Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Tanu and Aaliya coming to Nikhil’s house. He looks at Tanu and says what a pleasant surprise. Aaliya and Tanu get inside his house. Tanu asks why did you come to the hospital? Aaliya reminds of his promise that he will not roam around Tanu. Nikhil says you said that Tanu is marrying Abhi for his money and will leave him after getting money. He says you don’t understand a father’s feelings and was shocked. He says I can’t let anything happen to my baby. Tanu says you would have asked Aaliya and called her. She says Abhi was doubting him. Nikhil says I don’t care. Aaliya warns him to do as she says. Nikhil asks her to keep quiet else. Tanu warns him and asks to keep quiet. Nikhil says I am father of this child and cares for him. Tanu picks the knife and says if Abhi

gets to know about them then she will kill herself and the baby. Aaliya asks her to leave the knife and come with her. Nikhil looks on tensedly.

Bulbul puts Purab’s finger in hot tea. Purab scolds her. Bulbul says I am Bulbul. Sarla comes and laughs seeing them happily fighting. Bulbul makes Dadi and Pragya eat chocolate in the restaurant. Dadi says we will have to find out about the third person helping Aaliya. Bulbul says we have to find about Tanu’s baby father. Dadi sees Purab coming and tells that she can’t act. She tells Purab that she can’t hear her. Pragya asks her to agree and says you are supporting us in the plan to expose Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya laughs. Dadi asks who told him. Bulbul says Purab catched her in Sardar’s attire and they don’t have the way other than saying truth. Dadi says it is good and asks him not to tell Abhi. Bulbul says Abhi’s enemies can’t stay infront of our team. Purab says he will do everything to support Abhi. Raj is angry with Aaliya and Tanu. Tanu promises that they will not do anything without his consent. Mitali comes and hears him saying sorry. He tells her that he wants to give them job and realize their talent. Mitali says she needs job also. Raj says he will give her job as well. Mitali asks her to call boss. Aaliya hugs him and leaves. Mitali hugs Raj and says you gave me good gift of my life and your business will grow. Raj says I hope so.

Pragya comes to her room and sees Abhi with moustache and beard. She gets scared and says you are looking scary. Abhi asks her to wear it. Pragya refuses. Abhi insists her to stick on her face. He asks her to wear it and says he will stop calling her lady mogambo. Pragya agrees. Abhi makes her sit and makes her wear moustache and beard. Pragya gets scared seeing herself. Abhi clicks her photo and says you are looking like lady mogambo. Pragya says you said that you will not call me lady mogambo. Abhi asks when did I tell you. Pragya asks him to delete the photo else she will break fuggi’s specs. Abhi pretends to delete the pic and says I got both. Pragya tries to take his phone, but Abhi leaves.

Purab checks the papers in his office, and asks how can papers pass without his sign. Someone hears him and calls Raj. He informs him everything. Raj asks him not to call him whenever he is in office. Purab sees the employee calling someone and follows him. Raj says we have to think something else. Aaliya also says the same.

Mitali asks Dadi if they will celebrate Dussera. Abhi asks how you will celebrate. Dasi says we shall celebrate. Abhi says Pragya is like ravan and she will not celebrate. Pragya comes and informs them that they will celebrate Dussera like last year. Abhi says you can’t get any donation in Dussera and says we shall burn you instead of Ravan. Dasi suggests Ram Leela. Payal suggests Dandiya. Pragya asks them to get the sponsors. Just then Nikhil comes and asks if everyone is waiting for him.

Pragya sees the dumb bells on the floor and thinks he kept it to make her fall. Abhi thinks her destiny is good. Abhi tries to get his phone and puts feet on the dumb bells. Pragya tries to help him and plants a kiss mistakenly. Abhi gets furious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No Comments ??? Ofcourse Episodes are Boringggggggg EXpose those B…ches and everybody will be HAPPY

  2. Not at all Interesting

    Stil BORING……………………

  3. abhishek mehra

    No one is up.. all slept hassan , u posted so lately today
    As far as the show is concerned its going on a very tortoise steps… No improvement will occur in this story.. same thing is going on and saying we have to find the 3rd person in alia’s plan or the tanu baby’s real father.. and then dadi , pragya , bulbul meeting again at a restaurant eating celebrating for what they only know.. just then purab comes , again that is problem for dadi.. again i don’t know why didn’t they say her about the incident of sardar case… Its important for dadi to know who else is there in their flop plan! Morever dadi again saying don’t tell to abhi about truth.. why why in real life we don’t face all this , the truth is told automatically to whom abhi who blindfoldly will believe dadi and pragya.. i don’t get any explainations fpr it.. and about nikhil being absent for so many days he gave a good reason , do you guys hve a reason for dadi not letting pragya unvieling the truth to abhi !#[email protected]%&/

  4. Another dragging session ?…the truth will be revealed in the yesr 2020

    1. After a very long while I am only reading. I have stopped watching but this serial has not progressed at all.

    2. that writer is a fool.

  5. adamu alhaji adamu

    Please can someone help me talk to writer. Everyday the same story no progress. Please expose the 3rd person and let’s progress please

  6. Got bored 2 much cant wait sleeping writters plz wake up fast nd make it interesting

  7. I am reading the updates after 3 weeks, its still on the same track. kkb is losing its fans one by one. irritating

  8. this series is sooooooo boring.. I have lost interest in kkb already. soo annoying!!! please let this series finish this year.it’s long and boring for nothing

  9. This tanu na, she doesn’t deserve to b a mother. Even she is not able for any relationship and feelings except hatred. I feel she will not become a mother becoz of her evil nature. Surely something will happen with her pregnancy after truth revelation. Anyways now it’s gud that atleast purab has joined office and start his investigation. It’s gud someone keep eyes on office too when pragya is busy on tanu’s mission. So pragya could concentrate fully in tanu’s matter. Not sure if purab will get to know about raaj by that person who was keeping his eyes on purab in office but it’s gud that he has joined office for taking care of it’s work. And that nikhil! Aaliya and tanu have done the mistake by threatning nikhil, he will not leave tanu and baby so easily. I think he gets understood that they both r just fooling him for their profits. I think nikhil is going to sponsor dushehra, dandiya and ramleela functions as pragya was telling to everyone that she has given advertisement for it’s sponsorship. Through it nikhil could keep his eyes on tanu and could meet her whenever he wants. Now it will b pragya’s turn that how she will utilize this opportunity, which she luckily got, in finding out tanu’s baby’s father. Guys what I was thinking what if nikhil’s work with pragya annoy taaliya one side and make abhi jealous by other side. It will b fun and gud to watch. I wish CVS do something like this. So when truth will get reveal abhi will attack on tanu and nihkil with double anger.

    1. nice idea nikki…………………………….
      but CVS wont do wat v expect, ‘2 last minute they ll flap all d plans of pragya team……
      bt d jealous idea s so gud bt wat im thinkin s if nikhil nd pragya wil wrki together na tanu and aliya wil create issues against them, and info wrong abt them to abhi…..
      so abhi wil tk against to pragya….
      bcoz our most wonderful CVS wil prefer to dumb his charac nd making us fool ly……………

      1. Ya nivi i don’ t think so they will make issue becoz they knows that if abhi will get angry then he will definetly confront nikhil and if hecwill question to nikhilvthen nikhil could tell about his relationship with tanu so i don’ t think so that they eill take this risk. If they will create an issue of nikhil’s work with pragya,then also abhi will misunderstood nikhil not pragya. Becoz he knows somewhere that pragya couldn’t go near of any other person except him. And he thinks at this time that pragya only needs money, nothing else, which she already have more than nikhil. So she can’t choose him. Ya but abhi could misunderstood nikhil that he wants to come close to pragya. Becoz last time when nikhil had offered tanu for help outside the hospital, when she was faking stomach pain, then also abhi misunderstood his intentions there. And if abhi will misunderstood pragya then he will definetly go to confront her then pragya will clarify him. Whatever nivi it’s just my wish that CVS use nikhil to make abhi jealous. So for now no need to think about it much.

  10. Ooo.. Day by day losing hope nd interest in kkb. The writers think that we r as fools. Expecting aaliya nd tanu getting caught but nothing happens. I hve startd to read; nly the written update coz culdnt waste my time watching it. No romance between husband nd wife ( abhi nd pragya) . aaliya tanu r nt getting caught… Dnt knw how nd when they rgng to express it. As Lizzy said it wil B revelead on 2020 only. Gvng only 2 stars for this serial

  11. Nothing to say…..except..sooooo boring and irritating as usual!!

  12. Day by day its getting silly n foolish ..without getting interested n mking da fans happy n glued to da serial ……hopeless show…..embarrassing …..ekta ..u shud give da story to written by someone else…even a child can write better than this….disgusting ?

  13. sorry.. no comments

  14. WASTE! TOTAL WASTE! Ekta Kapoor use your money to help the poor instead of doing these shameful serials!

  15. day by day serial is becoming boring

  16. Looks like its going to kkb is going to lose fans the way its going on.Its really boring why can’t truth com out now why drag?

  17. The way abhi gave his reaction when nikils entry….. Some thing is fishy……. Ajeeb sa tha lekin iss cv nee kuch bi nahi thikatha……

  18. The way abhi gave his reaction when nikils entry….. Some thing is fishy……. Ajeeb sa tha lekin iss cv nee kuch bi nahi thikatha…… Too bad

  19. Day by day serial very boring

  20. deepika, ramya, nivi enga poiting no comments from you ..

    1. Ellerum kadupairupanga my lord 😛

    2. Bt im happy nw .. Atleas abhi is normal wit prags .. Instead shown otjers n dragn atleas they re showin abhigyas scenes

  21. No one will b exposed…. Dis will go on for another 2-3mnths for sure… I think d writers hav no new ideas created yet….

  22. bad serial! boooring… no romance at all….dragging….

  23. No progress. No progress. No progress

  24. Boring boring boring @ alllllllll

  25. I predicted a month ago that this serial gearing up to loose fans because of its direction towards boredom. As some of you blaming the writers, it’s not their fault, their directive comes from the producer EKTA.

  26. Rajakiruthika

    boringgggggggg this is really 2 much totally bored

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