Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi sitting near the bonfire. Sanam Re Sanam Re plays while he reminiscences their happy moments. Pragya is seen sleeping. Dadi calls Pragya, but her phone is off. She calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. Dadi asks where are you? She asks are you fine? Abhi says we came insearch of Sarla aunty and asks her not to worry. Dadi asks if he is alone or with someone. Abhi says Pragya is with him, but is sleeping. Abhi asks Dadi to hold and set the wood on fire so that Pragya can sleep peacefully. Dadi says don’t know when we will see the day. Abhi asks her not to worry. Dadi asks where are you? Abhi says they are in the car. Dadi says if Pragya troubling her? Abhi says Pragya is already tensed. He says Pragya betrayed me, but I still love her. How can I separate myself from

her and I should punish myself for loving her. Dadi says time will pass and everything will be alright. Abhi says once we find Sarla, then I won’t let any one even my heart not to betray me. He asks her to sleep and says he will come soon. Sanam Re plays………….Abhi thinks if you wouldn’t have changed then nothing would have changed.

Next morning, Abhi and Pragya argue over repairing the car. Abhi asks her not to disturb him. Pragya says do whatever you can, but take me out from here soon. He gets Tanu’s call. Tanu asks where are you? Abhi says I am in Malvani lanes. Tanu gets shocked and asks Abhi to come home soon. She calls Nikhil and tells him that Abhi and Pragya are in the same lane, and if they get Sarla then…She asks him to wake up and stop them else they will land up in jail. Nikhil says I will go now.

Rachna comes to Dadi and takes her blessings. Dadi tells they are together. Purab also comes. Dadi says when the truth comes out, then Abhi will think that he was walking on the right path. She says she is waiting for Abhi and Pragya’s union. Dasi asks what you are talking about? She says I heard you talking about Abhi and Pragya. She asks if you are hiding something from me. Purab says we were talking about Tanu and Abhi’s marriage and you are talking about Pragya. Dasi says if Pragya gets right then she can marry Abhi and their marriage will become example. Abhi tells Pragya that Tanu is sending driver and they have to wait till then. Pragya says okay. She looks at Abhi. Abhi says you should thank me. You was sleeping in this isolated area and I lit the bonfire all night. Pragya says really. Abhi says no, I am so hot that fire broke out just like that. Nikhil comes in his car and says he has come there to see the sight seeing. Abhi asks him to give lift.

Sarla thinks everyone is sleeping, I should try to elope from here. She cuts her hand rope. She sees goon sleeping there and thinks to call Pragya. Tanu thinks if Nikhil met Abhi or not. Mitali comes and says congratulates to Tanu. She says Abhi and Pragya haven’t come home in the night. She asks her to find the meaning, and history is repeating itself. She says if Pragya gets pregnant that Abhi will leave you. Tanu says Abhi will not ditched her. Mitali says we have full faith on Abhi, but he did a mistake with you. She says Abhi still feels for Pragya even now, although there are separated, but couldn’t go far from each other. She says they might have drown in weak moment yesterday and asks Tanu to understand. Tanu thinks his head will blast because of Sarla.

Nikhil asks why did you come to this place. Abhi says they came here as a girl called Pragya and was about to give info about Sarla. Nikhil asks what happened to her? Abhi says she is missing. Nikhil acts as shocked and says did that girl give you info? Abhi says no and says the girl left before they could reach there. Sarla worries and calls Abhi. Abhi picks the call. He asks her where is she? Sarla tells about Malvani tours and travels. Abhi asks her to be there and says they are coming there. He asks Nikhil to take a U turn.

Abhi tells Pragya that they will go home with Sarla. Pragya worries for Sarla.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys someone pls tell,in which social website r shabbir and sriti the most active….

  2. OMG……… Can’t tolerate this serial nw.

  3. omg why are they dragging so muchhh…. i mean this isthe limit i hope abhigya get together soon and tanu s truth should also be revealed !!!! i mean seriously ye time tak real life mai bhi baby bahar aayega yaar

  4. There will be a segment today afternoon, Abhi was looking tensed and Pragya was crying. Both in same costumes as we saw in last segment. I think these scenes will be after Sarla will be admitted to hospital.

  5. Today’s segment vl give us a clue ? I don’t think so .. Abhibworried n pragya crying may b sarla in serious condition .. Let’s wait fa the segment

    1. sahithi i think it’s a good advice to pragya

  6. The left over ppl is rocke star dadi and janaki…they can end their story also in favour to pragya to save her ex husband….ektha team has changed the original history in JA…kkb is nothing for them…they can write any level stupidity…

  7. Please return happy moments in #Abhigya’s life!this Tanu thing has been going for ages,just end this episode and return purvi n coperators case or and episode to bring back Bulbul into purabs life.Tanu should be humiliated publicly and thrown out of their lives…..

  8. Hopeless.waste of time

  9. pratiksha where r u ?? any new segment update guys ???

    1. New segment nothing interesting reji only boring scenes. I m getting very bored since last week’s episodes that’s why I was not showing interest in commenting or giving any updates. And no one was asking that’s why I didn’t comment. Now u r asking firstly so I tell u reji that in today’s segment. They showed abhigya takes sarla maa to the hospital with Ronnie. Pragya cries and dadi consoles her. Abhi is tensed becoz of his dilemma of pregnant girlfriend or wife and he is worried about sarla maa also. Sriti says to reporter that she can’t help abhi and she can’t share her problems with him too becoz she have no proof to prove her talk. They showed abhigya talking with each other. At that time pragya was calm so I think sarla maa is stable but still unconscious. So let’s see.

    2. Looks ,like Abhi is disturbed, may be because he cant bring topic of divorce or may be Tanu called n forcing him to ask Pragya for divorce immediately or emotionally blackmailing again.

    3. Thanks for ur update pratiksha now pls tell me y u didn’t comment yesterday? ?? And ya today’s episode update is little boring now sarla maa will not die but they will drag this and y this nikhil is not thinking for himself? ?? I don’t know in which logic he is believing tanu do I have any idea about it ???

  10. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Rachna, dadi and purab talks with each other and decides to not discussing about anything in the house.
    Purab calls abhi. Abhi tells him that someone has kidnapped sarla maa. He tells him about that location and says him to reach with police.
    Abhi says to nikhil to take shortcut. They reaches on location but before it sarla gets again in goons hands.
    Nikhil tries to distract abhigya but pragya sees sarla maa’s jewellery and goes in that direction to search for her.
    Nikhil thinks to get separated with them to do anything and to knows what’s going on?
    Tanu calls nikhil. Nikhil tells her about sarla maa’s escaping. Tanu yells at him and says that he should strangle sarla maa.
    Sarla maa somehow manages to again escape from goons. They sees abhigya in the other side of the road and calls them.
    Abhigya says her to stay there as they r coming. Nikhil thinks to kill sarla maa. He covers his mouth with a black cloth and takes a car. He hits sarla maa. Sarla maa falls on gets unconscious.
    Abhigya asks from help to the visters and vehucal owners but none helps them. Just then purabcomes with Ronnie and they takes sarla maa to the hospital
    Tanu meets with nikhil. He tells get that he hitter sarla maa. Tanu gets relaxed. Nikhil says but abhigys was there too so she could survive as they will take her to the hospital. Tanu shout him and says she has ruined her life. She says if he is thinking that after getting everything over she will marry with him so he is wrong. She won’t marry with him and she will abort this baby and will go far from Mumbai. Nikhil tries to assure her that he will make everything fine. He about to out his hands on her shoulder but tanu scouts on him and says don’t touch her. Nikhil gets shocked.

  11. prathiksha..? any segment or updates..?

  12. Prathiksha billu sahithi give unaku update abt todays segment …what u understand was abhi nd pragya were in hospital pragya goes near abhi n abhi says something and leave that place. In another sn they shown abhi nd pragya admitting sarla ma in hosp another cn pragya s crying nd dadi s consoling her

  13. Ugggghhhh its boring do CVS love tanu that’s why they are draaggggging any new segment

  14. 3words
    Waste ,bakwas and irritating

  15. I hope before Sarla regains consciousness Purab will recollect about video footage and try to check that. Looking at the events happening, if Nikhil n Tanu dont give up on ending Sarla’s life they may even end up at the hospital n try to kill her there. This is going like crime plot from a 70’s movie 🙁 🙁

  16. OMG….They r making us fool. After sarala ma who r all going to be hospitalised in this serial…atlast only abhi n tanu survive n marry..abhi dosent kniw d truth. .n pragya will search fr proof…n nikhil will wait fr tanu… wat a story…Ooops

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