Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi getting ready for the party. Pragya asks what happened to you? Abhi tells that she is looking pale and asks her to dresses up good. Pragya refuses and asks are you mad? Abhi asks her to wear party dress. Pragya refuses. Abhi says if we don’t go there, then Dadi will inform about my childhood incident. Pragya says okay, she will change, but she have to tell the truth to Dadi.

Purab brings Bulbul to inaugurate his office and asks did you like it. Bulbul says she wants to do some changes. They argue sweetly. Bulbul says she wants to come to office, to make sure that he doesn’t flirt with anyone else. Nikhil comes to meet Purab. Purab is happy to see him and asks where were you? Nikhil says he is busy in career. They tell that they will meet each other in the party.

Taiji asks Mitali why you are happy? Mitali tells that she is happy as media will come and cover the function. Taiji says you should rebel, as dadi is doing injustice to you. Mitali says you are trying to provoke me. Taiji says you are a bomb, which will not explode. Mitali threatens her.

Doctor asks Dadi to take rest and says report have not come till now. Dadi says she got what she wanted. She tells that her bahu is pregnant and this news is like sanjeevani for her. Doctor insists not to stress herself. Dadi says lets go and dance, and calls Dasi and the doctor. Abhi and Pragya come downstairs. Dadi sees Pragya and compliments her beauty. Pragya says I want to tell you something. It is not like you are thinking. Dadi says I understood and tells about the surprise meant for her. She asks where is dhol……Everyone start dancing while the dhol plays to mark the happiness of Abhi’s baby.

Dadi gets dizzy and is about to fall down. Abhi holds her and asks why did you dance. Doctor asks why you are stressing yourself. Dasi tells Abhi that Dadi is not keeping well since Rachna’s marriage. Dadi tells that she is fine and there will be nothing in the report. Abhi asks her to go and rest. Doctor tells Abhi and pragya that she has doubt about Dadi’s health, and tells that overdose of happiness and excess sadness is injurious to health. Abhi stops the party. Pragya thinks she can’t tell the truth to Dadi now.

Dadi tells that she is fine. Abhi asks her to get well and tells that he has cancelled the party and sent all the guests home. Pragya looks at Dadi. Abhi tells that we didn’t need any reason to celebrate. We will celebrate first for Rachna and Akash’s baby. Dadi asks him to be happy and says she will do as she says. Dasi says we did forget that Rachna can deliver anytime. Dadi says we will plan a party for you. Tanu asks Mitali, why everyone is leaving.

Mitali tells that Party is cancelled as Dadi got an attack. Tanu thinks she was happy, then why did she get attack. Mitali asks why you are looking happy. Tanu says she is not and asks about the reason for Dadi’s attack. Mitali lies to her that Dadi came to know about her stay here. She asks her to tell the secret. Tanu looks on and asks Robin. Robin tells that Dadi’s health deteriorated so Abhi cancelled the party.

Abhi is sad. Pragya tells that she checked Dadi’s medicines and talked to her doctor. Abhi blames himself and repents for reading that report. He says don’t know where to go and seek help. He gets emotional and tells that he is feeling lonely while being with family. He feels bad as he couldn’t support the truth. Pragya tells everything will be fine. He says I can’t leave you nor my baby. Pragya and Abhi looks on.

Pragya asks Abhi not to tell anything to Tanu. Abhi gets angry on her and tells she has become a mum, but not a woman. He asks her to try to become a woman and blames her. Tanu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. If I got any news soon will update

  2. I think it is by time that tanu the rat should be expose for her sl*tness.

  3. Enaku tanu Nikil keta pesurathu pragya kekamata nu thonuthu pa. Promo pathathu la irunthu…. Ungaluku ena thonuthu

  4. Awesome …nikhil’s entry .I hope tanu would be out from abhi’s life till next week

  5. after a long tym im reading this…….can any one brief this after tanu gets pregnent

  6. Priya I have one doubt. On seeing nikhil pragya is relieved they mentioned that means pragya knows truth or not yet.

    1. Where they mentioned pa. In gossip only na…. It means pragya knows the truth nu sollalam… Kandupidichiralam nu solalam pa… But I m having about in tat only. Avlo sekeruma they won’t reveal the truth pa. Athu mattum ilamae pragya doubt ah than pakura mathiri enaku thonuthu unmaiya therinja mathiri enaku theriyala. U know about this serial na yepovaenumnalum ena venumnalum nadakum pa. Confuse panitaen la.

  7. I think pragya won’t hear tat conversation pa. Think so

  8. Wow….. Kkb ROCKZZ…..

  9. May be. If she heard means she would have told abhi. But according to that gossip abhi din know. Whether she knows or not? I think so pragya making tanu to reveal the truth by herself until that she wont tell anyone.I din get the point what they are trying to say. This is my imagination only.

  10. Really to tell I am excited and waiting so long to know abhi reactions after tanus truth what he will ask pragya for her mad belief in tanu? But this and all when will happen?

    1. where are you from priya?

  11. TRP Ratings: ‘Saath Nibhaana Saathiya’ Beats ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ Again

    1. ethachu new update priya?

    2. priya ivanga kitta opening nallatha iruku aana finishing seriyilla pa what to do

      1. Hahaha factu factu factu….. Onum pana mudiyathu..kavin u r frm???? No updates…. But trp went down so there is chance to speed it up… But don’t know…

  12. One thing thats still unclear to me is about that pregnancy report sent in the name of pragya..most websites including serial gossip said that abhi is the one who sents it and most probably he will be the one but it still isn’t revealed yet…but if abhi really sent those reports to keep pragya with him then i wonder y he never thought about everyone else especially dadi..i mean that will be totally unlike his character..he is always mainly concerned about dadi’s emotions first..so i dont understand this…and anyway when will the truth about the person who sent those reports will be revealed??? that should be revealed first unless it isn’t abhi who sent those..omg seriously it seems like there r a lot of truths to be revealed !!!!

  13. Welcome nikhil…give a big punch to tanu…

  14. Nice episode .. What’s this … Ppl using comments to chat ???

  15. Guys anyone know tht in zee tv one serial is going to end because I have seen tht radhakrishna a serial is going to come sonnn can anyone know wht serial is going to end

  16. Am from chennai kavin

  17. KumKum Bhagya : Nikhil will Turn Negative on Seeing Abhi’s Made life vogue.

    The a lot of awaited revelation of the real father of Tanu’s baby goes to unfold within the forthcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya.

    As per the track, Tanu reveals to Nikhil that whether or not he’s real father of her baby however she is going to provide Abhi’s name to her baby.

    Somehow, Pargya finds this truth and gets relived on realizing that Abhi loves her truly.

    Pragya decides to get rid of Abhi to feel guilty by transferral Tanu’s truth ahead of everybody.

    Pragya calls Nikhil at Abhi’s house wherever Nikhil is shocked to ascertain Tanu there.

    Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya get reunited

    Nikhil holds Tanu’s hand ahead of everybody whereas Tanu asks him to remain faraway from her.
    Abhi who is unaware of Nikhil and Tanu’s relationship bring Nikhil at his house.

    Pragya decides to reveal Tanu’s truth to everybody currently.

    Nikhil will before long flip negative on seeing Abhi’s made life vogue.

  18. Ithu epo nadakum!!!!!

    1. cbe priya

      1. Kk any new updates kavin

      2. ennaku entha updatu kedakala pa

  19. hi frds i’m also tamilian.i’. new 2 this page…..enayum unga sangathula saethupingala

  20. No news in saas bahu aur betiyan two days I checked continuously hope so tomorrow must be there his news I got from facebook

  21. Ooh God when this Truths will get revealed I hope it happens soon….. And pragyan plz don’t believe In tanu atleast try to know the correct thing n I hope this time also dadi will bring abhigya close ???

  22. Though Abhi and Pragya, on Tanu’s repeated insistence, tries a lot to reveal the fact that it’s not Pragya, but Tanu pregnant with Abhi’s baby, they won’t be able to tell. Either Dadi interrupts in between Abhi-Pragya’s talk or situation won’t allow them.

    In fact, as saying goes, ‘everything happens for good’, here too this applies. As the real father of Tanu’s unborn baby is not Abhi, but her boyfriend Nikhil. He is Purab friend, who goes to the latter’s office to meet him.

    The doctor says that she doubts about Dadi’s health and too good or bad news is harmful for her as it may cause attack. Pragya, who had come to tell the fact, stops from telling it.

    On the other hand, Dadi gets excited with the happy news, and starts dancing and celebrating. She calls for a party, where she dances with Daasi, but soon gets unwell. Doctor asks Abhi and Pragya to take care of her.

    In the upcoming episode, Tanu will be seen meeting Nikhil in odd hours. This makes Pragya suspicious about her and follows her. She finds her meeting Nikhil and having heated argument with him.

    It should be seen if Pragya gets to know that Tanu is trapping her. If at all Pragya gets to know, how will she reveal this to Abhi

    1. any other new updates priya

      1. nice & thank u priya

      2. Nothing. 🙁

  23. finally Nikhil ill cme to the show

  24. Pragya to dismiss love sacrifice and begin to fight for her KumKum

    Tanu’s drama will end as her truth has come out. Nikhil has come out off her past. Nikhil comes to Abhi’s home and sees Tanu. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Tanu slips being in shock seeing him and Nikhil holds her. Nikhil comes there with a motive. He meets Abhi and is not afraid of anyone, as he holds Tanu infront of everyone. Abhi welcomes Nikhil and does not know Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child. Pragya is relieved seeing Nikhil. Tanu’s secret is going to come out in the upcoming track.

    Pragya goes to check on Tanu’s health. She hears Tanu talking to Nikhil, and admitting that he is the father of her child. Tanu tells him that the baby will get Abhi’s name as she has moved on in life and wants to live her future with Abhi. Pragya gets stunned and angry too knowing Tanu’s truth. She ponders on how to bring this truth out and seeks help from Nikhil. Pragya realizes her mistake on not believing Abhi and forcing Tanu’s relation on him. She decides to make things fine between her and Abhi. Pragya heads to apologize to Abhi and gets happy in her heart that she will not need to sacrifice her love.

  25. From tellyspoilers

    1. Ithu nadakum ah??!!

  26. Surely priya I think so next week abhi amd pragya will be united. I have confidence on tellyspoilers

    1. haapa nadatha seri . plz… waiting waiting nu type senji bore adikudu . i can tolerate this dragging drama only for this week . i will wait for this week if they dont come to a conclusion . i will quit this show pa …… watching this show only for abhi and pragya . unite abhi and pragya ……. WE ARE WAITING:(

    2. K Nadantha santhosham than priya

  27. Ya thy will unite dont worry. Abhigya rocks

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