Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone sadly sitting at the dining table, and not eating anything. Tanu thinks she can’t eat until Abhi eats the food else it will look bad. Robin tries to serve rice to Dadi, but Dadi stops him calling Pragya’s name. Everyone is sad. Pragya walks on the road and comes home. Abhi recalls their wedding. Jo Pal Ka Khawabon ka Karwan plays…………..Pragya recalls their moments and cries. Abhi breaks down and cries in room. They hold their respective head and cry, strange!

Sarla is making food and waits for Pragya. They hear radio. The RJ tells about Abhi betraying the viewers and divorcing his wife Pragya. He says Abhi is marrying his old girl friend Tanushree. Sarla and everyone get sad. Bulbul tells that this news shall not reach Pragya. Pragya comes.

Bulbul starts reading the newspaper and is shocked to see Tanu and Abhi’s marriage, and his break up with Pragya. Pragya insists to take newspaper, but Bulbul takes the paper making an excuse.

Tanu gets excited with the news and shares with Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to think about Pragya’s condition hearing the news. Pragya switches on the TV and hears about Abhi and Tanu’s upcoming marriage. Tanu says she must be crying and we shall give sympathy to her. They laugh on Pragya’s condition. Pragya thinks to congratulates Abhi and family. She comes to Mehra house and sees Rachna with the baby. Rachna tells her that she delivered the baby when she left the house. Pragya thinks good about Tanu and her baby and walks in Tanu’s room. Tanu is talking to Nikhil and says it doesn’t matter if the baby is of Abhi’s or yours. Pragya hears her and faints. Tanu thinks why she has fainted. Tanu hears Abhi calling her, and thinks to hide Pragya so that Abhi didn’t get emotional seeing her. Tanu drags Pragya and hides behind the door. Abhi tells Tanu that he want to show her something. Tanu thinks Abhi might see Pragya and takes him out saying she is suffocating here.

Tanu tells Abhi that she is fine now. Abhi shows her card and asks her to approve. Tanu approves it. Abhi tells her that Dadi asked them to invite their relatives personally. Tanu thinks she can’t come because of the appointment with the designer. She thinks to see Pragya and says she can’t let her ruin her marriage plans. She goes to Pragya, while Pragya is still inconscious. She tells her that she can’t give her goodness, and says she can’t let her get closer to Abhi. She says Abhi has still feelings for her, and he will not let her come closer to him, but she can’t let Pragya come near Abhi. Nikhil calls Tanu and asks her to meet him else he will let Abhi know the truth about the baby. Tanu decides to meet him and thinks to hide Pragya before going.

Bulbul asks Sarla about Pragya and tells that she is not in the room. Sarla asks her to call Pragya. Bulbul calls Pragya. Rachna hears the ringtone and comes to room. She sees Pragya’s hand bag and looks for her. She finds her under the bed and is shocked. Abhi recalls his marriage with Pragya and their happy, sweet, and love moments. He reminisces asking Pragya to ask him, whatever she needs? Pragya tells him about her prayer. Abhi says we shall wake up the God and asks him to wake up. Abhi looks at the small temple.

Aaliya tells Pragya that it was her dream to marry Purab and she will ruin Abhi for ruining her dream. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hey sry sry guys im eagerly waiting to watch the serial that is promo is gng to happennn??????

  2. One more thing guys as we heard in yesterday’s episode that abhigya has declared their mutual consent as divorce in public and media. So now when abhigya will b together in future then it means they will again marry for society, public and media! If their remarriage will happen in the show then it will b very gud. Becoz from here abhigya could start their married life again with full of love, by forgetting the past. So it will b the best thing for abhigya and their beautiful married life and love journey. And we fans could also get the best treatment through this after suffering from tanu’s torched and abhigya’s separation.

  3. What was the point of Nikhil’s entry in the show ? Was it just so that Aaliya gets to know Tanu’s truth..
    They dragged Rachana’s pregnancy sooo long, I thought something big might be connected.. some drama might happen during her delivery… but now it seems like the writers had just forgotten and then suddenly they realized that Rachana became pregnant long b4 Abhi-Pragya’s marriage…\
    Just want to see abhigya back together…

  4. Everything is so confusing.. When Pragya came to know Tanu’s truth why did go to Aaliya.. why not directly to abhi now that Abhi will blindly trust her.. In the accident promo that came b4 they showed Abhi angry and going somewhere.. Why was Abhi angry ?

    Now hope Bulbul calls Abhi or daadi to ask if Pragya had visited and Rachana tells them that Pragya was lying unconscious under Tanu’s bed. So Abhi gets angry on Tanu and goes in search of Pragya..

  5. Chithu whether abhi was out of town. If so they cant show him in accident sequence and after tat. I mean if so he won’t b in Saturday episode na. If so they ll show the accident scene only ah on Saturday???

  6. Guys I saw one pic in fb abhi and an husband and wife in hospital. But surely its hospital only.

    1. Sorry guys special appearance ppls are there with abhi.

  7. Ya guys I also saw it on tellyexpress. (Ritvik-asha) means arjun and purvi were doing shoot with (shabbir and sriti) our abhigya. It is a hospital scene. We were right guys, arjun and purvi has taken pragya to the hospital after accident and I think they had infirmed abhi too about this becoz abhi was also there in hospital, outside of operation theatre where pragya’s treatment was continue by doctors. Abhi was lookingvery tensed and moving around in hospital restlessly again and again walking towards operation theatre and every time he was asking from the nurse and doctors about pragya’s condition. Arjun and purvi was sitting on the hospital bench near operation theatre. Purvi was tensed and arjun was consoling her. All this we can see clearly in those pics. Thank god thanks to cvs that at least abhi comes to know about pragya’s accident. Any other family members from arora and mehra were not seeing in hospital. It was only abhi, arjun and purvi. Over all it means arjun and purvi has shooted as a saviour of pragya and i think they will inspire abhigya or save their love life too by their special appearance.

    1. Nikki whether purvi did this accident ah I mean unknowingly there is a chance rit. Their car may hit pragya na

      1. Priya $ why can’t it be ritvik & asha who hit pragya and then took her to the hospital?

      2. I m not sure priya but may b. Becoz sriti told in her last interview of accident segment that this time it is not anyone’s planning but she has actually met with accident so may b as u say pragya’s accident will happened unknowingly and by mistake from arjun and purvi’s car. So they have taken her to the hospital for humanity. But in yesterday’s precap we saw aaliya was informing pragya about her intentions directly so aaliya could also do this accident and arjun and purvi has taken her to the hospital when they seeing her and they were looking tensed in pics may b because of seeing pragya’s condition. Well let’s see what will exactly happen. Aaliya will b involved in pragya’s accident or not, I think it will b clear in two episodes- today’s and tomorrow’s.

      3. Divyanka has also posted some onscreen pic in instagram with Rithvik, Asha and Sriti… they are wearing same costumes as in telly express… yes Nikki.. i also think since they are appearing as actor/actress itself rite…so they might be aware of Abhi and his wife and would have informed Abhi…

        but am having bigggggg doubt now..if Aaliya is not involved in this accident or saving part bothhhhhhh ..then they should either show Pragya as non-conscious or losing memory for sometime ..if they are showing Pragya becomes ok immediately after the treatment… then Aaliya should be one who is exposing Tanu’s secret becoz if she did that, Pragya will think whatever face she had shown earlier is in just mere anger ..but she still has love for her brother and saved him from this trap…otherwise story will end now only 🙂

      4. akka look alike alaipayuthey film…shalini met with an accident..maddy search her..do u remember tat film ka

      5. May b chithu or either that will happen as I have predicted about aaliya in above comments. Did u read it?

      6. Yes Nikki…that may also happen 🙂 I hope atleast today v ll be able to judge something about what ll happen…

  8. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    All comments noted….way to go…that said stil dog chasing tails……lol……mk or break tis crazy serial only crying n dying bullshit…

  9. why should we not trust these writers they only know to write nonsense

  10. So we got some idea about pragya’s accident through these pics but we r still have many suspenses like- what will happen with pragya in hospital? If she will lost her memory, if she will get unconscious for sometimes or if she will go in coma or she will conscious soon and reveal tanu’s truth to abhi?, tabhi’s wedding and tanu’s truth revelation, what will aaliya’s plan after this accident, these r suspended and questions which r yet to b clear.

  11. kethia hurkoo

    hi am Kate , and am not from India , I really appreciate the story of Pragya and abhi. but unfortunately with my work , I miss lots of episode , but thanks to you i can keep update on what is happening in the serial . I don’t have any comments for no , just need to know if you have specific times to post latest update each day. If so, can you please send me a mail with all details so that I can keep in touch with you . Thank you soon much in advance. ciao.

  12. hi guys how r u all ???? aabigya r lovly together…..!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 aliya and tanu crosses there all limits………..!!!!!!!!! plxx dont separate abigya……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Omg!!!! This kkb gives so many ????? …. what will happen nxt… nobody know about this…. very strange.. iam going to kill aliya and tanu….. thn abhi and prgya be automatically unite…

    After seeing hstlp pics i thing the film of alaipayude.. in that film they give good climax… in kkb also i need good scenes…

  14. My only question : when is this crap show going to end?

  15. Oh my god! Whats happening? I wish rachana would help pragya to get up. I hope pragya would plan. Something. To reveal the truth with the help of bulbul and purab.

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