Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Pragya that even sleep is not written in her destiny along with golden dreams. Pragya asks why did you come here? Tanu tells her that today is her marriage and says she came to get her precious thing which you have stolen and kept it forcefully with you. She says she is talking about the mangalsutra which Abhi kept it in her neck. She says today is my marriage and I am going to wear it. She asks her not to think Abhi’s mistake as her destiny and asks her to go and bring it. She says I thought to wear some other mangalsutra, but if you wear that mangalsultra after my marriage then it will become hang rope. She asks what Sarla used to tell and says if your mum was wrong, or your relation with abhi. She says now I am going to marry him so don’t think bad. She

advices her to think that she will share her ex husband with her, and asks her to see how Abhi fills her maang and makes her wear mangalsultra. She asks her to go and bring that mangalsutra. She asks shall I go and bring it. Pragya stops her and says I will bring. Sarla, Janki and Beeji see her. Tanu tries to make them jealous and waves them hi.

Pragya gets that mangalsutra and recalls Abhi making her wear it. Tanu asks Sarla and others if they will not curse her and says you can tell today, but from tomorrow I will not see your face, but you will have to see your daughter’s face all life as she will come to her mayka. Sarla slaps her. Tanu is shocked. She says she is on cloud nine and will be marrying him in few hours, then she will stay with Abhi all life. She says if he gets his memory then also nothing will happen. She says I was always with Abhi, but your daughter was alone and will also be alone. Beeji says we are with her. Tanu says you are right. She tells Sarla that whatever belongs to her came to her. Pragya gives her mangalsutra, but it stuck in Pragya’s clothes. Tanu takes it out angrily and says you have given right to me now, remember this. She asks her to attend her marriage in sometime and says atleast Abhi will be happy to see you. If you see our marriage then it will help you to accept it, and asks her to change her clothes and come. Pragya looks sad.

Tanu’s mum shows her diamond jewellery to Mitali. Dadi says she can’t see this. Purab comes and says nobody cares for Pragya and tells Dadi that he will be happy if this marriage stops and goes to talk to Dadi. Aaliya asks Tanu where did you go? And asks if she has changed her decision. Tanu says I would have changed when Abhi confessed to Pragya. She tells that she went to Pragya’s home to get her stuff, mangalsutra. She says she is so happy. Aaliya asks her to go and get ready. Abhi is sitting in his room and tells that he will come…Purab comes and says you will not go anywhere, and asks if you wanted to do this, then why did you do that. Abhi says everyone is waiting for me. Purab says you have reached your destination and taken a U turn to marry a girl whom you don’t love. He says you felt bad to refuse Tanu, and not felt bad to ruin Pragya’s life. He asks him not to listen to his mind and thinks about people’s words. He says what you will reply to yourself. He says when you know that you both love each other, then why you are getting trapped in unwanted relation.

Purab asks him not to lose true love. He asks him to think how he will be happy with Tanu. He says I know you knows how to fulfill promise, but what is more important is to fulfill relations and says I know you will fulfill this relation even after death. Abhi gets up and hugs Purab. He says he was confused about two things, but he is sure of his decision. He says he loves Pragya and have never loved anyone than her, and says I can’t break promise given to Tanu and have to marry her only. He asks him to support her and goes.

Pragya sees Abhi’c pic and gets sad. Sarla comes and asks her to cry and take out her feelings. Pragya hugs her and cries. Sarla tells that may be God wants you to be his friend. Pragya says but I am his wife naa. Sarla says sometimes we think something, and it doesn’t happen. She says everyone don’t get complete world and asks her to trust God. Pragya says this had happened many times, but today I have no strength.

Dadi applies haldi on Tanu’s face and tells that she is applying it thinking it as black ink and cursing her instead of blessing her. Aaliya and Mrs. Mehta is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Screw bldy tanu n aliya n even ekta kapoor Who made this biggest blunder

    1. Wait fr tommrw epi
      There iz a turn as abhi will gain memory in upcoming week epi

      1. Abhi will get his memory on the day of his wedding to Tanu. The moment he starts going round the fire the clear picture of his first marriage will surface and he will not continue with the wedding.



  4. What is wrong with Tanu is she human,I feel for Pragya this is so unfair poor girl,this is so sad,if Abhi do get married to Tanu it’s an insult because she was pregnant with a next man child will he settle for that .

    1. Let abhi go for tanu as he is all a dumbass over there
      He too support n believe wat villain says

  5. How much will u draaaag?? This shadi drama reel life 1hr is real life 10min how mny episodes? ?
    Atleast finish abhi n tanu marriage fast n end this bullshit

  6. Shrilatha

    Is there any best mumma award I will give it to tanu’s mom…she did everything to get her daughter married and what is sarla doing yaar…and purab…he promised bulbul no that he will unite abhigya…is his promise to pragya more imp than that…I just wish somehow bulbul should return and story should turn to purab and bulbul…nothing can happen to Abhigya…he will not unite with pragya…not he will marry tanu….I think he is married bramhachari

  7. ❤️Amna Khaliq❤️


  8. ❤️Amna Khaliq❤️

    End it and sriti and shabbir are both superb actors quit this show!!!

  9. WTF. If being innocence is so much pain then I do not want to be innocence..this is what I have learned from this serial…no good vibe in here always defeat…scrw u writer and akt. .may u feel all this pain..

  10. Stupid comment shrilatha


  12. Can I hear or see something new already?! this is getting g painful for my eyes and ears… Abhi, get a pair already. Purab, just tell him the truth and everything will be figured out from there. besides, Abhi is as healthy as a horse, he won’t die… he will only experience a headache and maybe betrayal but that’s about it…


  14. indera sanichara

    You know viewers Ekta Kapoor is spineless and heartless and I am glad that I not living in her country. But she has to be careful because some crazy fan of this serial might just kidnapped her until she agree to end this crazy shit.

  15. Fatima Mohammed

    may the producer, director and the writer of kumkum bhagya face the same problems pragya has been facing in their real lives…..if they doesn’t care about we the viewers, I also doesn’t f**kin care whether it’s just a serial or whatever….they have cross all limits. I have never in my life watch such a disgusting and heart breaking serial like kumkum before…. I mean what do they take us for? I don’t know why these actors kept shooting such a disgusting serial like this….can’t they see they are just humiliating them….. in fact only a HEARTLESS HUMAN BEING WILL PRODUCE SUCH AN IRRITATING SERIAL…..I JUST HATE THAT EKTA KAPOOR…..I DON’T THINK THEY KNOW THE MEANING OF LOVE….I HAVE NEVER COMMENT ON OUR UPDATES BUT TODAY, I AM DOING IT BECAUSE I THINK I’M GOING MAD INDEED

  16. Seriously,could this get more disgusting.

  17. If Abhi actually go through this ceremony with Tanu. Is this marriage legal? Since he lost his memory. Is Abhi marriage with Prghya annulled. They were not divorced.

    1. no they were not so its void. but Ekta thinks we are stupid sooo…

  18. Like Seriously how can one wed another when he is still freaking married by law. Too hell with his illness cos he looks too fine to get shocked and die regarding his memory.


    1. Jayne, I was thinking the same. I wished Out an will kidnap Tanu to see how it felt.

  20. I really don’t know how the series has WON the most popular. Maybe it used to be good but now it is getting too slow. Please don’t hesitate to keep the series interesting and everyone looking forward to the next episode. Thanks

  21. It is sad and disappointing that script writers or makers of the drama do not have any consideration of the viewer, as they keep on repeating the same incidents/sequences over and over again. Too much negativity in this drama. All positive actions are taken over by negativity showing that the bad deeds win. Pathetic.

  22. This serial was taken off my multicultural channel, OMNI TV, a few months ago. I was devastated. I started watching it when I was going through cancer treatments because I was too ill to get up and get the remote to change the channel. That was it! I was hooked. It was on for an hour a day. Then just a little while ago ZEE TV is free for a promotion with my cable provider! I was ecstatic! However, it is only on for 1/2 hour on this station. But today, I got all caught up. Please God, expose all the evil doers already! I just want Abhi & Pragya together already. I used to watch Days of our lives. I can’t even watch it anymore. Too boring. I would rather read the English subtitles on KumKum Bhagya. I have even learned some Indian language. Keep up the great work! Love, love, love this show. Thank-you!

  23. at this end..it should be ABHI that goes after Pragya…..this show is bulll kabisa

  24. I hate abhi…he is a rock star in this serial but his love is not a true love..

  25. Doune

    A big greeting to all of u from Mauritius..
    am new to this forum… am i welcomed ?

    I would like to say that the producing/directing/script-writing team of KumKum Bhagya is a group of ludicrous people who think of their viewers to be similar to them. Why do they drag the episodes so much? Don’t they feel bored repeating same things often?

    I believe that Ekta Kapoor should COME INTO THIS FORUM AND ACCEPT ALL OF OUR CRITICS
    and pleas TO CHANGE THE SCRIPT AND CONCEPT of KumKum Bhagya. Show us how evils get the taste of their own medicine. Awaken their conscience and yours too i think. Show us woman and goodness emancipation. Try to do serials which are good food for thoughts which in turn creates a good impact in people’s life in general. Just think how nice it would have been if you did like i’ve just said! If we want the world to be a better place, then we must not portray evils to be perfectly well in their skin while the innocents suffer.

    Through your serials, show how to tackle with these kinds of situations without causing harm. Or if sometimes we need to address issues in the wrong way,but pure intention, how should we proceed.

    Enough of evilness from Alia, Tanu and Nikhil. This is the limit now. Don’t you have the logic Ekta? How can evils be portrayed as winners every time in your serials? Yes, the innocents do win at the end but through unfair trials and sufferings. How can you render good characters as foolish people?

    Pragya is a very educated girl, yet she is depicted as someone who cannot stand for herself, or if she even does, she fails. Why the educated is shown fallen while the clever-evil always rise? It is a dhajia to her education? In a world where education has become the most essential part of life, we are not giving enough importance to that. Yes, feelings and emotions, goodness etc are good traits in a person, but how long can someone tolerate evilness being inflicted on them?

    I apologise If I’ve hurt any.

  26. Doune

    # through many repeated unfair trials and sufferings

  27. Hopefully at the time of wearing mangalsuthra to Tanu, may be Abhi remembers his past. Who knows what Ekta Kapoor is thinking. May be she want to give the correct meaning to her serial title kumkum bhagya with the right event. Whatever it is I wish she could take a fine decision to end this serial asap.

  28. Ok , so after marriage what happens? the whole series , all the planning, the evil, is about Tanu marrying Abhi, so the story has ended , so be it.
    Pragya take heart you will get someone better. Abhi and Tanu good luck in a marriage start on evil. we the viewers will get better dramas to watch.
    At last this series will end!

  29. you know the saying ‘bucket ah go well everyday one one day the bottom go fall out’ tanu end is coming soon and i hope i do not miss out on seeing the expression on that f**k up face of hers abhi needs someone to take a hammer and give him one hard knock on his f**king head is either he get his f**king memory back or he f**king dead because his life right now is worst than f**king death sorry for the use of my indecent language but i am trying to get to the point with a capital P

  30. This soapie is giving a wrong impression, evil , greed,spite,jealosy, is winning everytime over gentleness, love. Care and god . We are indians and we beliebve in god , the good people in the soapie are asking and praying to god for help but are not getting any help. The bad people are always winning , so wat does this sopie stand for , that doing bad is rite and doing good and praying isa useless and of no help . I thought that soapies should give us a message , this sopie is definetly giving a wrong message , doing wrong wins , and doing good is a waste of time

  31. Looks like it, Who ever is updating the serial got fed-up with today’s episode. Couldn’t find it. May be they are tired. There is no Meaning at all. What message that preview is giving, just nothing but nonsense. There is no practical view In this whole episode. They are not giving importance to viewers comment9

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