Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya smiling happily seeing Abhi’s poster. Allah wariyan plays. Abhi comes and asks how she is feeling after performing on stage. Pragya says it is good. Abhi says he can see something incomplete in her eyes, and says he can see, but can’t know. He asks her to go to Doctor and says he is getting confused. He says I don’t want you to get in any trouble, being my fan no. 1. Pragya smiles….Abhi asks her to go to Doctor first and says then only we will have an eye lock, and says then only we will talk. Pragya thinks my eyes wants to complete our incomplete story, even you have forgotten everything. Mr. Sethi asks Saira about the CD. Saira says I have given CD to Pragya. Mr. Sethi says there should be no problem in the function and says it is more important for me

than Abhi. Saira says okay, I will get it from her. Aaliya stops Saira and takes her forcibly from there. Purab appreciates Pragya’s singing skills on stage, and says you sung great. Pragya says she got strength from Abhi, as he introduces her as his biggest fan. Purab says even God wanted this, and that’s why you came on stage.

Pragya says but I am just his fan for him, and says I don’t want to dream anything. Abhi says I have heard everything….and come to them. He says what you were talking about? Purab says I was telling her about event. Pragya says I don’t want to see any bad dream. Abhi says what you was saying, asking help from Purab to help you become a singer. Purab says di….Abhi says di. Purab says she…he says her sister will feel bad. Abhi asks did you see in her eyes? Purab says what will happen if I see? He asks if he is jealous…and says you told that she is not your type. Pragya says did you say it? Abhi says I told cute also. He says she is my true fan and knows everything about me. He says I will help her whenever needed. Purab says you have to be with her everytime.

Dadi and Dasi greet Sarla and Beeji and leave in their car. Sarla says Abhi might have felt bad as we haven’t come there. Beeji asks her to think about Pragya’s love. Sarla says I am thinking about her betterment and says I can’t risked her life for her happiness. She tells that she is scared of Aaliya and her threat. Beeji asks her not to worry.

Mr. Sethi goes on stage and says Abhishek Mehra will launch the album. Aaliya thinks it will be a joke and fun. Abhi addresses to the media and says he is rocking and will always rock, he is not affected by the accident. Reporter asks when we will hear your concert date. Abhi says I am going to do a rocking concert soon for my fans. Aaliya wonders where is Pragya?

Music CD is played and it turns out to be a wrong song. Audience get crazy. Saira asks Pragya what did she play? Pragya gets stunned and shocked. Abhi laughs and says it is a prank played by him. He says his album will be launched tomorrow online. Aaliya thinks she will watch the show made by her.

Abhi gets angry at Pragya and says he will throw his poster. He says he will not call her fan no. 1 now. Pragya looks on sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kavi

    Startinglam nalla than iruku, finishing sari illayae.Realy feel bad for pragya. Aliyava mathiri oru sister sathiyama yarkum amaiya kudathu how irritating she is

  2. Asmitha

    Hair guys h r u all after some gap I am commenting and about epi it was nice but last part and precap not nice and I think from this hatred is going to start bwn them but what is the need to show same crap again and moreover new promo it is also same like MMS track somewhat different same plots they r repeating it and I am not getting one thing here now abhi is angry on pragya because of CD and what is the need to show new promo it means that abhi got to know about CD’s matter so that’s y aaliya might planned another plot r aaliya did this to insult pragya more in front of abhi what u all r thinking guys
    Hai sahithi shobana pratiksha reji and others

    • shobana

      Hi asmitha, yup fine…😊
      Reg..new promo..don’t know why CVs going very cheap. Always accusing Pragya for cheap things. It seems other than that they don’t know anything. Same plot but in different situation..i really wonder, how actors are still not bored to act on the same plot..

  3. Sahithi

    That’s so much the Abhi we know, in last track whenever he was angry he would break all ties – as wife, as boss, as fren.
    Now he is back to saying samething – break all ties, u r not my fan, u can’t even look at my poster. R u kidding us Abhi, u r punishing ur fan by taking away ur poster 😂😂😂

  4. Vinodhini

    I really don’t know how pragya will prove her innocence.. it will be a difficult task for her..I have a doubt.. aaliya’s main intention is to separate Abhigya…if precap comes true, then her plan is successful… then y in promo, she is again plotting against pragya?? I don’t want this precap to come true..but cvs will always create a rift between them and then they will resolve it… every time pragya has to prove her innocence…if precap seems to be a dream of aaliya, then I would be really happy.. but as usual, it won’t happen…

  5. Brintha

    Hi shobana, hency, sahithi, reji.. i am doing great.. reji.. do well wit ur exams.. i am happy all our freinds are remembering me.. now onwards i will join again.. try to comment as usual… by the way alia has became more fit than previous track… and producer saving money from reducing her dress size…

    • shobana

      Wow Brinda, welcome back….😊😊 very happy to hear that you are going to comment regularly. I eagerly waiting for your comic comments, which always bring smile in my face…😃😃

    • Sahithi

      Hey Brintha .. good to see u back.. was missing ur comments.. Yeah u r perfect about Aaliya. These characters are becoming more annoying day by day..

  6. aminazrin

    guys.. i have one doubt while abhi call pragya on stage he is giving much confidrnce by saying just think w r alone in a room ..hw a rockstar can tell like this to a fan ..
    in the entire function abhi was behind pragya his ayes are always around pragya ,,,
    he bother abt her ,,so it can be a fake memmory lose bt still ….
    i knw a villian is needed there to make the story interesting . but story must move ahead ….
    n now purab has clear idea abt aliayas evilness so its the time to act agint her by crook or nook … only purab can save her. its the time for akash entry too. if akash enetes he can handle abhis company matter vch vl be a great headache for alya . while planning agaist our enemy they must make the enemy weak from every side. i think pragya n purab must study these from moambo track .



    |Registered Member

    HIii Shobu
    ufff ekta bas kar ekta itna crap koi nahi dekhta yr it is too much annoying to carry on with a story which is showing again and again the weakness of a girl why couldnt she take a step for her why she wants to be with that person meeting whom is just like a game for every one ofcourse story demands but in reality it would not happen if i would have been at that place of CVS i must plot the story in the way that
    Abhi getting angry over Pragya and this was unbearable by Sarla maa she will ask Pragya to move on in her life and she will agree as she too got wasted because of these taunts and games played by evil and she being trapped every time when she will stop meeting him he will get restless and that craziness would increase when he will get to know that another man is going to enter in her life which will unknowingly raise his anger and then at the day of marriage he will go there without any invitation the rituals were going on when he will look at that he will start getting flashes of past and BOOM memory back every thing back to place marriage cancelled and now trap for evil get started by both of them this will be my thought for the story if i would like to see it but i have no wish so this is just a high voltage drama nothing else and I KNOW IT MY GUT FEELING SAYS THAT THIS ML DRAMA WILL GET END ONLY BY SOMEONE’S MARRIAGE EITHER OF PRAGYA OR OF Abhi with the great super model of glamour world lolz so called Tanu i am damn sure let see what writers have in their pouch for us to torture 😛

    • Iswarya_santhosh


      |Registered Member

      Hello surbhi ur story plot was excellent yaar…… I too felt this ml track will get finish by someones marriage day and the moment of wearing mangalsutra only cvs will end this track… But i think it will not happen in pragyas marriage but in abhis marriage with his so called famous model tanu….. And im sure Within that marriage track, we will see litres and litres of tears from pragyas eyes… bcoz she is the most famous crying baby in bollywood…. Everyone knows that…….

      • SURBHI


        |Registered Member

        hello. iswarya what you said is exactly true these CVS will only show us tub full of tears from Pragya’s side which will be definitely irritating thing but they will not show any mercy on her for sure it will happen with that Tabhi’s marriage and that also I am sure will take place in sept or Oct next year I think totally crap…

    • shobana

      Ha…ha.. Surbhi🙋, definitely CVs will create high voltage drama in it. I couldn’t understand, why they are repeating the same storyline in different situation.. Always, there will be a plot against Pragya, and abhi will also be against her, evil will win..and after sometimes, Pragya has to struggle to prove her innocence, then abhi will say, herethen I will believe u in all situations, but he wont keep up his words when a problem arise against her. This is what going on, for the past 650 episodes 😒…
      Really don’t know Surbhi, still how long they are going to show the same storyline…
      If they show like this, surely I will loose interest to watch..
      And ya Surbhi, I too feel that CVs will do marriage sequence of abhi with Tanu to get his memory back… Lets see how it goes…

    • Itsme_reji


      |Registered Member

      Hi Surbhi !! .. Kya aap mujhe yaad kar sakti ho ??😄 ..How r u yaar ?..Tum sahi ke rahe ho ..This track will end if anyone should get married Neither Pragya nor Abhi . But i will be so happy If Abhigya married again !..Aur tum Deva shree ganesha dekha hai kya ??..It was superb yaar !!..Specially Abhigya’s performance !!..Abhigya ki Aashiqui 2 is started !! Mujhepar gussa hai kya ??..Koi Baat nahi ! tum ko kuch bi saza mujhe dena chahthi hoon !! Mujhe dho !! Ready to accept it !!😄

      • SURBHI


        |Registered Member

        haha nahi re mai gussa nahi hun actually now a days I am busy and moreover I m not interested in watching this I.am.not watching TV now a days as I am committed with assignments yr that’s it thought to see what’s going on so read its update but got to know still all Is same here so I am happy that I didn’t continued with it…. MAI GUSSA NAHI HUN

    • Riyashri


      |Registered Member

      Woww ! My RockSTAR’s New plot is tooo Good ! Surbhi Didi Plssss Yaar Can U write a Short Story on this plot !! Plsssss it’s My Request ! And If U can’t its okk ! I know u r quite busy and I don’t want to compel U ! U r already Managing My Fav GOD and SOF !
      So Give a Thought abt that okk !
      And I

  8. Sammy

    First of all Abhi was a rockstar.. everybody knew that pragya was his wife.. then y does nobody knows that.. 😑😑😑

  9. steffyrao

    I WAS really hoping for a REFRESHING KKB track this time round.
    Something intelligent , fresh & more substance.
    The 1st round it was the constant hounding n bullying of Abhi Alia n Tanu. It was well written acted well directed n great storyline. All of it. Enjoyed it despite the fact ut was a torture to watch women bully another woman like that.
    2nd round Tanu n Nikhil. Going to the ends of the world to kill Pragya. In the end ..Mrunal/Bulbul was killed of. Poor girl…dont blame her for leaving. It was so stifling for her as an actredd. It wld b nice to see her back. But the mental torture to hear Tanus screeching for almost 300 episodes was the ultimate unbearable
    likeness of being. That was slam bam man….Everythg in the pregnancy track was fictional crap n below the belt esp the champu epi.
    3rd round… we have Alia….but no Tanu which is a great blessing n no interference frm abhis dadi who really messed up Prags life.
    We hav RS Dadi. ML Abhi nervous Sarla n my poor Prags jus wanting small happiness n wats her rightful right. Her husband whom she loves.
    But….ekta n team seem to tread on recycling scenes. N show so many glimpses of this. Pity…there seems to be a total lack of creativity n originality frm ekta n team.
    The only consolation i personally abt KKB n which seems to be consistent is Purab. I JUST LOVE HIS CHARACTER. He is a loyal friend. Luvly son in law n a truly caring brother in law..
    Since KKB has been no 1 in the past 10 weeks. ..i must say ive been enjoying tyem. The past week m sticking to jus the WU.
    Really hoping to see a refreshing KKB storyline. Intelligent abhi n less bullying of Pragya n her consistently having to prove her innocence. N Abhi consistently wanting prove. Gosh!!!
    Already the ML concept is so silly jus to give Shika more screen space. Retrograde Amnesia. CVs do you guys know wat it means…you guys make indian doctors look dumb. Been eating too much dum briyani perhaps. The ghee blurring thy writing skills n horizontally challenging ektas hips.
    Pls burn those fat ghee cells ekta n team n give us a brighter KKB.

    • Sahithi

      Hey Steffy , good to see u back after some break.. Yeah it is again getting boring.. the fresh story and all such hype is gone from the time Aaliya changed the CD and is after Pragya to show her in wrong way. As usual Pragya is dumb to leave such important things, this time she is shown as lost in her own thoughts all the time. We have seen it all when she lost all proofs one after another to Tanu n Nikhil.

      The new promo is only confirming that we are in for a repeatition, again n again. I didnt find anything brilliant from Sriti in the new season, she is just navigating through the scenes. Even not liking her styling and makeup. And nothing to mention about Aaliya, she became more annoying. For now Purab still sounds sane, only saving thing.

      Abhi was fine till yday but as seen in precap, he seems to be coming back to his old days of saying anything that comes to his mind. He has all right to scold and shout on Pragya as he believes she messed his album launch. But saying that u cant be my fan, u cant look at my poster was funny 🙂 🙂

      • shobana

        Sahithi, I think, pragya will be dreaming like abhi scolding her.. Since, like asmitha said, alia’s first plan ( CD exchange ) was a failure. She might have thought to make her next move by lowering pragya in abhi’s eyes by doing cheap things ( new promo ). There are chances for precap to be a dream too. Since pragya is a dream factory…

      • Sahithi

        Dream factory LOL I like that caption!! Seriously why do they have to show the leading lady so dumb and lost. Atleast when the song was messed Abhi was quick to cover up saying it is prank. Unlike last track, so far they are showing Abhi as okayish if not super intelligent. But with Pragya’s character, I am so disappointed with the writers. You guys can do better with ur charatacters.

      • Asmitha

        I am thinking about purab guys he already sensed that it will be aaliya’s plan so may purab will help pragya but in promo abhi’s looks saying that he believed it if this CD’s matter will not be solved and if promo also happens he will believe promo

      • shobana

        Asmitha, after knowing everything about all evil plans also, the supporting characters will be quite only. Since, we are seeing the same thing for the last 350+ episodes… Maybe purab can do something to save Pragya, but will CVs do it ??? Since,as sahithi said the writers have made the lead character as, dumb.. In Mogambo track, they made abhi as dumb. In abhi’s Memoryloss track, they are trying to make Pragya as dumb.. Don’t know what will happen next.. But, I feel Pragya’s name will be cleared in CD replacement.. About the promo, cant predict anything

      • Sahithi

        Yeah and isnt it becoming very boring now, esp with Purab’s character shown as he doesnt have any other purpose in life than keep enlightening Abhi, find about Aaliya/Tanu evil plans and save Pragya time and again. I pity the actors who seem to be caught in a maze along with their writers, going in rounds and rounds.

    • Chanvi

      maybe vaishu even i want it to be a dream enough of abhi blaming pragya for things taht she doesnt do and realising later after hurting her and the new promo is horrible again a cheap trick ladki ho kar dusri ladki ki izzath pe ungli utane wali kam kaise karsakthe hain alia this is the scnd time she is doing such a cheap thing

  10. Amu

    I think Purab should fake a love interest in Aaliya to take her mind off plotting against Pragya, like he did in the coffee shop scene. He will be able to keep a close eye on her and know her tricks.

    Another thing that would be funny if it happend is when Abhi meets Tanu, he gives her that “knowing look ” (that makes us think he is faking the ML) and says ” Why do I fee you were pregenant before” lol lol lol

  11. Kumkum

    Guys it looks like abhi has gone back to his sister and it wil same as before where abhi wil doubt pragya again and again she wil have try and prove her self, uff why? It’s always pragya proving her self. Aliya wul brainwash abhi’s mind again and he wil go along with her. I really don’t like the precap. Poor pragya I feel sorry for her,

  12. NP

    Same old crap. Same as first scenes in Kumkum Bhagya where Tanu gets Pragya in trouble by breaking Guitar strings and influencing Abhi that Pragya is against his music career – Here Aliya does something similar and gets Abhi angry on Pragya.
    After that, MMS drama there and here – seems like Aliya tries to show Pragya characterless.
    I wish they end this ML soon and get it over with. There are stretching this beyond necessary.

  13. Pratiksha

    Gud morning guys.🔆
    When my arms can’t reach people close to my heart.
    I always hug them with my prayers.
    May Allah’s peace be with you.
    A very Happy Bakrid Mubarak 2 U all, specially my Muslim friends of telly updates. Have a great day and fun.😊😚😚😚😚😚😚

  14. reji

    Hi guys ! Sorry for commenting late ! First of all Eid Mubarak to all muslim friends here !!..Not only muslim frnds to all ! ..How r u all ?..Bakrid celebration is going in my house so only can’t comment . I am helping my mom to make briyani !..I hope i will make biriyani and give it to you all !!.:) Thanks a lot to you all !!.And guys last episode’s update i didn’t submit article i just posted the ganesh utsav’s written update in comment box !..Telly updates needed that so they mailed me thank u we will post it !..So telly updates posted it and gave the credit to me !!..I think it was helpful to u all !!..

    • Riya

      How are u Reji Sissy ??? Hope U are Fit and Fine !
      Happy Eid Mubarak ! And where is My Biryani ??
      And Thanksss For The Ganesh Utsav Update ! I was waitin for it !

    • Riya

      Staranya Here is The Link : https://www.instagram.com/p/BKQumGQDsNY/
      Here is the written update of the promo :
      Voiceover says Pragya is unaware of Alia’s dirty game. They show a man trying to molest/misbehave with Pragya but at the same time he’s shouting leave me, please help. When the office staff comes, this man says you guys see what she will do for a promotion? Alia is shown smiling. Pragya slaps him and says he’s lying but Alia pushes Pragya to a chair and says such a low character girl should be dealt with..(they show Alia trying to slap Pragya) but Abhi holds her hand.
      Voiceover asks what will Abhi decide on this shameful accusations against Pragya? Mon-Fri 9PM IST :.
      The montage is shown of fire burning in between Abhi and Pragya
      . . .
      Hope U got it ! And How are U Sissy ?? Missing Your FF ? Come Back Soon Staranya !

    • shobana

      Hi 🙋 varsha and Saranya,
      New promo is about Alia’s cheap plan. She has planned to lower Pragya in abhi’s eyes . Alia sends a guy to molest Pragya. The guys is behind Pragya. He tries to molest her. Pragya shouts for help. On seeing that the guy too started to shout for help. Alia comes there with staff members. The guy accused Pragya. Pragya then slaps the guy hard and says he is lying. Alia then tries to slap Pragya by saying you are cheap and characterless, but abhi enters there and stops alia by holding her hand. Abhi and Pragya looks at each other…

      • shobana

        Its me only reji…
        Yes I used to write ff.. Initially I begined with OS and my first FF is A Dream..but I wrote in the name Roli aka Shona.. I have revealed my identity only in the last episode. And You too have commented on my ff once.. Now I am going to start another ff ” Hidden Love “on this Saturday..and about that ff only Riya was saying…

  15. Divchan

    Hi guys , I feel that evey incident which aliya tries to create to bring down pragya, will remind him the past incidents , because champak drama aliaya was not there I think aliaa will be root cause for abhi memory to be back. Even this music exchange might remind him the earlier incident which happened during the aliaya was there giving the scratch music. ?. In case if this memory loss track is true

  16. Kavi

    SURBHI ur thoughts really amazing it will happen the show is more interesting, but it not at all possible u know na kkb writters ku intha mathirilam yosika varathu poor guys. And shobana sis nenga sonnathu 100% true, namma elarum abhigya fans not kkb i am agree with u. Coming to the promo i think this time abhi pragyava santhega pada mattanu thonuthu parkalam. Pls cvs guys why are u always doing like same crap, konjam maththi than yosikalen . Disgusting

    • Sahithi

      Disgusting writers yaar, initially Tanu was also not so irritating. In pregnancy track towards the end they made her character so worse, that on some days we had to mute our TVs or stop watching the show. They did it with Nikhil, when he entered show he was okay, the last we saw he was unbearable.

      Now they are doing samething with Aaliya also. Writers are not knowing where to draw a line.

  17. Mittenzz

    After the CD was given to him, did Abhi listen to it to make sure it was the correct CD before he gave it to Pragya?
    If not how can he really say the CD played was not the CD he gave in the first place. To blame someone for losing his CD would be a different kind of stupid. And to top off his stupidity, how can you tell a fan to no longer be your fan?
    You are at a recording studio, dont they have copies of your songs compiled amd saved some where in order to create the CD in the first place? So that could never be the only CD. What do they do delete them after burning that one CD they gave him? Come on man it must be either Pragya’s dream of Abhi getting angry and cursing her
    Aalyia even dreaming of Abhi cursing and breaking ties with Pragya over a misplaced CD is also a different kind of stupid. They are still at the recording studio for shucks sake. A second copy can easily be had.
    C’mon writers come with something with more sense to it than man cussing and telling a fan they can no longer be his fan…like really?!

    • Pratiksha

      Hi meghala, off course u can b my friend like others. But if u don’t mind I will want to know about u firstly. And I m requesting to all the guys who wants to join us as a friend, plz tell us about u so we could know that who and how r our friends. Becoz friendship’s first rule is to introduce urself for friendship firsrly. I and our lots of group members introduced own self for all the group. It’s not compulsory but if u will introduce urself, we will feel gud. Rest is ur wish. U can join us on telly updates, we will always here for u.

  18. Padmashri

    I m a great lover of Kumkum bhagya . I got interest to write stories on reding the telly updates . This is my own story .Pls make a site : openstoriestolive.blogspot.in

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