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The Episode starts with Sarla worrying for Pragya and thinks Nikhil is behind Pragya’s kidnapping. She thinks to do something and leaves from home. Janki thinks where did she go? Nikhil thinks if his goons managed to keep Pragya and worries for Abhi’s reaction. He gets Aaliya’s call. She says you have done the best thing by kidnapping her, and says it is a blessing for you. She says Abhi will not find Pragya now. Nikhil asks her to share her plan. Aaliya shares her plan and asks him to execute the plan, as she can’t trust Tanu. Nikhil sees someone standing and cuts the call. Purab is there and asks where is Pragya? Nikhil says you are wasting your time. If she was with me then you would have gotten her dead body. Purab warns him and leaves. Nikhil thinks to concentrate on the plan. Pragya thinks

how to call Abhi there. She removes cloth from her mouth and shouts for Abhi asking him to save her. Abhi hears her voice and comes out of room. Mitali says Pragya is not at home. Tanu thinks Abhi has gone mad in Pragya’s love. Abhi thinks he has heard Pragya’s voice and worries for her.

Sarla comes to Nikhil’s house and accuses him for kidnapping Pragya. Nikhil says your daughter is a big business woman and may be she went somewhere. Sarla says no, you have kidnapped her and asks him to say. Sarla tries to check his phone and manages to see Aaliya’s name. Nikhil takes his phone. Sarla says Aaliya…I will tell Abhi now itself. Nikhil asks her to hear and says I was talking to Aaliya now. He says Aaliya came to Mumbai and have kidnapped Dr. Sheela’s daughter. He says Pragya went to save that girl and got kidnapped herself. Sarla slaps him and says I will find out about my daughter, and will save her. She says I will tell everything to Abhi now, and then you will be punished. Nikhil gets angry. Sarla says I will go and bring Abhi and Police back. Nikhil threatens her and says if you tell anything to Abhi then I will kill your daughter before Abhi reaches me. He says you know that I can kill her as I tried to kill you, but you was saved. He says it is my warning…Sarla cries and asks him not to do anything to Pragya, agrees to keep her mouth silent. Nikhil asks her to relax and asks her to do his work. Sarla agrees. Nikhil thinks Pragya’s chapter will end from Abhi’s life.

Sarla comes home and is worried. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla shows her divorce papers and says Nikhil gave her those papers. Beeji says we have to tell Abhi. Sarla says I can’t tell him as Pragya’s life is in danger. She says she can’t get Abhi’s signatures on the papers, and can’t face him. She says don’t know how Pragya’s signatures came on these papers, I always wish to see my daughter happy with her husband. Beeji says I have lost so many relations, but won’t let anything happen to Abhi. I will take his signatures on these papers and asks Sarla not to worry.

Pragya thinks if her heart voice has reached him or not. She reminisces and a fb is shown. Abhi brings pakodas for Pragya. Pragya says Robin must have made it. Abhi says but I have brought it. He asks her to play game with him, and says if I win then I will be called a true lover. Pragya thinks he always left wet towel on bed. Abhi hears her heart talk correctly. Pragya thinks he would have look handsome without beard. Kaisa yeh Ishq hai plays………………Abhi says I will not remove beard and moustache as I look smart in it. Pragya is surprised and asks how do you know? Abhi says I can hear your inner talk. Fb ends. Pragya thinks Abhi will not come to her.

Beeji comes to Abhi and asks him to sign on divorce papers and return it back. Abhi is shocked. Dadi and others are shocked while Tanu smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. In BTDD segment they have shown pragya is with sheela and she was saying truth to abhi is this is true r anyone’s dream again

    1. Ya asmitha i too saw that. I think it is for next promo shoot as nobody was there except abhi, tanu and pragya, doctir sheela. Abhi also in white jacket. He wears this jacket mostly for promo shoots. As the scene was shooted it seems totally for promo shoot. Leena also told to reporters that yes it may happen if sheela will tell her truth then she have to go far. She says that she is also confused as before it everything was going in her favour but now everything is going against her.

      1. Pratiksha my excitement eagerness all have gone I think it also fails as usual and I don’t have any hope on abhigya union

      2. Is they r going to expose her r not r this is the another trick to maintain their trp

  2. Today’s segment is going to be interesting

  3. Writer please kill pragyan and make tanu marrying abhi, so that you stop torturing us by the same old boring and intolerable stories. Please don’t drag so much, there is the limit…

    1. lo l:-)…

      1. same old story.,,,irritating …

  4. New segment update- Abhi signed divorce papers. Tanu took his sign by emotionally blackmailing. Dadi got to know that tanu is behind pragya’s kidnap. Tanu got to know that dadi also knows her truth since long. There is a new promo shoot, regarding tanu’s truth going to reveal by pragya with the help if doctor sheela. Full update- Abhi signed on divorce papers as tanu convinced him by blackmailing him emotionally. Abhi is shattered in pragya’s memory and still waiting for her come back. He is feeling pragya’s presence everywhere. He gets injured by breaked glass of wedding’s small photoframe. Tanu about to leave from her room with divorce papers happily. Dadi comes in her room. She slaps tanu hard and says that she said it that if she will b behind pragya’s kidnap then she will not leave her. Dadi says to tanu that how dare she touch pragya. Tanu starts her blabberings like abhi loved her before wedding blah and blah… Dadi says that she knows that isn’t she feeling shame by giving abhi’s name to some one else’s baby and in snatching her baby’s happiness by keeping baby away from it’s real father. Tanu gets surprised and says that means u already knows about her truth and u were behind the plan of bring pragya as mogambo? Dadu says that now she will tell everything and truth to abhi and won’t let him sign the divorce papers. Tanu laughs and says that he already has signed the papers as she has taken hus sign on the papers by manipulating him emotinally. She shows the papers to dadi. Dadi shocked and says that abhi can’t do this. Tanu says that now ahe will shiw it to pragya also and she will also have same expressions like u. Tanu leaves and dadi losts in thinking. Leena sats to reporter that tanu has been trapped from everywhere as dadi also knows her truth but she knew about it just now. she says that abhi will not know about anything easily as he is still unknown about all the ongoing things. Reporter tells that tanu’s truth ia going to reveal soon.Then they shows a promo shoot regarding tanu’s truth revelation. Tanu is standing with abhi by holding him from her hands. Pragya comes with doctor sheela. Sheela tells about tanu’s truth to abhi. Abhi looks tanu in confusing way like in questionably manner. Tanu gets scared and leaves abhi’s hands and takes her steps back from abhi. Leena told to reporters yes it may happen that if doctor will tell her truth then she have to go far. She says that she is also confused as before it, something happens in her favour but now everything is going against her so don’t know what she will do now. Reporter says that soon tanu will b out from abhi’s life and distances between abhigya and their long goung seperation will b end finally but in happening of this,there r few more episodes.

    1. Guys there is one more very shocking news about next track. Sns news showed in there hit news segment that abhi will face an big accident and he will lost his half memory. He will forget about pragya and their love. He will remember only memory of past three years. Reporter says that kkb’s cast don’t want to do leap so that’s why CVS have to bring a twist like this. Guys if this is true then forget about abhigya’s union for more long time. WATCH HERE –

      http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4k2779_kumkum-bhagya-13th-june-2016-saas-bahu-aur-saazish-hot-news-13th-july-2016_tvGuys here is the link of that news-

      1. Guys i m not sure about this news as the hot news segment based on news of sources and rumours so let’s see if this is true or not? Becoz it is sounding bad.

      2. If this is true then I think it will come to again same story only past three years it means again this tanu will enter into their life if it happens then I don’t want to watch this kkb I waited to see abhigya cute knok jhoks,cute romantic scenes silly fights if they will show again he was loving tanu hating pragya again he realizes his love fr pragya it must be most stupid to see

      3. Relax asmitha. Let it b for now and just concentrate on present track of tanu’s exposure as it is most important for us for now. And about this nres if abhi’s memory loss so we shiuld wait for confirmed news and if it happens so let’s see how it will ungold the story for further as sbs people were saying that it is fir avoiding the leap. So just relax and wait for confirm news or update regarding it.

      4. So in that case, gud bye kumkum bhagya. no use of waiting for tanu truth exposure

      5. But prathiksha, I think if it is not true then they wont show in news.
        Anyways as of now I need only tanu’s exposure rest we will see later. But if this memory loss is going to happen means I am not ready to accept it. I want abhi and Pragya to unite. The writers have separated them for more than a yr so now they deserve to be united

      6. After watching this new promo shoot, I feels that the story will b like this that pragya will try to call abhi and try to inform him but as we saw in segment, abhi will not attend her call and pragya will b unable to convey her meassage to abhi. Then she unties herself by efforts and runs from kidnappers clutches and tries to stop a car which will b Sheela’s. Sheela will come to help pragya. Sheela will stop the car suddenly where near of pragya so it will look like that pragya is going to get hit from the car but she will b saved as sheela will stop the car on time. Pragya will see sheela and sheela will help her in bringing her back from there. Pragya will reach with sheela at mehra house and will reveal everything to abhi about tanu’s baby and about her kidnapping. Tanu will get exposed and out from abhu’s life as they were showing in promo shoot that she was taking her step back from abhi when sheela reveals her truth to abhi. Tanu vanishes in darkness. I got only this much for now. But let’s see but I will not watch rest of the episodes of this week as I can’t see evil’s smirks and abhigya’s pain. Interesting drama will n start by next week, I think. So I will continue from next week. Till then I will follow updates.

      7. Already I am hating the fact that everything is kept hidden from the male lead. He is living in middle of web of lies created by his own family and extended family, practically everyone.

        Since Abhi was hero for first one year of show, looks like writers made Pragya hero in this mogambo track. Now if this is ending, I hope to see a change in things and Abhi back to using his brain, as Pragya’s plans and attempts have been pretty pathetic and silly. Now when we are thinking show may finally move further, if there is really a memory loss track bringing things back to square one, I am finally done with this show. There is no point in watching things again from scratch, recycled stuff..

        But I on other hand dont think it will be so straight forward to bring Tanu back unless she suffers a miscarriage and doesnt have a baby around. Otherwise what will Abhi back at 3yrs timeline will make out of a pregnant Tanu 😀 😀 Will he straight away assume he is the reason for the baby, as he is not even married to Pragya back then.

        So for now let us keep this rumor a rumor and hope not a future track.

      8. Shobhna, asmitha and guys I just want to say that hot news segment based on the news which comes from sources and which usually rumours. So mostly I could b a rumour. They have been showed many new like tanu’s miscarriage, shikha’s quit, pragya’s rape and all that but nothing happened. So just relax and don’t think about much until we will get any confirmed update or segment scene about it. It could b another trick of keeping people’s curiosity and interest maintain even after tanu’s exposure. So avoid it for now.

      9. I truly hope it is a rumor about Abhi’s memory loss. What would be the sense and whose curiosity will they be trying to keep with this track. Viewers are already fed up with the length of time they spend on this Tanu’s pregnancy track and Nikhils pathetic excuse of being bad…most annoying… To push Abhi back in the past is not getting rid of Tanu, but getting rid of Pragya. If you didn’t want to do a leap, which wouldn’t be necessary if you had written the show properly in the first place. with all these twists, CVs twist themselves out of a what started out as a good plot/show.
        We don’t want Tanu’s truth to come out for her to fade in the background and escape. Don’t take away her punishment from the viewers. It’s been long in waiting. Let the punishment also fit the crimes, not just a slap on the wrist for her to go and try again to mess with Abhi and Pragya’s life.
        If you’re going to go with a memory loss track, it’s best you end the show, cut your losses and call it a day. Tag it “A script badly written”. Frame it and mount it on a wall somewhere as a reminder of what not to do or write in name of entertainment.

      10. It is a rumour r it may become true in upcoming don’t know but if they want to do like this instead of leap so better they can do memory loss for pragya then it will be nice we can see again a cute love story bwn abhigya what u say guys

      11. Ditto asmitha even this thought came in my mind first when I heard this news. I thought if they wants to avoid leap so why with abhi’s memory loss becoz if abhi’s memory will remove then it will create another long mess, drama and irritating things but if they use this trick on pragya then we can see a cute love story between abhigya with fresh and new starting. And we will get break for sometimes from another depressing mess and drama. Ya evilness will not b end anywhere but it will b OK becoz that time abhi will b there to handle all the mess. And we knows that abhi is better than pragya in solving the mess smartly. It is another fact that CVS has become him dull and dumb in this worst pregnancy track by keeping him away from the truths always. Anyways it’s just a rumour so like sahithi said keep it aside and only concentrate of long awaited exposure and rest the things leave on CVS about next track. For now it will enough for us that tanu will get exposed, abhi will b free from all the unwanted responsibilities and guilts. Asmitha u know what when I saw pragya’s accident promo and today’s update of abhi’s signing on divorce papers and all that, I was thinking that whether abhigya will unite or not but tanu should not get married with abhi at any cost and her truth should come in front of abhi anyhow. After watching today’s new promo shoot, I got relaxed that thank god it is going to happen. Now at least much is enough for me for now to b calm.

      12. Pratiksha what my wish is again tanu must not enter in abhigya life really it will irritate me so much when I was seeing tanu with abhi it really irritate me so much and when she says that it’s our baby this is symbol of our love like those words which gives so much angry

      13. S pratiksha and sahithi they made abhi so much dumb after pragyas makeover and now also they didn’t shown anything from abhi and pragya herself freed from kidnappers and she revealing truth to abhi it’s really not nice y they r not giving importance to abhi

  5. zarina kapoor

    am stop watching kumkum baghya it vary boring

  6. ohhh god pratiksha plzz tell me this is true????

    1. About what ketki? If u r asking about tanu’s exposure so ya finally it is going to happen according to the news peoples and if u r asking about abhi’s memory loss news then it is not yet confirmed fully. Becoz this news came from sources not by directly makers or actors. So we have to wait for it’s confirmed news

  7. hey guys i am new here,i watched a promo in which pragya freed from kindnapers and call abhi & say some thing then she was running going hit by the car.
    but the car is different what they showed in last update

  8. i m also feelng bored bcz tanu n nikhil drams is getng to much bored nw high time to abhi fce the truth pls end this chapter otherwise no bady to watch this

  9. make sure thy dont do tht kind of things to our rockstar dont play ppls feeling it wil hurt many ppl as it is i m very sick after reading many shocking news my sons never let me c alrdy for few days just reading also can make ppl stress its too much abhi n pragya is always my favorite plssss

  10. Thanku pratiksha i am asking about abhis memory loss..
    but i am very happy that finally tanu is going to expose.. yes its party time…


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