Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Akash taking Suresh and Rachna for marriage. He looks at Rachna and she scolds him to stop watching her. He says she hates him even after he has changed and it is waste explaining him.

Aaliya taunts Sarla that she must be happy that her daughter is remarrying and says Bulbul must be thanks for it. She asks why she is thanking her. She says if she had not sent Purab in favor of Pragya, she would not have divorced Abhi, so because of her Pragya divorced and is remarrying. Mitali says she is happy that Pragya is finally getting out of this house, she was feeling suffocated in her own house because of Pragya. Bulbul asks them all to stop badmouthing her sister and they all start fighting. Abhi comes and asks him to relax and start dancing instead.

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Racha (who is pregnant since the serial started) comes with Suresh and Akash. Pragya looks at herself and gets sad. Abhi comes and says he will get her ready. He makes her wear jewelry and makeup while she silently watches and allows him. Mai tenu samjhawa ji….song plays in the background. He gets her dress and says he will dress her up, then says he cannot, else she will feel shame shame puppy shame, and walks out asking her to get ready soon.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she get ready so well for Pragya’s marriage. Aaliya says she is getting ready for Purab and wants him to realize what mistake he did by ditching her for Bulbul. Tanu asks if she has gone mad that she is thinking of Purab who walked out from mantap. Aaliya says she is not fool like her and Purab is her childhood love and will not leave him for Bulbul. She says now she is getting rid of Pragya, she will get rid of Bulbul soon and marry Purab.

Pragya gets ready in a bridal wear. Abhi comes back and starts is brainless baffoonery talks that she is looking pretty because of his makeup. She asks her to stop crying and ruin makeup and says if tears fall on her specs, she will start playing with Suresh instead of suhagrat, asks what she needs as marriage gift. She hugs him and asks him to stop marriage. He pushes her and says her talks will not change affect him and he will not change is decision, so she should stop crying and get down for marriage. He sees her wearing mangalstura and says she cannot wear his mangalsutra, so he himself will remove it. She turns back and he removes it.

Bulbul asks Suresh if he has any other wish than marrying Pragya and says he was always behind Pragya and when now she is in love with Abhi, he is forcing to marry her. She says he is very shameless. He asks her to stop blaming him and says she is also responsible for Pragya’s problem and says she does not know why he and Pragya are marrying. She says Pragya loves Abhi, so she agreed to marry you. He says he cannot see her in trouble, so he is marrying her and says he is not trying to impress her and get her back. Purab hears their conversation silently. Once Suresh leaves, Purab comes there. She says Suresh was telling lie and she loves only him. He asks her not to explain anything as he knows he loves only him.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and asks her to come out and get down for marriage. He does not find her and thinks she must be in balcony, checks there and find her veil instead.

Precap: Abhi tells Aaliya and Tanu that Pragya elope and must have gone to her mom’s house. Purab tells him hope Pragya does not suicide.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sabawoon Khan

    I think in Saturday’s episode the wedding will be stopped finally I hope we will se something good in Saturday’s maha episode

  2. Sabawoon Khan

    Guys we waited for weeks for something new wait one day more at least we will see some change poor pragya sje loves abhi soo much

  3. justif

    What writers did a bad job, pulling pragyas marriage to suresh for just 2 weeks.
    I want it to be for one more month. please.
    now trying to suicide incident just more more week only ?
    please pull it for one more month.
    please, so that we really loose interest in the serial.

  4. xyz

    Pragya and purab are totally bhai behen…….both thought on the same lines of doing suicide.hope now abhi will understand the plight of both pragya and purab.

  5. rabul fan

    Abhi really needs to learn from purab that how misunderstandinings can be avoided just by showing trust on whom you love.

  6. booringserial

    wow this is the best booring serial.
    do you guys find the similarity between this and the old serial “bade ache lagathe hai ?’
    trying to suicide on the balcony and the spouse saving. the spouse comes and tells how much he likes her. looks like they are reusing the scripts.

  7. rabul forever

    Oh my god this serial is pretty much getting on my nerve…..but still I watch just for my rabul.I love them so much.even if everyone will forget them ekta,cvs, or even their fans I will never forget them.love you my rabul, purab and his bulbul.

    • MaxRoyal

      Disagree. Dislike Bulbul. She is just like Sarla, loves to jump to WRONG conclusions, suffers from a strong need to blame someone and is very unforgiving. Just like Ahbi and his puppets. Being an under dog does not give you licence to be cruel to someone else (Purad and Suresh) for love of a relative.

      Both Purad and Suresh are fairly balanced and practical. Bulbul and her mother are both too intense and impulsive just making matters worse. I do not like them. They don’t impress me. Suresh and Purab do.

  8. James

    Oh my god this Suresh seems to be the biggest pest around first between abhigya and now between rabul too. but glad purab showed his intellegence.

  9. Hi

    I guess abhi is acting very smartly to make pragya to express her love.. once she propose her.. he will reveal the truth that he knows Tanu & Aliya made MMS and he will throw Tanu out of his life.. Gud acting by Abhi

    • bond

      I really don’t think anything like this gonna happen because abhi is the most dumb character ever.also this time they may expose tanu btw alia not at all.alia will be still in good books of his bhai and mislead him or plot against rabul.bt I hope she fails again.lol..

  10. Anonymous

    Tansu is a f**king prick.she should go die in hell as well as aliya.abhi is a f**king bastard for being so foolish.what dumbass retard and jackass.also tanu should go f**k here dad.doesn’t abhi known what will happen to his innocent grandma

  11. misha

    Hey would someone celebrate a wedding and all that dhoom dham while his dadi is in a critical position in the same house???? Honestly these indian serials think that people are very stupid! Is Abhi an idiot?? Maybe Suresh is the right man for Pragya after all? !!! Come on Ektaji inject some good sense in your serial please!

  12. Sabawoon Khan

    The main characters are abhi and pragya their acting is far better than bulbul and purab’s acting and they are soooooo silly

    • raj

      Rabul love is much better than abhigya s.bt as far as acting is concerned then sriti and shhabir are far much senior than mrunal and arjit, so difference in acting got to happen.who can say that it’s show of arjit taneja as purab and second of mrunal???

      • leela

        Oh really is it first show of purab aka arjit taneja….wow proud of him !!! Even proud of bulbul aka mrunal thakur.

  13. sun

    this serial is really getting on my nerves now, oh gosh i some change comes soon i have never seen another stupid man as abhi and pragya just wont say anything it is about time tanu, aliya and mitali shut up for good

  14. abby

    KumKum Bhagya:

    Abhi makes others helpless to commit suicide. He has made Pragya do stupidity this time. Abhi finds Pragya everywhere and finally sees her committing suicide. Pragya did not have any option to avoid the marriage with Suresh. Pragya stands on the terrace top to commit suicide and Abhi saves her as she slips and is about to fall. Prgaya hugs him and they have a romantic eyelock. They then start the arguments as always. Abhi asks Pragya to come with him and takes her again to Suresh. What will Pragya do now?

  15. Ohh i jst love purab n bulbul love stry more than abhigya … BcZzzzzz trust resides their rather thn tounting……. Love uhhhh bothhhh… Ummmma

  16. aa

    wow its one of d most worst shws ever seen…its d top in shwn al d crap n iritating people wid its story line………..cnt they stop dis n shw smthng gud?/story writers have gone mad 2 do a shw like dis n draging d thngs 2 their best so dat people wil get vexed up wid it n end up loosing interest in watchin it……..

  17. SARAH

    stp yar brng sme good thngs in serias fr ths all stupid thngs my mo doesnt watch this serial brng sme good thngs to watch this serials

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