Kumkum Bhagya 13th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Panditji starting Pragya and Suresh’s marriate prayer chantings and asks to call bride. Aaliya says bride will take time to come, he can continue his chantings. Tanu says she will also have marriage Abhi on this havan itself. Mitali says it is a good idea, asks why Pragya has not come out, if she is trying to lure Abhi. Aaliya says she will not let that happen and will bring Pragya herself.

Abhi goes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come down. He does not find her in, thinks she must be in balcony crying and is shocked to see sari tied on to ascending down balcony. He thinks she must have eloped to her mom’s place. Aaliya and Tanu reach there thinking they will drag Pragya down. Abhi says chasmish has eloped and he will get it back. He runs

out. Sarla asks where is he running. Aaliya comes and says Pragya must have seen her bleak future with Suresh, so she must have taken this step. Bulbul asks her to tell clearly what she means. Aaliya says Pragya eloped from her marriage. She says first she made Purab elope in their marriage and now she herself eloped from her marriage. Abhi is in car searching Pragya. He tries to call her, but her number is switched off. Aaliya says Pragya is selfish and don’t care about others. Pragya first divorced Abhi and then even ran away from her lover. She did not think of her family at all and did not think who will marry her sister now. Tanu says always bad happens to bad people, says Pragya’s family does not have males and they are all characterless. Sarla gets irked and says she does not have right to tell this who is having affair with someone else’s husband and staying at his house, in our society, we feel these girls as shame for everyone. She says her daughter has whole family with her and is as pure as ganga who tried to clean their dirty linens.

Abhi reaches Sarla’s home and finds it locked. He thinks where Pragya must have gone then. He sees Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall and reminiscing the incident where he saves it from corporator. Bulbul says Sarla that Pragya must have gone home and they should go and check there. Abhi comes and says she is not there, he is coming from there itself. Daadi gets worried about Pragya and thinks if she has made suicide. Sarla and Bulbul start crying. Bulbul then says Abhi that Pragya has taken this step because of him, she sacrificed her life for him and asks how can such a big man does not have his own thinking and anyone can fool him. She asks why did not he see his family insulting Pragya always and tortoring her and he blinding following his family. She says it is good Pragya made suicide as she does not want a spineless man like him to be with her, says she used to like him as a rockstar, but now she hates him. Purab consoles her and asks Sarla to take her home while he searches Pragya out. Abhi says he will search alone and does not need his help. Purab says he will and asks Bulbul to go home.

Tanu says Aaliya that she is worried if Pragya does not marry Suresh, Abhi will not marry her and says in all this, Purab and Bulbul are coming closer. Aaliya asks her to stop thinking nonsense and says Abhi will get Pragya at any cost.

Pragya comes near a bride to suicide. She reminisces Abhi saving her once before their marriage and thinks without him, she cannot live and should die. Abhi sees Pragya’s veil on floor and tells about it to Purab. Purab says we should ask people around. Abhi asks a man if he saw a girl. Man identifies him as rockstar Abhi and asks him to show girl’s pic. He shows Pragya’s pic. Man says he saw a girl walking towards bridge. Abhi says Purab that it is Pragya’s old habit and he will go and rescue her. Man asks to take a pic at least with him. Purab says Abhi is tensed now and he can come to their office tomorrow. Pragya tries to fall from bridge but stops thinking about Abhi.

Suresh tells Rachna that he will go in search of Pragya and leaves. Rachna starts getting labor pains and Akash tries to help her. Taiji asks why is he help a shameless girl. Akash asks her to stop rubbishing and takes Rachna to his room. Tauji says Akash is doing right. Purab calls Bulbul and informs her about Pragya going towards bridge. Bublul says she knew Pragya would try to suicide.

Pragya thinks her whole family must be worried about her and should not suicide. She tries to get down from bridge wall when Abhi comes and asks her not to fall down. He gets her down and starts his baffoonery talks that she should suicide from more height. She asks if he came to rescue her. He says yes and says he wants her to marry Suresh and says if she her limbs break, she cannot marry Suresh and usual rubbish talks. He takes her from there towards home.

Akash takes Rachna to his room, makes her rest on bed, gives her water and says he is worried about her and her child and from today, he will take care of her.

Pragya reaches Abhi’s house with Abhi and Purab. Everyone get relaxed seeing her. Bulbul asks where did she go adn if she is alright. Abhi says she was feeling suffocated, so she went to see flowing water or may have got afraid seeing Suresh’s loose pant, says relationship or pant should be tight. He does not find Suresh there, calls him and says his wife is waiting for him in mantap. Suresh who is in auto asks if Pragya came. He says yes and asks if he will come himself or he has to come. Suresh says he will come. Abhi then says Suresh is so desperate to marry and asks Pragya how is she feeling now. He asks panditji to start chanting, else if Pragya’s mood changes, she will delay again.

Tanu is desperate and asks Aaliya to call Purab and check if he found Pragya. Aaliya says if she calls him, he will thinks she is dying for him. Tanu thinks in her ego, her marriage is getting delayed. Mitali comes and informs them about Pragya coming back. Aaliya scolds her for not telling her before and goes down with Tanu.

Panditji asks bride and groom to sit on mantap. Abhi drags Suresh to mantap and makes him wear sehra, says he is getting his childhood love back to him and asks him to smile. He then says Pragya that she has two options, one she herself should go and sit in mantap or else he will drag her. Pragya asks him to stop her marriage as it is issue of their lives. He says not us, it is her life. He says he has called media and she will go either by marrying Suresh or with MMS news. She extends her hand and he drags her to the mantap. Bulbul tries to intervene, but Sarla stops her. Tanu smirks. Abhi then drapes veil on Pragya’s head and tells Panditji that he married in a hurry and left many mantras/chantings, now he wants all the chantings and their marriage to last for lives. Panditji asks to tie knot. He says Sarla will do it and then says he himself will do it. He tries to tie knot and burns his hand by mistake with havan fire. Pragya gets worried about him and runs to her room to get ointment.

Precap: Pragya searches ointment in her room to apply on Abhi’s burnt hand. Tanu comes and asks why is she still acting as worried about Abhi, if she wants to know that she is more worried than her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. well wisherrr

    gud things at last……after a long break somthing gud has happened…..bt i wish pragya really jumped down from bridge. and stupid brainless abhi realise his mistake………..

  2. Sabawoon Khan

    Ahhhh I’m a bit satisfied from today’s episode and I loved the scene where abhi said to pragya are you okay are u mad?? and I hope this marriage wil be stoped and that witch tannu out of house

  3. Sabawoon Khan

    I was thinking that abhi will be fully burnt hahahaha but it’s just his hand I’m wondering what will happen that the marriage will be stopped

  4. come on stop this maha episode drama it was more boring than normal episodes. I was hoping thatabhi will realised his mistake n get tanu out of his life… Bt scenes was different n boring….. Come onn take serial to a track. Purane zmane k serials m hta tha y to herione hmesha roti rhti thi bt not new1. Sho som exciting in seriAl .

  5. Naina202

    I don’t know…but I feel that a big twist is coming soon… Abhi is behaving like he knows something….like Pragya’s feelings or the truth about the mms

    • sharon

      He already knows plenty. He needs to just get ridd of those idiots Tanu and Aaliya. Deep down he knows Pragya would never do such a thing.

      • sharon

        @hawa ahmed

        Its a matter of pride. Also normally speaking Pragya is not his type either, and he wants to believe Tanu is all goodie goodie. But Tanu also needs to wake up and wonder why its taking so long for Abhi to ditch Pragya. Daadi is just an excuse.
        Also its a way to drag the show on longer.

    • MaxRoyal

      Agreed. I started feeling this way too after he told Prag’s family about the wedding. When he got to his house after leaving Sarla’s he looked sad and drained but started his clowning as soon as he realised AliTan were coming his way. He is putting on a show and not just for Prags. Hmmmm!?

  6. Shama sanin

    I think Abhi is loosing his charm because of his brainless behaviour.come on, Abhi.are you dumb and blind?can’t you see what the truth is?how long will u remain the slave of command of that shameless witch Aliya &Tanu?please use your brain and take a stand.just hope it doesn’t become another “Pavitra rishta”.

    • MaxRoyal

      HaHaHa…sorry disagree, but fully understand where you r coming from. PR’s general script, dialogue, characters and developements were grades above KB’s. Some of the love for AbPrag I believe predates KB, especially for Ahbi. For me, he never really got off the ground. Anyone who would get married for revenge, when it was not a life/death situation, is seriously flawed. And…they are killing this Jodi, more so our interest in it, even before the romance track. At least Arjun and Purvi (and we the fans) had a good thing going before that love story got hit by a truck…HaHaHa.

  7. I think abhi knws smth dats y he is doing dis forcin shadi n I hope he will trow dat ugly churel tanu bahar yaar I like dis show hope doesn’t become another pavitra rishta

  8. hawa ahmed

    I was hoping that tanu and alia would be exposed in this maha episode dang but nothind like that happened

  9. hawa

    abhi knows that aaliya and tanu would definitely harm pragya why is he not doubting them normally they used to plan things together

    • MaxRoyal

      See what I mean guys? They are killing our interest in this jodi. Personally, if he was not already in love with Bulbul, I would want Pragya to marry Purab. Purab makes far better sense has a life partner.

      • Hello

        Oh plz Purab and bulbul are made for each other.pragya doesn’t deserve anyone coz she is such a spineless character.and moreover Purab considers Pragya as his di and he is helping her just because of bulbul.

  10. Very boring dragging the serial waste of time, abhi using pragya as puppet he has no feelings. He is not the perfect man for pragya .better stop the stupid serial .

  11. I think abhi knows something and he is acting lyk dis..
    nd have sum big plan in his mind…I think he will reveal d truth…he is supporting pragya I think…

    • MaxRoyal

      No…Akash and Rachna. I am not a PurBul fan…sacrifice of your love and playing God does not work for me. A man who would leave the woman he loves and marry a woman he hates for love…Hmmmm. These two will hurt each other for love, especially Bulbul. I really do not like her. She and Purvi are one and the same. Destructive.

      • 007

        Are you in your senses Mr maxroyal?????? You are calling bulbul destructive then what about pragya ??? Who is ruining the lives of two couples…she is eveywhere there between just caring for her Mom and all and not even that she is most selfish protagonist ever seen who herself thinks that she can’t live without a man whom she loves but can tolerate her sister getting seperated from her beloved.it’s so hard to get sympathetic towards such disgusting protagonist.rather I feel sorry for bulbul who loves her sister alot and is always ready to sacrifice everything for her unlike pragya.

  12. Anonymous

    I am going to watch this show only for Purab and bulbul. They both are damn cute and I simply love them.

  13. Rabul fan

    Oh my god even Tanu realised that Purab and bulbul are coming more close and Rabul marriage is on the way….wow hope they get married soon as true love wins everything.

  14. Hi

    Oh plz end this shit and get Purab and bulbul get married in the same mandap.unite then asap plzzzz cvs..anyone listening??

  15. Kkb

    Oh my god maha episode is completely filled with plotting and planning of taaliyah,nonsense suicide attempt by Pragya, crapy jokes of abhi but still gonna watch it for superb speech of bulbul to abhi and some cute rabul moments.

  16. bye bye

    I just hope alia won’t be able to create any kind of misunderstanding between rabul coz Purab trusts bulbul alot!!! They both are so adorable…..

  17. aashima

    Purab and bulbul should be the lead couple of this show and abhi the lead villain. because he has even crossed all the limits of alia and tanu.

  18. vikas

    Such a stupid and boring episodes..its been weeks y is the truth abt pragya suresh nt coming out or nt noticed by abhi…and no one can forcefull get married thy can file a complaint..its just utter nonsense…try to put sum thing intersting…

  19. Ya Allah, what is wrong with Abhi he even dont understan his own wife? while he knows tanu and aliya what they are capeble of……………. writters plz you need to change something let akash remeber that his phone has taken by aliyah and tanu and they farame pragya so that akash will cancel the shaadi between suresh and poor pragya…………..

  20. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh boring irrating stupied episode.i have stopped wathing this serial only reading updates.if more stupied scenene are shown in serial i’ll stop reading the updates also.i just start hating abhi because of his brainless works.

  21. Naina202

    Yeeeeaaapeeaaaa !!! Look at this

    Our source says, “Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) helps Pragya (Sriti Jha) in getting ready for the marriage but there is a twist in the tale. A stranger will come with a letter which will be handed over to Abhi. This letter will be nothing but proof for Pragya’s innocence so Mitali, Tanu and Aliya (Shikha Singh) make a plan to snatch that letter from Abhi somehow. They manage to take that letter away from Abhi and try to burn it. Abhi will extinguish the fire to find that letter and announces that this is the proof of Pragya’s innocence.”

    Will Pragya forgive Abhi for his deeds?

    To know about the development keep reading the above space.


  22. ak

    Only one thing to say! Crap episode waste of time. The comments on this site does not get taken serious. Writers wake up.

  23. As

    All ppl said that serial get boring right?? than y all r used to see written updates and even after seeing it also have time for comment….. great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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