Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Abhi to see the papers once. Abhi takes the papers and goes. Tanu thinks Pragya will have to leave after her one sign, and this Nikhil’s baby will be called rockstar baby. She smiles. Abhi thinks what to do? Pragya comes just then. Abhi thinks to show her double attitude. Pragya sits down angrily and takes magazine. Abhi copies her. Pragya takes lipstick and applies on her lips. She asks what happened? Shall I give you my lipstick. Abhi says I was thinking what to do to become like you. Pragya asks what? Abhi says I want to do the same thing to you, which you have done with me. Pragya asks what? Divorce? Abhi says yes, money. Pragya says do you think that I will give money to you. Abhi says I will take 5 Lakhs rupees from you surely. Pragya says I know you can’t

do this. Abhi asks her not to challenge him, and says he will take double money from her. He refuses to go on a dinner with her. Pragya says okay, I will give you. She gives him money. Abhi counts the notes. Pragya asks don’t you trust me. Abhi says it is business rule and goes to other room to count the notes.

Tanu tells Aaliya that her challenge will be completed before 24 hours. Aaliya asks her not to forget that she is pregnant. She says I brought juice for you and drink for me. He says it is my victory also and I will get my place/position back. Tanu says everything will be fine once Abhi gets Pragya’s signatures on the papers. She says she is curious to see the drama. Aaliya asks her to relax. Pragya asks Abhi to come, and says I want your dream to be fulfilled. Abhi says you are happy as if it was your dream. Pragya says it is her dream also. Abhi asks since when you thought that it is your dream also. Pragya says since…Abhi says since the day I became your servant. Pragya says I want to go temple with you. Abhi asks are you joking? Pragya says I heard that you went to dargah for your fuggi. Abhi says I went for my fuggi, but I got mogambo. Pragya says may be you will get your fuggi if you go to temple this time. Abhi looks on. Allah Wariyan plays………………….

Abhi thinks may be mogambo is saying right and he might get his fuggi. He says I am going to get divorce from her by cheating, so shall do good work also. They come to temple. Abhi asks why the temple is small? Pragya says it doesn’t matter if the temple is small or big. Pragya asks him to come inside and complain with God as hears bhakt. Mohabbat Hai Yeh Ji Huzoori…..Abhi comes inside too. Pragya asks Pandit ji to give prasad. Pandit ji says you are very lucky to get husband like him, and blesses them. Pragya says I will do Parikrama and goes. Abhi takes out divorce papers and says Tanu said right. I have to take her signs by cheat, for my baby as Tanu told me. Pragya comes back after doing parikrama….They leave.

Tanu says I want to go and see how Pragya is divorcing him. Aaliya says if Abhi gets angry then….Tanu says I was confident before, but Pragya might trap him in her words. Aaliya says he will not do anything. Tanu says she will change her clothes and go. Mitali comes and says she will also come. Tanu says I am going to do window shopping. Mitali asks what are you hiding from me. Tanu says Pragya took Abhi to 5 star hotel and I am also going. Mitali asks Aaliya to tell everything. Aaliya asks her to stop interfering in someone’s matters.

Mitali says it is my life’s biggest problem and asks her to tell else her health will deteriorate. Aaliya tells her something. Abhi comes to meet the producer. He asks about Dadi. Pragya says we should talk about work. The producer asks them about their married life. Abhi thinks they didn’t know that she was my fuggi and not you. Pragya thinks third person came in between us. Tanu comes there and sits on a table far away from there. Producer and his wife talk about their love. Abhi thinks wife always love husband’s money. He says your ring is good. Producer says I have given her and asks if baby came in between them. Abhi asks how do you know? Producer says when a baby comes between a husband and wife, then romance ends. Producer wife says Pragya is glowing and pregnant. Pragya thinks that baby is of someone else. Tanu tries to hear them. Producer also gives them tips. They make them stand together and click selfie. Tanu gets angry. Abhi happens to see Tanu there. Tanu hides her face.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi I’m an tamilian .I feel what’s the need for this drama I mean if dad I goes to abhi and says the truth then he’ll definitely believe her and he will not ask proof !!then why?????I hate kkb !!!

  2. superb I like today episode

  3. Guys thr is segment today n bad news Pragya signed divorce papers in drunk state n gave to Abhi.

    1. The cvs is testing our patience to the core. ……..I can’t take this anymore …..

  4. Guys bad news.? ?Pragya have signed divorce papers in drunken situation.? Abhi is shocked. Tanu comes and takes papers from abhi and gets happy. ?Today we have a segment regarding it.

    1. pratiksha and sahithi …….wat u r saying …..i can’t believe this…..at first itself i guessed …..abhi will make pragya drunken and get signature in divorce papers……..so now this is tanu’s victory only……so now tanu can easily marry abhi ….pragya can’t do anythng… to stop tabhi’s marriage only one solution is there………to expose tanu…….so sarla maa recovery is still there…….if she recovered on the time means she can only expose tanu…….and i hope instead of tabhi’s marriage …abhigya’s marriage shuld happen…….

    2. i told u knw…. i have this doubt… thats y i was afraid to put faith.. but since i was not putting that much expectation, its ok no shock i knw our kkb writers ….. thats why i told u guys dnt put positive expectations until proper promo comes of anythng plus to prgya… but still abhi ll get doubt and things ll go positive i agree… but i knw this signing thing ll happen… now its all upto abhi in upcoming episodes

    3. It didn’t look like Abhi cheated or forced Pragya, she herself signed on the papers. May be as usual drunk n not aware of what is happening. Then we will see Tanu marriage preparations also 🙁 Abhi took 5L for Tanu n baby.

      Anyways if Tanu marriage is happening I will myself stop watching the show. Sarla may stop at last minute, but I can’t even see preparations. We will definitely get a promo at that time, so I will watch after that.

    4. So its clear that Tanu abhi marriage arrangements is going to happen and at the last minute of the marriage sarla ma will open her mouth and expose Tanu.
      Pragya signed in divorce paper because of that only Tanu was so confident to challenge Pragya

  5. Hai guys new segment released pragya signing the divorce papers in drunken stage…

    1. i knw it would happen megha… actually i was expecting this only…

    2. But this could not happen. It also got by Tanu. I think let the marriage arrangements may begin and Tanu finally exposed in that marriage function….

  6. Well guys latest what i came to know that during Pragya and Abhi’s way back from hotel Pragya will ask Abhi to give me the divorce papers which you are carrying and she will sign the same saying that from today you are free from my side do what ever you want to.

  7. According to me its good and it should have been done earlier now next is Abhi is goona marry Tanu and during their wedding Sarla ma will get the power to speak. Definitely this will save Abhi and then they both Abhi and Pragya will get married.

    1. Yes u r right now at last tanu will get exposed but abhigya’s marriage won’t happen to early cuz abhi will be disappointed that pragya didn’t told him the truth so it will take some time…but this time surely tanu will get exposed

  8. yes soha from me too. its good

  9. Fedup of daily drama. Tanu topic is too much drag.. jst close it fast.

  10. Wat if the do a court marriage and enter house like married couples like in the case of rabul. …….if that happens whatever pragya suffered will be at losss the kumkum of abhi’s name will be even on tanu’s maang and mangalsutra which pragya wore in abhi’s name tanu will have and dadi or purab won’t be even able to stop it………..this is the biggest defeat of pragya and probably pragya will be shattered by this………..I think purab should change mind and decide to marry pragya probably aaliya’s cravings would lead to tanu’s exposure. ……………..

    1. That’s a valid doubt, court marriage, but this time Tanu won’t do court marriage. She wud want to get married with all hungama to piss off Pragya.

    2. But this can’t happen billu the name of this show is kumkum bhagya n of course not tanus bhagya but pragya’s bhagya so this can’t happen n if in case this will happen n tabhi will marry then I am sure no one will watch this show….

    3. Tat was so funny even to ready bt tats a gud idea billu 😉


    Pragya is high on alcohol and feeling the buzz . She is up to her funny antics and troubling Abhi. Like always Abhi is trying to control her.

    Pragya is shown jumping and dancing around & then wants to drive. In all this she asks Abhi for his license. With the wallet come out the divorce papers too & Pragya ends up signing them in drunken state thinking they are driving license papers.

    Abhi is not happy seeing signed divorce papers. But before he can do anything Tanu comes there and takes the papers away from Abhi & hugs him Tanu is happy as she finally has what she wanted.

    Reporter mentions how now the audience has to wait for Pragya to come back to her senses and respond to Tanu’s evil move.

    Offscreen INT, Leena: She shares that she’s finally achieved what she wanted and Pragya has signed the papers. She mentions that Pragya drinks by mistake & Abhi or Tanu don’t have a hand in it.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/QTbxlIZk5_o


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/yX5aKXY3Y9Y


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9VkfTpWFz8k

    1. It’s some what similar to how she signed to property papers. She herself drank n then signed last time also thinking as gym papers.

      This time also Abhi said he will cheat her n take divorce but after knowing that also she got drunk.

      Donno if we can still try to see some positivity in this. But they r already divorced long back but Abhi doesn’t realize that. What will happen if the papers r again filed now? Will Abhi then get to know truth or will he still give those lost expressions.

      1. Hahahahahhahahaha okay I knew this will happen n now we will see tabhi’s marriage arrangements well that is disgusting but at last the truth will be out sarla ma will get well n expose tanu at last moment isn’t it funny that pragya did all this drama for proofs n now abhi will believe sarla ma without any proofs total illogical thing ??from the day sarla ma got kidnapped na I knew that she will expose tanu n we will surely see tabhi’s marriage…how can we forget that it is Indian drama..but after seeing last few episodes I thought that abhi will get some doubt but I forgot that he not a rockstar but only a ROCK…well now at last truth will come out…n I am not going to see the episodes now cuz I can’t see tabhi’s marriage arrangements….I will only read written updates or maybe only precaps…..

    2. Guys after watching all the segments and after observing it, I arranged the sequence scene in right order which is according to me should happen.
      According to me the exact sequence is like this-
      Abhi and pragya comes out from the restaurant. Pragya is heavily drunk and not in her senses. So she starts act funny and troubles abhi. Abhi tries to control her and between all this they shares an eye- lock. Pragya says to drive the car and sits in it. Just then tanu comes for taking advantage of pragya’s situation. She starts manipulating abhi against pragya and tries to convincing abhi to take pragya’s sign in divorce papers by taking the advantage of her drunken situation. Abhi refuses to do it as he is in some dilemma and his heart doesn’t allow him to do it. But tanu again tries to convince him by fake emotional drama of baby. Tanu hands over the papers to abhi and goes from there. Pragya waits for abhi in the car but when she sees that he didn’t come so she comes outside from the car and starts her funny acts again. Abhi puts papers in his pocket and starts controlling her. Abhi says to leave for home. But pragya insists to drive the car. Abhi doesn’t allow her but she doesn’t ready to listen anything. She asks abhi about his license as he couldn’t drive without it. Abhi takes out all the documents, credit cards etc from his pocket. With this, divorce papers also comes out. Pragya sees the cards and id’s but doesn’t get license. She sees divorce papers in his hands. She thinks the papers r for driving license. So she asks him to give her. Abhi tries ti hide that papers but pragya snatches papers from him. She unknowingly signs divorce papers assuming it as license papers. After signing the papers, she gives it to abhi and says now u will get ur license. Abhi gets stunned and shocked after seeing thisthis. Pragya again sits in the car and waits for abhi. Abhi who is in shock starts thinking. Just then tanu again comes and asks abhi have he taken pragya’s sign on papers. Abhi keeps silent. Just then she sees papers in abhi’s hands and takes it from him. She sees pragya’s sign on papers and gets happy. She hugs abhi happily and expresses her happiness. Abhi is in shock so he couldn’t respond. Tanu goes from there after taking papers with her. Pragya who is waiting for abhi in the car, calls abhi. Abhi comes and sits next in the car. Pragya on driving seat still is busy in doing funny antics. Abhi gets depressed. And sequence ends here.

    3. So guys when I heard that pragya have signed the papers, I was very upset for sometimes and I took it as bad news for us. But when I thought carefully then I felt that it happened gud. Now we r only from one step distance of the climax, that is tabhi’s marriage. After watching, all the segments and after observing it, I m still hoping for some positivity too with this negative fact of divorce. I still don’t believe that nothing happened positive before signing divorce papers or nothing positive will happen after this. During concert sequence also both negative and positive things happened together. Takhil didn’t exposed but pragya finally got to know that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father and her partner if every crime. So this time also I m hoping both negative and positive things together. After watching the segment, I assumed that abhi was in some dillema in whole sequence. Something was going on his mind which was stopping him to take pragya’s sign on papers. That’s why after so much manipulation and emotional drama by tanu, he was not ready to takd pdagya’s sign and was hiding paoers from pragya.But it was only pragya who have signed the papers unkowingly. So I m hoping that may b pragya said something which clicked in abhi’s mind and he goes in dilemma and thinking. It happens or not, it will we get to know in today’s episode, when pragya will open her heart in drunken situation infront of abhi.But if it will not happen. Then something positive will definetly happen which will stop tabhi’s marriage for sure and I have a strong feeling that it will b only abhi who will end this.

      1. Yes prathiksha i ve also have d strong feeling that abhi is the one who goung to expose tanu becoz in mms track after pragya signe in divorce only he got the doubt abhout her truth so this time also i think same will happen becoz he is d hero but his charecter became so dumb now a days so cvs will make some gud for him n also i wish abhi to expose tanu.

  12. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I saw new promo pragya challenges tanu for something and shows clock same fake I fed up pratiksha and. Reji pls check and tell this news is correct and I saw this on TV only…

    1. ranaji i think u r saying abt 12 hrs challenge only …..go to 12 th april written update page …pratiksha said abt this challenge …and new segment u can find out there……

  13. ranaji tanu challenge pragya that in 12 hr she will marry abhi & pragya say your time has come see today

  14. guys actually i feel happy for the segment update…. bcoz aftr this tanus challenge is going to take place… i thnk at that time prgaya is unaware that she has signed the divorce documents…. so oly pragya also seems to be confident… aftr coming to knw that she signed the papers she ll be left wd no chance to be quiet…. thn marriage preparation and all going to takr place… at the last moment truth ll be revealed… so stryline easily predicted… fr this m happy that finally it is gonna reach the final stage…
    but i have one doubt… though this is the stryline, hw is this possible… if prgya left wd no choice she must tell abhi everything right… or people in mm should tell this to abhi…. who ll arrange the marriage function?? aakash rachu dadi, can they all juz accept this fact of illegitimate child of tanu getting abhis name??? will they all kerp quiet?? it seems rubbish…. writers should mind this….. if they all keep quiet in marriage , thn it means they are allowing everything aftr knowing the truth who ll br keep quiet…. b4 it was diff… we can say prgaya and co gathering proof so they keep quiet… but now its all diff… hw the hell all in mm simply allow marriage function…. all the doors closed so they have to open their mouth…. as a viewers we know sarla ma ll come at last moment…. bt hw people in mm ll knw this… will they wait for sarla ma?? its very illogical….. they dnt knw whether sarla ma can talk or not…. then hw they wait till last moment??? …but i am happy that prgya signed the papers so that tanu ll do something dramatically … coz she is restless to get abhi which ll end against her….. lets see…. and i will have many many doubts if marriage function about to happen…. like will all agree?? who ll organise?? will all be quiet?? not even single person ll open their mouth?? lets see

  15. hahaha now a days neither i watch episode nor read written updates but really enjoyed on comment and criticize of that serial trend and strategy and shock how till they show to victim by good character and win by evil character. just for pregnancy case they lead this serial almost 2 year… how boring and frustating

  16. Heey Guyzz,have yu noticed one thing, since last 2-3 episodes they talk about Abhigya’s baby.. i feel that CVS gives us an indirect message haha! Maybe Tanu’s exposure approaches(this is my guess lol)
    Lets wait n watch what happen next
    I feel like they r drawing near somethiin’ but at the same i didnt expect that much also ?
    I hope that they’ll soon end this crap n stop dragging lik hell ?
    At least because of this mariage, the true face of Tanu will come out and her mask will fall out…but dont worry guyz this mariage wont happen.. as we said already at the last minute Sarla ma will expose her or Abhi himself will do it ??

    1. Abhi no not at all he can’t expose tanu…so no expectations from him buy yes sarla ma will expose her but as gowtham said I have a doubt who will arrange marriage function cuz everybody knows the truth..but anyways I just want the truth to be out

  17. This news is lyk chee .. Too irritating

    1. razia… actually if this happen only tanu can be exposed…. bcoz next it ll be marriage since prgya signs divorce papers… so this is the starting point of ending… so we can feel good fr this….. do u have any other opinion???

  18. Wt is going to happen next. OMG…. I am so sad…. Pragya plss leave the mehra house after exposing tanu. From ur marriage till now u always get hurt by tabhi & aaliya team. Since there is no any change in that. Though abhi loves u a lot he always react to tanu’s tone. Why abhi can’t realize about pragya’s feeling??? She had not done anything against him. She only betrayed him in property matter. It is because of him. Love is giving & forgiving. If he loves her really then he can’t put her into trouble but he can forgive her . It is better to leave abhi and live with sarla maa. How is he able to face pragya after takhil’s exposure. If he wants to correct his wrong he has to expose takhil. It is his responsibility.

  19. Trust me guys I want to be positive see things have gone haywire……abhi will never tell pragys that he has gotten her sign in drunken state the other day then how will pragya come to know last time bulbul told her and gave her property papers back but this time who will come for her rescue as we all see dadi is useless she keeps on telling wat she wants and sarala maaa revealing the truth is just going to be out of the world I don’t think abhi will do a grand marriage probably he would do a court marriage. …….and then tell pragya that they are married. …. anyway he will live in the guilt of cheating and getting sign. …..

  20. Yaa u r right this vry much dragging.fed up with this .neega sonath u right than.happy tamil new yr

  21. i m very sad but whatever it is i know Abhi wil never leave pragya so v wil just wait n c

  22. Happy new year to all Tamil friends????
    Sorry for late wishes

  23. Guys stay cool!! Pragya has no plan with her nd that means she will not do nything so dumb! Tanu herself wil get into problem! Nd its been days since kkb had shown sarla..
    Maybe sarla gets well nd tells the truth in front of all its my assumption… But kkb will be rocking if abhi himself finds the truth… They should give some role to hero also
    Na…. I wish pragya nd team not to
    Plan nythin dumb.. They shud keep quiet nd watch tanu’s drama..

  24. I am biggest fan sriti jha..so woh koi bhi serial m ho..mujhe toh woh automatically accha lagta h…chaye serial m kuch bhi chale..best of luck kkb..Lot’s of love sriti

  25. Wt a serial…..! I ll just forget the tym by watching u two…. I can’t cum out of the atmosphere created by u ppl……lyk to c ua chemistry in every situation…… Hw crazy i am!…! Even nw m listening to ua background songs……

  26. i just watch kkb because i love shabbir but the story is getting so full of shit

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