Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu thinking about Aaliya’s words and thinks she has done wrong with Abhi. She thinks if Abhi leaves the house, then…She thinks she will think and meet Abhi tomorrow. Abhi also thinks about Aaliya’s words and thinks why he is recalling this again and again. Pragya thinks I can’t see him like this, and thinks he needs my support. He didn’t know his sister’s truth, but I know her truth. I have to take care of him and help him come out of depression. Pragya asks him not to cry. Abhi asks her to leave him alone. Pragya says I am going tomorrow and asks him to talk or fight with her for last time, as he will miss her. She sits beside him and says I know what you are feeling now. Abhi says you can’t feel what I am going through. Pragya says I understand your pain

and have solution for it also. She hugs him. Abhi breaks the hug and says you can’t understand my pain. He says I have brought her up and brought everything before she would ask for it. He says I would have name my property on her name if she had asked me, but she have taken revenge from me and showed me that she is rich today.

Pragya tries talking to him. Abhi says I loved you, but you have snatched my everything. You are now showing sympathy as you have become poor. Pragya says you have also betrayed me and taken my signatures. Abhi says he has taken her signatures to get his property. Pragya says okay and asks him to forgive her. Abhi refuses and says his heart doesn’t allow him to believe on anyone. He blames his destiny. Pragya hugs him and asks him not to curse his destiny. She asks him to give her a chance. Abhi says so that you can betray me again and asks her to leave him alone, as he can’t bear any more betrayal. Pragya cries and says I won’t leave you, please believe on me. If you have loved me once that please believe me. She hugs him and cries. Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays……………….She wipes his tears and asks him to close eyes, and think that he is in other world.

In the morning, Abhi wakes up and thinks if Pragya left. He thinks he doesn’t have anything then why does she said that she will not leave me. Pragya comes to room. Abhi tries talking to her. Pragya says I have supported you as you was sad. Abhi asks why you give me false hope and asks why she want to stay with him, as there is nothing left with him. Pragya says you will not understand. Abhi says I have understood, and says I am a rockstar and will get money if I do 2-3 concerts. Pragya says you have become clever as you are staying with me. She says you would have thrown me out of house after taking my signatures. Abhi says who told you this? Pragya says I will not leave this house if you asks me. Abhi worries about Aaliya. Pragya says if you want me to stay in the house, then what about Aaliya, even God can’t send me out. Abhi thinks why she is talking so confidently. Pragya challenges and asks him not to call her mogambo if she wins the challenge. Abhi asks her to take her bag and says if you wins, then I will make you wear your specs, and if you lose then you have to leave with your bag. Pragya says this will not happen. Saiyyara Re plays…………Abhi wonders what she is going to do.

Aaliya says it is going to be 10 am and Pragya must have left by now. Tanu says I don’t think that she will leave without any drama. Aaliya calls Mitali, asks her to go to Pragya’s room and if she is there, kick her out. She asks Tai ji to bring her special breakfast. Mitali sees Pragya coming down herself, and thinks her hands will not be pained. She asks where is your stuff? What did you think that I am your servant and says Aaliya said this. Pragya comes downstairs. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya will cry and pleads for forgiveness. She says she will start her emotional drama. Tanu says she want to beat and kick her out. Aaliya says who have stopped you? Pragya goes past behind them and sits on sofa. Aaliya asks how dare you to sit? And says you should have left by 10 am. She asks her to take her stuff and leave. Pragya says if I don’t leave then….Aaliya says she will kick her out of house and calls Raj, Akash, and Robin. Abhi thinks Dadi might hear Aaliya’s voice and thinks to stop her as she couldn’t bear it. Dadi asks what is happening? Abhi tells 24 hours are over and Aaliya is doing drama. Dadi asks him not to worry and says I will not leave Aaliya today. I will teach her a lesson and she will be punished. She asks Dasi and Abhi to come.

Raj asks Aaliya why she is shouting? Aaliya says she asked Pragya to leave before 10 am, and says if anyone goes against her then they have to bear her anger. She asks Raj to kick Pragya out of house. Pragya says nobody will move from their place. Aaliya says so you are ordering them. Pragya says I can give you order too, and says everyone will see who is the real boss? Aaliya says I am the boss. Pragya says one should forget the dream in the morning. Aaliya asks Raj and Taya ji to kick her out. Pragya says I get worried about think and says you might get mad because of your frustation. She says I know how you got your name written removing Abhi Mehra’s name.

Pragya tells Aaliya that she has the CCTV footage of the room where she had stolen the papers, and also the proof when she had explained her plan to Raj and Tanu. Aaliya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. o thanx god toya wao episode

  2. Gud nd luvly episode of ekta after a long gap…..hope tat something gud ll happen in kkb……not tat evils should win again nd d bst part is precap cant wait to watch tis.oh god when ll d day run

  3. Hm yeah such a fantastic episode naalaiku sothapama pragya da plan successa nadantha superb………………

  4. As v saw segment vnr sure this s not anybody’s dream so guys don doubt
    This tym fa sure aaliya is trapped so enjoy

  5. Super bt abhi u need 2 get sometink 4 ur stupid brain.

  6. Waiting for today episode
    May be today episode will rockz

  7. Wow soo nice ep waiting 4 2marow what’s happening

  8. Nice . But the promo … If it was a dream … Or if alia steals that proof (like always ) … Then it will be a goodbye from my side to kkb

  9. god pls give specs to pragya we love her with that . unite abigya

  10. really nice one

  11. Finally!!! The track is moving forward… At least some truth revealed
    Abhinwill slap Aaliya and she will be taken by police. Hoping Tanu will now be kicked out too! Best episode in a long long time

  12. what will abhi do when he comes to know about dadi, purab also cheated him like pragya

  13. Stuck,going on any going on ,same thing

  14. Abhi is so intelligent and clever. How he made challenge in his favour from both the sides. One side, he says to pragya that if u lose then u have to live like before as simple and other side he says to her that if if she will win the he will make her wear spects. So both the sides challenge will b in his favour as he wants his fuggy back in both the situations. Now let’s see if pragya will get agree for it or not becoz according to her challenge if she will win then sbhi will not call her mogambo. So noe it is left to see how abhi will make her agree for this? He rolled his talk like jalebi and made it in his favour.?I was reading many comments of India forum, they all r confused regarding the challenge between abhigya. I was literally laughing after reading their comments and was thinking that why and how pragya has not confused like audience? Did she not understand abhi’s challenge fully or she just pretending as she is ready for completing his challenge. Well if she understood or not but it will b interesting to see how will abhi make her agree for completing the conditions of his challenge???

    1. Ya pratiksha whether they ll cheat us lik before. She may tell some reasons na to escape from tat. R she may act like before (lik lady mogambo)… Then y no new updates too.. U know anything about

    2. Hehehe He first agreed but then added about making her wear specs, at end of conversation.

      Based on their mood, either of them can deny the challenge. But will he stop calling her Mogambo, am not sure. If he wants to tease her, will continue calling so. Because he had doubts on what she will do to stay back. She for sure knew of her plan success as she had proofs. So he may say that all is preplanned n may complain about it.

      As for Pragya she will escape with some excuse, but she will be happy to know that Abhi wanted her to stay back, even after getting POA papers. Let us see.

  15. Episode is good..its too late to know about tanu and aliyas truth..i m waiting for updates..but pls plan will be favour for pragya….

  16. I donno y but I like this serial..especially abhigya parts..they are cute together..

  17. I’m exicited for today’s episode when pragya kicks aliyah out of the house

  18. ha ha ha…sema…always pragya talk like smart…but end with comedy….sritjha s fantastic actreess….but pragya s so called dumb…past 1 year she said to expose alia n tanu…still now…she deliver very big punch dialogue like hero…ha ha ha but comedy piece…better kill pragya instead of bulbul…how long tanu in 3 month…2015 feb she has pregnant in 2 month…after 1 year she is in 3rd month…wat a makeover director

  19. Any updates pratiksha ?

  20. After watching yesterday’s episode of abhigya’s scene, the memory of jodha Akbar’s show’s came in my mind. At that time i felt that Abhigya’s story is almost like jodha akbar,. They meets with each by destiny like jodha Akbar, they become married on revenge bases like jodha Akbar, their relationship started from hate like jodha Akbar but their hates become the reason of their true pure and deep love for each other like jodha Akbar and between all this they r facing hurdles and enemies in their life like jodha Akbar. Their love went through so many test and complications like jodha- akbar.Even their nok- jhoks also similar with jodha Akbar. Like akbar, abhi’s passion is pragya and like jodha, pragya’s worship is abhi in love. So they r almost our new generation’s jodha- Akbar.

  21. Nice comparison prathiksha

  22. Nice episode i think soon aaliya and tanu will be out of the house and abhi and pragya romance will start

  23. Join them so only then only the episode become good waiting fr that

  24. any segment update guys..????

  25. Anyone know whre I can watch free kumkum bhagya plz

  26. Guys highlights of today’s episode’s- Finally pragya has exposed aaliya in front if everyone. Abhi slaps aaliya hard. Abhi calls police. Police takes pragya with them after arresting her. Abhi and dadi gets sad after all this. Everybody gathers in hall and listens abhi and dadi’s talks. Purab and dadi consoles abhi. Abhi says thanks to pragya for showing him aaliya’s truth and real face. Pragya explains him about her plan in their room that how she caught aaliya. But they still didn’t know that aaliya is behind all the attacks. Pragya unpacks her bag.

    1. Sorry guys I wrote mistakenly pragya’s name. It’s aaliya whom police arrested.

      1. Wow…Even we also waiting to know how pragya caught aliya…

    2. Guys one more gud news from today’s episode for u all. I couldn’t stop my self to share this. I doesn’t know if this is true or not but I just read on India forum. Someone has shared this news about today’s episode. so I m telling to all of u that in today’s episode abhi will say to pragya that he wants his fuggy back and pragya told him that not now but fuggy will come after exposing everyone. So guys it means now abhi knows that pragya is doing all this drama becpz of some serious and strong reasons like aaliya’s. Guys if it will happen then we fans will b on cloud 9.?

  27. pragya will come in fuggi getup after alia’s exit

  28. Oh shit after many days something good happened.

  29. What crap! the precap is misleading. I saw the show and Pragya said “…when you were explaining to THESE two.” She did not name names , so Tanu and Raj are still not exposed.

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