Kumkum Bhagya 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with corporator seeing Abhi and his team out and running back to his den. He ties Pragya on chair again and says he will teach her a lesson. Pragya starts laughing and says her husband will not spare her, he will make him apologize soon. Coproator says her husband will also be punished and he will apologize instead. He shuts her mouth and asks his goon to find a route to get out. Goon says they have one route, but it is risky. Corporator goes to check the route and asks his men to come there when he calls.

Abhi asks inspector to get more force to block the routes. Inspector says he needs 1 hour and leaves. Abhi thinks what to do till then. He sees a slum kid playing drums on utenils and gets an idea of doing a live concert on road to block it. Kid who is his

fan agrees to help him with his friends.

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Daadi calls Abhi and asks if he found Pragya. Abhi says no and before they could reach her, kidnapper eloped again. He asks her not to worry and to have faith on him.

Mitali gets into Aaliya’s room and tries to find something in cupboard. Aaliya comes and asks what is she doing. She says she is searching her son’s books and says she is worried they will also be caught if Corporator is caught. Aaliya asks her to relax and search book outside her room.

Abhi starts his concert on road. People stop their vehicles seeing him and block the whole road. Inspector says Purab that Abhi’s idea of blocking road is working and now they can easily find the kidnappers now. Corporator car gets caught between traffic jam. He asks a person about the jam and person says Abhi is doing free live concert. Corporator says Abhi did this purposefully to catch them.

Abhi performs on Tujhe dhund raha hai ye…..song… with his guitar.. Daasi switches on TV. Daadi asks why is she switching on TV when they are all tensed. Daasi says to divert attention she wants to play religious channel. They both see Abhi’s live concert and Daadi asks why is he performing concert instead of searching Pragya.

Sarla and her family are worried about Pragya. Purbi gets a call from her friend about Abhi’s live concert and informs Sarla. Sarla gets annoyed seeing Abhi performing concert instead of searching Pragya..

Precap: Abhi sees Pragya on road and then kidnappers kidnapping her again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. again d same thing….I bet that kkb is testing our patience …

  2. how many times is pragya going to get kidnapped??

  3. Abhi’s concert scene wz jst outstandng! i like only that scene…overall epi wz so boring:(((((

  4. amxing epsiod and also fair

  5. really stupid serial plz ku6 naya dikhao yr

  6. ohoo anyways happy valentines day guys have a great day with your paterners …

  7. i can’t wait 4 tomorrow’s episode

  8. booooorrrrrrrrrringgggggggggggggg…………………….

  9. Pragya is acting just like a clown.She had a chance to hail out to Abhi but she hesitated.How long will this last.Nobody seems to be worrying about who could do this act to Pragya.I am not seeing Tanu’s parents.Are they out?Bring the culprits to the front and let Abhi deal with them.

  10. Plz plz spare us….what a faltu serial….kch toh naya dikhao. ..kya drama h…aaj tk k sbse bakwaas serial…koi twist nhi..yuckzz ekta kapoor

  11. Aiyo rama.Einna seriyala viit tu thokuinga

  12. bledy helll
    she gona get kidnapd for ages i gues

  13. Now abhi will beat up the villains hehehe


    y not something different…y same

  15. Guys please kuch alag dekhao ..jldi se abhi aur pragya ko sath mai dekhao plezzz jldii

  16. Camellia Banerjee

    Nice show .I liked it.

  17. pls change the cover photo as we are watching the same photo since more than 9 months its boring pls……

  18. Met abhi over da weekend in durban valentines day concert he is such an awesome down to earth guy :-D:-D:-D:-D

    1. I do believe is a wonderful person in real life but Abhi the character in the serial is a spine-
      less cockroach.I am sorry to say it this way but it is a fact ,all he does is to fight and beat
      people.Let him go and take care of his beautiful wife.She needs love and affection.Take her of the couch and into the bed.Let the writers show us some of his real life personality to give the show that bounce.

  19. Met abhi over da weekend in durban valentines day concert he is such an awesome down to earth guy :-D:-D:-D:-D ♡

  20. I really hope he finds her dis time

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