Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi lifting Pragya in his arms and dancing with her..Hua Hai Aaj Pehlibaar song plays…………They have an eye lock. Pragya sees him gone and sits down cryingly. Sarla asks Janki to serve the food. Door bell rings. Janki opens the door and sees Pragya. Sarla is surprised to see her and asks her to come inside. They ask her to drink water and ask her to tell. Pragya tells them that Abhi is fine, had severe injury to his head and that’s why he got retrograde amnesia. She says he didn’t know that we are married. Doctor said that if we try to make him remember anything then he can slip into coma. She says Dadi asked me to leave the house for his sake, so I left…our relation is over now. She cries and goes to her room. Sarla feels her pain. When being at room, Pragya

looks at their pic and cries. She looks at fuggi toy and smiles cryingly. Hamari Adhuri plays……..She looks at their marriage pics etc and cries miserably.

Beeji says whatever happened is wrong. She says it was okay when Abhi and Pragya had a fight because of Tanu, but they were together. Sarla tells her that nothing can happen to Abhi and he will not go far from her, until she applies sindoor of his name and wears mangalsultra. She says they will pass this test too and unite. Beeji prays for them.

Abhi plays music on his instruments. Aaliya comes there and claps…She says it is superb and asks how can he do this? Abhi says hello sister from semester…He says I do this because I like doing it. Aaliya says there is nobody better than him in this whole universe. Abhi says even there is nobody like my sister. She tells that she got a contract for him and says it is signed for 2 crores rupees. Abhi says your studies are beneficial to me than you. Aaliya says I will also gets it benefit and says I will have 50 percent of your earnings. Abhi says whatever I earn is for you and Dadi…Aaliya says you mean everything. Abhi says nothing and laughs. Aaliya hugs him.

Beeji checks grocery list and also Sarla’s medicine list. She asks why didn’t you write your medicines and olive oil. Sarla says I will not die if I don’t take medicines for 2-3 months. She says my Pragya is bearing more pain than me. Beeji says yes, you said right, she has seen many things since a month. She says even things are getting costlier. Pragya hears them. Sarla asks her not to tell that their Kumkum Bhagya Marriage hall is sold now, as the builder’s plan is passed by BMC. She says we can’t tell our problems to her. Pragya thinks I couldn’t see their pain. She thinks our marriage hall is sold, and maa is stopping her medicines. She thinks she has become burden on family, and thinks to do some job and earn money. She thinks I have to do something so that they let me do work without knowing that I am working for money.

Purab asks Dadi, until when we will bear this. He says guilty people are ruling in this house and Pragya is outside and suffering. He says we know everything and have to do something. Dadi says our hands are cuffed, Doctor asked us not to tell him anything, if anything happens to him then I will not live, even this house. Purab says Aaliya is ruling in this house and taking advantage of Abhi. Dadi says that’s why I sent Akash and Rachna from here. I didn’t know until when to stop them. Purab says we have to think something to expose them and bring Pragya home. Dadi says we can’t do anything. Purab says we have to do something to bring his memory back. Dadi says never, as it is risky for his life. Purab agrees and goes. Dadi prays to God and tells him that she is becoming selfish in her family member’s eyes. She asks him to do something and make Abhi fine.

Purab collides with Aaliya and says sorry. He is about to go. Aaliya stops him and says I know you are angry with me. She says Abhi has forgiven me and asks him to forget the past and start refresh. Purab asks her to forget him and says he will never marry her. He says if you have ego and want to marry me, then even I have ego and I will never forgive you. Aaliya thinks he is showing ego even now and thinks he will bend down. She goes to meet Tanu.

Tanu asks if Abhi asked about her. She says she is excited to meet Abhi, the rockstar who was running behind the money. Aaliya says yes, he is just same to same like before. Tanu says I didn’t meet him for a month, and worries that Pragya will meet him. Aaliya says she will not come back for his well being and promises Tanu that she will be only there in his life.

Abhi asks Dadi, why he is getting hiccups. Dado says if somebody is far and remembers you then one gets hiccups. Abhi says you and Aaliya are here, then who is far and remembering me. Dadi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. shobana

    I don’t think this is a fresh story. Okay, I thought Tanu is going to be glamourous. But its alia. I am happy to see Pragya as fuggy. Its my long wait to see her as fuggy. Anyhow lets see in what way cvs are going to move the story further. Moving the story with kkb marriage hall is not fair. They have already showed 1000times in part 1.

  2. Pratiksha

    Guys today’s episode was an intro of kkb’s season-2. Show has taken leap of a month. Things has become again like before. Characters and their behavior r also same like before. Abhi turned as in his old rockstar mode and aliyaa is rulling on the Mehra house, on abhi and his business again. Sarla maa and pragya is struggling with their financial situation. Purab has become helpless. Dadi is becoming more selfish with each passing day. Only gud news and thing is that abhi has forgotten tanu also like pragya!! In whole episode and not even in precap, abhi didn’t took tanu’s name. Tanu is living at some other place and out from abhi’s house. She is still waiting to come back in Abhi’s life like before. But fear is this that abhi is dancing on aliyaa’s fingers again so she can easily fix tanu with him again. But hope is thus that most probably abhi shouldn’t get affected by tanu this time as only his mind has forgotten pragya but feelings r still safe in his hearts, only thing is needed that pragya should come Infront of abhi and i thunk this time their destiny will bring pragya Infront of abhi again and in back in his life again as everybody has lost their hopes that abhi will get his memory back ever as per as doctor’s advised it can b risky with his life. So Noone wants to take a chance to take this risk, not even pragya. Purab was wishing to do it but Dadi has stopped him. Pragya’s family will also not do anything becoz like pragya they also don’t want to take risk with abhi’s life by reminding him about his past and pragya. So most probably I feels this time, abhigya will meet with each other by destiny and their love story will also start by their own wish, not by anyone’s pressure and interference. Ya taaliya will b there to create hurdles between abhigya’s way but i think their attempts will b back fire on them and it will bring abhigya more closure to each other. Overall after watching today’s episode it seems that story is almost same like before but the only difference is relationships will start with freshness and bit differently , specially abhigya’s.

    • Mittenzz

      The good part is that Tanu too is out of his memory. I just hope he doesn’t take his hiccup to think that Tanu is the one who’s far and remembers him. I hope his path crosses with Pragya before Aaliya reintroduces him to Tanu.just please don’t drag the memory loss track. Keep things moving and solve conspiracies faster than you do in season 1

      • Pratiksha

        Ya mittenzz it’s time for abhi’s love test, what he said to pragya before accident that he loves him so much, whether he will b dead but his heart will not leave loving her and will always love her. So now it’s time to see how much his love is deep for pragya and how much his words were true. Whether his mind has been affected becoz of memory loss but his heart didn’t affect. That’s why I m saying that only thing is needed to pragya’s re-entry Infront of abhi. Abhigya have to come Infront of each other again and again and have to interact with each other more and more.

      • shobana

        Prathiksha, I think after seeing Pragya, abhi will feel that he has lived with her for years. If it happens then abhi’s heart is still loving Pragya and only Pragya.

      • Asmitha

        I think abhi remember tanu and he was not asking her because she is not came infront of him but if once he sees her then we have to see their old relationship again and in past also he didn’t think about her anytime so let’s see how cvs will show us but what my fear is in precap dadi sayings will effect abhi to think about tanu it may happen also

      • Mittenzz

        Yes he did vow in his heart before going over the cliff that his heart holds their love even in death. I believe when he meets Pragya his heart will indeed recognized what his brain won’t. He will be drawn to her constantly despite the changes going on around him and he won’t know why. If Aalyia gets the chance to place Tanu in his path, there won’t be any such connection with her and that is what is gonna rile Tanu, this disconnect. She will once again see the attraction between Pragya and Abhi and then the whole scheming gonna start again to separate them.
        I just hope thus time the writers wont make Abhi blind to this.

    • Reji

      Ya u r ryt Pratiksha !! If Abhi forgot tanu means how is this possible ?? No I mean Tanu is Aliya’s best friend She was in Abhi’s life before Pragya . but they r showing Abhi forgot Tanu also ..Ya I understand this to start a fresh start !!..U know one thing actually I didn’t start to watch kumkum bhagya at starting after Aliya and Purab’s engagement only i started to watch ..So now happy that going to watch kumkum bhagya with a new fresh start !!..😄😄😀😁😊

      • Pratiksha

        Reji by the past episodes, it seems tanu is no where in abhi’s mind yet. He is busy only with his family and giving importance to aliyaa and dadi. He didn’t took tanu’s name even a once, from when he came in consciousness. That’s why we r guessing that he forgot tanu also. Even taaliya r not sure that if abhi remember tanu or not? It seems from their conversation, That’s why tanu still didn’t met with him like pragya as doctor said that no body should come in front if abhi from his past, whom he forgot and that’s why I think they r waiting for abhi’s asking about tanu to make sure if he forgot her too or not so then they could fix tanu again in his life. But it is still not confirmed that abhi forgot tanu also or not? Although according to the beginning of the show, tanu was with him. But can’t say about CVS logics as they doesn’t care about logics mostly. So let’s see if abhi forgot tanu or not or how tanu will b enter in abhi’s life again or when pragya will enter in abhi’s life again before tanu or later but I think this time pragya will b enter in abhi’s life before tanu and she will b his first crush in this track, which will fall him for pragya all over again later. But let’s see what happens. I just want to tanu stay away from abhi this time as we have already tolerated her so much. It doesn’t matter if she will b present in the show but until she will b away from abhi like she is away in present time, then it will b most gud thing for this new beginning and a relief for us from her blabberings and screechings.

      • Sahithi

        Nope Aaliya will try force Tanu into Abhi’s life. Tanu is not part of Abhi’s family so he may not have asked for her yet. Aaliya n tanu both are skeptical about bringing Tanu in front of Abhi at this point. May be Aaliya is right that Tanu has to knock down few kgs and again become so called super model, start doing some modelling assignments and probably then its wise for her to come in front of Abhi.

        She will definitely come soon as Abhi’s gf, writers wont spare us for long with Tanu. Of course we wont see her doing any emotional blackmail immediately like we have seen using baby to trap Abhi. We can be happy to miss her screeching for sometime, till Pragya also re-enters the scene directly and will become a threat to Aaliya n Tanu’s happiness.

      • Asmitha

        Sahithi and other guys did anyone observed that in promo they changed Voice over of last part after abhi writing their names in her hand before they said that pragya last her hope and now they r saying will she again enters into abhi’s life

  3. adamu alhaji adamu

    It is NOT ur fault, your series is the worst and will remain the worst in the history of Indian series. ZEE TV shall stop airing kumkum byagya for the interest of peace and other related reasons.

  4. tenu

    everyone takes a forward loop and for a change kkb has taken a backward loop…
    anyways man its kkb which is always different and outstanding……

  5. Shreya

    Ekta kapoor ji band karwa do a serial bahut duaaye milegi apko kyok es serial ki story bas public ke liye sar dard hai …..wakwas ….aur boiring serial hai ye aise villen ko hi jitane type ke serial koe nhi dekhta

  6. Jasbir

    Bakwaas. Total bakwaas. I feel like throwing stones at Kapoor n writer house for showing such crap…..

  7. sapphire


  8. Koyel

    Abhi should forget Tanu also..and when abhi going for concert he should fall in love with Pragya thus tume..they can make the story like this. .this tym

  9. Anuradhai

    I think abhi is acting as memory loss… wen aliya say you mean everything.. he says nothing wit a smile… hope my story comes true.. ekta is not dumb to write a same story…

  10. nisha

    very happy to see pragya again as fuggi .butat the same time it’s very sad to see abhigya separate
    aaliya is going to take advantage of abhi as before.and this dadi she is chance less. disguisting on her. so selfish.let’s see what she will tell to abhi for his hiccups she will tell pragya or because of her selfishness she will tell that your died mom and dad is thinking you.if she tells like that also there is nothing to worry because she will always do this nonsense things for her selfishness.we want our abhigya back on the series like before

  11. elisha

    U writers id messing ppl life up with the shit u all showing everytime one thing over an over and for all the show it all one .an u keep showing how nice bad over good.it not nice u ppl need to change ur game in them show or else ppl will vote u all out an band them show the in countries.an stop prolonging them show just make it short an sweet an ppl will enjoy watching that

  12. priya

    although abhi lost his memory that doesn’t mean he will lose his love for pragya.
    its the heart that matter.
    please create a nice love and romantic story for us.
    please n thank u

  13. priya

    although abhi lost his memory that doesn’t mean he will lose his love for pragya.
    its the heart that matters.
    please create a love story

  14. Shaliza

    I always knew that Dadi was the cause for a lot of the problems, everything had to be kept in secrete, crazy old lady…dumb show…

  15. shivangi rathore

    i guess now pragya and abhi will meet again but ina dramatic way as pragya will start working n one fine day they will meet as strangers, n abhi will start feeling connected with her from first meet…. n then Fresh Abhigya story…

  16. Prashanth Dias

    Dear Author/Director/
    I am Prashanth Dias. I never watched serials in my life. I started watching this serial after my marriage in October 2016. It is because of my wife who is to watch this at my Prime News Time. But watching it for her made my interest increased for this serial and the way you are doing it is really wonderful.
    watching all the other reviews and me being a Philosopher, has few things to share it with you. The way you are doing it currently is amazing. Only perception from my side is that this is a serial and not a movie where we get results quickly. In the bargain lots of evil is presently being dragged so much. Indians basically women do not like to be evil in and around the world. Hence this might effect few emotions of our fellow Indians. Therefore do not drag it to much and frustrate the polite and gentle heart of Indian viewers. End it with optimism and positive centre approach.
    You have chosen the best characters and so far no one has proven you wrong. Continue your good work and we are with you.
    All the best
    Prashanth Dias

  17. pradishma

    Well done Dadi, You are damn selfish, blo*dy old hag, even after saving pragya this oldie let abhi and tanu for alomost a marriage.. she didnt say truth to abhi…Now asked pragya to go away,that too with dialogues likes sita ma ne agnipravesh kiya vagera,,,,,chee,,,,selfish dadi

  18. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    Guys i think abhi not acting as memory loss because in hospital he try to remember anything he has some scene of abigya but can’t regain it and how he is this much happy without seeing pragya when he is acting

  19. goody

    Ella kottaiyum alinga… Marubadium firstly irunthu aramipom… Suri dialogueku best example intha serial than pa

    Bulbul than missing…sry elarum maranthurupinga… Pragya sister

  20. SURBHI


    |Registered Member

    CVS be like arey yr pregnancy track kheech ke sab mess up ho gaya chalo starting se start kar dete hain so lo bhaiya memory loss drama karo Abhi ka accident karwao ML then nayi story start karney ka time milega female lead ko roney ka mauka milega jitney aansu utni TRP roti raho hum kheechte rahenge serial audience to hai hi pagal apne mathey par likhwaya hai pagal usne kuchh bhi dikhao dekhegi kuchh bhi batao sunenege bhi waah very good keep it up CVS par zara ye bata dena ki ab abhigya story aur teen saal bad shuru honi hai na for sure kyuki har cheez to double kar rahey ho kidnapping track six months to pregnancy track 1 year ab ye ML do saal k liye hoga pakka.
    Next point is that why always in which ever serial Shabir acts have this ML track in Kayamath he acted as male lead about to unite with wife Prachi faced accident Memory loss that also partial then next serial Lagi tujhse laga replaced by any actor there also memory loss and in KKB again he was about to unite with wife what happened memory loss that also partial so i want to ask that Whether Shabir loves memory loss because in whichever serial he is working as lead he has to face memory loss now if he will act in any other serial as lead i am damn sure that he will face memory loss so i can say for current track as every track has its double time limit in KKB this will also be double so we can leave this here at this point and surely can watch in August 2018 after ending of ML drama. 😉 ;-P

  21. Nithi

    Dadi is the main villain in this story…i think tanu is better than dadi..atleast she fight with pragya directly to reach her aim…but this dadi so selfish n she used pragya fr everything. …
    And throw her out so easily frm abhi life…

    pragya shouldn’t see r listen to dadi even after meeting abhi…

  22. Asmitha

    Just they gave intro of every character nice and all r looking nice before tanu meeting abhi pragya should meet him and if pragya becomes personal Secretary to abhi then it will be nice to see what ur opinion guys

    • Sahithi

      Hi Asmitha, I posted a link to one spoiler and my comments yday, but dont know they are not published. Anyways I read that Pragya will work as receptionist at some music company, which turns out to be owned by Abhi and now managed by Aaliya.

      Now Pragya was supposed to have a long list of degrees and a former professor but they are turning her into a receptionist. Yuk! Added to that Aaliya will be her boss and so now Aaliya will take turns to taunt Pragya, mostly.

      This is such regressive content, anything for convenience and to make the heroine cry. Straight out of 60s and 70s movies where heroine had a long list of liabilities at home, evils always taunt her, but she has all the patience in the world. I sometimes wonder if the show is based in current time Mumbai or am I hallucinating.

      • Asmitha

        Ya sahithi I seen it I think it must be rumor and she will remain has lecturerer Only but what I am expecting is they have to show something different this time they have to keep abhigya Close as much as possible but cvs never do this they show us what we don’t want mainly stupid tanu with abhi and I think from monday onwards we have to see tanu with abhi

  23. Karan

    The award for the worst serial should go to KKB. So much crap here and EK has run out of ideas. The memory loss will run for a long period just like Tanu’s pregnancy. Truly third class serials on ZeeTV. Am totally disappointed with cast, crew and of course with dumb EK. Given up watching this mentally retarded KKB serial coz of cheap stories of evil always winning over good. Don’t let your children watch this which does not show good values – they will learn to be deceitful. Comments to ZeeTV complaints board also fall on deaf ears. Will cancel my TV subscription to Zee TV immediately.

  24. karthika

    Hi frnds…how r u all??pratiksha I have read ur segment updates that u have given in past three written update pages..even I’m also looking forward for a fresh start ….really excited…bt somewhat feeling bad abut abhi’s memory loss…i ‘m really happy that kkb is in first position…😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀…how r u??I’m really feeling bad that I cudn’t able to chat with u all for a long time..BT here after I ‘ll surely come to this page..indeed missed u all…by the way a very big hai…shobana sis,sahithi,reji,mitenzz and all …..

    • Pratiksha

      Hi karthika 🙋 gud to see u back. Missed u and gowtham so much. I m gud and how r u? Ur comment says u r so happy. And ya kkb has turned again into back to square one but let’s see this time, how much this new start will make us happy and satisfied or it will prove another annoying story like before. In previous story, they have ruined abhigya’s love story and their union by so much crap and disgusting mess so they should give better story and touch, this time to abhigya’s love story and union. Lets see if they understood it or not that unlimited mess and crap was not so much needed to the story and they shouldn’t make the story so much complicated and messy, becoz of which story loses it’s charm and character loses their originality, by whom viewers gets disappointed and irritated. If they will repeat same mistakes again then their this new start also will get spoiled and then it will b very difficult for them to convince the audience and their interest. They got a chance with this new start to correct their past mistakes. Lets see how they will use it? And karthika as u said that now u has come back so now discussions will b continue like this on this new start. So I will wait for ur comments too.

  25. leena

    I never watched any serial but kkb is my favourite. CVS r truly great.but they should be more creative.they should the love between husband n wife of 1980 n 90 movie like jeetendra n rekha abhigya has that potential.

  26. raven

    Why the wives are always the ones to lose? Tanu the evil doer is once again on top goodness is no longer a thing evilness is the winner lets hope Abhi is feigning memory loss to catch Aliya and Tanu red handed only then will this serial worth looking at again for now i am taking a break

  27. Pratiksha

    Guys Leena has posted a new pic of her from kkb’s set. She got new look. But I didn’t anything new in her as we have been seen her in this look from the day one. But her look was changed only in pregnancy track when she was fatty becoz of it. So ya this is new look for her but for us, she got same look, which she was in starting. As abhi and pragya got their old look back in this new story, just like this she also got her same old look like before, when she was model. It seems she is all set to enter in abhi’s life again. Only by thinking it, my interest is finishing for further story. Hope this time how much she will try but she should not get her place back in abhi’s life otherwise it will hard fir us to watch same triangle again.

    • Pratiksha

      Guys I was right. Leena has changed her pic on her instagram. Now she posted a pic of a fashion magazine, on which cover page, she has introduced as tanushree mehta the supemodel. Guys it seems taaliya r all set to introduce tanu to abhi and they have made set up to give her entry in abhi’s life for fixing her with abhi again.

      • Megha

        But I heard that Tanu,Aaliya Purab Abhi are the childhood friends that Abhi knows Tanu before he starts his career as a rockstar. Purab has mentioned this in episode once before to pragya. I don’t know exactly but I remember such thing.

      • Pratiksha

        Megha it is never clear that when tanu met with abhi first or from when abhi knows tanu in the show. Sometimes they showed that abhi was dating with tanu since five years, sometimes they showed that tanu was aliyya’s college friend so abhi knows her as a best friend of aliyaa or sometimes they showed that tanu knows abhi since childhood. But they never cleared it that exactly from when abhi met with tanu or knows her or dating with her? So here also, wec can’t expect any logic from CVS when abhi has lost his memory. Abhi didn’t remind tanu yet in the show also. That’s why these r the reasons that we can’t guess about upcoming base of tanu and abhi’s relationship and her presence in abhi’s life again. We have to wait for updates or episode. But if again CVS will show that she gets succeed in making her place in abhi’s life like before then I will not watch this so call fresh start if it turns out to b same crap.

      • Sahithi

        Magazine costed 1000Rs. in August 2006 with Tanu on cover hahahaha.. this production team and their bloopers

        The first episode is only a way to lure audience to keep watching, I was waiting for Tanu crap to start, and see it will from next week. Anyways Leena keeps saying it, Tanu gets the TRPs.

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi and she has become not only top Model again by cvs even she has lost her wait too just in a month or I can say just in on or two episodes😂😂😂 how much tanu is desperate to getting abhi back😂😂😂. But we r not interested to watch her crap and her presence in the show with abhi anymore,specially like before. It was well enough infact out of the limits of enough that we tolerated her. We can’t forget those horrible days and epi. So now we have no more wish or gutts to watch that horrible story again with her presence like before. Aliyaa is enough for the evilness. We can’t afford tanu again. Already she has been taken so much unnecessary importance and screenspace and already she has been eaten so many characters of the show becoz of her horrible track and importance for the story. Cvs should b merciful on us atleast in this new story by giving her less importance and screenspace. And if they can’t do it then do hellwith their fresh start.😠

  28. Pratiksha

    Guys a new character named as saira played by stuffy chhabra is going to enter soon in kkb. U can see her latest pic on instagram with this info.

  29. Pratiksha

    New on location update- Scene 1 – Abhi and family at the dining table. Abhi telling Robin to do something. Abhi asks Indu Daasi when did she come from Punjab as he doesn’t remember her arrival. Indu Daasi is about to say something about 1.5 years ago but stops. Dadi covers up by saying she came when she brought a marriage proposal for Abhi.
    . . .
    Scene 2 – Abhi strumming on his guitar. Alia comes & informa about the producer agreeing to all their terms & conditions & now Abhi just needs to record the song. Abhi tells her the song is not perfect yet & it has to be something that touches the heart in first instance & people fall in love. Alia says he’ll give her a heart attack with this mindset & he should think about money, he is already a sensation & even if one song is average it won’t matter. Abhi says he’s happy to see Alia has become just like him – money minded. Alia in her heart says she became like this in last 2.5 years & she’s glad Abhi doesn’t remember all the bad stuff that happened. Abhi snaps her out of her thoughts. Alia tells him to sing a song for her.

    • Pratiksha

      Guys just look abhi’s room in these on location video. It has turned into totally a bachelor rockstar abhi’s room. Where beer bar has placed on the place of pragya’s bookshelf and at the place of pragya’s mandir, they have put a music related pic. It’s too much hurtful to watch it. Everybody living their life and happily in the show like nothing happened ever. Nobody is sad for pragya or feeling her absence. I can’t watch it and I can’t watch kkb until positivity doesn’t start in the show. Show belongs to not abhi and pragya, in fact it belongs to abhigya. So show has become lifeless without abhigya. It’s both life purbul and abhigya was soul of the show. Now the show is looking not intresting in it’s second season’s start. I personally didn’t liked it’s start. God knows how it will b further become interesting?

      • Sahithi

        But I believe only such things bring ratings for the show. Or I am made to believe after seeing the recent happenings on the show. That is the USP of season 2 on how they will come together. Pragya is already happy in today’s segment preview, so may be she got a job in Abhi’s company.

      • Pratiksha

        Ya sahithi that’s what I m saying that I wants to watch the show from where, abhigya’s meetings and interactions will start but this time without tanu and without anybody’s interference. I don’t mind by tanu’s presence until she doesn’t matter to abhi as am important person like aliyaa and dadi.

      • Asmitha

        pratiksha me to dissatisfied after watching Friday epi and I felt it will be same crap like before at one place also they didn’t shown us abhi’s heart feeling fr pragya and I think pragya is happy because may she came to know that he was doing any concert r he was alright and his health is gd so may she try to meet him

  30. Pratiksha

    Guys we have a segment today on India TV where pragya is dancing and talking with rockstar doll happily at her home. To know why, we have to wait for segment’s telecast.

  31. Pratiksha

    New segment update with it’s video link- HIGHLIGHTS:

    A happy Pragya shown dancing with Rockstar Doll in her room. Reporter mentions how Abhi might not be with Pragya but his memories still accompany her.

    Pragya shown talking to Rockstar Dadi. RoDadi mentions how she knows about why Pragya wants to work at a music company (to listen to Abhi’s songs all day long & feel his presence aroudn her). Pragya opens up to RoDadi and shares how there’s a huge poster of Abhi right in front of her seat at the reception & it feels as if he’s standing right in front of her. RoDadi says if Pragya wishes Abhi doesn’t come in front of her then she also wishes that like Tanu is back in Abhi’s life & he will move on in his life, somebody comes for Pragya to. Pragya says no & tells RoDadi to be happy in her happiness. RoDadi agrees & says Pragya can be happy seeing Abhi’s poster and she (RoDadi) will get happy seeing Abhi’s news & songs on TV [Sooo cuteee ]

    Offscreen INT, Shabir (SBB Video): Shabir says pre-leap & post-leap Abhi are almost same. Every character has a growth & before leap a 3 year journey of Abhi was shown & there is a character progression & when we go back 3 years…Abhi has a different nature…he’s rash, brashy & nath-khat & prankster…viewers will get to see an interesting Abhi.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/BaR-mCRFzdk

    SBB: http://youtu.be/zLzqO41k9u8

    • Pratiksha

      Guys whether pragya was looking happy in this segment but for us it’s very hurting that tanu took entry in abhi’s like again but pragya is happy and satisfied only with abhi’s memories and his presence near her by his posters and songs. When pragya’s dadi said that tanu has taken entry in abhi’s life and now he will start his life with her then these words of dadi was so much heart breaking. I know eventually and by destiny, only pragya will b in abhi’s life again even in presence of tanu but this journey seems long and till then I can’t watch it. Can’t they show a clear and fair love story if abhigya this time? Hope whether tanu took entry back in abhi’s life but she should not get same role and place in abhi’s life like she had before. I want a clear and fair love story of abhigya this time. If this time also they will show tanu as abhi’s girlfriend before pragya like before then it will get clear that they r repeating same crap and then once it will get confirmed I will not watch kkb ever.

  32. Pratiksha

    SBS serials k high points segments update- It says that in further story if kumkumbhagya, in which company pragya will do job as receptionist, that company will get abhi’s music video album’s contract. From where, abhi and pragya’s meetings will start. Link for the news- http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4os6mf

    • Pratiksha

      It says that becoz of which, sequences will b start of abhigya’s to coming close to each other.

  33. Teenu

    New Segmant #SBAS Pragya talking to Rockstar Dadi. RoDadi says she knows about why Pragya wants to work at recording company (to listen to Abhi’s songs all day long😄 & feel his presence aroudn her). Pragya opens up to RoDadi & shares how there’s a huge poster of Abhi right in front of her seat at the reception & it feels as if he’s standing right in front of her. RoDadi says if Pragya wishes Abhi doesn’t come in front of her then she also wishes that like Tanu is back in Abhi’s life & he will move on in his life, somebody comes for Pragya too. Pragya says no & tells RoDadi to be happy in her happiness. RoDadi agrees & says Pragya can be happy seeing Abhi’s poster and she (RoDadi) will get happy seeing Abhi’s news & songs on TV😄❤️

  34. Teenu

    #SBB Shabir’s Interview: says pre-leap & post-leap Abhi are almost same. Every character has a growth & before leap a 3 year journey of Abhi was shown & there has been a character progression & when we go back 3 years…Abhi has a different nature…he’s rash, brashy & nath-khat & prankster…viewers will get to see an interesting Abhi😍

  35. Pratiksha

    Guys I think abhi have remember tanu as aliyaa’s friend. I think he has forgotten that he was dating her also. That’s why he didn’t give any importance to tanu like his family and didn’t took her name, not for even a once after getting consciousness. Otherwise if abhi forgets tanu also like pragya then how can tanu enter in abhi’s life when pragya can’t. Like this is risky for abhi to see Pragya Infront of him becoz it can put pressure on his brain to recall his past, same like if abhi forgets tanu completely, tanu’s appearance could also disturb him. So how tanu can get entry in abhi’s life again. That’s why I think abhi have remember tanu as friend of aliyaa and aliya will now present tanu Infront if abhi as glamorous top supermodel to fix her in his life by impressing him through tanu’s impressive carrier status and looks and lifestyle. And that’s how tanu will get entry in abhi’s life. Otherside, pragya too going to join music recording company for stay near of abhi without any wish of getting abhi somehow. And this side, tanu will give her best to impress abhi for getting him, in which aliya will help her becoz she is so close and dear to abhi in present time, who could easily manipulate and convince abhi to take tanu in his life. Like this taaliya will not leave no stone to unturned. But abhi will eventually attract only towards pragya by destiny as they both will get chances of interaction and encounters, which will make abhi feel connected with pragya. Guys do u remember when abhi was not in love with pragya and his attitude was same like he has today, then also abhi gets attracted to pragya by her eyes and later by her simplicity, cuteness, maturity, dedication to relations and gudness. This process took longtime to happen becoz abhi was not familiar with pragya. Let’s see this time how much time it will take. But cvs can drag it also anyhow. But According to me, this time it should not take this much longtime as abhi already knows pragya and he was already in love with her. He spent enough time with her so I think abhi himself should feel some connection and feelings for pragya whenever he will see her or meet with her becoz he only forgot her becoz of loss of his memory, he didn’t intentionally throw her out from his life na. So I think it should not take long time abhi to fall for pragya all over again. And with this, he shouldn’t b attracted towards tanu also and should feel disconnected with her whenever she will try to close with him. According to me, story should b like this but let’s see how cvs will show it by their side.

  36. swetha

    Just waiting to see abhigya’s 1st meet.. hope they should not drag their first meet for 1 year 🙁

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.