Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu coming to the said place, and thinks Nikhil called her at a scary place. Nikhil comes and says it is a romantic place for passionate lovers. Tanu scolds him and asks what is the surprise. Nikhil asks her not to react and hear him fully. Pragya thinks what to do as Tanu went somewhere there. Abhi thinks it is like ghost place. He wonders where is Pragya? He sits down scared . Nikhil brings Tanu to the place where he kept Sarla. Tanu scolds him for not killing Sarla. Nikhil says she is saying fake stories, and I have a doubt on her. He says today you got blackmailer’s call and that means she is not real blackmailer, but know his name. Tanu asks him to kill her. Nikhil says he will make Sarla tell the blackmailer’s name and then he will kill her. Tanu says I am going

now. You should give me news that Bulbul’s mum reached Bulbul. Nikhil asks her not to worry. Pragya comes and pats on Abhi’s shoulder. Abhi thinks ghost is talking in Pragya’s voice and thinks he don’t know even hanuman chalisa. Pragya asks what happened to him? He says he was searching.He says you lied to me about blue color dress girl, and asks her to tell truth. They hear the voice and follow the person. Dadi tells Dasi about Sarla’s kidnapping and asks what is her decision now. Mitali hears her. Purab calls Dadi. Dadi says she doesn’t know where is Abhi and Pragya. Purab says he is in police station, but will call them. Dasi asks if there is anything else also. Dadi says she started again. Dasi asks Dadi why did you tell Purab to be with Pragya. Dadi says so that Purab can inform me and I can inform Abhi.

Purab calls Pragya and asks where are you? Pragya says she is near now. Abhi takes the call and asks if he is in commissioner’s office. Purab says I am with commissioner and gives call to him. Commissioner says we are searching our team and Purab will be with us. Tanu thinks Nikhil should kill Sarla fast, so that her trouble ends. She thinks Abhi and Pragya shouldn’t be doubtful about her. Abhi tells that no one is here, and asks if she really came to meet any girl. Pragya says yes. Just then they hear someone going in car. Pragya scolds Abhi and says the person have left seeing you. Tanu comes back home and thinks life has changed and have become troublesome, but before that it was all well. She looks for Abhi and thinks he must not have talked to Pragya. She wonders if they are together.

Tanu asks Dadi if she knows where is Abhi? Dadi tells she doesn’t know where is he? She says nobody tells her where they are going etc and scolds her for coming late. She says you are going to be my bahu and asks her not to roam in night. Tanu agrees and thinks until when she will be alive. She collides with Mitali and asks why she came in her way. She tells she is looking for Abhi. Mitali tells her that Abhi and Pragya went to search Pragya as she went missing. She reads her face and says it seems you are involved in her kidnapping. Tanu looks angrily and says she don’t care. Mitali says you are acting as innocent as if you haven’t planned anything with Aaliya.

Pragya calls for Sarla and cries. She tells Abhi that she lost Bulbul and now Maa. She says you have a family, and why you will care for me. Abhi says she was like my mum and I am trying to find her madly. He gets upset. He picks some sticks to set fire.

Abhi talks to Dadi on phone and says what to do to his heart as he can’t get separated from Pragya at this moment.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • GiGi

      How can Nikkil want to be with and think that he is in love with a little ANIMAL like “tanu”???? She always wants someone to be killed so that she can have what she wants! She is a dirty ANIMAL and he is too.

  1. sona

    This serial become worsen day by day first bulbul dead n now sarla who met with an accident n dead. director love the tanu character than the other characters in the serial that’s why whenever someone know the truth about tanu they killed them n start dragging the story. Director must killed the pragya also n let the tanu marry to abhi with baby.

  2. today’s episode was little gud but this time also pragya missed takhil and now where they will find sarla ???????? so no idea that raaj’s help for pragya in tanu’s matter pratiksha i don’t know to whom mitali is supporting for pragya or tanu ??? and i think during day time abhigya will return to mm and in new segment update i mean sarla maa accident pragya and abhi r in different costumes and pratiksha and guys will sarla lose her memory by this accident i think CVS will do something like coma or memory loss any idea about it pls tell me guys ????

    • Reji I think sarla maa will b unconscious for some days but she will gain consciousness on that time when it will mostly needed, may b on the time of climax of the track. Otherwise what will b the iluse of sarla maa knowing about takhil. Well lets see. And about mitali so she is still no one’s side, she is just spying on each and every person for own self. That’s it. But this is sure that where she will see her benefit, she will go only that side becoz she never remained wellwisher of any one person.

    • I am really very fed up of reading updates.. This show is being drageed overly… I think they will reunite Pragya and Abhi tomorrow…. I think Sarla maa will takhil infront of Abhigya..

  3. madhu

    I’m a silent reader in this page .how many days fans would wait for abhigya reunion …this cvs is always dragginggggggggggggg the story .

  4. Amreen

    Oh ….. When will this Tanu be exposed very in front of abhi …. Waiting for that day…. Now the track is really boring.

  5. Brintha

    All three culprits wud hv exposed each 25 episodes..with 75 episodes thy cud hv started abhigya story…150 episodes still they are stretching….tooooooooooooo much stretching…bakwass cvs…bakwass ektha…

    • Kirthy

      I only read the update…..since two month I can’t watch zeetv :(. I also feel it is short. But today nothing interesting happened :S. But precap looks interesting.

      Dear ABHI please get out of tanus fangs. Please wake up, open your eyes and see your love pragya!

      @Hasan thank you very much for sacrificing your time and write the update for us. I really appreciate your kidness!

      What do you guys think about valentine? Will abhi and pragya come closer? I think they will find a valentine cake or some valentines food and share it.

      Evalathukku intha drama pooppothu enru parpom! I am very patient but they are streching it to my limit. Nan tamile podum pothu than pakke thodanginan, but people who are looking it for two years….Heads off ^^

  6. I m dead bored with this kkb.. I used to watch it so desperately but now a days I m just not bothering much as it is not at all moving further.. Pls writers pakao mat!!

  7. saliu

    hy guys did any one seen spoiler alert

    sarla ma is gng to die
    wat is this yaar
    every time some as to die for tru
    reveal hooo wat is god
    the writer is very much talented in writing story
    that kkb fans will see serial wat ever twist is there in that
    but im nt gng to see the kkb no more wen sarla ma die in kkb
    that is not at all crct first her sister has dead bulbul has supported pragya she dead
    and again sarla ma supporting now she is gng to di
    then the ppl who are supporting pragya
    ??? im geeting irrattion wat is this all
    ?? can any one plz reply

    • ramya

      From wher u read this saliu .. I don think it vl happen first of al v al hope tat bulbul vl b back so don worry yaar .. Pragya vl not b losing anyone .. Al these r jus temporary pblms .. She ll get back bulbul n her maa soon .. Also guys I’m jus doubtn one thing .. Since al guessing tat sarla MA vl go memory loss .. Bt the CVS vl do wt v don even guess .. So the CVS vl make aum otgr twist in this .. So wt it vl b .. Pratiksha sahithi billu any guess? Alwz these CVS vl go fa the nth possibility .. So wt it wud be ? Any guess?

    • ramya

      Haan dear .. Yua caln others fake ? Tas gud actually .. It wil b great if you’d change yua mail ids while changing the names too .. Hope u guys understand the same blue ID janhavi 😉 ganga 😉 Jana 😉 only mad wil cal others mad ..

  8. janu

    Pls keep ur all stupid comments with yourself useless people look into ur families mentals stupids idiots pls clean ur sandas first then clean others.. Thuuu chi

  9. ramya

    U itslf teln I’m bored of this kkb n your next comment wit diff name bt same ID as nice
    . im sure you re mentally ill .. Jus join a mental asylum .. Go live your life .. I’m no more interested in replyn .. You jus blabber wat ever u wan .. I won b answering u anymore .. Shout loud janu ass

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hahaaaa lol I dnt watch…I always read comments more entertaining than boring series…lol…tel me is ekta the only producer in serials????

  11. Ruhi

    I totally agree with ramya
    bcz truth hv to win one day
    N for pragyabhi i m enjoying derrr lovestory as it corelates with real lovers bcz everyone dont get the happily married lyf with the person he or she loves the most n blv me they cries by heart xctly like pragyabhi
    Feel derr emotions i really bet that u all will cry with both of them
    if u r a true lover

  12. khushi

    Sale kamino writers ek abi ko tanu se bachane ke liye aur kitne character ko maroge and prgya sali ma bahan ko kha kr pati ko bachaegi kya, kuch bi dikha do salo

  13. naren

    I don’t think so the truth will come out from sarla. I think it is only come from tanu’s mouth then only it will be good

  14. saliu

    janu just shut up
    who are u to scold me like saliu is fake
    i have read from spoiler alert just go and see in webiste
    stop scolding other
    may be it happens nt happens
    why we need to fight her wat ever we think we post here so wats ur problm
    one thing we all fans of kkb
    thats it

  15. anne

    very nice precap abhi saying to his dadi that he cannot separate frm his sweetheart really happy n very good to tanu do somemore things which is not good so tht abhi can get closer to his sweetheart i m happy with the precap nice yaa.

  16. Anu

    It seems the whole valentines special is just an illusion. Either Abhi is sympathizing with pragya for her losses(Bulubul and Sarla) or its just there souls being shown hugging and expressing their feelings.

    KKB’s flow is not allowing us to be optimistic about their relationship, we expected something fruitful to happen on Ganesh Chathurthi, Dussehra, Deepawali, Christmas, New Year, yet nothing happened. It doesn’t seems to help any viewers with a good show.

  17. minna

    Relax they won’t kill Sarla she will just lose memory and not b able to reveal names. Serial will go on… Pragua will cry MA injured abhi will sympathize tanu will not b able to take him to altar Purab Ronnie will still hunt for guy tanu will add another few months to her pregnant state and kkb will carry on till all the viewers leave.

  18. minna

    Some pregnancy Tanu has more than a year pregnant no morning sickness no body changing shape and size no marriage still wearing short dresses (body hugging) and heels two men in her sights. Wow!!! Quite obvious story writers are Bachelors and definetly uninformed males

  19. Razia

    I don think sarla ma vl die .. She has to leav .. Fa the mehras is tat written tat the aroras shud sacrifice their life .. May b its a spoiler which vk nt turn true .. I’m stil having hope one day bulbul vl b back n sarla ma too vl recover .. Bt the question is vl the CVS take sarla fa memory loss to drag the show ? I don think so .. Since many of the fans guess so definitely it I’ll nt happen so let’s wait fa a diff twist .. N guys vl thr b any new segments today ?

  20. Riya

    They just showed fake valentine’s day special promo… But today nothing like special scenes of abhigya…

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