Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi stepping down from his car at a small temple. He asks how can God do this to Pragya? He says Pragya will continue to pray to him and will puja, but he is mere stone for him. He asks her not to snatch him from Pragya. He says he don’t deserve him, but she deserves him. He says he wants Pragya back in his life and says he has to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks he will show his wedding card to Pragya, to make her realize that her decision is wrong. He thinks to make everything fine once she gets emotional and agrees to his sayings. Rachna tries to wake up Pragya. Pragya wakes up and asks where is Tanu and Abhi. Rachna calls Akash and asks about Abhi. Akash tells that Abhi went to office for signing some papers. Pragya says she has to talk to

Abhi and inform Abhi. She leaves from there. Bulbul calls Pragya. Pragya tells her that she needs to talk to Abhi. while in the auto, she thinks Tanu has been fooling her and compelled her to break their marriage. She thinks once she informs Abhi about Tanu’s truth then she can unite with Abhi.

Abhi comes to Sarla’s house and shows the wedding night. Sarla talks rudely and says Pragya is not at home. Abhi says he is marrying Tanu for Pragya, and if she stops him then he will back off. Sarla says she will not stop Pragya and is proud of her. Bulbul informs Abhi that Pragya went to meet him. Abhi leaves. Abhi sees Pragya’s miss call and calls her. Auto driver picks the call and tells him that she has forgot the phone in his auto. Abhi asks the driver to wait there till he comes. Pragya comes to office, hears Aaliya talking to someone and telling about ruining Abhi. Pragya thinks who is this woman? Aaliya speaks about ruining Abhi’s concert and says Abhi can’t figure out who is behind his bankruptcy. She says Purab will be framed. She says Tanu’s pregnancy will be hidden and they will buy doctor, reports and everything. Pragya thinks she knows about Tanu’s baby secret.

Aaliya sees Pragya standing and cuts the call. Pragya says you wants to ruin your own brother and is framing Purab. She says you are going to ruin both. She asks who is helping you, and asks her not to do this for Abhi’s goodness. Aaliya says Abhi is not her brother and have no relation with him. She says Abhi gave her pain and her love purab hates her so much that he don’t want to see her face. She says Abhi will be pained when his name, fame and money will be snatched from him. Pragya asks Aaliya not to grow hatredness in her heart. She says you have forgotten humanity. She says I am sad that I gave pain to Dadi and Bulbul for you. She says you are selfish and think about yourself. Aaliya says she is selfish and says do you know how it feels how it feels when her loved one is snatched. She says it was her dream to marry Purab, and she will ruin Abhi for ruining her dream.

Aaliya asks why did you come back? You left Abhi naa. She says you are in problem now. You will save whom? At one side is Abhi and other side is Purab, and you can save none. She says nobody will believe you, as this is happening because of you. It is shown it was just Pragya’s imagination to confront Aaliya. Pragya looks at Aaliya and goes. Abhi comes to the auto driver and takes her phone. He thinks why did Pragya came here. He feels Pragya wants to come back to him. Pragya is in shock and thinks her own sister wants to ruin him. Even if I tell him, he will not believe me. Abhi comes to office and enquires with someone. He goes towards his cabin. Pragya leaves and he didn’t see her. He comes to his cabin and asks Aaliya about Pragya. Aaliya tells him that she didn’t come. Aaliya thinks if Pragya came there, and why Abhi is tensed. Pragya is walking on road and thinks about Aaliya betrayal. She thinks Abhi’s love confession and their romantic union. She cries while walking on road and thinks she can’t let wrong happen with Abhi.

Someone sees Pragya’s unconscious and injured after accident on the road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu

    Good that Aaliya does not know that Pragya knows the truth… but now no way for Abhi to know the truth if not Pragya ….

  2. Malar

    Wow wow wow fantastic. So sad pragya. Abhi don’t worry pragya is only for u. That’s can’t be changed by anyone.

  3. narendran

    Aaliya crap atlast pragya got accident as per promo now pragya should get grand entry in abhi life otherwise I will stop watching this serial

  4. Sreemathi

    Ekta kappor mam I request u not to make abhi marrying tanu plzzzzzz. Even we’ll wait with patience until pragya gets cure but Plz dnt let tanu ruin abhi’s life and career. Give a chance to nikhil.

  5. I don’t know whats going to hapn tmrw ll pragya recovrer from accident OMG!!!waiting fr tmrw’s episode. ..
    Ll abhi find pragya the one stupid thing is that crowd around her accident doesn’t know that it was rockstar abhi’s wife what a logic is tiz…any way lets hav to wait

  6. kowsi

    its accident scene remembering me alaipayuthey film…aftr accident wat happend to pragya …im gng to miss the special episode guys..only written update so sad…

  7. I love first few abhi’s part and his conversation with god and with himself. After seeing this, my yesterday’s disappointment and anger has vanished. And thank god aaliya didn’t recognized pragya’s presence so now it means aaliya and tanu both r not involved in pragya’s accident! and as sriti was told in her interview, her accident will b coincidently! But guys pragya knows only half truth about tanu and aaliya both. She doesn’t know tanu’s baby father’s name yet and she doesn’t know who is involved with aaliya in her plan. So I think memory loss or unconsciousness will happen with pragya, or may b she will soon come in her senses but will only pretend as she has lost her half part of memory so she could find whole truth about both tanu and aaliya. Becoz pragya will think that without proof no one could believe on her becoz aaliya was saying that she will not leave any proof who could help to someone to find about her and tanu’s truth. Through this she will again enter in mehra mension and abhi’s life and no one will force her to remind anuthing, not even tanu. Becoz doctor will advice for pragya not to give stress and any pressure on her mind becoz it will harm her. So abhi willuse this opportunity becoz he also wants to pragya back in his life so he will not allow tanu remind anything to pragya and he will postponed his marriage with tanu. Hope this will happen..

    • chithu

      but NIkki..i think Pragya hasn’t understood Abhi’s love fully… becoz she doesn’t know yet how much belief Abhi has in her now..he can believe anything Pragya is telling with closed eyes now..
      As u told, Pragya will act like memory loss i think… with that she may understand Abhi’s love fully and will try to prove Tanu and Aaliya i think… but am afraid in that process she should not gain hateness from Abhi…

      • No chithu pragya understands abhi’s love fully and yes abhi will also do believe on her but the fact is they have to prove it in front of everyone who has seen tanu only with abhi, not with anyone else. So in the process of proving their truth, they have to go through DNA test and other things and when now aaliya is also doing help of tanu so she will do her best to prove abhi the father’s of tanu’s child as she was saying on the phone yesterday and pragya doesn’t know yet the name of tanu’s baby’s father so she can’t take help from him also. I know u will think that she should involve abhi too but she couldn’t becoz if abhi will get to know tanu’s truth even a once then he will not waste a second to confront tanu and throw her out and after this tanu and aaliya will b alert and will try their best to prove abhi wrong. So to find whole truth, pragya have to work on it silently and cleverly without telling about it anyone. And chithu why abhi will hate her? She will not doing anything wrong. She will only do this to find the whole truth and when she will find the whole truth and exposed tanu and aaliya both with proof then abhi will b more happy and feel proud on her and in pretending memory loss process, she will not behave with abhi and anyone rudely and will not hurt anybody for anything when she knows the truth now so no chance of hatred. There will b only love and care.

  8. And guys I have found telly masala video on YouTube where arjun and purvi were doing shoot along with abhi in hospital. Arjun and purvi was saying that they found pragya in injured and breaking condition so they has taken her to the hospital but they don’t know how’s the accident happened? And what will b after this? For this u have to watch episode.

  9. tasnim

    thats gd bt n’t enough waiting 4 tmrw so sad pragya heroin ho itna to hota hai or tmhara serial to special 1 topics since 3 month this is cled serial turn d stry 1st

  10. Bharathi

    Every time the writters want to keep a twist……they create an accident scene…..which often happens with bulbul…….nw its pragya’s turn

  11. chithu

    Priya..if u see today’s episode, all Abhi shots are taken separately.. when they show Sarla and Abhi together.. they are showing someelse as Abhi from back…

  12. axi

    Frnds ….now know about aliya runi.. and tanu truth… but aliya ku tanu ku pragya ku avuga plan teriyum nu tetiyadu….

    Frnds 15th day episode online la telecast pannuvagala…

  13. Haseena

    I hope this does not get dragged on like each as pregnancy. In zee world comas/unconsciousness can go on for months. I think Abhi will be ruined while prays is unconscious, he will lose everything, Tanu n Abhis wedding will be delayed a few times. Pragya will wake up from her coma n rush to the mandap and reveal everything n final attempt to marry Abhi will be ruined. Pragya will then restore Abhis image n rebuild career n while walking down the stairs she will faint. A doctor will check her pulse n reveal she is pregnant. While pragyas in labour daadi will die. Dramatic emotional bitter sweet moment. Alls well that ends well

    • chithu

      End of drama …y Srimathi?? End of serial itself or Tanu’s track yaar… don’t give such shocking news 🙂

      • chithu

        but v should be ready for that also..ha ha… because as Rachana gave birth to the baby in a minute to shock all of us… then Pragya may also be fine and reveals all the truth to Abhi and Aaliya/Tanu/Raj are out and they may also show Purabh/Bulbul together in an one hour episode 🙂

      • miya

        Kkb is sence and sencibility novel story know….. in that novel ke purab and bulbul character not be unite they can marry someother person in their life…

  14. Guys in precap it’s person who see pragya in a unconscious state is Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi one of my favourite pair in telly industry

  15. MaxRoyal

    If Pragya has real memory loss than I’m done with KKB. Too many shows do this loss of memory track. It is a copout. Writers need to be careful or else TRPs will fall again and there will be more reading instead of watching for KKB.

  16. ammu karithik

    dis serial was going boreing rote…. yar pragya acting very very boring I Dnt like dis…. entana time lagegega tanu is pregent… eka bhar DNA test karete malam padete hi naa.. oh bacha ABHI ka our kisake… oh nayi sochata ta …its dram was entana boring lagere sab loge malum hi

  17. Sneha

    i had predicted earlier that like ishani of MATSH, pragya will have a accident and she too will pretend losing memory while actually being in her senses and trying to gain enough evidences against tanu and alia….. this will also help abhi to recreate some good romantic moments for getting pragya back in his life….
    from today’s episode, one thing is clear that tanu or alia dont know that their truth are out and also they are not involved with prgya’s accident…….. good to ritvik-asha tomorrow 🙂 …..hope some positivity soon comes in the show…

  18. When Pragya regains consciousness, she will again lose memory and forget all the secrets surrounding Tanu’s pregnancy and Aaliya’s plot on Abhi

  19. heidi

    Why the writers make it sooooooo difficult? I hate this Tanu drama now. Why pragya leave her phone in the car ???? And now her accident/ memory loss ??? Stupid storyline.

  20. Leila

    I think pragya accident will change tanu n aaliya hatred towards her n abhi n pragya have to be ok

  21. Kirthy

    Abhi who don’t believe in god, is talking to him on the street now. Good job, pragya 🙂
    I’m waiting eagerly for abhis reaction if he sees praya in the hospital. Will be pragya unconsiuos for a long time or act like she don’t remember hearing the thruths?
    Please don’t drag tanus pragnancy drama to long.

  22. episode was some wat confusing wat happening ????????????????????????????????????????????????according to my thought they have given precap as some one is gng to info.pragaya’s accident may be that some one is purvi ??????????????????
    dont think mind the serial came to end becoz every charcter is there ??????????????????????but some where it is confusing yaarrrrrrrrrrr
    any way pragya accident is came true atlast the promo is real
    after all accident if pragya is just unconsious or severly injured she must tell abhi about tanu !!!!!!!!!
    wat ever im.eagerly waiting to watch the seriallllllllll

  23. Ankit Ch

    Ekta kappor is a shit….she is a brainless creature….thts why ppl stop watching her daily soaps….same is happening with kumkum bhagya….its telecasting sinc more thn a yr n yet pragya n abhi aint united…so much of drama made this series lengthy… -_-

  24. Guys new promo is out. Pragya has taken to the hospital by arjun and purvi. Then in flash back, they shows abhi’s friendship day’s concert scene where he had stopped his singing by remembering pragya’s accident message. Then in next scene, pragya is treated by doctors. In next scene they shows abhi shouts on the road pragyaa… Then voice over says pragya is separating from abhi. Will this indepence day become witness of their reunion?

    • Priya $

      I saw tat promo nikki in zee tv pa. I think this promo is not for next week. It’s for Saturday right. Once Nikil truth exposed surely pragya ll b strong to prove it. Now pragya is weak Becoz of so many confusions.

  25. Bhut bakwas h yaar faltu ka serial lamba kheech rhe h pragya ne to drama hi Kr rka h ek sachai Vo Kisi KO b Ni bta rhi itne family members h koi to uski help krega specially the main person abhi dadi

  26. Guys all those u wants to watch promo, u can see it on kumkumbhagya websta site. I assumed in promo that car who hitted pragya was of a stranger. Becoz on driving seat an unknown person was sitting.

  27. When I saw yesterday’s episode, I assumed that 25th August is the wedding date of tabhi’s marriage on wedding card. What u think guys? Will this marriage happen on this date?

    • Kirthy

      I don’t think tabhi’s marriage will happen. As Shabbir said if everyone have kumkum bhagya then there is no meaning. I hope they won’t get marriage because of the accident or PRAGYA will rescue Abhi from the marriage in the last minute.

  28. marilyn

    it we have to look at all the serial on Zee TV you can see all the same things is happining in each and every program.It is all all betral and digust in each family.What has happened to family morales and family values.Where is all that what are we teaching our young ones nothing all the writer iws doing is showing evil.Indians have so much values but in Indian is this the way they treat their family so sick.I throught INDIA is a country with family values but i am so wrong in what we are watching on ZEE TV and they take the BEST SOAIES FOR THE YEAR.This is sick we have all our elder parents that are watching.All they say is this the way Indians are where is the truth where is justice.Is it fine for our eldest grandmother to see their grandson having a child out of wedlock.We live in South Africa and it is so sad to see how the INDIANS in India love life and feel it is fine.I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THEW WAY THE WRITERS WRITE ALL THESE STORIES AND THINK IT IS WONDERFUL.TO ME IT IS SICK I HAVE WATCHING ZEE TV.

    • Selvaram

      Yes i feel like you. Nowadays all peoples have knowledge to find the hiding truth, but rockstar’s have or not?

  29. lincy

    very nice serial,kkb is the best serial i n my frnd like this show.we like abhi pragya.Iam a south indian
    we also see this serial in tamil very nice serial n we like like Ekta’s serial also.

  30. kowsi

    Arjun and Purvi will play a major role in Abhi and Pragya’s life where they try to make them(Abhi ad Pragya) believe the strength of love and trust..they also tell their love story as they got seperated so many times but they are together at the last..

  31. Tuti

    Anybody know what is the title of the song played when Pragya’s walking down the road reminiscing abt Abhi and all? I like the song….

  32. manyata

    u all guy’s are right but I hope that they come together again and live a happy life . its not nice that sooo many problems come to them and separate them. then to now only abi also realized his love for fuggi naa

  33. kowsy

    i guess pragya may get concious , tell abhi about tanu s truth , they both can try and expose tanu know . already in MATSH ishaani having memory loss , same track na it ll be boring na. what u guys think…….

  34. Today in SBS segment they showed a scene shooted with abhi, arjun and purvi on dargah. Where abhi is reached to pray for pragya becoz he senses something wrong with pragya. There abhi meets with arjun and purvi who also came to pray. This scene is shooted before the abhi’s visit to hospital. Rest of things I missed becoz of power cut of electricity at my home place. But I will try to catch up full update through online videos. If anybody too has seen this segment today then plz give full written update or link for it. If not then it’s OK. I will try to find it.

  35. Guys just read tellyreviews Friday spoiler where they r saying that pragya’s accident is happened becoz of purvi’s carelessness. So they have taken her to the hospital and after that for her well being they visits to a dargah to pray for pragya along with abhi.

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