Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Aaliy and her puppets Tanu and Mitali getting tensed seeing Bulbul and thinking she heard their conversation. Bulbul says Aaliya she needs her help and takes her. Mitali says Tanu that Bulbul knows their plan and send them both to jail but will spare Aalia. Tanu asks her to stop panicking.

Corporator’s goons catch Abhi and Pragya and confine them in a room. One of them angrily tries to shoot them, but another goon stops him and says Pragya shot their boss and once boss wakes up, he will kill them both, so they should wait until boss wakes up. Once they leave, Abhi jokes with Pragya that she will not get AC here as it is underconstruction building. She asks what if bullet had hit him. He says he knows her aim is wrong and if she had aimed at corporator,

she would have shot him. She says what would she have told Dadi if something had happened. He says until she is there, nothing will happen to her. He continues his blah…blah.. and asks her to hug him. She crawls, hugs him and cries. His emotions change. Me tenu samjhawa ki….song.. plays in the background.

Purbi gets food for Sarla and does not find her. She searches whole house and tensely informs Janaki and Daadi. They both go out to check and asks Purbi to inform when Sarla comes back. They search her in whole market.

A man gets tea for goons and forces them to drink. They drink tea and run to bathroom. One of them think they are running towards dhaba as they liked tea. Once everyone leaves, he goes and frees Abhi. Abhi asks who is he. He says he is his big fan and followed goons to free them. Abhi says he has gained people’s support. Man frees their legs and helps them elope. Abhi sees an ambulance and asks Pragya to free his hand. She could free him, peeps into ambulance and sees corporator in it. She informs Abhi and they both run before corporator comes out of ambulance.

Abhi and Pragya run in jungle again continuing their verbal argument. They reach highway, see a truck and Abhi stops it. Truck driver scolds him for stand in between road. Abhi tells that they just escaped from kidnappers and need his help. Man questions them and Abhi gives his witty answers. Man agrees to drop them and ask to sit behind. Abhi says he will drive, but man scolds him and sends back. Pragya frees Abhi’s hand and asks him to free her hand, but he does not and continues his jokergiri.

Corporator comes to his den and asks his goons about Praga and Abhi. Goon says they eloped. He hits them, asks if they work for him or Abhi/Pragya and asks them to catch Abhi/Pragya soon.

Daadi gets tired and sits at a tea stall. Janaki says she told not to stress herself and gets her tea. Daadi asks her to call Abhi’s daadi and check if Sarla has com to her house. Janaki calls Abhi’s daadi. Daadi speaks and tells Sarla did not come to her home. Pragya’s daadi continues searching Sarla.

Truck stops. Abhi gets out to check and asks driver what happened. Driver says engine stopped due to dirt. Abhi starts yelling at him. Pragya stops him and takes him from there. They both walk on road again, Abhi continues yelling at Pragya. He tries to stop cars, but no one stops. He then sees a car and sees goons and corporator in it. Goon identifies Abhi.

Precap: Abhi searches Pragya in jungle and does not find her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. dutch

    those f**king idiots will be caught again, dont worry, atleast let them change their shitty smelling clothes, Mr. director, scrip writer or whatever. please end this kidnapping part, kya chuttiya si serial hai, these dumb assholes are making the actors hated by people, end this f**king shit asap

  2. dutch

    no one is interested now, if you dont know how to make people’s interest, its better not to write at all instead making people hypertense, f**k hell

  3. dutch

    f**k f**k f**k f**k ffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhoooooooollllllllleeeeeeeesssssssss

  4. Ruhi

    Stupidest thing ever tooooooooooooooo dragggggyyyyyyyyy mannnnnnnnnnnn
    Trying to make people fooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll

  5. Rits

    Abhi ek rockstar hai kai nahi. Aise kaise koi gaadi nahi rukti. Afterall he is a rockstar. Aur uska fan jo use chudane aya tha wo wapas kaise gaya uske saath jana chahiye abhi ko. Wofan police ko bula sakta hai. Abhi 3 weeks se kidnap ye khabar abhi tak tv ya news me nahi ayi aisa kaise ho sakta hai

  6. Majesty

    Can someone please kidnap the writers of this serial????? They have fried their brains and eaten it for supper!!!!

  7. vidya

    How can a person be kidnapped fr a month yaar dis kidnapping squence starte around first week of feb nd u all r still xtending d kidnapping sequence
    Plz plZ plz plz stop d kidnapping drama
    Show sumthing new story line

  8. Vidya

    OMG Pragya is in the same underwear since being kidnap, she has not have a bath, damn she got t be stinging now. she has to be superhuman, because she has not have a proper meal since being kidnap but she is as strong as ever. Abhi is a rockstar and is so stupid, this is his third time getting away and in todays technologized era he is not able to phone the police to tell the names of his kidnapper and his whereabout, what about an internet cafe to make a post or send an email. These writers really need to get second opinion on their scrip when they write them because it is totally unreal. These show is being dragged on wit no substance, it is the same thing happening with Qubol Hai, and next will be Doli Armona ki. I miss shows like Kasamse, Meri Teri Dulhan, Paviaarr, 12/24 Karol Bagh,

  9. irtika

    Wt alls hapening its just to unite abhi and pragya..to create feelings in abhi….marna to kisi ne hai nahi….but in end love wins guys….hv patience..dnt b patient

  10. Robin Naidoo

    Was in the lounge when this load of rubbish was aired. How could anyone in their right mind watch such a load of Croc.
    The writers must be high on weed or something stronger

  11. shena

    I think the director does not have a brain at all. Keep draggggggggginnng and remaining of 10% people will quite watchinig thi stupid serial and Zee TV shows SHIRIF BAKAWAS.

  12. rosey

    Kidnapping again.They move from forest to holi celebration to kidnap to consruction building to shooting to kidnap to running to car then to forest.What the hell is this.You are joking whilst your life in danger.Could you not tell the tea man to call the cops,Now you are back in jungle and Pragya is lost.As a woman I cannot believe how they can have this woman running around for one month with these things on.There clothes were wet dried on them and they just keep going .Abhi will eventually develop so much loving feelings for Pragya that he will forget Tanu. Now Pragya’s mother cannot be found .It does not surprise me if Aliya and her imps are behind this.When will they leave the forest.Or are they going to live there permanently.Poor writing with no sense of direction.The only direction right now is to kill the pages that has the script.Writers if you act like asses do not get insulted when the viewers ride your backs.

  13. sonydcurz

    ohhh gosh writers kya hua apo ko do u have brains what da nonsense again missing really I fed up with dis kidnapping drama plzzzzzzzz end this drama…

  14. Nisha

    This is getting so boring. The kidnapping theme is truly stupid. Stop watching this show because it sucks

  15. SANDY

    This show is a continuous – Hide and Seek show. Zee TV Channel – Please end the show and bring something nice. I am sure nobody like hatred and by showing these types of TV show will only educate more younger people how to start hating and destroy people when you don’t like them.

  16. What is the purpose of circling the kidnapping scenes sooooooooo long???? If the writers couldn’t come up with good story line Why don’t you end the show???

  17. ruchi

    Kitna khichoge serial ko.yaar ab to is topic ko band karo try some.new ek hi scene ko kitna din chalaoge sifb kidnapp krrta hai bhagta hai fir kidnapped ho jata hai

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