Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone sadly sitting at the dining table, and not eating anything. Tanu thinks she can’t eat until Abhi eats the food else it will look bad. Robin tries to serve rice to Dadi, but Dadi stops him calling Pragya’s name. Everyone is sad. Pragya walks on the road and comes home. Abhi recalls their wedding. Jo Pal Ka Khawabon ka Karwan plays…………..Pragya recalls their moments and cries. Abhi breaks down and cries in room. They hold their respective head and cry, strange!

Sarla is making food and waits for Pragya. They hear radio. The RJ tells about Abhi betraying the viewers and divorcing his wife Pragya. He says Abhi is marrying his old girl friend Tanushree. Sarla and everyone get sad. Bulbul tells that this news shall not reach Pragya. Pragya comes.

Bulbul starts reading the newspaper and is shocked to see Tanu and Abhi’s marriage, and his break up with Pragya. Pragya insists to take newspaper, but Bulbul takes the paper making an excuse.

Tanu gets excited with the news and shares with Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to think about Pragya’s condition hearing the news. Pragya switches on the TV and hears about Abhi and Tanu’s upcoming marriage. Tanu says she must be crying and we shall give sympathy to her. They laugh on Pragya’s condition. Pragya thinks to congratulates Abhi and family. She comes to Mehra house and sees Rachna with the baby. Rachna tells her that she delivered the baby when she left the house. Pragya thinks good about Tanu and her baby and walks in Tanu’s room. Tanu is talking to Nikhil and says it doesn’t matter if the baby is of Abhi’s or yours. Pragya hears her and faints. Tanu thinks why she has fainted. Tanu hears Abhi calling her, and thinks to hide Pragya so that Abhi didn’t get emotional seeing her. Tanu drags Pragya and hides behind the door. Abhi tells Tanu that he want to show her something. Tanu thinks Abhi might see Pragya and takes him out saying she is suffocating here.

Tanu tells Abhi that she is fine now. Abhi shows her card and asks her to approve. Tanu approves it. Abhi tells her that Dadi asked them to invite their relatives personally. Tanu thinks she can’t come because of the appointment with the designer. She thinks to see Pragya and says she can’t let her ruin her marriage plans. She goes to Pragya, while Pragya is still inconscious. She tells her that she can’t give her goodness, and says she can’t let her get closer to Abhi. She says Abhi has still feelings for her, and he will not let her come closer to him, but she can’t let Pragya come near Abhi. Nikhil calls Tanu and asks her to meet him else he will let Abhi know the truth about the baby. Tanu decides to meet him and thinks to hide Pragya before going.

Bulbul asks Sarla about Pragya and tells that she is not in the room. Sarla asks her to call Pragya. Bulbul calls Pragya. Rachna hears the ringtone and comes to room. She sees Pragya’s hand bag and looks for her. She finds her under the bed and is shocked. Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya and their happy, sweet, and love moments. He reminisces asking Pragya to ask him, whatever she needs? Pragya tells him about her prayer. Abhi says we shall wake up the God and asks him to wake up. Abhi looks at the small temple.

Aaliya tells Pragya that it was her dream to marry Purab and she will ruin Abhi for ruining her dream. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. chithu

    Nikki..our prediction is correct yaar 🙂 this innocent Pragya is asking help from Aaliya 🙂
    now i totally doubt whether she will let Pragya tell the truth to Abhi…

    but am doubting like, now she will show her real face to Pragya ..but later Raj may advice Aaliya to act good to both Abhi and Pragya..he may tell she will not get any other way to gain the faith of Abhi…so she may herself help Abhi in saving Pragya and let Pragya to tell the truth to Abhi..so now Pragya will also believe in her and Aaliya/Raj will play very comfortably i think…

    • Chithu how could she allow pragya to tell the truth to abhi when pragya knows her secret too now. Pragya’s safety means pragya will tell abhi both truth so how could aaliya take that risk. I don’t think so she will go with this way. There is only option left for aaliya is to kill pragya.

      • chithu

        yes Priya ..might be. but what i was thinking is if Pragya knows the entire truth and after accident she is conscious also..then we don’t have much in the story..because Pragya ll definitely inform Abhi then..and once Abhi knows then it is not possible for Raj/Aaliya to play…

        so i was thinking 2 things might be possible..either Aaliya may reveal all the truth Pragya initially , then she may do this accident and act like saving her so that she can come in the good books of both Abhi and Pragya..she may tell(simply acting) Pragya later that, watever she told earlier was in mere anger and she ll not let her brother down..and this Pragya will also believe her…

        otherwise..they have to show like Pragya not remembering anything..so that Aaliya/Raj can play safely since anyways Abhi will not come to know their truth atleast now.. but marriage might be stopped as Pragya met with an accident and Tanu’s truth also Aaliya herself may reveal indirectly by involving someone else (may be Nikhil) to come in the good books of Abhi(so that Tanu will not take revenge of her by telling all Aaliya’s truth to everyone)…

  2. Priya $

    Atlast Rachna gave birth Sapppppppaaaaa… Can anyone tell me whether they got divorced. I m not clear on tat.

  3. No chittu it cant be like that. Lets see the scene how it is then we can know pragya condition too. Her state of mind and what is aliya thinking after that. No news regarding after pragya accident. Then the upcoming promo aft that accident should tell us but this should be happen in two days else they will drag this upto next week too.

  4. tasnim

    Hai am 4rm bangladesh i regularly bt cmnt 1st time u guys should revl d truth 1st we dn’t like too much draging revealing d truth wil make us more happy we dn’t like [email protected] wining…

  5. Jackie

    So when Rachna woke Pragya up did dumb ass Pragya – at least tell her that Tanu is NOT pregnant by Abhi.

  6. Finally rachna has delivered a baby boy.? that was only gud news in today’s episode and O my god.?what i was seeing!Abhi is busy in selecting cards of his and tanu’s wedding! How could he normal with tanu? I hate this part ?and tanu and aaliya in busy of making fun of pragya.?? eviwiwitched??. Today when I saw nikhil again, I wish I could kill him on that moment. And in precap, aaliya was openly declaring her war with abhi in front of pragya! Now I m sure only she will b behind pragya’s accident. And guys one more news. We have a special episode of kkb on 15 august at 7pm pm to 8pm. It will b a one hour episode. Zee TV was promoting it by written it as montage or as a tag that on 15 august night, pragya will meet with an accident. Will it the end of abhi-pragya’s love story or will it b the reunion of abhi-pragya? According to artical , arjun and purvi will shoot a cameo for a special episode of kkb. I think in this episode , we will see them.

    • chithu

      and Nikki.. had v had any such special episodes earlier yaar??? i mean they are telling it as special since we are having it on Independence day..or storywise also we will have some turning point??

      • Chithu it will b a special episode becoz they will show in it, the accident of pragya or it’s climax. Becoz it will b a turning point for abhigya’s love story where they could b separate or could b reunite again forever. So it is an important episode of kumkumbhagya. It will b show on Saturday night which is 15 august night, 7pm to 8pm, an hour episode.

      • chithu

        oh ok Nikki..i hope they end this with reunion 🙂 and no further dragging of Tanu’s pregnancy drama…and hope they will not give us a shock …

      • yaa ,they aldready put many special episodes in kkb. i dont think so this episode would be so fantastinc.i can tell u this much,that pragya will not die.but will she go to memory loss.i want the serial to come in this way where pragya pretends to be a memory loss,fin ding clues.and revealing it.

  7. Billy

    It is probably Aliya that hit Pragya. You know she is dangerous and CRAZY. She is NOT going to help Abhi or Pragya. WTF

  8. Kalai

    now pragaya knows Tanu’s truth.. But Why she is waiting till Tanu and abi’s marriage to reveal Tanu’s truth.. There is no logic here.. One more thing , why pragaya is seeking help from aliaya to disclose truth to Abi.. Why can’t she say this directly to Abi?

  9. Billy

    That would make way too much sense – especially since everyone has a CELL PHONE!! She could have CALLED him……

  10. Sanam

    Oh! Cmon wen they hated each oder there was no problem bt now wen they luv each other there r so many hurdles…tanu’s baby iz jst lyk her…not evn fully devlpd yet creating nuisances;->

  11. woooooowwwwwwwwwww rachna finally gave birth to a boy thank god……….. i also think alia is behind accident of pragya to make abhi sad alia is sooooo dangerousafter accident they may again drag until her recovery and then revealing of truth [i think not sure]

  12. Jpt

    Why pragya took alia help???If pragya say to alia that she knew the pregnancy truth then alia might tell that to tannu……..

  13. Sneha

    its nice to see that finally rachna gave birth……. will there really be a grand episode this I-day??? whatever it is, just want pragya to be safe so that no more dragging for truth revelation…

  14. I think while conversing with aaliya pragya came to know the truth thn she ll go for abhi’ s room to reveal the truth and she could’nt c him coz he s just entering the house thn rachana ll say abhi that pragya had came and left thn he ll get angry on pragya fr nt informing abot her visit to mehra’s house so he ll angrily getting into car where pragya follows and met with an accident

  15. Roshini

    I hate today’s episode
    abhi has become so casual ,he called tanu just like nthg happn
    i really thought some missing scene b/w pragya and abhi would b shown today
    but the scene which was telecasted was not touching………they are dragging (after few days) WTF…have they gone mad…. and pragya has she gone made to ask help from aaliya…atleast if she is not bold enough to talk with abhi she could have asked help from bulbul ….and where has this purab gone … and rachana wat kind of a lady she is ….pragya helped her in so many ways and she failed to inform pragya abt her delivery ………………dragging tooo much….if this dragging goes worse…. ppl for sure will hate this serial

  16. emuu

    Hiii dears
    Mai rozana ap sb k comments bht bht shok sai parthy ho
    Plz ap log mjhy apni commentors list mai add krlo
    Mairy sai b hr bat share kia kro
    I love this show a looot
    Mai is ko 1 st ep sai daikh rhy ho
    BT ye writers drama ko bht khench rhy hai

  17. Donna

    Why is Pragya asking for Aaliya’s help..I don’t get that, why not tell Abhi directly. And, as for Abhi acting so casually with Tanu, that’s how easily men can move on, after ther wedding, he can go sleep with her and be stuck for life, he doesn’t deserve Pragya. I think they shold bring another male lead into the role and this time , one better than Abhi for Pragya not stupid Suresh, but a real hero. Let Abhi sees Pragya true worth, lets see how he feels at the thought of Pragya marrying another. Now thats an storyline i wuoldn’t mind dragging on.

    • jk

      great idea!! i think they should introduce a new male lead… someone handsome and smart – not so stupid like Abhi. Abhi should lose praghya b/c he married her under false pretences… and P deserves to be romanced and wooed by a man who can truly appreciate her.

  18. chithu

    Guys.. Abhi has no other go now yaar..he doesn’t seem to be happy but he is behaving in accordance with the situation.. anyways he has to marry Tanu before the preganancy truth come out..so he has no other go…but in the end they showed his real feel for Pragya na..

    • Chithu that was the only part of episode which I liked and which made my anger less otherwise after watching abhi behaving normally with tanu, I was very disappointed and angry. I know he is doing this marriage forcefully and unwillingly but what was the need of card selections and distributions by himself with tanu. It looks like they were waiting for this since long so they r happily announcing their marriage for all and inviting their relatives in it. Tanu’s parts I can understand becoz it is true in her case but for abhi, it doesn’t suits him. He could ask akaash to distribute cards or he could simply marry with tanu by small court marriage. Becoz he is marrying with tanu becoz of her baby not for completion of his love life with tanu. That’s why we were disappointed with abhi’s this behaviour yesterday. And what’s wrong with dadi too? She has suggested abhi to selecting a card with tanu and distribute it in relatives after finalized it! Total crap and disgusting thing.

      • chithu

        yes Nikki…but i think that scenes they had just to have something.. i mean..they should have some reason for Pragya to come home and go to Tanu’s room..for that they put Abhi-Tanu’s marriage news in all the media and this invitation part i think..they should show Abhi coming to Tanu’s room.. i mean if they show like Abhi is coming to Tanu’s room casucally for someother reason then it would be more inappropriate.. so if they go with this invitation one..atleast we would think all of above he is a rock star , so anyway his marriage has to be a grand public one and more over Tanu is pregnant now.so before her pregnancy news goes out..their marriage news has to go..so atleast for tat they have to make it little grand ..

      • chithu

        but one more thing Nikki..they are keeping it more secret and suspense this time na.. i mean after this Pragya’s accident part…no news or updates are coming out and they made us thinking what is going to happen all the time… no ways for guess also.. i mean now that every important people knows the truth , but no one are ready or in a position to split it out..and marriage is on the edge… uff..need to wait for 2 more days… but they are giving a feel like they r unfolding the truths ..but in the process they are confusing us more ..now even if this truth unfolds not sure what will happen in the future..

        but i like one track yaar..Pragya losing the memory and meanwhile some how Tanu’s truth comes out and she is out of Abhi’s life now… and Abhi will plead Sarla maa for living with Pragya…and he will try to relive(change) those moments with Pragya when he tortured her…

      • This is what I have mentioned in my above comments that I m confused from what will next after pragya’s accident? How the tracks will unfold? CVS r confusing us by putting aaliya’s truth among with tanu in front of pragya so now we r confused what cvs will do with pragya now? How they will manage everything logically or they will ruined our hopes by showing worst?

      • chithu

        Nikki..onething am sure about is Tanu-Abhi marriage will not happen… but how they are going to do it and will they make the situation worse after stopping the marriage not sure 🙂

      • I think chithu tanu will b exposed now but aaliya will b escaped this time. I think aaliya will use nikhil to expose tanu in front of abhi so tanu couldn’t blame her or could tell abhi about aaliya’s plan. And after pragya’s accident, she will put all the blame on tanu to attempt of killing pragya then everybody will easily believe on this after knowing tanu’s truth and by this aaliya will come in gud books of abhi and for everyone and she could gain abhi’s trust upon her again. After tanu gets exposed, noone will believe on tanu’s talk but will only believe on aaliya becoz as everybody knows that abhi has been break all the relations with aaliya and tanu is her best friend so even after this aaliya helped only abhi by going against her best friend for abhi’s gud then everybody will trust only on aaliya and tanu will b throw out from abhi’s life and house. When pragya will get into her senses and will try to tell abhi whole truth then aaliya will hide her thing by saying that she was telling all that in her anger but he didn’t mean that. Abhi is her brother so she could never hurt or harm him. And when abhi will tell to pragya that aaliya has exposed tanu then pragya will easily believe on her, like everybody and then after getting everyone’s trust back according to raaj’s suggestion, aaliya will continue with her planning to destroy abhi cleaverly,silently and slowly with the help of raaj.

      • But she will again fail in her plan to ruin abhi and will b exposed like always later. Becoz as we knows that once pragya will b with abhi again, no one could harm him.

      • Chithu

        Guys..Divyanka has added a pic in Instagram with Sriti, Asha and Rithvik…it might be on shoot one..do we have some hospital sequence In YHM also now?

      • Yes chithu there is a scene shooted with Raman along with ishita and family. Raman has beaten by goons and in this incidence, he has injured badly so he has taken to the hospital by ishita and family. I think on same day, ritvik, asha, sriti and shabbir was also doing shoot for pragya’s hospitalization scene where the met with each other during shooting and has captured their gathering pics.

  19. ASHA Raja

    Will the truth of tanu come out or not very bad for pragya no one will sacrifice her life for illegitimate girl like this

  20. Billy

    Ok Rachna must be the one that is going to save the day. She has to think it was strange that Pragya was unconscious UNDER the Bed in Tanu’s room. She has to tell that to Someone!!!

  21. I hate abhy’s behavior.he is so dump dump dump because he called tanu just like nothing happens.instead of telling her that he doesn’t loves her.what about his wife pragya.I’m disappointing in him.abhy be a man and hate tanu

  22. sorry to say writers but this serial like most of all the others is a whole lot a shit why cannot you let anyone in these serials be happy WHY every time you think that something is going to work out it is because there is another fall back come on now to tell the truth this is a serial that I never did understand especially pragya is abhis wife and yet he has a girl friend tanu what nonsense is this and now pragia is gone he ready to marry tanu with a child that is not even his if a man is so laced with alcohol that he cannot even remember having s*x well that means how on earth could he have an erection to have s*x because it all has to deal with the mind and if you are not in that mind set well then how could something like that happen so right there you must know that the child is not yours abhi I suggest you find the father of that child quick nickhil and get rid of tanu once and for all

  23. if abhi knows everything about the tanu pregancy shewill be over then pragya and abhi will be very nice couple for ever and ever yaar but serial is too good i love serial nowdays!!!!!!!!!! the campion but few days is not good that is like filmy and even pragya is comprised about their marriage and she went there by listening the truth she is now un conisous but rachanaa will tell all about that pragya went to meet tanu after all that only she is under bed
    abhi behaviour is so bad he is behaveing like nothing is happened??????????????????????
    atlast we the all lovers of kumkum bhagya knowning truth very soon thats means happiee happieee

  24. We were thinking according to promo that no one has noticed pragya except tanu so may b they will not search for her but thank god pragya met with rachna first and she has noticed too unconscious pragya in tanu’s room, then at her home, sarla maa and bulbul were also worried for her and trying to find her becoz she has gone without telling anybody at her home. And sriti was also saying that abhi was searching for her. I think bulbul will try to find out about pragya from abhi or abhi’s home then abhi will get to know about pragya’s missing then he will start to search her along with sarla maa and bulbul. But before it I hope pragya should not attend anyone’s call and tell her/him about her whereabouts so then everybody will b relax and then no noone will try to find her for more time becoz they will think that pragya is somewhere and will come later. They will start searching for her then when she will not reach on time or she will b so late in coming.

  25. And one more thing abhi was started distributing cards in yesterday’s episode. It means the wedding will not take place on the same day of pragya’s accident! Well if this is right then full chances of postponing of tabhi’s marriage becoz of pragya’s accident. And other thing is from which I m totally confused that how they will show the track of abhi’s fall down and defame when they have put pragya’s accident sequence in it. Once pragya will recover or get conscious then she will tell about aaliya’s truth also along with tanu then how she will destroy abhi? And now when tabhi r going to marry after announcing it public ally, how will aaliya use this to defame abhi? When I thinks, I reach on a conclusion that may b they will use memory loss trick like other shows or they will jeep pragya unconscious till then fall down of abhi. But if this will happen then tanu herself will walkout from abhi’s life and in this situation, two things could b happen. First she will hide her truth and walks out from abhi’s life silently or she will have to tell the truth before leaving becoz their family will not allow her to spoil a baby’s life. If this will happen then it will not gud and no use of truth revelation towards pragya. Then how will tracks unfolds after pragya’s accident? I m totally confused.

    • sheetha

      the car which is shown in accident looks like abhi’s car. I think aliya and raj can blame abhi in front of media that he is the one who tried to kill pragya to get married to thanu.

  26. farida uttan

    These writers are sick-minded people. Expose the 2 people are hurting everyone along the way. Let their days come sooner rther than later. Absolute nonsense this is how I feel about the story

  27. off course accident did by aaliyaa i think so becoz she is the only person can do this ???????????????????????
    other wise there will be god grace in telling the truth by nickle ???????or wen tanu is gng to meet nickle then that time some one is gng to see her ???????? or else pragya its self asks tanu that why u did like this ????
    or else im very confuesd about the serial wat the story written had writtend i dont know but serial is gng too extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    today wat the percap will be by that we all knows some wat truth
    im waiting watch the seriallllllllllllllllll wat is gng to happennnnnnn??????????????

  28. One more thing guys as we heard in yesterday’s episode that abhigya has declared their mutual consent as divorce in public and media. So now when abhigya will b together in future then it means they will again marry for society, public and media! If their remarriage will happen in the show then it will b very gud. Becoz from here abhigya could start their married life again with full of love, by forgetting the past. So it will b the best thing for abhigya and their beautiful married life and love journey. And we fans could also get the best treatment through this after suffering from tanu’s torched and abhigya’s separation.

  29. sanchu

    What was the point of Nikhil’s entry in the show ? Was it just so that Aaliya gets to know Tanu’s truth..
    They dragged Rachana’s pregnancy sooo long, I thought something big might be connected.. some drama might happen during her delivery… but now it seems like the writers had just forgotten and then suddenly they realized that Rachana became pregnant long b4 Abhi-Pragya’s marriage…\
    Just want to see abhigya back together…

  30. sanchu

    Everything is so confusing.. When Pragya came to know Tanu’s truth why did go to Aaliya.. why not directly to abhi now that Abhi will blindly trust her.. In the accident promo that came b4 they showed Abhi angry and going somewhere.. Why was Abhi angry ?

    Now hope Bulbul calls Abhi or daadi to ask if Pragya had visited and Rachana tells them that Pragya was lying unconscious under Tanu’s bed. So Abhi gets angry on Tanu and goes in search of Pragya..

  31. Priya $

    Chithu whether abhi was out of town. If so they cant show him in accident sequence and after tat. I mean if so he won’t b in Saturday episode na. If so they ll show the accident scene only ah on Saturday???

  32. Priya $

    Guys I saw one pic in fb abhi and an husband and wife in hospital. But surely its hospital only.

  33. Ya guys I also saw it on tellyexpress. (Ritvik-asha) means arjun and purvi were doing shoot with (shabbir and sriti) our abhigya. It is a hospital scene. We were right guys, arjun and purvi has taken pragya to the hospital after accident and I think they had infirmed abhi too about this becoz abhi was also there in hospital, outside of operation theatre where pragya’s treatment was continue by doctors. Abhi was lookingvery tensed and moving around in hospital restlessly again and again walking towards operation theatre and every time he was asking from the nurse and doctors about pragya’s condition. Arjun and purvi was sitting on the hospital bench near operation theatre. Purvi was tensed and arjun was consoling her. All this we can see clearly in those pics. Thank god thanks to cvs that at least abhi comes to know about pragya’s accident. Any other family members from arora and mehra were not seeing in hospital. It was only abhi, arjun and purvi. Over all it means arjun and purvi has shooted as a saviour of pragya and i think they will inspire abhigya or save their love life too by their special appearance.

    • Priya $

      Nikki whether purvi did this accident ah I mean unknowingly there is a chance rit. Their car may hit pragya na

      • I m not sure priya but may b. Becoz sriti told in her last interview of accident segment that this time it is not anyone’s planning but she has actually met with accident so may b as u say pragya’s accident will happened unknowingly and by mistake from arjun and purvi’s car. So they have taken her to the hospital for humanity. But in yesterday’s precap we saw aaliya was informing pragya about her intentions directly so aaliya could also do this accident and arjun and purvi has taken her to the hospital when they seeing her and they were looking tensed in pics may b because of seeing pragya’s condition. Well let’s see what will exactly happen. Aaliya will b involved in pragya’s accident or not, I think it will b clear in two episodes- today’s and tomorrow’s.

      • chithu

        Divyanka has also posted some onscreen pic in instagram with Rithvik, Asha and Sriti… they are wearing same costumes as in telly express… yes Nikki.. i also think since they are appearing as actor/actress itself rite…so they might be aware of Abhi and his wife and would have informed Abhi…

        but am having bigggggg doubt now..if Aaliya is not involved in this accident or saving part bothhhhhhh ..then they should either show Pragya as non-conscious or losing memory for sometime ..if they are showing Pragya becomes ok immediately after the treatment… then Aaliya should be one who is exposing Tanu’s secret becoz if she did that, Pragya will think whatever face she had shown earlier is in just mere anger ..but she still has love for her brother and saved him from this trap…otherwise story will end now only 🙂

      • kowsi

        akka look alike alaipayuthey film…shalini met with an accident..maddy search her..do u remember tat film ka

      • Chithu

        Yes Nikki…that may also happen 🙂 I hope atleast today v ll be able to judge something about what ll happen…

  34. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    All comments noted….way to go…that said stil dog chasing tails……lol……mk or break tis crazy serial only crying n dying bullshit…

  35. So we got some idea about pragya’s accident through these pics but we r still have many suspenses like- what will happen with pragya in hospital? If she will lost her memory, if she will get unconscious for sometimes or if she will go in coma or she will conscious soon and reveal tanu’s truth to abhi?, tabhi’s wedding and tanu’s truth revelation, what will aaliya’s plan after this accident, these r suspended and questions which r yet to b clear.

  36. kethia hurkoo

    hi am Kate , and am not from India , I really appreciate the story of Pragya and abhi. but unfortunately with my work , I miss lots of episode , but thanks to you i can keep update on what is happening in the serial . I don’t have any comments for no , just need to know if you have specific times to post latest update each day. If so, can you please send me a mail with all details so that I can keep in touch with you . Thank you soon much in advance. ciao.

  37. marry

    hi guys how r u all ???? aabigya r lovly together…..!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 aliya and tanu crosses there all limits………..!!!!!!!!! plxx dont separate abigya……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. axi

    Omg!!!! This kkb gives so many ????? …. what will happen nxt… nobody know about this…. very strange.. iam going to kill aliya and tanu….. thn abhi and prgya be automatically unite…

    After seeing hstlp pics i thing the film of alaipayude.. in that film they give good climax… in kkb also i need good scenes…

  39. nàineesha

    Oh my god! Whats happening? I wish rachana would help pragya to get up. I hope pragya would plan. Something. To reveal the truth with the help of bulbul and purab.

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