Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Sarla that she don’t know what to do and how to come out of this situation. She says when ever I try to think and live without him, her heart is shaken up. She says Tanu was right, If I attend his marriage then may be I will accept that he is not mine. She cries and says I want this to end as a bad dream and says I want to go in the past, when he told me that he loves me, but he told that he can’t do wrong with Tanu. She tells that the tomorrow is very dark and that she wants to stay with him and go to him. She hugs Sarla and cries. Sarla pacifies her. Aaliya checks her watch and tells Mrs. Mehta that they shall start rasam with Tanu. Mrs. Mehta compliments Tanu. Aaliya says she is looking so pretty. She comes to Dadi, Dasi and Purab and says you people are

standing altogether and giving shoulder to each other. She says I am missing Pragya and says if she would have been here, they would feel the challenge. She asks purab to invite her.

Mrs. Mehta asks Dadi to apply the haldi. Aaliya asks Dadi to come. Dasi asks why you wants to apply haldi. Dadi says let me do this, don’t stop. Dadi goes near Tanu. Tanu smiles and tells Dadi that she is glad that she will apply haldi firsts, and thanks her. She says you might be feeling bad to shatter your dreams, I am here to sprinkle salt on your wound. She says you called me cheap and characterless, and says your grand son is going to marry me. Dadi asks her not to be happy and says even if Abhi marries you, but I will never accept you as bahu. She takes much haldi and applies on Tanu’s face. She says I am applying haldi thinking it as black ink and curses her saying that Abhi will never accept her in his heart.

Tanu says she don’t bother and says she is happy that she is becoming Tanu Mehra now, and says I can’t take pragya’s place, but I have taken her name. She wipes the haldi from her face. Abhi comes there. Mrs. Mehta asks him to come for the rituals and makes him sit. She tells that she has grinded this haldi for him and is sure that he will look more charming. She applies haldi on his face. Purab is shocked and angry. Abhi thinks if Pragya came and thinks I didn’t ask her if she is coming. A fb is shown, Purab recalls Abhi telling that everyone is waiting for him. Purab asks him not to ruin three lives and stop this marriage. Fb ends.

Aaliya comes to apply haldi to Abhi. She asks what he is thinking. Purab tells that we couldn’t do anything. Dasi scolds him for his inability to stop the marriage. Dadi tells her that Purab have done so much for Abhi and Pragya, but now there is nothing in his hands and Abhi don’t have understanding about right and wrong. Dasi says what we will do, if we shall see the marriage happening and see Tanu and Aaliya controlling him. Dadi says we will not see this and will stop the wedding. She says only Pragya can stop this marriage. Tanu comes to Abhi and says she will apply haldi on him and says he will glow. She applies haldi on his face and thinks now marriage will happen, and enemy is not here to stop the marriage. Aaliya says how sweet. Tanu is making you have haldi with love and asks him to apply haldi to her to make the picture perfect. Abhi imagines pragya and takes haldi. He applies haldi on her face. Everyone is shocked. Tanu thanks Abhi for applying haldi on her face. Abhi thinks I am doing wrong with all three of us. He gets up and goes. Tanu smiles.

Sarla asks Pragya to have tea and says you didn’t have anything since yesterday. Pragya asks shall I go there? Sarla says I don’t have answer for your question and asks her to take a decision by herself. Pragya says she wants to go and tell him that she is his wife, but can’t lose him. Sarla says you are standing on two ways and says you can’t back off or move front. She says but you have to back off as you can’t tell him truth being scared to lose him. She says may be your togetherness ends here, and asks her to be happy thinking he is fine. She says love wants sacrifice also, and asks her to think that she is sacrificing in this birth.

Pragya and Abhi gets romantic. Abhi tells her that he loves her very much.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Total Bullshit…. Abhi Bachaa Thori Hai Jo Uss Ko Samajh Nahi Aa Rahi Ke Kya Right Hai Aur Kiya Wrong…. Lagtaa Hai Writers Ke Pass Kuch Kaam Dhandaa Nahi Hai Essi Liye Ye Bakwaas Likh Rahay Hain….

    1. could not agree with you more. Everyday viewers are subject to downright stupidity and nonsense. What are you teaching the young ones whose hearts are impressionable, people say TV does not influence but it does in a big way and when the young ones sees mothers being portrayed like Tanu mother it leaves room to think that it okay for a mother and father to lie, and get what they want. I hate this show now with a passion, it has taken two good actors and caused them to act in situations that leaves them helpless. Idiotic writer with no vision and where there is no vision the people perish.

  2. Disgusting precap. One side he is marrying tanu on the other side he is romancing with Pragya. Heights of stupidity. It should be a dream otherwise what can we expect from kkb writers so cheap story. Worst story. Good people bulbul died, purvi left, rachu states. Prople who can support Pragya were not near to her. People who hate Pragya were ruling like they are queens. Other people who were just simply enjoying the comforts given by Abhi. Only purub is helpful not even dadi dasi who left their sons fate to god even participating in rasams. As an elder can’t she order Abhi will he go against her wish simply sitting and praying for their life’s. sarla can’t she do any work other than taking tension and crying. Can’t she make her daughters life better. Waste total waste who will leave their son having memory loss just like that not even consulting a doctor. Poor Pragya feeling pity for her sacrifice can’t she just shout at Abhi for once. Abhi totally dumb character who can’t have control over his feelings who can’t do anything on his own still he is a rockstar by name sake. Heights of stupidity of me who still read and comment on script.

    1. This is real crap. He is supposed to be marrying Tanu and as far as I recall I have never seen him in a romantic mood with Tanu

  3. Hi pratiksha, and other old friends of mine….. hope you all remember me…. i dnt knw if you are here still…. but let me knw my status…. i totally stopped following kkb on any mode for last 5 months…. dnt knw what is happening now and dnt want to know….. i am watching krpkkb…. wonderful realistic drama….. juz wanted to tell you…. if some of my old my friends are here who knows me then reply….

    1. Hi gowtham?so so good to see u back. How r u? And how is ur job going? I missed u a lot. Gud u have been left kkb since long even I had left it watching too and I still doesn’t watch it becoz of same crap but only reads updates and shares here like always. Gowtham kkb has become bad to worse now. It has become bad in pathetic pregnancy track, after bulbul’s character’s exit, it has become boring and now in this new season it has become worst. All the characters has been lost their charm and originality. Even they have made abhigya’s relationship disgusting and nonsense along with the story in this new season. Only same crap r repeating with same characters, same villains and with their same motives like always. In short, they have thrown us in back time instead of moving further in story with this another rubbish memory loss track. Only different is this that there were some interest in the story and also it had some sense too but now it has become totally nonsense. They have started a new journey of love of abhigya but the way they showed their love journey it was disgusting. I don’t know how to explain u. But in short I will say that they have ruined abhigya’s relationship by making abhi committed with tanu again before Pragya. Abhi got committed with tanu by cheating of taaliya but he always remained close with Pragya. He always considered her firstly as his secretary then as his best friend but he behaved with her out of it’s limit always. He tried to get flirty with her, tried to get close with her, tried to get romantic with her and tried to kiss her sometimes but he never gave a suitable name of this relationship with Pragya and now when he realized it and also has been confessed it then he backed off from Pragya by saying it that it will b wrong as he is committed with tanu. And as a result now he is going to marry tanu to saving tanu’s respect and to fulfill tanu’s mom’s last wish and both the reasons r a big lie but as usually only our Rockstar is unaware from it. Nobody tries to help him regain his lost memory back becoz of the fear of strokes by which he gets suffered whenever he tries to remember and nor he himself is really bothered to know about it. In fact with him, whole world has been lost their memory as no one have remember that he has been married and Pragya as his wife and tanu was his girlfriend who cheated him with her lie about her pregnancy and baby’s identity. Gowtham, as usually all the characters r busy in shipping abhigya or shipping Tabhi only like always and with it same attempts of murders, defaming, trapping by creating fake situations and lies like always. Just this is happening in the show. That’s it. Anyways Gowtham I know show has become worst to take interest or to discuss or comments but please visit once in a weak like this for our friendship. I will b so glad. Becoz i too still here just for my friends like u.

      1. good to see you pratiksha…. nothing to discuss on kkb…. where are our other frds? and now i am following kuch rang pyar ke kaise bhi… which goes lik a realistic one… do u follow that? u knw anything?

      2. No gowtham I m watching Beyhad since I left kkb.

      3. super i am also watching beyhad….. 9 to 10 only sony…… but kuch rang is my fav

    2. Hi Gowtham…h r u…I remembered u , Prathiksha, reji n so many friends from d beginning…I used to read all of ur comments…but I’m very rarely reply here…but I used see all of ur comments which has some realistic…missing u all…
      Anyway there is no comments to tell abt this BAD SERIAL…as Prathiksha said nothing changed here rather making worst…even Abhigya character too…Shame on Abhi actually…

      Anyway how’s ur work goingon… U r working in HCL right…even I m too from Chennai:)

      1. r u from chennai? r u wtking? which placr in Chennai….. i m still in hcl

    3. I’m from Medavakkam…working in Infosys Mcity

  4. Blunder

  5. Y these directors are playing with audience feeling don’t they feel pity for us
    Always making us fools
    Shabbir and sriti are very talented artists but these directors are showing them as numb

  6. Disgusting yaar. Kab katham karoge ye bekkar episodes ko. Mein na totally iss serial pasanth nahi karthi hu. Ye writers ka bakwaas ko Iski upar dhek nahi sakthe

  7. by watching kkb people will think the life of villains were far better than good peoples….since a long time ago they are showing the same things in different ways….all the times prgya’s plan fails n villains plans worked.
    ….from the beginning onwards pragya is always facing sufferings….. s

  8. PLease tell me, in india people who commit crime, dont they h=get Punished, Howmany times did tanu try to kill Pragya and Purab, i thoughht there is law and cu;lture in India, its not even in a dram and the broadcasting authority allows this bullshit.

  9. Hai sahithi pratiksha shobhana aishwarya others h r u all

    1. Hi asmitha?how r u? I m fine. Where were u since long? Gud to see u too back along with gowtham. Can I expect more friends to come back?

      1. Hai pratiksha really kkb is becoming disgusting I too left the show but I seen only one epi whr abhigya proposing each other and after knowing this crap I really not interested to watch it

  10. Disgusting Serial


  11. Rubbish movie

  12. boring… plz let meet Abhi n Pragya…. so that new chapter may begin otherwise its seem boring to see the Pragya’ s defeat evry episode….

  13. seriously kkb writer is dreaming let him wake up from his slumber because this is a pure lie of a story,what do u guys take us for,dumb head? noo u guys need to be realistic,all the crimes of tanu n alia are untouched, chaiiii India heads to u n ur lie of a film,pragya cries a lot let her go n tel abhi the truth to his face cuz in all direction abhi does not really care if he hurts pragya not he knows how ei o fulfill useless promises,he is a dumb head who cannot take his own decisions at all, granny should aoso use her importances.in abhi’s life to mk things write, seriously they should know that these things don’t happen these our present days

  14. New commenter

    The amount of times pragya has not given up and once saved Tanu for marrying Abhi, I hope she does it again but she has to be strong to do it, I just hope this wedding delays or that his memory comes back. Fingers crossed.

  15. I can’t take this non sense anymore
    The directors are just playing with emotions of the audience
    He want us to beg to him to unite abhigya
    And they always tell na how muchever bad may happen but at last truth only will win
    But seeing this serial I feel it is wrong
    I am not able to understand why sarala always wants pragya to back off telling I can’t see you like this
    And dasi how can she tell useless when dadi and she itself are sitting ideally
    And abhi and pragya first they are said as born to each other, then they said they are destinyed to live together , now they are meant for crying for each other
    Goooooodddddddd! Please unite abhi and pragya I feel like crying day by day by watching this

  16. I done I have said this more than 3 times but I have to say this test I am so mad

    First abhi aleraldy knew he had to marry tanu so why propose to prayga in the first place he took praygas heart and stepped on it

    Second abhi go to hell and die

    Third prayaga should have a fake wedding and abhi would be jealous and reveal his felling infront of everyone

    Fourth prayga move on in life

    #gotohellabhi #move on in love prayga

  17. indera sanichara

    Hi viewers lets all start praying to God to end this bloodly shit because Ekta is Blind, Dumb and Deaf, honestly Ekta is living only to see people suffer. She has a one track mind that’s not moving. Please God come down on Earth and shut this serial off the Air. Thank you God.

  18. The Wrost precap. No shame and sense to the Ekta Kapoor and the story writers.

  19. Plz don’t forgive abhi for this..

  20. This serial deserves a kick

  21. I hope i’ll not be too bored to stop watching the show i can’t bear the suspense pls the directors should do something.




    Tellychakkar.com is here to make your weekend all the more exciting, with an interesting dope from your favourite show Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV and Balaji Telefilms).
    Ever since Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) has decided to marry Tanu (Leena Jumani), Pragya (Srti Jha) is shattered and heartbroken. On the other side, Purab (Vin Rana) is trying his best to convince Abhi to call off his wedding with Tanu.
    However, Abhi seems to be stubborn about his decision and the marriage preparation has already begun in full swing.
    Now, in the coming episodes, Purab and dadi will plot a plan to stop Abhi-Tanu’s wedding. They would plan to swap Tanu with Pragya at the mandap, on the day of marriage. However, their plan will back fire when Nikhil (Rujut Dahiya) will kidnap Pragya.
    Will Abhi save Pragya and call off his wedding with Tanu?

    1. Wow great I was surprised y they didn’t keep any kidnapping scenes yet….becos it been long back they didn’t kidnap Pragya:)…haha.

      So again we back to d square….
      Can someone plz kidnap Ekta n writers to Amazon Forest…at least viewed won’t get tension…

      1. Well Nithi what we can expect with them. Did any function or party in mehra mad house happened well or without any criminal activity? No na so what’s surprising here. It is as usual and obvious. When I saw instagram story of shikha singh from the kkb’s set while dressing up for the wedding sequence, I saw nikhil in Sherwani too with her. Then I easily got understood that surely some other criminal drama will happen and when dad said that she will surely do something to stop Tabhi’s marriage, i guessed two things. Either she will pretend so unwell or they will hide tanu somewhere and swap her from Pragya to send in Mandap to marry with abhi. See, tellychakkar spoiler have confirmed my guesses. So predictable story. What’s use of banning media on set to shoot any segment when their story is easily predictable. Now what next? Surely abhi will run to save Pragya by leaving tanu in Mandap or he will get flashes of his wedding with Pragya again or he will realize at last moment that he can’t leave Pragya and then he will run to meet her and will find that she is kidnapped and then some or many episodes will pass in searching of Pragya, fighting with goons and with evil’s criminal planning and efforts to escape and then somebody from Pragya’s wellwishers will end up getting injured, specially Abhi or Pragya or both or Purab or sarla Maa. Foolish peoples. They had no creativity now they have lost their sensibility and mind too for stretching and avoiding abhigya’s union for 1000 episodes or as much as they can, just for running their show successfully as long as they can. That’s it.

      2. Sorry typing mistake,it’s dadi not dad. When dadi said that she will surely do something to stop Tabhi marriage.

  23. Hai gowtham, Pratiksha, nithi and asmitha how are you guys. We are from the old group. I heard that kkb is going off aire.

    1. Hi Geeta?I m fine. And don’t pay attention to these types of spoilers. Keep trust on me. I shares each and every possible news or update regarding the show which is confirmed. And those who I didn’t shared becoz they r rumors or I will b busy and share it later. But surely will share if it will b confirmed news. So just wait for my news and updates rather than believing on other fake spoilers. Whenever story keeps suspense and we doesn’t gets any segments then these types of rumors based spoilers starts spreading. So don’t take them seriously.

    2. Hi Geeta I’m gud dear…how r u …
      Its really nice to see all d old friends today…:)

  24. Pls kkb writers and team be a little realistic for a while. Nothing will happen to Abhi if pragya tells him the truth that she is his wife. Write this drama in such a manner that the characters will have a common sense and good sense of judgment not thinking and acting stupid. The world has advanced and so many things are not meant to happen. Be realistic so we can enjoy this drama, whether fiction or non fiction. People are meant to be more wise and smart.

  25. one man show by Pragya today…..what a balanced performance….emotions r peak n very controlled acting…..she has stolen the show today…….for any actor its important that along with their emotions they have to involve viewers also with the same emotion…she has got that talent….
    but abhi…his thinking….proves that what kind of character he has…..he is thinking that pragya must be thinking that she is not suitable to him…or she must be thinking that something lacking in her bla bla bla….but his very stupidity that he is not thinking that, pragya must be thinking that he has done wrong to her…..not thinking he is indecisive….proposed n promised to marry her…but not…abhi first change your thinking….with this attitude no one will marry u….cant stay with u…except tanu……all she needs is ur money not ur love…

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