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Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi hoping that things will be fine. Abhi starts throwing tantrums and rest on the sofa to take a quick nap. Pragya asks him to let Abhi take his time. Abhi asks when your boss have no complaints then why you? Purab comes and asks Abhi why he is not ready yet. Pragya asks him to send guard inside, and asks him to buy 30-40 kilos of vegetables eggs and tomatoes, get it distributed in the crowd, and asks them to throw it if the concert don’t start on time. She asks him to give money to people also and asks them to throw chappals also. Abhi gets angry and agrees to get ready. Purab asks Pragya to dismiss her plans. Abhi’s fan think why the concert haven’t begin yet. Aaliya thinks security is tight and thinks what to do? She hears Akash talking to security and says I will

spoil the mic so that Abhi can’t sing. She thinks how to compromise with the sound system, and if anyone sees her….Tanu waits for Pragya and thinks it is enough now. She is not picking my call and is making me dance on her tune.

Pragya comes there and says I came when you was dancing on my tune. She says I am trying to help you, and you are bad mouthing about me. She says you are selfish. Tanu apologizes and says she is tensed because of blackmailer. Pragya says I am helping you just because for Abhi. Tanu asks if you got blackmailer’s call. Pragya says no, she signs Ronnie to call. Ronnie calls her as blackmailer and asks her to meet after 30 mins. Tanu tells Pragya that she wanted to meet blackmailer at some other place as it is crowded place. Pragya asks why you are scared and what have you done? Tanu says he might have my morphed pictures. Pragya asks her where did she hide the money bag and asks her not to ask money from her.

Abhi greets this fans and says he is happy to be back and love them all. He begins the concert and sings Shaame Malang Si………………..Elahi Mera Dil Aaye……….

Sarla sees Nikhil and alerts Dadi and Ronnie. Tanu thinks nikhil will spoil her plan today and calls him useless, thirdclass etc. Nikhil comes wearing burqa and asks if blackmailer called Pragya. Tanu says she will ask Pragya to call him and call at some place. Nikhil asks her to call blackmailer to vanity van and says we will get the camera’s attached there, and will see his face and then will think whether to meet him or not. Tanu says plan is good and asks him not to shock her again else she will get a heart attack. Nikhil says it will not happen as her heart is with him. Tanu calls Pragya and asks her to call blackmailer to vanity van. Pragya informs Purab about it. Purab says camera is kept in vanity van also and it will be easy for them to see her boyfriend. Sarla reacts again. Pragya thinks she has seen someone and gets out of the CCTV monitoring room.

Pragya comes out and sees Tanu going with a burqa clad man. She wonders where they are going. Nikhil moves her burqa veil and Pragya happens to see his face. She thinks if it is her doubt, recalls seeing Tanu and Nikhil together.

Pragya tells Dadi that she don’t know what to do, whether to keep eye on Tanu or stop Abhi from announcing his marriage plan on stage. She says his fans will hate me and think that I am stopping his marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No Shahiti last seg itself they shown Pragya is in left side of the stage n tanu is on right… But i’m sure from last week i’m saying he ll announce Abhigya’s Marriage not Tabhi’s…

  2. Guys my mom watches only in Tamil .. She cried on watching Fridays episode wen pragya was crying to dadi not to cal sarla ma n she’s askin me .. Pragya pregnant ah ma? Pragya pregnant ah irundha nalla irukum nu .. She asks if pragya is pregnant then it ll b gud ba .. At first my mom dint like kkb bt nowadays started watchn daily she is asking me pragya serial podu nu .. Actually she neva watches serial bt nowadays she’s addicted to kkb(irumalargal) 😉

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    I am also tamil only…..

  4. Any one pls update. Eagerly waiting for the sbs segment

  5. Episode starts with Abhi on stage and fans shouting once more Abhi. Abhi says this is Abhi’s fever.. But y should he sing for them. He gives them happiness but what did they do for him. Daadi, Sarla Maa, Purab and Ronnie watch this in the monitor room. Purab tells them not to worry and he’ll stop Abhi before he says anything and leaves.

    * Abhi tells him fans that they have to do wat they didnt till now for him. Abhi asks them to prove that he resides in their hearts. Abhi says he needs their support for something hez going to do. Pragya comes running into the monitor room and asks did Tanu or her BF reach the van? Daadi Ronnie look tensed and Pragya asks wat happened.

    * Pragya sees the monitor and Abhi … Abhi says some of u wont like n some of u may like my decision . I always tried to fulfill ur expectations. Abhi adresss his fans that today is their test. their decision will decide wat will happen in his life in the future. Abhi says now i will… and just then Purab comes on stage takes a mike and says will sing a song. Pragya falls back on the chair seeing all this.

    *Purab comes to Ahi on stage and says now Abhi will sing his fav song which u guys are w8ng for. Abhi covers his mic and asks Purab wat hez doing as hez abt to announce his and Tanu’s shaadi. Purab says i knw tat. but wer is Tanu. how can u do this without her. Pragya is in shock. Sarla maa see’s Pragya and cries silently. Abhi tell Purab ur right.. U saved me again. wat do i do now. Purab asks him to sing a song and he’ll find Tanu and asks wer she is. Abhi asks purab to get Tanu here.

    *Abhi tells his fans that before i tell u wats in my heart i’ll sing another song for u. Abhi starts Fitoor Song…


    Abhi has FB’s of of his and Fuggy’s drunk dance… last concert wer Pragya came to his rescue. Jungle scenes… the bed scene from few episodes back

    Sarla maa keeps looking at Pragya with teary eyes whoz staring at the screen while Abhi is performing

    Abhi finishes his song..

    *Pragya gets restless and Daadi assures her that everything will be fine. Precap scene.. Purab comes there and tells Praga that he talked to Abhi and he wont announce anything now and tells her wat he told Abhi. Purab says we have to stop Tanu going to the stage. Wen there is no Tanu there wont be any announcement.

    *Ronnie notices Tanu and the gurka person on the screen and calls Pragya.. every1 looks at it. Nikhil sees a guard comming and pullsTanu and they hide . the team watched this on screen. Purab says who is this and y are they going to the vanity. Pragya says she would be with her BF naa and they r gng to meet the blackmailer. Purab says we havent given any time to the BM then wat r they doing? . Pragya says dnt knw may be to check the place.

    *Aliya cover her face with a black cloth and thinks how will i go to the music control room. this is the time. No one is there and i have to go, just then she stumbles upon Mithali and covers her face. Mithali keeps shouting are u blind? caant u see. Tayiji come there and takes ~Mithali from there. Aliya reaches the room and peeks in. just then Akash comes there and she hides. ALiya thinks i cant go like this.. have o think of some other way.

    * Nikhil takes Tanu into the vanity van.. the team watches this on the monitor. Daadi says who ever this man is y isnt he lifting his burka. Pragya closes her eyes.. Sarla is angry. Nikhil is looking i nthe vanity van. Purab says wat are they doing.. Pragya thinks to herself plaa life the veil once and show ur face and confirm tat ur Nikhil. Nikhil dosent see the Cam in the vanity van and fixes his Cam beside it.. LOL Pragya says there is only 1 cam in the vanity.. Nikhil saya to Tanu we’ll fix the other cam opp the door as if any1 comes in we’ll knw.. Tanu says angrily.. can u see anything ?? lift the veil. Nikhil says u can say calmly tat u want to see my face. and Nikhil lifts his veil and says ur soo impatient to see my face…

    *Team cant see his face coz his back is turned towards the cam. Tanu closes the veil again with anger .. Tanu thinks m w8ng for the day en u’ll be out of my life permanently .. Purab questions Ronnie why he didnt install cam on the other side? we could have seen his face. Ronnie says sorry bhai.

    *Abhi in his vanity with this face covered in his hands. some guy makes a sound and Abhi looks at him angrily. Abhi says out and the guy leaves. Abhi thinks y didnt purab come with Tanu yet.. enough.. i wont perform anymore. I’ll do wat i came to do now. M trying to torture Pragya and now her memories are torturing me. Its high time to come out of all this and its only possible wen i make an announcement on the stage.

    *Abhi calls Tanu and asks her wer she is angrily.. Tanu in the vanity says m here only with a producer whoz not letting me go. team see’s Tanu tensed and talking o nthe phone and Daadi says whoz she talking to . Pragya says may be Abhi and gets tensed and says may be hez calling her to the stage.. We have to do something fast. Purab says he and ronnie will go and try to stop Tanu going to the stage. Abhi tells Tanu if shez not here in 5 min he wont forgive her ever. Tanu says she’ll be there b4 tat and asks him not to get upset.

    *Tanu tells Nikhil tat Abhi is soo angry on her and shez gng to meet him and asks Nikhil to meet her after fixing the cams. Nikhil says it’ll take 2 min and u go but tell Pragya tat without fail bring the blackmailer here to this vanity. Tanu says ok and leaves. Tanu thinks wt if Pragya gets upset hearing the announcement and refuses to help me. and the BM wont make a deal with me and wat if he gives the proof to Abhi here. Tanu thinks she has to talk to Pragya 1st.

    *Purab and Ronnie see Tanu going.. Ronnie says the person we want is in the Vanity. we the 2.. y dont we go in and catch him and beat him n see his face. If any1 asks we can say some theif came in with Burkha and we caught him. and its simple. Purab says lets go. Ronnie says enough of this hide n seek. Purab says i’ll take my revenge on that guy just stop me or else i would take his life. and both go to the vanity.

    *Purab n Ronnie try to open th door bt its locked. Nikhil inseide thinks may be its Tanu.. shez always confused.. dnt knw wat she wants now.. but i’ll open the door only after finishing my work n its almost done. Purba says i think he locked it from inside. Ronnie says there must be an emergency door.. Purab says this is the only door. Purab says lets break the door and calls the security. and tells him that there must be a theif in the vanity pls break the door.

    *Nikhil finishes installing the cams and thinks nw i’ll see wat Tanu wants. the security guy bangs the door. Nikhil gets tensed. Purab says who eve it is.. come out.. u cant run. Ronnie says open the door or we’ll break the door and come inside. Nikhil see’s Purab outside and thinks ohh godd m trapped. wat do i do now..

    Episode Ends

  6. Today’s episode seems quite interesting .. Actually tanu n nikhil goes in to the vanity van .. Bt nikhils face is not captured in the camera .. Mean while abhi waits fa tanu n calls her sayin she must b here in 5 mins .. Tanu thinks whether to go to stage ? If she goes may b pragya vl back from helping her .. nikhil fixes camera in the same vanity van so tat they can find who the blackmailer is .. After tanu leaves the van .. Nikhil stays inside fixing cameras .. Mean while Ronnie n purab waits outside the van n then decides to stab the person inside the van .. Bt it is closed from inside .. Knowing purab outside nikhil thinks he is trapped now

  7. Bt from the segment pic it’s sure abhi is not wantedly proposing pragya .. He closed his eyes n pragya too not enuf confident .. She looks tensed

    1. Pragya will be in shock dude it will be like she does not know what is happening she expected tanu’s name but her name came was called instead……………or maybe she is reluctant as he might say mera pyaar ka dushmann meaning the enemy of my love or something of that sort

  8. After reading today episode spoiler few things confirmed,
    Abhi is still not aware of anything, he didnt get any clue from Pragya’s phone. He still wants to announce marriage n his reason for the concert is that announcement.
    Pragya is still struck in her stupidity, after seeing Nikhil face from burqa she is still doubtful, doesnt mention that to Purab, Ronnie, Daadi, worst more her mom. Her mom could have confirmed. Dumb hero, naa heroine even more dumb than him.
    Vanity van does not have enough cameras to capture Nikhil’s face from all angles. And they wanted to gather proofs to show Abhi.
    Nikhil comes into high security place but brings along his own cameras and he instead installs them. Biggest joke he doesnt search if there are any cams already there. Lame than kids play.

    I havent see today’s segment yet, dont know what more shown there…

    1. exactly sahithi…. dumbest to d core… i too mention the same…. till nw abhi is not aware of tanu…. and pragya didnt even ask sarla… she ia looking fr proofs again wat stupidity is this…. thats y b4 itself i told dnt put expectations…

  9. Pragya saw Nikhil know then y she is still waiting to capture his face on camera she can just ask Sarla know…

  10. like i told….. team of kkb is not at all ready to end tanus track….. on next episode somehow nikhil will escape… this is wat gonna happen…. so again they are not having any proofs till now…. on the other side abhi isnt aware of tanu… till now he didnt knw anythng… frm ds segmnt it is very clear…. so wats gonna happen is….. tanu wont reach the stage in 5 minutes.. so abhi got angry and wont announce thr marriage…. concert ends… really really really really i am geeting irritated guys…. bt if abhi propose tanu means tats it…. kkb ends there….

  11. Thank u kalai

  12. Today’s segment update-
    Abhi is on stage to propose Tanu. Pragya somehow is on stage and is forced to move forward upon Abhi’s announcement. Abhi has his eyes closed, his goes down on his knees and puts his hand out to ask for his girls. Pragya is tensed but puts her hand in Abhi’s.

    Abhi ends up proposing Pragya instead of Tanu. Abhi is shocked to see Pragya on stage. Abhi is forced to stand by his proposal towards Pragya. Abhi is then shown holding Pragya by the arm and taking her off the stage in anger

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Shabir says it’s the ages old proposing style that he is also using. He jokes next time he’ll propose on a harness to be different. He tells the reporter that has he thought about the surprise (Pragya’s appearance) he wouldn’t have closed his eyes. When asked about Tanu he says first she will deliver, then baby will be named then they’ll think what to do ahead

    Offscreen INT, Sriti: Her’s is a very small clip in SBB video. She just says a lot if happening at the concert. There’s a lot of twists and turns.

    NOTE: Abhi proposing Pragya is NOT a dream! It’s a mistake!


    Abhi and Pragya aka Shabir and Sriti will be hosting the ZEE TV Holi event. Kumkum Bhagya family as invited all other ZEE TV stars. AbhiGya/TiSha will be performing too. Abhi is shown putting kumkum on Pragya’s forehead and then they perform on a romantic number. Abhi is also shown with a guitar. Both TiSha are dressed in turquoise blue

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: Sriti shares that she doesn’t play Holi that much in real but she loves eating food & it shows on her face (referring to the swelling she has probably) *Both TiSha laugh* Sriti says she loves eating dahi vade & mutton Shabir says, ‘No non-veg jokes about food’ . Shabir thanks everyone for watching KKB and showering so much love on KKB family, otherwise they would have been working for nothing

    1. Hehehe the writers didnt disappoint me and made my guess right. Abhi thinks it is Tanu closing his eyes!!!

      In the holi sequence Abhi is shown putting kumkum on Pragya’s forehead. Now whose dream is this. Okay one more attempt to again create curiosity.

      Actually for the concert they had built up good interest and had good chance to make it more interesting. Like till Saturday episode it had some amount of progress was not dragging, but again they brought is back to square one. In fact other than Pragya seeing Nikhil face for a moment, none of them have success in what they have planned. As of now, from the segment videos, Aaliya also didnt seem to succeed this time.

      Abhi’s last performance on Ilahi was so so good, the planning from team Pragya was also reasonable this time. But why do the writers have to disappoint the audience everytime, is that mandatory to spoil every sequence with their stupidity.

  13. Guys don’t keep expectations and I suggest not to watch the show until finally story will move with a positive note. Becoz they r still stick in same situation. Pragya and team empty handed, abhi in misunderstanding and hell bent on marry with tanu and takhil’s hide and seek game with pragya and team and with all this aaliya’s plottings. Nothing is improved. My mood is so gud after coming back from my trip so I don’t want to spoil it by watching the same irritating boring storyline in the show so I have decided to keep me away from the show until I will get gud finally.

    1. Hi dear….. from. Wen i was waiting for ur cmnt yaar…. seriously bcoz or ur cmnt n predictions i still read written update… warna i hate kbb….

  14. So today also no need to watch the show… as usual serial is going with out any logic… The whole pragya team is duffer team… Al fools together in one team….

  15. Guys in segment abhi closed his eyes and also in one cn abhi drag angrily pragya back side of stage

  16. Aaj ka jo kkb upcoming written update abhi propose to pragya yeh sach hai ya phir koyi dream ya iss baar bhi har baar ki tarah pragya tannu ka boy friend ka chehara nahi dekhpayegi agar aisa hua toh intrest chala jayega

  17. Pratiksha I made a article about today episode on the topic of kkb abhigya life on stage on my imagination. Plz read that.I thought today episode will go like that.but it’s ulta.I get angry on ekta.what kind of plot is going on??? One time failure can accept,but Pragya continue failed in tanu matter. In 500 episodes tanu didn’t get bad name from abhi like Pragya.

  18. i strongly want to register one thing with really very upset note….. i agree abhi agrees too do d concert fr marriage proposal to tanu.. i can bear even if he proposes tanu fr marriage coz he didn knw the truth so he can propose.. i can tolerate that…. bt aftr reading your updates of upcoming events. it really gives so muchh saddness to me…. the thing is he may propose pragya without any intentions…. bt aftr finding pragya is the person who is thr on d stage….y the hell he has to ger angry till nw he loves pragya… thn y d hell he has to get angry. …i agree tanu is nt thr… fr tat he might get upset or something.. bt innerside he has to feel good to propose pragya infront of all… bt they portrayed as he was in anger….. this is the thing which totally irritates me… not even single percent of is not there… seriously by abhis action i really feel upset and if this continues.. even if they reunite later i wont be tat mmuch happy… since abhighya as a pair loosing their charm according to me…. i dnt knw guys… i am juz expressing my thut… hope u all get wat i meant… totally irritated to d core…

  19. Guys i heard that abhi proposing pragya is someone’s dream
    Is it?

  20. Anyway pragya last plan also not leading to expose tanu….its better as pragya told to sarala ma..she can leave mm with her mom after telling d truth abt tanu n nikhil (if she confirmed with sarala ma) to abhi n handover d property paper to him….with her fuggi avatar…
    this may be the twist which makes Abhi to realise her truth…

    if she still stay in MM there will be no use fr her anyway abhi is not going to believe her..

    otherwise it is totally waste to watch KKB guys…totally fedup

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