Kumkum Bhagya 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Bulbul getting her facial by her friend. Purab calls her and asks where is she. She says she is at her friend’s house getting facial. He tells he has some plan to unite Pragya and Abhi and tells it. She says he should get someone and make Abhi jealous. He says without her, he cannot and asks her to come soon.

Abhi asks Purab if he will not feel bad if he does not attend his wedding. Purab asks what happened now. He says daadi wants grandchildren immediately and it is embarrassing. He asks him to close his eyes and remember more embarrassing incident than this. He closes eyes and reminisces telling daadi that he will get her 100 grandchildren and smiles. Purab asks him to open his eyes and shows mirror. Abhi asks what is it. Purab says he wants him to

see his smiling face.

Pragya calls Bulbul and asks when will she come. Bulbul says she wants to look special at her wedding and not like her. Pragya gives phone to Sarla who scolds her and asks to come soon. Bulbul thanks her friend and asks her to attend her wedding at least if not mehandi. She starts driving her car and thinks of reaching home soon. She sees corporator on road and reminisces Pragya telling he had kidnapped her. She thinks of punishing him, wears he seatbelt and rams car into corporator’s car. Corporator bangs his head on steering wheel and comes out to confront. She takes car back and drives fast to kill corporator. Corporator jumps, but his his head on stone and gets injured. Bulbul also gets injured badly after ramming her car and is rushed to hospital by Abhi, Purab and family. Sarla starts crying and asks Purab to take her to Bulbul. Daadi consoles her.

Aaliya goes on a long drive. Tanu asks where is she taking her. Aaliya says she does not want to attend Purab and Bulbul’s mehandi. Tanu asks to face the reality and stop panicking. Aaliya gets irked and says she always makes her tense, so she should get out of her car right now. Tanu is about to leave when Mitali calls her and informs her about Bulbul’s accident. Aaliya again insists to get out. Tanu says after hearing her news, she will not ask her to get out and says Bulbul met with an accident. Aaliya apologizes her and says she is her best friend and does not want to lose her. She says she cannot believe Bulbul met with an accident.

Purab starts crying and says he wanted to apply red sindhoor on Bulbul’s forehead, but he instead is having her red blood on his hands. He reminisces Bulbul’s face and asks Abhi what happened to her. Abhi hugs him and says nothing will happen to bulbul. Aaliya comes and starts her acting as getting worried for Bulbul. She goes to Purab and hugs him. He asks her to save Bulbul. She says nothing will happen to Bulbul and asks him to take care of himself while she goes and meet doc, she will get even specialists from abroad if need be. Mitali thinks Aaliya is such a big dramebaz and if she finds Bulbul alone, she will kill her and must be thinking when Bulbul will die so that she can marry Purab instead.

Abhi comes out to speak over phone and sees Pragya murmuring herself and crying. She complains god that she cannot help her sister and save her. Abnhi sits next to her and says human is helpless and whatever human thinks will get it, she should give hope to Purab that nothing will happen to bulbul and she can do this only if she is confident herself. She asks if Bulbul will be fine. He says Purab loves Bulbul a lot and his lvoe will not let her go away. Pragya thinks just like her love did not let him go away. They both look at each other. Abhi gets up and leaves while she watching him going.

Precap: Corporator reaches hospital and tries to get into Bulbul’s room. Abhi and Purab see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Noo..this will give space for aliya

  2. Oh! My god wil purab shut his marriage! U better kill corporator, aaliya and tanu too! Then this story will be seen peaceful

    1. Ur right

  3. v can expect something like vivah movie…let c

  4. If abhi and pragya knows corporator kidnap them why the hell they don’t call the police and get his ass in jail

    1. Cause they think we are stupid..

  5. Shameena you r the most intelligent one here now……i had 4goten about that (corporator)crap…i guess they trying to drive our mind through another track…..

  6. Some wat boring episode yaar

  7. I think nw corporater tell the name of tanu and aliya… and their chapter of decency khatham

    1. that would be too easy…writers are Not going to do that…

  8. Guys pragmatic is the model for abhi’s new music album. So we can see some jeoulsey abhi in the upcoming track. So excited

  9. Sorry that’s pragya typing mistake once again sorry

  10. Yeh writers phir se kahani boring karne lage hai.

  11. Here we go again !Another wedding in jeopardy.Why there is always a drama in these weddings.Now these writers took us on a long journey recently ,to the forest of India and back for almost a month—–Now up to this time the kidnappers were never exposed and who master-minded this whole thing and no one was exposed whilst Abhi and Pragya know who did this.Writers now bring another twist with this same man ,accident , entering hospital and Aliya will try to harm Bulbul.What the hell are they doing .Same old French toast for breakfast every day.Writers you all are really playing the backside Boring.Put some life and creativity into this script.We need to sit back and sip some good mango drink whilst watching and enjoying the script but with this you are givingto us the popcorn will finish before it ends .

  12. boring episode coz for god’s sake aliya had given up on purab bt now she has got another chance she cannot miss it. didnt like the episode.

  13. Same ole boring story again

  14. Ven ever something start good
    Den something goes bad
    Before in engagement of rabul she was kidnap n in mehandi accident

  15. boring epi…
    show something new
    and interesting..

  16. Ohh cmon bulbul should have called police rather than showing her utter idiocity n stupidity.

  17. “”””””””””::::;:

  18. Guyzzz may be tdays epi will be NYC
    Caz purab n abhi will see coporator
    N he is d kidnapper den dey will fight
    Y didn’t coporator died ????
    N may be aliya will be caught

  19. I think writters do not know what to produce anymore. just have a good look at doli aarmano
    that is a real sickening story it makes me want to vomit.

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