last week so CVS brought this divorce drama in between this kidnapping sequence to make the kidnapping track more interesting and through which they could stretch the kidnapping track little more. Becoz pragya’s kidnapping drama is cause of increased trps.

      • Sahithi

        As per yday episode, i am thinking Nikhil n Aaliya will go to meet Pragya today n Aaliya will taunt her. I think even this will be repeated from what we saw after last divorce drama where Tanu, Aaliya mocked Pragya using Fuggy doll, her Kumkum and all when they thought marriage will happen next day morning. Since Leena is not recovered completely, this time Nikhil Aaliya r the pair who got this taunting chance.

        So not only Sarla, Pragya may also know Aaliya’s involvement in this whole kidnapping thing..

  44. anne

    #END TANU’S DIGUSTING CHARACTER # END TANU’S DISGUSTING CHARACTER# I thought thy said she wil b exposed by friday today is alrdy Thursday do kkb crew know what day is the today

  45. gagan

    Plz someone stop ths show i vl thankful to director if he stops it i hate the serial no story at all i dont understand how people watch such kind of serial i mean its enough why cant pragya not able to show tanu face to everyone

  46. rekha vaghela

    I just read the precap every week. And could know wat happened during entire week. Ju

    • Sahithi

      Yeah and the viewership has increased like so much from previous week, mostly because of the DNA report drama, but even after it failed looks like because of kidnapping drama ppl r still interested.

      • shobana

        Yup mainly because of the actors interview the trp is high since they said for sure Tanu will be exposed in this Friday but nothing happened as such. Probably we can hope for exposure in next week

      • Asmitha

        Don’t expect next week shobana it not happens I think they will stretch it again up to low trp

  47. Ruby

    why everytime tanu and nikil plans are succed pragya tried to exposes tanus truth but her plan failed it’s not fair please make abhi and pragya reunion otherwise i didn’t watch the serial

  48. farida

    good bye from me – I will find something realistic on another channel to watch. This is utter BULLSHIT . Poor Pragya

  49. Shagufta

    Please get logical ya……CCTV cameras aur GPS k zamaane me ye log ni network ki baatein karte hai aur bechaari pragya toh hamesha har jagah akeli hi jaa ke atakti hai. Serial ka naam change karke SHAKTIMAANI rakh dena chahiye.

  50. Shagufta

    By the way does Tanu have Pedigree……. Always keeps shouting at the top of her voice…….pata nahi kounse episode me uska voice box bund hoga.

  51. Dolly

    I thought tanu had an accident and wont work for sometime. Looks like all fake as she is shown regularly in all episode. Cmon there are tons of actors in this serial start story with anyone but pls throw this chiclate named tanu out of ur mouth

  52. nidhi

    o god i hav nevr seen a drama wer in thy wil drag for such a long time.jst to expose one truth.

  53. anne

    if thy dont want to expose tanu than something must b done by all the fans who is waiting for abhi n pragya’s reunion pls can thy end the TANU’S TRACK PLS

  54. abhishek

    Guys this time it is not abhi fault this time it is pragya and her family fault what was need for pragya to go alone to kidnapper goon she whould have tols abhi he would have saved pari and pragya family they only told abhi that pragya signed divorce papers if tanu would have told like this tgen abhi wouldnt belive her pargya own family that she want divorce from abhi so what can he do and yes partial memory lloss i think cvs are bringing this story because they want once again to show love hatred relationship between abhigya and then once again abhi wil love pragya and tanu exposing wil be after abhi memory loss drama ends i think at abhi and tanu marriage i wont see this serial till then and i luv abhi character is character is portayed with naughtyness

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