Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to sit with him and says he is feeling like she is going far away from her……A song plays…Pragya asks what happened suddenly. Abhi says he is getting vibes. Pragya says you will not be affected if I leave. She asks him not to take tension and sleeps. Abhi sleeps. Pragya thinks I will go and come, and when I return we will unite. Nikhil talks to goons and says his plan is full proof. He tells that pragya left from her home and shows the pic. He says Pragya’s death should like an accident and there should be some witness. Goons agrees. Nikhil thinks Pragya will be here within 30 mins and will die within few more mins. He thinks he has trapped Pragya and she will not get either love or money, but will get moksh…Pragya comes to Sarla and asks her to take

medicine. She says medicine will work slowly and you can get well soon. She says she is going to meet Tanu’s big enemy and is helping her. Sarla feels helpless and thinks I can’t tell you that they are going to kill you. She thinks she is actually Tanu and thinks Pragya shouldn’t go. Pragya goes.

Tanu collides with her and scolds her. Pragya says I am seeing someone relation breaking today. Tanu says you will fall in the same pit. Pragya says your intentions are bad. Tanu says you might ruin by walking on this day. Pragya says time will tell and leaves from there. Tanu thinks she doesn’t know that I have dug land for her. Dadi prays to God for Pragya and Abhi’s happiness. Just then Pragya comes and she collides, and the aarti falls on the floor. Dadi says it is an inauspicious thing. Pragya says I will come home and talk to you. Dadi says I kept Shakti paat and Mata ki chowki and asks her not to go. Pragya says I will come back within 30 mins, and asks Dadi not to worry. Rachna asks her to take Purab with her. Purab asks where are you going? Dadi insists her to take Purab along with her. She recalls Nikhil’s wife asking her to come alone, and tells Dadi that she can’t take Purab with her. Rachna asks are you hiding something. Purab says don’t you believe me? Pragya says what you are saying and asks she has to go alone, also asks Rachna to be with Sarla. Robin comes and brings juice. Pragya collides with him, and glasses fall. Pragya says it has fallen because of Robin and says she will go. She leaves.

Abhi wonders where is she going at this time. Pragya is in the car and thinks why Nikhil’s wife is calling me alone, and calls her. She calls her and asks if our meeting is final. Tanu acts as Nikhil’s wife and says she has reached there and got proofs also. She asks her to come soon. Pragya says I will reach there in sometime, and asks her to be there. Dadi tells Abhi that glasses have broken. Abhi asks where did she go in a hurry. Purab and Rachna say that they didn’t know. Abhi thinks they all are hiding something from me and goes. Dadi thinks she is feeling as if Pragya’s life is in danger.

Tanu thinks I should be there where Pragya will be taking her last breath. She gets Nikhil’s call. She asks him not to call her now. She thinks I can’t tell Nikhil that I am going there, and thinks her life will increase 10 years more if she sees Pragya death with her eyes. Abhi comes there and asks Tanu to come for her regular check up. Tanu thinks what to do now? How to go to Pragya. Abhi asks if you are coming or not? Tanu says I got a call from Doctor’s clinic and they have rescheduled my appointment to next week. Abhi says okay and asks her to rest.

Mitali sees Tanu going silently and thinks to follow her. She thinks she shall get proofs against her. Abhi recalls about their love confession and romantic moments. Boldo Na Zara song plays………………….He thinks why she didn’t tell me anything before going. Let her come, I will ask her. Pragya’s car stops somewhere and she sees Abhi’s pics in the magazines. She thinks I will tell you everything today and there will be no secrets between us. Tanu secretly goes out of house and looks back.

Receptionist calls Abhi and tells him about Tanu’s appointment for the check up. Abhi says you have rescheduled it for next time. Receptionist says no. Abhi thinks why did she lie to me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Pri

    Some time.thy move track so fast we viewers wonder wht happn..all enter mm anybtie and go out any time no one will know.. So stupid it is

  2. VROON

    someone please give a alert to ekta that even the show ratings have come down……
    and secod thing tanu ko kya 12 MAHINE PREGNANT RAKHNA HAI KYA…CMMON…
    atleast kisi naye negative character ko jod do….bas tanu ko hatao……..

  3. So slow track. When will she expose and when will everything be fine. I’ve heard even bulbul will be back. What the heck!! What are they going to do by bringing bulbul back??? There is no point having her back!!!

  4. Mittenzz

    So tomorrow is Sarla’s dream and Saturday before Nikhil falls in his own trap- gets knocked down. Next week before Tanu’s truth comes out. All next week Drama…Finally!!!! Finally, FINALLY!!!!

  5. Reji

    hello guys …..sorry i can’t comment yesterday becoz i got an minor injury in my leg…..becoz i got slipped in the stairs as they were wet…….so doctor told me to take bed rest …..my parents especially my little bro strictly put condition that i shuld not touch my mobile ……!!! …..so now only i got time to comment……..so sorry guys …….1 week i can’t walk properly …….now only i am taking practice ……..doctor said after one week i will be alright……missed u so much guys !!….. and how r u my regular friends??…..pratiksha sahithi shobana gowtham fowziya karthika hency fathima sheetha swetha elda shivanya evryne !!….sorry if i didn’t remember anyone’s name !! and i watched today’s episode…….i got very irked that ……..tanu is a big dramebaaz ……..drama queen and mimicry artist too ……..how easily she is doing mimicry …..manipulating others and acting too much…….i got very irked……..that too she is doing these much things during pregnancy period ….oh god !!……and mitali good for nothing !!……..now she has become detective mitali …..and pratiksha is ryt …mitali is bandari only !!……(monkey)……. ha ha…….and ok guys i hope u all r fine ??……..wat so u say abt today’s episode…..!!

    • Hai reji ☺ please take care of ur health and take complete rest don’t be sorry for not commenting. U should ur first preference to ur health and ur right tanu is a big big drama queen .seriously pesattuku tanu va vijay TV katakana poovathu yahoo last set human vittutalaam☺

    • gowtham

      wat juz happened… paathu poga maatya?? and juz take care….. i too thut why reji didnt comment nu…. ithan reasn ah….. i hope u r doing good now… so take care…. i make a oath that, until nikhils accident scene, i aint ready to give comment about the epiosdes coz o find everything as a dragging episode only.. frst time i feel lik real dragging.. even in concert track i didn feel thia much.. but now i feel it to d core.. and one more thng reji… kkb is in top 2 in trp next to naagin…. i dnt knw how it happened but it happened…. u juz take care ok….

      • shobana

        Gowtham and hency I feel Tanu is capable for miss world ? .
        I too have nothing to say about today’s episode. But I enjoyed abhi thinks abt Pragya and abhi doubt on dadi purab and rachana.
        Precap is indication something. I think abhi will get to know where Tanu is and will reach there. I think abhi too will reach accident spot . Now I m curious to know what will happen aft Nikhil’s accident.
        And gowtham u know y we feel dragging now and not in concert track is becoz we know what is going to come ahead that’s why. This track is not much excited for us.

    • reji

      Sorry to say anu…I am just saying that y I can’t comment…that’s it…and I am not saying evryne that be worrying for me…and don’t comment without me…I really got upset with ur comment…sorry ya if I hurted u….

  6. Reji please do take care of ur health and I also can’t believe that kkb in 2 position what’s the problem with ekta mam intha serial la start pannum pothu ekta script ta many times killchu pootatha sonnaanga yen na she want to give valuable 30 minutes who were watching it but ellathayum eppadi script illutthu nammala loosaakalam nu nenachanga pola

  7. Naveen

    Tomorrow Pragya will die or it Sarah dream sequence now and tanu will out of the abhi life now in accident who will die next week

  8. anu

    I am not surprised if they drag this track for next 2 week
    It’s almost more than one year of pragya’s makeover n still not completed her task
    How disgusting

  9. shabana

    get well soon reji and take care if your health..coming to todays segment if anybody knows in the first scene wht song they put for abhigya did u know means please tell in the comment..really tanu u r a bludy dump and nikhil u r an irritating idiot..likewise sarala maa she is recovering day by day for her daughter then why she can write it in paper..but one positive thing i think is precap by this chance abhi can come to know that tanu is a bludy lier..pls ekta in two days u finish the chapter of tanu or u will drag it for again one week soon ekta soon..

  10. Bujji

    Very idiotic…so stupidity…writers are thinking that people are so dumb..thats y whatever they will show..they will watch..
    In that way they are thinking…coming to the actors..this pragya..doing too much o.a thinking that really she is the mogambo…what ever the new thing or issue happens she won’t tell to any one bt all people should tell each and everything to her…so pathetic…believeness and honest should be needed bt crossing limits of such behaviour presents waste acting..and this characterless and blo*dy idiot tanu.because of faultu…preganacy she wants everyone should be killed…really iam getting angry by seeingsuch worst character by looking itself I will gv very hard slaps….even if she is pregnant..chi…..worst worst worst character ever seen…and that blo*dy villian nikhil shameless fellow…he don’t want to become dad bt he is planning against abhi property…what a zoo characters are there in this mehra mansion…so pity…

  11. nasima

    writer hav no brain..it will be one yr nearly tanu track is going…pls tanu chptra mudingapa…its so irritating…

  12. ar

    this accident is been dragged tooo much.2day no story happned exept drag…2morw also thy ill drag n show accident episode on monday m sure….n tanu will b exposed…..after 5 yrs before she delivers baby after 6 yrs?

  13. reji

    Guys so sorry that u think that I am overacting. ..I am just trying to say that y I didn’t comment…not to make u upset…so sorry If I made u guys upset..some r thinking that I am overacting to make u worry. ..I am little feeling sad for that. ..eo sorry if I hurted anyone!!

    • Reji relax nothing of that sort let them tell anything they want there are lot of people with concern for u on the same page…….

    • shobana

      Reji don’t think like that
      Don’t give notice to such comments and dont feel bad for that.
      Whatever comments irritates us we shouldn’t give notice to it.
      U r not over reacting. U just explained y u didn’t comment. So don’t take it to ur mind. Reji rightnow u just take rest and keep ur mind calm. Don’t think anything else. Just take care of ur health. Padi la irragum podu pathu po. Ok just relax and stay happy

    • Don’t be sorry reji .don’t lend ur ears to what others says. Everyone has their own opinions. So don’t take it seriously. I am one of ur friends who used to always wait for ur comment. So don’t worry….be happy….

      • reji

        Ya hency I just ignored that comment …thanks for ur words and I am so happy that you liked my comment…!! Thank u ..!!

    • Aishwarya

      Reji India madiri pesuravangala ellam ignore pannanum idukellam feel pannadingayar sonna neenga overreact panreenga nu na solren neenga comment panlana na nejamave feel pannuven n I m saying one think to all don’t hurt anyone here we all r frns OK n reji take care of ur health

      • reji

        Aishwarya enna neenga vaanga ponga ellam kuppidavendam …just call me reji…I will like only that…and ur words r true …we shuld not worry for wat others saying…anyways I will take it!!

    • gowtham

      reji.. r u mad?? did we say anythng like that?? i will get angry… if u talk like this….. we are not hurt… we give concern to u my sweet little sis… enugh….. unaku pidikatha text kandukatha…. be happy…. ipadiye pasitu iruntha inum one mnth bed la than ne irukanum paathuko????

      • reji

        Sari ok bro sorry..don’t get angry…inime atha ignore panniduven!! Ok va..sorry sorry! ! Neenga enmela kovama irundheenga na nejama innum 2months bed rest eduka vendiyathu thaan!!

  14. Priyanka

    Tanu’s pregnancy was announced February of 2015. It is now May 2016, no baby and still not exposed. The writers are stupid

  15. Nikki 1

    Reji, don’t comment further. The more you comment about yourself the more you get hurt. So just ignore it and stay healthy and happy. Hope this dragging episodes ends soon!

  16. Naz

    Is the tongue the only way to communicate????? Sarla could take meds n hold a glass with her own hands but can’t write about tanu n ugly nikhil!!! Ohhhh lord…..give me a break!!!!! And the way pragya is adamant that she go meet this supposedly anonymous person, is so humanly unreal. What an ass of a script……

  17. Hai karthika pratiksha kutty swetha shobana fowziya sheeta reji gowtham anna naveen shivanya Mr. S deepa fathima ☺☺☺…hope everyone is fine .pratiksha any new updates dear.why they r dragging it so much???

  18. New on location update-
    Pragya gets saved, nikhil gets hit by truck instead of her and sarla maa gets saved. Pragya, purab and sarla maa gets emotional and consoles each other.
    1) Pragya on the road, trying to cross the road. Looks like Maa is on the other side.
    She missed getting hit by a truck and a car.

    2) Nikhil flying in the air and Maa is angrily looking at him. Looks like she pushes him.

    3) Pragya, purab and Maa hugging. Pragya is overwhelmed.
    Maa is crying and Saying, “I knew it but I couldn’t do anything”
    Pragya and Purab trying to console her. She says they planned everything in front of me.

    4) Pragya walks to Tanu who is attending to Nikhil and taunts her.

    • asmitha

      really a gd news pratiksha I think coming epis will be very interesting thanks yaar very nice of u

    • shobana

      Wow prathiksha its super news
      Sarla got her voice back means Tanu will be exposed soon right ????
      Or Pragya will tell sarla ma that we don’t have proof and will they again drag with it ???
      Morning itself u have given such a wonderful updates prathiksha ?

    • Ya guys this is happy news but this happiness how much will increased and remain, it is left to see becoz nikhil is not so much injured and tanu is still in attitude. God knows why she is showing attitude even after getting failure and after seeing sarla maa’s recovery. She should b scared but let’s see what happens next. And reji how r u? Sorry I noticed ur comment late. Becoz in the morning when i git this new update i immediately got busy in posting it and then i git busy in my house work with my mum. Just now i read ur comment. Get well soon dear.?

    • Sahithi

      The big question now is will Sarla tell the truth to Abhi, will Pragya let her tell or will try to shut her mom also from revealing truth. Everyone around knows the truth but Tanu was still roaming in MM confidently as no one was opening their mouth n revealing to Abhi. But now that Sarla can speak will it be end of Tanu chapter.

      The on-location scenes are not showing Abhi but today Abhi will know Tanu lied to him and went somewhere skipping doctor appointment. So by the time all of them return back to MM and face Abhi, will it be end of Tanu track, we have to see.

      • shobana

        I too have the same questions. Sarla ma itself a big proof. So if they make her dumb even after recovery means its sure that the CVs are planned to dragg.
        After sarla ma recovered abhi should raise questions to her as who kidnapped her ??? How she met with accident??? These questions is far enough bring Tanu’s truth out. And if Nikhil is held with minor injury means after knowing abt sarla ma recovery surely he will again plot to kill her. Before Tanu Nikhil’s next move abhi should raise questions to sarla ma

      • razia

        The same doubt I got .. I guess pragya vl not allow sarla to tel abhi abt takhil kidnapping her .. Cu they wants to drag ..

  19. gowtham

    ha ha.. shobana u r filling the place of brintha? and with pratikshas update i am very happy…. her voice is back.. hope abhi ll get to know something… but cvs ll do somethng irritating again so dnt want to put expectations… lets see… but happy to see this update….

    • Well said Anna cvs always want to stretch everything…so we should not have much expectactions. ..eppayum good news soluramathiri vanthitu thirumbiyum kolappuvaanga…and tanu miss world auguratha vida Leena jumani miss world aagina happy…because I hate tanu but not Leena jumani…she is really soo cute???

    • shobana

      Gowtham really missing Brinda ?
      Whenever I read her comments I will be. Laughing only. Hope she will be back soon

      • Brintha

        i am right here dear..shobana ?❤
        guest at home for a week.. cud not able to comment.. only able to watch the show with gr8 difficulties..
        and if sarla try to tell akso pragya won’t allow.. she will tell this is not the time.. monsoon is the right time.. and the best part is all the bad sentiments of pooja plate fallen, and glass broken effected the enemy in the history… kkb is inventing new concepts if any thing break in our house it’s a bad sign for next house..and whn sarla try to tell something doctor give injection to make her sleep… why?.. sarla has nit gone mad and she never behaved odd.. thn she is not a kid to give injection and make her sleep… one injection i am searching, for the writer of the story which will bring him to year 2016..

      • gowtham

        yeah exactly… me too miss her… busya irukanga pola…. and reji ku ena aachu… why not texting…?? yaro etho sonanga nu reji is angry i guess…..

  20. rose

    hi all my frnds…
    I saw this n fb..
    O ACCIDENT ONLY DRAMA OF DREAM SEQUENCE!!!!‪#‎KUMKUMBHAGYA‬Some shocking developments will soon take place in your favourite show Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV). The makers of Balaji Telefilms are gearing up with a high voltage drama in the coming sequence.Yes, as per the ongoing track, Sarla (Supriya Shukla) overheard Nikhil (Nikhil Arya) and Tanu’s (Leena Jumani) conversation to kill Pragya (Sriti Jha).Now, in the coming episode, Sarla will see a dreamwhere she would imagine Pragya meeting with a major accident. She would imagine Pragya being badly injured.But hold on guys, as we mentioned it would just bea mere dream sequence.However, Tanu and Nikhil will actually plot an evil plan to kill Pragya. But this time, Sarla will try her best to save her daughter.Nikhil and Tanu will call Pragya to a specific place and Sarla will also reach at the same spot.As a truck will be heading towards Pragya, Sarla would reach at the nick of time and will push Nikhilin front of the truck. It will be Nikhil who will meet with an accident and not Pragya.Yohooo!!! Mother India!!So now you guys can heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the moment.The particular sequence will see the power pack performance of Supriya aka Sarla. She will invoke her inner strength and get back on her feet. She would also scream so loud to save her daughter that she will get her voice back.Now that Sarla’s voice is back we wonder if Tanu and Nikhil’s true identity will come in front of Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia).

    • sweety

      Rose i am asking one question. u r the one or not i so confused when i saw your comment. u only wrote the story One night Revamber And wow Humsafar tha for indiaform.com pls tell me frnd.

  21. Finally! Abhi to throw Tanu out of his life in Kumkum Bhagya!Abhi to take revenge from Nikhil and Tanu for harming Pragya…
    Viewers, brace yourself. For the much-hyped drama onKumkum Bhagyais about to take place where Nikhil and Tanu (Leena Jumani) will plot a horrid accident with the agenda of killing Pragya (Sriti Jha).Well, the duo will succeed in their plan as Pragya will get hit by a truck. Sarla will try to rescue her, however, she will not be able to reach the accident spot on time.Watching her child gravely injured, Sarlawill vow to punish Nikhil and Tanu for their evil deed and will inform Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) about the same. Abhi will then confront the duo, will beatup Nikhil and throw Tanu out of the house.Is this the end of Tanu and her evil plans.And what about Pragya? Is she alright or is her life in danger?
    in another article i read this…too much confusing ….but still i bealive Pragya’s accident will be a dream seqence and Nikhil will be hit by the truck….isi baat pe party to bant hai…..yipeeeeee

  22. Adi

    u stupid girl… i will f**k with everyone.. I will touch ur boobs.. Pusy…and and kiss ada
    …. sodi sodi beyous gore airgom

  23. vadhu

    reji sis take care of your health.
    yaar epdi venaalum pesattum
    neenga atha patthi feel pannathinga.
    eppothum pola comment pannunga..
    after all we all are friends..
    us comment ko dimarkh se nhikal do yaar.
    bye.. take care…

  24. Sahithi

    There will be a segment today, basically the same stuff of Nikhil getting hit and Tanu looking at him. Mostly same content as posted by Pratiksha but since it is segment, we may get more details.

  25. sara

    hi guys i am a silent reader.
    i will read all of your comments and like the way how all of you are bonded like a family.
    i wish to join in your family guys..
    can i?
    and i and vadhu are from same area and school..
    i know her..
    like how you all accepted her, pls accept me guys..

  26. anu

    Sorry REJI,actually on that time I am frustrated,so l don’t know what I am doing.
    But now I realized that it would have hurted you,but you are genuine as it was actually my fault,but you felt sorry.
    Now I am feeling sorry for you and guilty.plz forgive me and take care…
    I am SORRY for all the ones I have hurted…
    Reji if you have forgive me,plz reply..
    I know you are kind hearted and again I am sorry…will you accept me as your friend????

  27. Shana

    Hello friends how r u all. reji take kr of your health. And u’ll b ok soon..I missed yesterday’s epi bt I’ve got many ideas about yesterday’s and upcoming epi from all of your comments.. thank u sooo much guys.

  28. Elda

    Hi Reji,

    We are doing well.. Please take care of your health and don.t care about negative comments.

  29. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Pratiksha,reji,gowtham, shobhana and. All kkb fans good news.. That kkb team has confirmed that mrunal thakur can return anytime back to show…. I mean bulbul role.. So we can see purbul scenes more.

    • Brintha

      really a very ud news… i wonder 13th friday ppl used to tell evil day. but today we are receiving all gud news..

    • gowtham

      really ranaji…. its such a news… superb…. and more than purbuls romance…. i lik mrunals char alot…. and unlik his sistr, she is more brave in facing things…so eagerly waiting… thanks fr the news…. ?

  30. Ramya

    Guys , I read this in bollywood life.

    Sarla will go to the spot and find Pragya, who has stopped breathing. She will be heart-broken and vow to take revenge from Nikhil and Tanu. When she informs Abhi of their nefarious plans, he will throw them out of the house. He will beat up Nikhil as well. It looks like the pregnancy drama will end soon. Actress Mrunal Thakur who was loved as Bulbul is soon set to make a re-entry on the show as it’s being reported. Abhi has already severed ties with Aaliya (Shikha Singh) for her attempt to kill Bulbul and taking her place.

    It will be a treat if this happens soon.

  31. Today’s SBS, SBB and SBAS segment’s update with it’s video links-
    Update is same as morning on location video.

    As per the segments Pragya’s accident shown a few days back was a dream. In reality, Nikhil gets hit by the truck instead of Pragya.

    Pragya is shown standing middle of the road. Sarla Maa calls out her name from the other end which leaves Pragya shocked to see her mother standing. Sarla at the right time warns Pragya of the truck coming to hit her & Pragya moves back & escapes the accident.

    Nikhil is shown lying on the road with blood on his head. Tanu comes running to him & checks if he is alive Nikhil opens his eyes and in anger asks her how the hell did Sarla regain her voice . Nikhil tries getting up but is in pain.

    Next scene, Sarla comes up to Pragya and hugs her daughter & tells her how Tanu and Nikhil were planning to kill her, in her room. Purab is also present there. Pragya is happy to see her Maa talking and being able to walk.

    Pragya comes up to Tanu and they have a confrontation, while Nikhil is lying injured

    Offscreen moment: SBAS video shows Vishal Singh stopping by in his car to know Sriti’s well-being as he sees the accident scene being filmed [Sweet gesture]

    Offscreen INT, Nikhil, Leena & Sriti: Nikhil says the scoreboard is equal and what meets the eye is not what it actually is & the drama ahead is really good. Leena shares that Tanu doesn’t give up and will carry on her plotting . Sriti shares the best thing in all this is Maa is able to talk and walk & now maybe they both can together do whatever they’ve been wanting to for so long.


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dopfbwwzecw


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/6HppSdc0ODg


    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/TTfHy5-CoUU

    • The heights of gutts and weird question of the conclusion of the segment is that tanu will continue with her plottings!!? How it will b possible when sarla maa got her voice back!? Ya if our extra great pragya will stop maa to telling the truth to abhi for now without proof so then it could b happen. It is less surprising for me that tanu’s plotting will continue becoz somewhere I knew it in my mind that this game will not finish here. It will stretched more but I was waiting for confirmation which Leena aka tanu has given. I will also not b surprised if abhi will also believe on tanu’s and team pragya’s fake stories and will again skipped everything from his mind and ignore it like always. So guys hold ur happiness horses and get ready for more rubbish dragging.??

      • shobana

        Prathiksha, after abhi comes to knw that sarla ma regains her voice and she is recovered, he should ask her how she met the accident??? Who kidnapped her??? Who is the one behind all this ??? If sarla ma gives answer for atleast these questions tanu’s truth will be out.
        And sarla ma itself a big proof against Tanu and Nikhil. So for what Pragya is waiting for?? And if Tanu keeps on ploting means this track wont end right now.
        I feel everyone is going to keep quite as they don’t have proof atlast our hero abhi is going to expose Tanu as gowtham said. Currently abhi has lots of doubt that everyone in his family is hiding something from him. So if Pragya says all to him now. There are more chance for abhi to believe. But I know pretty well that she wont say that.

      • Nikhil needs rest for some days for getting treatment of his injuries but his plannings will b continue with tanu against pragya and her supporters as he is in complete consiousness. He can’t move his body for sometimes becoz of injuries but his mind will continue move for further plottings. He himself told to reporters that until he is here, his plannings will not stop. So guys lots of drama and twists and turns r on the way. This game and track will continue, until CVS wants to.

      • Shobhna may b pragya will say to maa to pretend as her voice still didn’t came back.She have only start walking slowly- slowly, Until they gets proofs against takhil. So till then abhi couldn’t ask from her anything. Anything can happen shobhna. Don’t think so much. It is waste. Let them show what they wants. Story have been finished for us to matter in this whole tanu’s pregnancy’s track. Only thing which matters, it is abhigya. Until their charm will remain in our heart and mind, our interest will not finish. Just enjoy abhigya’s worth watching scenes and just skipped all the rubbish and bad things, until this track will continue.That’s it.

      • shobana

        Yes prathiksha, we should not expect too much from this CVs. As u said just going to enjoy abhigya scenes

    • Sahithi

      Now the best part is we audience thought this track will end when Tanu Abhi marriage preparations will happen as marriage will definitely not happen and Pragya or Sarla will stop in last minute somehow. So we assumed they will speak up or show some proofs then. It didnt end so.

      Then when they showed accident promo, if it was real, assumption again one of Team Pragya will now open mouth n reveal truth to Abhi, if Pragya was seriously hurt No it is dream, but instead Nikhil gets hit. Great! Since the accident was planned to kill Pragya, next assumption Nikhil will be badly hurt or will die. No wrong again. When the evils are hurt they sit up immediately. The good ones take ages to recover. U see it is all in the DNA. Nikhil is hurt but thats not end of him. On similar note, Raj will be in jail for months, Alia, corporator r out on bail. Nikhil n Tanu didnt even get arrested.

      Sarla suddenly recovered, in fact the whole nation is waiting for her to recover, especially get back her speech and speak to Abhi. Because when she was dying n gave Pragya’s hand in Abhi’s, again assumption is once she gets back fine, she will tell the reason for her accident n Tanu’s truth. Again wrong, may be, after seeing the segment.

      How I wish Sarla was at home when she got her speech back to talk to Abhi first, unlike the set of crazy, ALIEN people in Team Pragya who dont open their mouths to tell the truth.

      But bigger question is, Abhi thinks Sarla hates her Mogambo daughter so now what after her recovery, will act like she hates Pragya. how will she continue in MM, waiting for Tanu n Nikhil to attack her again.

      • Sahithi don’t give pressure on ur mind as it will all get waste in front of CVS. They have been proved it many times that they will show whatever they wants and which is profitable for their show. Logics doesn’t matter for them. They r just maintaining their show’s popularity as long as they can. They very well knows that how they can make it possible and how they can get high audience for long. This is the reason that they r not ready to finish tanu’s track. They will not finish it until it will affect their trps or they gets some new strong track which could maintain their show’s popularity as long as possible. I have been left any expectations of ending of this track. I m just watching what they r showing. Until I will not get bore from abhigya till then I will watch it. No matter where story will go.

      • Fowziya

        You are utterly right Pratiksha, CVS can disappoint us at any cost n at any moment! We should not give pressure in our mind, keeping our expectations level low is completely better for us, and we should wait n watch without straining our mind lol

  32. Fowziya

    Don’t be apologetic Reji, and don’t calculate these craps.. take care of yourself ☺
    Well about today’s episode, it was still a dragged one as usual, n nowadays am really fed up with this Tanu seriously i can’t tolerate her anymore, always lying through one’s teeth, i hope after this accident sequence something good ll happen, according to Sarla ma’s recovery, as she got back her voice, and the receptionnist who called Abhi..so let’s hope for the best ! But still i’ll keep my expectations level low, this CVS can disappoint us at any cost!

    • shobana

      The CVs will drag gor sure. If all decided not to open their mouth in front of abhi without proof then surely abhi is the one going to find it by himself. Already he has lots of doubt that everyone is hiding something from him. For all this we need patience

      • Fowziya

        Yeeep you are completely right Shobb ! ? As they said Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet ?

  33. rose

    sweety,,,, I didn’t wrote the story One
    night Revamber And wow Humsafar in indiaforom.
    that may be someother..

  34. gowtham

    pratiksha shobana and sahithi …. as u guys discussed… wat ll happen aftr this accident?? it s easily predictable actually…. the main thing is sarla ma ll not tell anythng to abhi…. this can be happend by….. … pragya will stop sarla ma… she ll say that stupid reason of not collecting proofs… and may be sarla ma can refuse prgaya wrds and about to tell truth to abhi… but tanus interference maybe there… coz she is also on that spot only…. so lik pratiksha said sarla ma ll pretend to be dumb fr some more days i guess… but fr no cause, cvs ll be ready to reveal the truth until they have good trps…. if that about to happen, atleast one week before itself they would release the promo….. coz everyone is eagerly waiting fr this exposure only… so that is also a reason…. and from starting itself i am not putting my hope on pragya…. it ll be abhi only in the end…. coz the more he has doubt on each the more chances of him revealing the truth…. from the very starting i have this mind set on abhi…. and i also thnk he must be the person who has to do… coz prgya by thnking to save her kumkum doing some rubbish things… recently she did many unacceptable things… so abhi must be the person who hasbto be a saviour fr his life…. so this accident drama also ends with no good to anyone… only good thng ll be sarla ma ll recover…. thats all… then it comes zeroth position…. this is my view… guys…. pratiksha( prgya lover) ?? u agree my point…??

    • shobana

      Yes gowtham I agree ur point. Sarla ma recovered but that is all good for nothing if she didn’t spills out beans. And its cent percent true aft this accident segment again the show will go to zeroth position. Then again plotting to kill Pragya and sarla ma. Then executions then group discussion among Pragya’s team. Then Pragya will be upset and then abhi will try to convince Pragya or abhi will be upset Pragya will try to convince abhi. Then abhigya romantic scenes and then again will start from the beginning.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.