Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab telling Pragya that she will get Abhi’s sympathy and love now, as Abhi will think him bad now. Pragya says you have done this to unite us. Purab says I have no reason to live, and I just remember the promise made to Bulbul. He says once you unite with him, I will feel that I met with Bulbul also. I will love her all my life. He says Abhi will get feelings for you and will think that I have done bad with you. Pragya is in tears and says you are really bad. Purab says I am doing this for my sister and asks her to go to Abhi now. Pragya goes. Tanu looks at her sandal and cries, thinking I went there to break Pragya’s ego, but had broken my sandal. Aaliya comes there and asks her to stop crying. She talks about Purab. Tanu says he did wrong with the girl. Aaliya says

Purab is faithful to Bulbul and will never do such a thing. Tanu says Abhi and Pragya was dancing like a long lost couple.

Aaliya thinks about Purab’s words that he loves Pragya. She understands his plan and tells Tanu that Purab did all this to unite Abhi and Pragya. Tanu says why he would go to jail to unite them. Aaliya says he is not less than a Lakshman for Abhi, and says he becomes Hanuman for Pragya/Sita. She says Purab tried to save Sita and wants her to unite with Ram. Tanu says yes. Aaliya says Purab is successful in his plan. Tanu says I wish that their car be punctured and they get lost in jungle. Aaliya asks her to wish something good, else they will come after marrying home. Pragya wishes that every sister should get a brother like Purab. Abhi thinks Pragya is so much tensed about Purab and thinks to do something to cheer her up. He starts searching something near the cars, and says it was here only. Pragya asks what you are searching. Abhi says my car…Pragya says someone might have stolen it. Abhi says who will steal at this time. Pragya asks him to check. They argue. Abhi sees Constable and says I want to talk to you. Constable says rockstar is standing infront of me and slaps him to make himself believe. Abhi asks him to solve his enquiry. Constable asks him to pose for selfie so that he can show this to his wife.

Abhi and Pragya pose with him. Abhi asks about his car. Constable laughs and says it is stolen. He says our jeep was stolen, and we didn’t get it back. Abhi seems to be shocked. Constable asks him to get FIR written. Abhi says this is my first time. They were laughing on road while walking, and tells that car is stolen infront of police station. Pragya says we will steal their keys and will free Purab. Abhi asks what did Kanoon do with its long hands…Pragya laughs. Abhi says I always wanted to see you happy and you have someone to share the happiness with you. Sanam Re plays…….Pragya gets sad again. Abhi thinks she became sad again, how to cheer her up.

Pragya thinks my happiness is because of you, and if you are with me then all world is with me. Suddenly they hear thunderstorm..Abhi says they will get drenched in unseasonal rain and asks her to run. They take shelter in some place…..Sanam Re plays again. They have an eye lock. Abhi is about to kiss her, but stops himself. He thinks what I am doing, she is Purab’s girlfriend. Pragya thinks he might be feeling guilty. Nikhil is in his car nearby there, and thinks weather is good, but he has no girlfriend for romance.

Nikhil sees Pragya with Abhi, and thinks to make Tanu jealous. He says she left me for Abhi, and he is romancing here with his wife. Aaliya is speaking to Tanu and tells that she doesn’t know where is Abhi and Pragya, but sees her sleeping and goes. Tanu wakes up and attends Nikhil’s call. She says I can talk only if there is something important. Nikhil says I have important news for you. Tanu says you always give bad news. Nikhil says I gave you good news, but you gave Abhi’s name to it. Tanu asks him to shut up. Nikhil laughs and asks if she knows where is Abhi? Tanu says Abhi and Pragya are in the Police station. Nikhil tells her that they are romancing somewhere. Tanu is shocked.

He tells that they were doing moon walk and took shelter seeing rain. Tanu asks where are you? Nikhil says I am doing my routine. Abhi seems like forgotten that he is about to marry you. He ends the call asking her to decide if this is good or bad news. Tanu thinks I should have wished for something else.

Pragya gets concerned for Abhi and covers him with her dupatta. She gets so close to him and looks on. Abhi also looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode is awesome… Waiting for tomorrow episode…..

  2. wow something good that writers are giving to fans after a long time!!!
    really feeling bad for purab!!!want his love of his life bulbul back!!!!
    abhi and pragya romancing wow!!!! don’t do anything to make them separate pls writers its a request…

  3. Sweet episode…thanks H. Hasan to upload early <3

  4. five minutes good stuff and the rest arsness with Nikhil going of all place where abhi and pragya is….and alia figuring out everything….steupes…

  5. Yeah I feel bad about purab he is sacrificing to make abhi and pragya together. I just wish bulbul comes back. Even if its new bulbul ok because for new purab new bulbul will be ok. Though I still miss old purab and bulbul jodi so much that I still watch their old episodes again. I just loved watching them together.

  6. Why do I feel something is bound to happen now since that monkey seen abhi and pragya together? Monkey is nikill. And I think now they might make even more bigger plan specially alliya.

  7. Hiranmaychellapat

    Today episode is so sweet . abhi you are really good guy and I proud of you. purab you are touching my heart .

  8. some part were good however some view were not making sence

  9. Nice episode

  10. Still after stop watching nothing is happening. What are the writers trying to do get to a 1000 episode on foolishness.

    1. Trisha

      That’s exactly what they’re trying to do???

  11. the episode was ok however I have the feeling the witch Aliyas going to do something bad again

  12. malika carter

    wow great episode feeling terrible for purab we need bulbul back in kkb let purab love story end wonderful
    gud job abi

  13. Nice epi

  14. SavitaVidya

    wat wud KKB be withut with Aliya ruining all our hapiness!!!! good episode though!

  15. kumkum bhagya

    we are very excited to see tonight episode and hope abhigya unit soon

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