Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Aaliya that she knew that she has transferred property on her name with fraud means. Aaliya asks do you have any proofs and says you don’t have any proofs. Pragya says I knew that you are after your brother’s money and that’s why I kept those papers in shoe rack. She says I knew you would get your name written on the papers. Aaliya says you made a good story and asks about its climax. Aaliya says a movie can hit if the climax is good. Aaliya asks how will you proof that I have put my name and removed Abhi’s name. Pragya says I have proofs and also witness. She says climax is not done yet. She asks Ronnie to call the lawyers. Aaliya gets shocked seeing the lawyers. Pragya asks why she is shocked and asks her to tell who are they? Aaliya says I don’t

know who are they. Pragya says it doesn’t matter as they know you. She shows the original papers photo, Aaliya photos when she met Lawyers, when she told them to remove Abhi’s name and write her name. She says she has a video footage of her when she had stolen the papers from shoe rack and also when she had explained her plan to the lawyers. She asks did you like the climax? Aaliya tears the photos and says your proofs have ended. Pragya says Purab have many copies. Aaliya asks you should have supported me. Purab says you have bad with my friend, and says I just hate you. You don’t deserve any relation.

Aaliya blames Pragya for everything and says you have snatched my Purab and now my family, house and everything. She says what do you think that you will be saved? No…You will not be saved now. She tries to harm her, but Abhi comes and slaps her hard. He says it is waste to talk, explain or punish you as it will not have any affect on you. He says you are like this from the beginning. He says it is in your habit to betray? You gets happy to snatch other’s rights. I have always forgiven you, but not anymore. You have lost the chance to be forgiven for last time. I will not break my relation with you, but I will never take your name from now onwards as you are dead for me. He apologizes to his dead parents and says he couldn’t make their daughter a good person. He says he couldn’t fulfill his responsibility, but will do other responsibility. He calls commissioner and asks him to send his team to his house. Aaliya looks angrily. Police team comes, arrest Aaliya and take her away.

Dadi and Abhi are sad. Abhi says one brother have failed today. He says it was my mistake for her bad upbringing. I used to be egoistic about her upbringing and says he should be punished for her crimes. He says his parents will feel bad when they come to know that he sent his younger sister to jail. Dadi asks him not to think like that, and says your parents were good and you are one like them, but Aaliya was different since morning. She says your parents would have done the same thing if they were alive. She says Aaliya needs to be punished, and says she might value love and family. Purab says Dadi is saying right, and says she has never valued your love. He says we should thank Pragya for bringing her truth out. Tanu and Raj looks angrily.

Abhi thanks Pragya for bringing out enemy infront of him. He says you have also done the same thing. He says my sister and wife have betrayed me. Pragya says you are thinking me wrong and says she just want to prove the truth. Abhi says he wants his fuggi to stay with him and asks her to transfer property on his name. Pragya gets emotional, but control herself. She says she has to find out about the person who is behind the attack on her, and says she will search for Bulbul’s killer. Pragya says I will name property on your name then. She says the killer might be anyone and takes Tanu’s name. Tanu tries to fill Abhi’s ears and asks him to ask her why she haven’t told about Aaliya’s truth when Dadi fainted and got ill. Abhi asks her same question. Pragya says she was waiting finger prints report, and says she thought Aaliya’s finger print will match with that found on the rope, but it doesn’t match. She says she wants to search for proof which will lead her to catch Vijay.

Abhi comes to room angrily. Pragya asks if he is angry as he lost challenge. Abhi says it was your preplanned game. Pragya says she wants to check something. Abhi says you are complicated and asks why can’t she be simple. Pragya asks if I haven’t done this, you wouldn’t have believed me. She says will you believe me if I tell you the truth? Abhi nods. Pragya asks him to wait and says truth will be out in a right way.

Raj tells Pragya that whenever she needs someone then he is with her. Tanu hears him and gets angry. Abhi tells Pragya that he will walk on her way. Pragya asks what?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really good episode. At last aaliya is in jail..
    I hope you read the story at https://dailylifeword.wordpress.com/2016/01/13/is-priya-able-to-succeed-or-will-she-fail-in-her-goal-a-short-story/ written by me..

  2. yaar please expose tanu its more than enough now please

  3. Good episode but where is this nikhil

  4. Only the half truth came out. what about the remaining. They will drag for another two months. But quite interesting in pre cap abhi offer to go on a pragya path. whether pragya accept or not. But the real clever man is raj. He offeres to help pragya. now pragya is work hard to expose the remaining truth.

  5. I feel very sad for tanu. she could see abhi loves pragya. she won’t get his love then why she pushing herself to marry him. She complicates her life when the truth come out I don’t know what will she say.

  6. ow that aaliya has gone to jail atleast temporarily Tanu whowas a guest in maheras house should bebaished. She has lost a co conspirator and must be punished

  7. Is there any updates?

  8. TRPs for last week are out and the show is back at No. 1 among daily shows. Yayyy!

    But will they move the story forward or again drag, has to be seen.

  9. Last weeks trp kumkum bhagya tops the chart !!!!!
    woo hoo !!!
    Watta start to 2016
    Wish the same as alwz 🙂

  10. tanu meets nikhil.. they both hug each other and pragya sees it from behind.. new SBB segment

  11. any new segment guys

  12. New segment update: nikhil s back.. tanu went to see nkl in car pragya follows her.. tanu went to meet Wr nkl come from back of tanu nd they both hug pragya s watching this from back of nkl .. tn pragya hides n tanu car .. tanu nd nkl came back to car Wr pragya s hiding they leave n car

  13. I lightly know hindi.. this wt am understand from sbs segment guys

  14. Happy to see pragya trying to know tanu truth once again … nice try.. bulbul death bought many twist in kkb…

  15. New segment update- Tanu goes to meet nikhil at an isolated place. Pragya chases her from taxi. Tanu doesn’t know that pragya is chasing her. Tanu meets with nikhil to make some big plan against pragya and in favour of her becoz she have a fear that after aaliya, pragya’s and other’s suspicion is on tanu. So for saving herself from catching, she meets nikhil to take his help in execution of her plan. Becoz aaliya is in jai and raaj is also not supporting her so tanu is forced to take nikhil’s help. During their conversation, tanu feels that someone is looking them but she doesn’t see pragya. Pragya hides in the back portion of the car. Tanu takes nikhil with her somewhere in the car. Reporter says tanu is planning something big and Leena also tells this. She says but she can’t reveal her plan at this moment so we have to wait for it to watch it in episode. Nikhil says in interview that nikhil came to help tanu becoz tanu needs her help as she has a doubt that everybody’s suspicion is on her and pragya’s next target could b tanu. So tanu wants to do something with his help before pragya catch her. Reporter says pragya is silent for now and waiting for more proofs against tanu so she could expose her with solid proves in front of abhi and everyone.

    1. Congrats guys now tanu’s turn has came. But it doesn’t look like that simple which we were thinking becoz reporter was saying that tanu has more alert now after aaliya’s exposure so guys pragya have to become more clever and alert this time. Nikhil, that useless creature is mad in tanu’s fake love and just doing what she is saying and following her blindly. But I hope this time pragya could complete her mission.

      1. I want Pragya to win and expose Tanu at the earliest before Aaliya is back, but looking at past trends, Pragya generally fails in initial attempts and only succeeds when audience lose their patience 🙂

        Till now Tanu was never even suspected by anyone in any of the wrong happenings around, though she had been involved along with Aaliya all through. So it may be some time before her actual character is out. Also, Nikhil is one cunning guy who can come up with a story in a moment.

        Also, Bulbul re-entry also should happen, I was thinking if Tanu’s truth n Bulbul re-entry may have some inter link.

  16. New update-
    Tanu meets Nikkil in an isolated venue…
    pragya follows tanu and she watches tanu speaking with nikkil…but from a distance…
    now tanu takes nikkil’s help as alia is not thr…it seems like she is planning something big now…

  17. New sbs-Pragya following tanu while she is going to meet Nikhil 🙂
    Now everything is going on right track..Hope so tanu gets exposed soon

  18. Pratiksha do u really think that tanu also will be exposed now she is more alertful when pragya is following tanu did she saw nikhil with her and she came to know that nikhil is the father of tanu’s baby and what is tanu’s plan any idea about it

  19. Guys highlight’s of today’s episode’s- Pragya talks dadi and purab. Dadi says to alert her before taking any step. Pragya says it was sudden decision but next u have to b strong becoz now it’s tanu’s turn. Pragya says we have to keep her far from abhi becoz he is emotional and tanu could blackmail him emotionally. Tanu says to raaj to bail out aaliya. Raaj refuses from any help providing both of them. He says if u will try to involve me in this then I will tell ur truth to pragya. Raaj says to tanu not to meet and talk with him from now. Abhi thinks about pragya and decides to asks from her something. Pragya comes in the room and they have their cute talks with each other along with fuggy and rock star doll. Raaj comes to pragya and offers her help. Pragya denies and says it’s her fight so she do not need anyone’s help. Raaj asks for different approach. Pragya goes to meet aaliya in police station and taunts her.

  20. I don’t think tanu will get exposed that fast it will take another 110 episodes I am just waiting for Bulbul’s entry……because tanu’s exposure I feel doesn’t have much significance as abhi atleast partially knows the truth of pragya yeah but because of this pragya will again begin to doubt nikhil I think she might he is either the third person or the father of tanu’s child…..but I don’t want pragya to land in trouble because of this …….because tanu is dangerous

  21. Enjoyed a lot
    But where is nikki

  22. Sahithi and reji as I said that it will b not so simple for pragya to expose tanu now becoz she has become more alert but what I was thinking at that time about what plan tanu is going to execute with the help of nikhil? How nikhil could provide his help? I think may b she will use nikhil to bail out aaliya or moreover I think tanu may use nikhil to make business relationship with pragya by doing any contract becoz he is producer. I think through this, she will try to get pragya’s signatures on property papers of abhi’s name by contract papers. I think tanu is thinking that nikhil could give pragya’s sign through contract papers and pragya could not doubt on him becoz is outsider. So like this when everything will b on abhi’s name then she could marry with him easily becoz pragya can’t stop her after losing power. But in this process, I think pragya will find about tanu and nikhil’s relationship becoz of their meetings and may b she will collect all proves against tanu to exposing her. Becoz tanu is not aware from this fact that pragya’s knows about her pregnancy’s truth and trying to find out her baby’s ddady and to expose her. So may b this will fall tanu into her own grave and will cause of pragya’s win. But pragya have to do all this soon very cleverly and she have to find about nikhil’s relationship with tanu soon, before they cheat her.

  23. praghya gets locked under the car itseems..lets c wat vl happn..hop so abi should turn out as her saviour instead of being dumb at hme..s tanu s vry tricky one..but not tat much intellgnt lyk alaiya..but in between tat nikhil idot dosn hav any enemity wid praghya so i guess he wont harm praghya by any means..lyk the cvs did wid alaiya.thy wld do the same wid tanu alsooo..tanu vl be exposed wid te solid proof..ahaha anyways raj had refused to help tanu.am happy fa tat..atlast abighya r closer..abi had undrstd praghya lil much ..so he would nva hurt her..

  24. What a load of croc. My wife sometimes watches this rubbish.
    Three months ago I watched an episode with her and guess what. Nothings changed. Same rubbish on a different day

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