Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya breaks Abhi’s heart and proves herself as Munni

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu and Aaliya going in night. Pragya thinks where are they going? Simonika calls her goon and asks where is he? Goon says he is outside Khan’s house and will not let him go. Simonika says she will give him money once her work is over. Pragya follows Tanu and thinks where is she going. Tanu thinks Aaliya must have called the doctor to give electric shock to Munni. She sees Pragya and thinks she must had given her much lecture and thinks to hide. Pragya wonders where is she? Aaliya asks Doctor to give her shock and make her conscious. Doctor refuses. Aaliya shouts and asks her to give her electric shocks. Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks Doctor to keep giving her electric shocks until she comes to senses. Tanu tells her that Pragya was following her. Aaliya asks her to be

careful and scolds her.

Purab talks to the detective Karthik and tells about the attacks on abhi. Pragya hears him. Detective asks who is she? Purab says she is Pragya di, Abhi’s wife. Detective praises her and tells that they got the car in burnt state, and tells that they even found the snake charmer, but he was shot dead before he could tell anything. Pragya says someone is keeping eye on them. Detective says a black reflection is found near the house and says the attacker can be girl. He says the killer is smart, powerful and dangerous and it is her obsession to kill Abhi. Pragya says why anyone would want to kill him.

Disha and Abhi plan something and asks Robin to come indisguise and stabs Abhi with toy knife. Pragya hears them and thinks what they are planning. Disha tells Abhi that Pragya might tell the truth that she is pragya seeing his condition. Pragya thinks she can’t let her secret comes out else she can’t rescue him. She thinks how to hide the mole and hears Abhi coming. She pretends to make a call and tells that Abhishek is a fool and thought her as Pragya, don’t know where is real Pragya. Abhi hears her and says this girl is not Pragya, and is betraying me. Abhi asks why did you make fun of my emotions and have proved to the world that you are my Pragya. He says why did you do this with me and made fun of my love. He says I will always love my Pragya and can’t love her lookalike. He holds his hands and asks her to be away from him.

Pragya comes to know about the bomb in the guitar. Simonika asks Abhi to perform in the concert and says you are a rockstar because of your fans. Abhi refuses to perform and is about to throw the guitar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Noor9731

    Thank you 🙂 And please can you write more detailed? Because I don’t fully understand Hindi so I don’t understand what they are saying in some conversations :))

    1. Hi! There is an insta account where every clip of the episode is being translated in English you can understand all the conversations, it may take time but it’s really worth it. It’s what I do, look for TSVIDZZ.

      1. Noor9731

        Thank you Bahia 🙂

  2. afifa saadaoui

    100 episode for pragya to know the killer and 100 episode for munni to come back and tell the truth of alya and tanu 100 episodes for abhi to know pragya and 100 episodes so that all the problems will be solved from the life of pragya and abhi … it is nonsense
    stop playing with the viewers as they stop watching kumkum bhagya.

    1. Chaaya

      Waah !!! Shabash! ?? Moral of the story it’s not good to lie in everyday life. Never good to lie to one’s anyone loves . . .okay lying to evil humans who would kill . . .but evil thrives on the truth on these sitcoms (serials) and good in these serials mean something totally different. It’s the Hellywood code . . .yes, I mean Hellywood not Hollywood.

      As an aside people should do some homework on the meaning of Holly wood . . .the wands of witches and warlocks used the wood of the holly tree branches to make their wants to cast their spell. Mainstream Indian television is an off shoot of the Bollywood industry and in the early inception of Bollywood the French Lumière brothers sent a man named Marius Sestier to screen their short films to a mostly British audience at the swanky Watson hotel . . .in fact the British wanted to repackage the culture in a western framework and Re-Sell an reinterpret what Indian culture was, is ? It’s about corrupting minds for money . . .it was done in the West and our industry is incessestuous or rather closed an inbred born out of the secret society world. Don’t take what you see, none of it seriously . . .based on a cult of beliefs. Look at what is going on in Helly woid these days . . .casting couch s*x scandals . . .the acting world is licentious and if one wants to make great dramas and films you have to stay small.

      1. Chaaya

        Oops meant to make wands . . . Witches sticks to cast spells.

  3. Stop this serial its non sense

  4. Please change the story line it’s totally boring part of the story track we want abhigya a normal happy life without villains interference in their life

  5. Y is pragya taking so long n to tell him the truth n dhe should show him where munni is

  6. What is wrong with the real Pragya? What is wrong if she exposes her identity? Now in case Munni is dead it will be easier for Tanu and Aaliya to continue their villainy. Stupid story line!!

  7. Whoever is in charge of this show, should go commit suicide because I don’t think this person. wants Abhigya happy at all. So now Pragya has to again lie to her Husband and Tanu and Aaliya have to succeed again at ruining their lives, and another person will have to die, then someone else will lose their memory… oh for f***s sake, can they stop messing up with the story line and repeating themselves over and over just for 1000 and over episodes? Exploitation of fan’s time.

  8. Chaaya

    What I know is that the South Asian world and minds are way smarter than these foolish and badly written soapbox stories. Stay smart India . . .p!ease do not make television useless as in North America. Most North Americans are cancelltheir cable and if they keep it it is for new updates and all of that us silly American politics and rogue news. It is refreshing to still see a group of intelligent commentary on Telly Updates . . ?

    1. Chaaya

      Oops, too fast . . .meant I keep my television only to see some news but the shows are useless. The movie theatres are also getting less turnout . . .so much so this summer past some theatres cut the prices. People are tired of evil and we already live in world threatening us about wars, etc. What is evil will die.

    2. I agree with all your comments, I’m also pleased to find interesting ones in this page… I keep coming back here because I fail to understand how a show which had lost everything (no storyline anymore, lead characters become like a blank page every time the script changes they do the same thing), how can a show like this still good at rating ?? For some time I felt sorry for the writer, than for the characters, after that for the actors, suddenly it hit me, I really feel sorry for me, for the audience who encourage such regressive TV shows.
      OK ! It legit, we’re curious to see the end of this story…everyone must have a reason to continue watching (any reason can do shabbir and sriti are the most common one)…but how can some of the fans (there’s lots of them just check social media) keep playing the blame game, how can someone still wonder why pragya is doing this or that ?.. who’s pragya ? Where’s Pragya ? She no longer exists , the one we knew at the beginning of the show is gone… As for abhi, is this the right kind of evolution a character like him go through for 4 years, 4 years of pain, betray and death…. I will just stop here….

  9. Oo please stop this nonsense,otherwise no one watch this serial
    Why r u taking so much tym to expose tanu and aaliya…..please stop this nonsense and end this munni’s drama……

  10. Iam fed up nowplease let this couple be happy for once please

  11. They are dragging too much

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