Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Corporator calling Pragya as Abhi and asking her location. Pragya asks what happened to his voice. He says he has changed voice to stop people identifying him and asks again where is she. She tells her location as behind baskets. He reaches there. Abhi also reaches there, a basket falls, he keeps it back and leaves. Neither Pragya nor he see each other. Corporator hides seeing him. Abhi just stands at a distance. Corporator goes and is about to catch Pragya when she runs again, does not see Abhi at all. Corporator runs behind her. She hides. Abhi starts searching her and calls Fuggi. She hears his voice and comes out of hideout. Kidnapper’s goon catches and holds her mouth. Abhi comes near her and before reaches, goons drags Fuggy from there. Abhi

continues searching Fuggi.

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Purab reaches the venue with Suresh, Bulbul, and police and they all start searching her.

Goon takes Pragya back to Corporator’s den. Hitman comes and asks him to show the victim. He drags Pragya out. Hitman says even with his voice, she will die. Goon says she is Abhi’s wife. Goon fixes silencer on his gun and is about to shoot Pragya when someone hit his hand and bullet is shot on a dram. Abhi hears sound nearby. Corporator is the one who saves Pragya. Hitman asks why did he save her. Corporator says he does not want to kill her and asks to tie her hand and take her from here.

Abhi continues searching her and calls number, but number is switched off. Purab, Bubul, and police also come to the spot and tell they did not find Pragya. Abhi shouts Fuggi repeatedly sadly. He says Fuggi’s bangle on floor and tells inspector that Pragya is somewhere, so he should block to whole area to stop kidnappers from escaping.

Daadi asks Daadi to eat food, but Daadi does not and says until Abhi brings Pragya, she will not. Daasi says Abhi has gone out and if he will know that she is not eaten, he will get worried more. Daadi agrees and eats food.

Aaliya calls Abhi and asks where is he, if Pragya called him. He says yes and says he is busy searching Pragya. Aaliya says she will come there. He asks her not to and cuts call. Aaliya tells her puppet Tanu that Corporator is not picking her call at all and is up to something.

Sarla starts crying thinking about Pragya. Daadi asks Purbi to call Bulbul and find out. Purbi says Bulbul told before they could reach there, kidnappers eloped with Pragya. Sarla asks why did not she call her. Purbi says she did not want to frighten her and says if Abhi sees them not eating food and worried, he will feel bad. Daadi says she is right.

Bulbul gets emotional and asks Purab why will anyone kidnap Pragya. Purab consoles her and asks her to stop crying. Inspector shows area map to Abhi and says there are only 3 roads to go out. Abhi asks him to block all 3 roads.

Precap: Corporator asks his goon to find a way to get out from here. Goon says there is a subway before market road through which they can escape.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. call CID….
    kya faltu time waste

  2. Each day the story line and Pragya just gets more & more ridiculous ………Seriously???

  3. Hey guys. At least this track will make Abhi realize some sort of connection to his fuggy. Also, I’m glad that this track wouldn’t take as long as the mms track. 🙂

    1. agree….may b Abhi will realize pragya’s importance in his…


    plz dont drag so much …just make Abhi feel of Pragya…hope they vl meet soon

  5. Abigya & Rabul What a beautiful couples! but rather concentrating on their love.. They bring such a stupid track.. KKB makers sucks..

  6. god for hw long years wil dis crap b gng on ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    dats d reason for low trp rates..
    nice happend…

  7. Hey superb abhi now this series will be amazing and now abhi will realize that he too loves pragya

  8. 😈 . Aliya and Tanu you both very ************

  9. ;> Aaliya & Tanu ####s

  10. foolish pragya, hw she becm a professor??

    1. what’s wrong with being a professor ?? i don’t see anything wrong with that !!!

  11. Ah again again…repeating the same…grow up writers …viewers need something interesting…

  12. Hopefully by the time PrAgya and Anhi find each other they would have the courage to confess their love. Hope once exposed, corporater brings Tanu and Aliyah down as well

  13. Real dumb n waste of time

  14. All hell will break loose once they find Pragya n abhi will realize he loves her also I hope corporator Aaliyah n tanu will face wats coming to them

  15. Same sh_t different day.

  16. oh my Gosh , Pragya is kidnapped again !!!!!

  17. please put an end to this stupid kidnapping and just let abhi and pragya confess their love to each other so we can see some romance btw them

  18. Too much dragging stop it

  19. Ohhh Madam professor… U shoukd have bribed some one to get this… Nobody can be sp dumb as u.. Sati savitri ji grow up.. Main lead shoukd have been bulbul not pragya

  20. So at NO point in time, Pragya though it necessary to tell Abhi that it was the corporator and that he may come for her sister (since she knew that he actually intended to kidnap Bulbul)? I think for aan educated person, Pragya is not too bright hmph.

  21. bullshit

  22. stop the action get some abhi-pragya romance ! someone plz make sarla stop crying

  23. This was the dumbest episode of any programme I have ever watched.seriously!!pragya is the most idiotic character of any tv show I’ve ever watched.

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