Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya why you are after my Tanu? Why did you take me to Police station. Pragya says so technically you have decided to take her side. Abhi says I have decided to fight for myself and says Tanu has become fine now, you can’t tell that a rockstar is marrying mad woman. Pragya asks what am I to you? Abhi says wife, and requests her to stop fighting with Tanu as his life is ruining because of their fight. Pragya thinks Tanu have challenged her to break their relation within 24 hours and wonders what she is upto? Abhi takes juice from Robin. Tanu comes and asks him to come with her. She shows the marriage dress and says someone have burnt it. She says someone have ruined her dress and asks what will I wear it on our marriage day? Abhi asks when is our marriage? She

emotionally blackmails him and says your fuggi have done this. Abhi says they are two different persons. Tanu says whoever she is, but she has cut my dress. She starts crying.

Abhi says I will get a good dress for you. Tanu says she don’t want us to get married and is after our baby. She don’t want our baby to be born. She says you have to take divorce by cheat. Abhi asks what are you saying? She asks him to take divorce in 24 hours, and gives him ultimatum. Abhi looks on.

Pragya prays to God and asks until when he will take her test. She asks God to give strength so that she can fight and win. She gets a call and is happy knowing international client. She thanks God for the international project.

Tanu tells Abhi that Pragya want to ruin their life and don’t want him to be successful. Abhi says she has never thought bad about my career and me. Tanu says she don’t want good for our Abhi, and says she can’t bear that I am going to be your baby’s mum and she is jealous of me. Abhi says she has everything which you have. Tanu says she is alone, and couldn’t become a wife and mum. She gets jealous. She asks him to do something and get divorce from her by cheat. Abhi says I can’t betray anyone. Tanu says you can’t cheat her, but can cheat me and my baby. She says you are doing wrong with my baby. She thinks she has done good acting and Aaliya might have been happy seeing her skills.

Dadi tells Pragya that she has publicized Abhi’s singing talent and says my grand son is very lucky. Pragya asks her to continue blessing Abhi. Dadi prays for them.

Abhi thinks there are no good clothes in his cupboard. Pragya tells him that they are going out to have dinner tonight. Abhi refuses. Pragya says I am your boss, and this meeting is with new producer. Abhi agrees to come if she gives him 5 lakhs rupees. Pragya refuses and says this deal will be of your advantage. He says he wants to shop for Tanu and their baby. Pragya says I don’t have money for waste expenditure.

Pragya asks Robin to keep food tray there and asks Abhi, will you not have food? Abhi says no, until his conditions are fulfillled. Pragya says okay. She asks Robin to keep his food in Dadi’s room and calls Dadi. Tanu tries speaking to Abhi, but he goes. Tanu thinks he might get angry on me. He comes to Dadi. Dadi says you haven’t eaten food today. Abhi says who told you? Dadi says Pragya, and then says she knows it. Dadi makes him eat food. Abhi thinks Pragya is really heartless and don’t care about him. He then eats food. Dadi messages Pragya that Abhi have eaten his food. Pragya happily eats her food. Abhi comes to Tanu’s room and thinks ladies start crying more seeing someone coming. Tanu sheds fake tears and says you care only about Pragya. She says I can accept defeat infront of Pragya, but can’t bear anything if anyone tell about my baby. She says I will give my life. Abhi says I will give divorce to Pragya.

Tanu hugs him and gets happy. He says I will talk to Pragya about divorce as we are going out to meet a producer. Tanu says I know you will agree and that’s why kept the papers ready. Abhi gest sad and recalls his first meeting, marriage, and happy and sad moments with Pragya….Manzilein song plays………………

Precap:Aaliya tells Tanu that she is waiting for this win, and says I will get my position/place back. Abhi says I will get divorce from you by cheating. Pragya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Philamina

    This show is going to end just like Pavrita Risha. That started off well and then went down hill just like this show is doing and finally they had to take it off the air. Very stupid business sense.

    • Colo

      this is a farce of a show – do these “actors” actually get paid to act in this thrash? why is everybody so afraid of the character Abhi? why can’t his grandmother tell him the truth about the whore Tanu? a pregnant whore at that! oh ….. and everybody is always on their cell phoning one another about absolute stupidness! Abhi MIGHT find out he’s been made an ass around December of next year, if we the viewers are lucky!

  2. Zari

    What nonsense is this?????????
    How can tanu say that pragya is after her baby tanu wanted to abort her child it was pragya who told her not to abort child and tanu is saying that pragya is after her baby
    Abhi comes to tanu and thinks that women start crying seeing someone coming so its mean abhi nows that tanu’ s tears were fake but still believes her what the hell is this…. Abhi always says that he loves his fuggy but when pragya comes in front of him he says that she is not my rugby…. Can’t abhi see that pragya and rugby r not 2 different woman… She is just pragya and fuggy is just her nick name……
    I just hate dadi and sarla
    Dadi just prays to god that give strength and says to pragya that everything will b fyn
    Sarla ‘s hands and legs r now moving can’t anyone give her note pad and paper so that she can write about tanu and nikhil
    Pragya always says my kumkum my bhagya and bla bla bla but always makes fail plans
    Tanu pregnant with nikhils child but always says I will marry abhi for sure Alia always makes planning to ruin abhi
    Nikhil always says to tanu that marry abhi snatch his property and come to me
    Fed up of all this… Same track same scenes same dialogues
    I just don’t understand why pragya and team can’t say truth to abhi….. Abhi always says he loves his fuggy…. Sarla is like his own mother to him…. Purab is his best frnd since childhood and abhi knows very well that purab always thinks about abhi’s goodness…. Abhi says dadi is every thing to abhi he loves his dadi a lot…. Akash is abhis brother…. Rachna is abhis sister in law….. If all of them will tell abhi truth why he will not believe…. If he is that much dumb that he will trust an outsider(tanu) but not his own family
    And I don’t understand why raj is not telling abhi anything…. He knows very well about takhil but not saying anything… If he is really become changed and now he is positive then he should tell

  3. Deepa

    Oh my god I like to slap that tanu she had played such a low class role nobody will be like this is today’s world

  4. Abraham Lawer

    This is tooo much for Pragya to be fighting for her heart .How Pragya be fighting for one love that Tanu is causing trouble .Please

  5. Rose

    After so many moons ago I now started watchn this serial, n what the f..k, same old crap. This is why i stopped watchn in the first place. The writer should be fired, immediately!!!! No ideas for a new storyline, at all?? Cant believe these characters in this serial……are’nt they weary of the same old lines n plots?? Heaven help us!!!!

  6. Priyanka

    Tanu should have gave birth by now, but her baby bump isn’t even showing! Such a stupid show

    • Colo

      Abhi has to be a madman. what kind of rock star is he? he’s always holed up in his house, never really interacts sensibly with anybody else and just seems to be a total moron!

  7. shobana

    I must really appreciate Hasan because if the episode is boring also Hasan is updating for us.

    Yesterday I was not able to see Tanu. She once again fooled abhi with her manipulating skills.
    I’ve noticed one thing that abhi supporting Pragya. When Tanu was accusing Pragya for each and every thing abhi said y would she do al this and she never thinks bad for me. This is a positive sign and we can expect something from abhi. And while dadi feeding for he thinks Pragya didn’t care for me whether I ate or not she has no problem. I think abhi consider Pragya as fuggy that y he was thinking like that. Because if he consider Pragya as Mogambo he would have not think abt it . Abhi is showing some positive signs. Lets see hoe much he disappoints us and how much he acts smart in Tanu’s manipulation.
    And I think this 24 hrs of war between
    Pragya and Tanu will go upto 48 episodes. So aft 2 months we can expect the truth to be revealed.
    Still now Pragya didn’t have any new plan and its good that she don’t have any new plan because as usual she
    will be failed. I think in 12 hr open challenge also will loose and at the end abhi will save her.

  8. Naveed,USA

    We are not fool and in reality this doesn’t happen.
    Is Abhi so dumb that he himself can not understand things?
    He claims he loves fuggy then why he can not believe Pragya?He can believe his Dadi also.
    There was no need to all these failed plans.
    I think this program has been prolonged unnecessarily, it should be ended now.

  9. nisha nair


  10. Shalini

    Is abhi blind, can’t he see the truth. It was Pragya who asked him marry tanu. How long would u drag this story. People are loosing interest in this serial itself . please finish this drama in one or two episodes . otherwise further nobody will watch the serial

  11. shabana.(abhi is love of my life)

    too much of draging and boring last seen was so emotional but the song played was hamari adhuri kahani………

  12. priyaraj

    i am really very angry with the makers of kb earlier i liked this show very much bcoz it was different but now due to intense dragging i have begun to hate dis show like anything tanu’s truth should have been out within few days after pregnancy. earlier nikhil was shown worrying abt tanu n baby he was very much ready to take d resposibilities but now entire track has changed . Only meaningless dragging going on , by seeing dis my head spins

  13. There is new promo in which abhi slap tanu and angry in nikhil that he has fooled him this time cvs says that it is not a dream

  14. Reji

    This tanu is a big dramebaaz …..wat an acting???….easily she is manipulating abhi…but as shobana said actually at first abhi will blindly believe tanu but this time he supporting pragya that she will not do like this …so still he has some feelings for pragya …and today’s episode is full of tanu’s drama scenes…and abhigya scenes were less….and ya today abhi for an international add so for this pragya will take him to temple and as pratiksha said last time he changed his mind after seeing pragya…so with this I hope abhi without cheating pragya he will get divorce..and he should not make pragya drunk that he did before….my doubt is going around aliya …guys tell me she wants purab???…or she wants to destroy abhi???..pls tell me..

    • Reji aaliya was planning to ruin abhi before but now after coming back in the house and after interaction with purab, her priority has changed. Definetly, she have still revenge feeling fir abhi but before it now she wants purab too. Thar’s why she is helping tanu as she thinks that when pragya will b out from abhi’s life and house only then she can get purab. And as I said in my yesterday’s comment that her plan is spineless as purab will never accept her after getting her intentions against abhigya. It could only happen if she gives her support in uniting abhigya and against tanu. But she have herself ruined her chance by helping tanu. Tanu will b definelty exposed one day but with her, aaliya is also making her ways difficukt for ownself in coplition of her plan of ruining abhi and getting purab as pragya and purab both r aware that what she us doing with tanu against them. Becoz tanu is herself exposing aaliya with her plans every time in front of pragya that aaliya came for helping her to throw her out from this house and she is helping her. Aaliya can achieve her goals only by helping pragya against tanu not by helping tanu against pragya.

      • i understand pratiksha and sahithi this aliya changing her motive then and then ……so she want to destroy abhi and to get purab ……..definitely this both will not happen as this kumkum bhagya ……and ya bulbul’s re entry is still there ……pratiksha and sahithi when will kajol come to kkb sets…… becoz now aliya s in a motive to get purab too so this i guess bulbul shuld be here…….will bulbul give a re entry to the sets??………

      • Sahithi

        Reji I already posted about Kajol 1-2 days back. I read news that she will now be part of Ashoka serial post leap(she will play Ashoka’s wife role)

        There is no confirmation on that news, but there was never official news that she will come to KKB also.
        Either Bulbul’s re entry got delayed so she took up other show or what exactly happened we don’t know.

        We have to wait to first see if she will be part of Ashoka show, then may be some news will b out whether Bulbul will make re-entry or not.

    • Sahithi

      Yes Reji when Aaliya came back, her mission was to destroy Abhi n take revenge on him. When she came into the house with Tanu’s help also, it was same. But I think now after entering MM again, she is getting different ideas. After seeing Purab around and since Bulbul is not there, she wants to get back with Purab.

      As per precap, Tanu n Aaliya r hoping to push Pragya out, so now again Aaliya is thinking that once Pragya is out of MM she can rule it along with Tanu. So for now she is not thinking of destroying Abhi but again enjoy his property.

  15. Reji

    And tamil friends tomorrow Tamil putthandu …and guys advance putthandu nalvazhthukkal ….and guys please pray for me becoz my exam result is coming on April 15th I am in a big tension…

  16. New promo out. Update of new promo-
    Tanu and pragya stands in front of each other in hall of mehra house. Tanu says to pragya that next time, she will get married with abhi in next 12 hours. She says to pragya that do anything whatever u could. Pragya looks time in watch on the wall and says to tanu next 12 hours will b heavy for u. They looks each other with so confidence. Voiceover says that pragya have another fight against time.

    • Shobana

      what do u think prathiksha ???
      shall we put some hope this time that tanu’s truth will be revealed???

      how can tanu be so confident?? because she has to get divorce from pragya, which she wont give .
      i think tanu might have come to knw that pragya and abhi are already divorced. i believe completely that tanu abhi marriage wont happen since the title of the show is kumkum bhagya so tabhi marriage wont happen. if marriage didnt happen in 12hrs means its then pragya’s victory
      and this 12hrs the cvs will drag to 24 episode as they are expert in dragging.
      will sarla ma able to recover within 12 hrs???

      if tanu truth is revealed i want her to be punished severly not just slapping her sending out of the home and sending to jail. something diff which the cvs didnt show till now since she not only torchered abhigya but also the viewers of the show. so i want tanu to be punished hard

      • Sahithi

        Shobana, I dont think this 24 or 12 hrs whatever is the time limit, Pragya n Tanu both r challenging is about exposing Tanu. I dont think the promo is about Tanu’s truth.

        Tanu thought Abhi will get sign from Pragya on the divorce papers, so even before having the sign I think she showed her over confidence and will threaten n challenge Pragya. But from Pragya’s side I dont see any plan yet. Atleast in the segment scenes. As we saw in the segment, Abhi didnt cheat Pragya into signing the papers so Tanu’s challenge is mostly going to flop.

        So all this week – Tanu challenge n Pragya indirectly winning because of Abhi. Only after that we may see new plan from Pragya.

        But what will Tanu n Aaliya do next or will Abhi also force Pragya for sign if not by cheating , but directly, we will see in next episodes. Or if we want to be hopeful, will he try to find Pragya’s truth.

      • Reji

        Ya pratiksha as we saw this in sbs segment …sarla maa recover in 12hrs is not possible …and shobana i think tanu will not come to know abhigya r divorced …my point is …actually abhi only said that he will not cheat pragya and get divorce…but tanu can cheat na???? So may be she will cheat pragya and get divorce …and this 12hrs challenge will not be the end ..if this challenge failed means no one for the victory of tabhi’s marriage happened means pragya shuld do sumthng and if pragya stopped the marriage also still she didn’t expose tanu and if tanu is exposed she shuld not be punished with just a slap..more than that like pushing her out of the house and tanu made abhigya life to be hell now it’s abhigya’s turn to make tanu’s life a hell. .

      • shobana

        Ya Tanu can cheat Pragya
        And as sahithi said Pragya is winning indirectly because of abhi.
        And I completely agree with prathiksha as Tanu is making abhi and Pragya closer instead of seperating them.
        Whatever plan alia and Tanu make it should backfire on them. Because this Tanu is irritating me I cant see her fake dramas. She should be exposed soon.

      • razia

        Yua absolutely right sahithi .. This challenge is not regardn tabhi marriage or tanu being exposed .. It’s jus fa the divorce .. So this tym as v saw in segment cu of abhi pragya vl win n tanu vl lose .. This is a gud sign bt let’s c .. Actually m getn some positive feelings like soon tanu vl b exposed .. Bt nor very soon ..

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Literally dont wanna c tanu anymore..?? I can’t tolarete her & her cheap tricks.. I hate tanu alot?????

    • Guys very correct. Tanu’s chapter will not closed in just 12 hours. Sahithi is right. The challenge is about marriage of tabhi and taking pragya’s sign on divorce papers during business meeting is the first step of tanu’s plan. After which she was planning to marry with abhi. But as we have been seen in segment that the plan will b flopped in last minute by abhi. Then less chances of marriage in these 12 hours and less chance of completion of this challenge. As we knows that cvs 12 hours more than it. So between this time period, tanu will try every trick and possible way to completion of her challenge, even after getting her first step’s defeat. And this whole week will pass in completion of this challenge. Even reporter says that this fight will not finish easily, when this fight is going on since 12 months becoz of cvs wish of stretching. Between this time period of of this challenge, I m hoping and thinking that with this fight between pragya and tanu regarding this challenge, abhi will get to know about pragya’s reality. Like I said in my below comment that tanu’s manipulation is taking abhi more close to pragya and her reality. Tanu have only option for taking pragya’s sign on divorce papers by manipulating abhi. So she will constantly try to manipulate abhi every time like this but it will lead to abhi to close of pragya’s reality and he will get to know about it. And once he will get to know about pragya’s reality, his priorities will get changed and tanu’s countdown will began. So let’s see what happens.

  17. Guys I guess this drama will soon come to an end because Tanu has challenged Pragya to read their relation in 24hours…so Pragya will do something quick… We can see Abhigyan again

    • Sharada

      24 hrs is one day for all……but can stretch up to a couple of mo this as far as kkb is concerned rite ?hema

  18. Yesterday’s episode was all about tanu’s plan. She is master in manipulation but not in acting as she was saying to herself for praising herself. She manipulated abhi successfully but guys did u noticed her words. It was more in favour of pragya instead if making abhi against her. When she takes fuggy name for pragya,in first, to complaining abhi, and then when she says that pragya is jealous from her as she wants a husband like abhi and a baby too coz she is alone. It was moreover in favour of pragya. In attempt of manipulating abhi, she unkowingly doing abhi close to pragya’s reality, in her overacting and oversmartness. Abhi thinks that mogambo can’t think like this as she is selfish and money- minded but it is only his fuggy who could think like this as she loves only abhi a lot more than anything. So like this, tanu herself is taking abhi close to pragya’s reality that she is still fuggy. Already, abhi is seeing fuggy’s image in pragya since some past days. So if tanu constantly manipulates abhi like this then abhi will get to know about pragya’s reality for sure. It is pragya’s true love and it’s feeling in abhi’s heart which stops him from going away from her and doing anything against her. That’s why he takes his step back from tricking pragya for taking her sign on divorce papers through cheating. Even before taking this step, he doesn’t want to cheat with pragya. That’s why in precap, he gives her warning indirectly but clearly that what he is going to do with her. Everytime when tanu and aaliya plans anything against pragya to seperate her from abhi then it happens only opposite and instead of going far from each other, they comes more close to each other. This time also same is happening. Let’s see what happens further.

    • Fowziya

      Yeeeeeah i totally agree with u Pratiksha ? Ur each nd every word are correct ! Instead of putting Abhi against Pragya, she is making them close by her words ? She herself, is in trouble ?

  19. Guiny

    Its better for pragya to sit nd watch the drama of tanu. If pragya plans sumthng she will plan sumthng very dumb nd atlast in vain! Tanu herself is makin abhi nd fuggy closer!

  20. A

    stop this crap and bullshit serial. ekta go and wash your brain so that you can get some new ideas instead of routine things in all your serials.

  21. Shaz

    I will not watch kkb hereafter. I don’t want to waste my golden time by watching kkb everyday. By watching kkb everyday i get tensed. So that I have decided to read whole week written updates once a week & get tensed for only one day.

  22. Aishwarya

    U guyzz noticed one thing that abhi is not even ready to hear anything bad about pragya he said that she betrayed him but not done anything wrong with him.abhi still have some trust on pragya its good n promo is out but no use within this 12hrs nothing will happen positively one good thing is according to segment abhi was saved pragya from a big hurdle becoz he knows if he got divorce frome pragya he should also seperate from his fuggy he cant do that so lets hope for d best

  23. Fowziya

    You’re Right Shobana nd all, i agree with you! Well we’ll see how long Abhi will be under Tanu’s control and hearken to her repeated lies. Damn i want to kill Tanu when she cries, I’ve understood one thing as Pratiksha said instead of turning Abhi against Pragya, she is in the process of bringing them together.?☺ Now Abhi is realising how much he loves Pragya n still cares for her. ☺

    • shobana

      Fowziya I too think the same as prathiksha said Tanu is bringing abhi and Pragya closer. Its a gud thing so I feel something good will happen. Lets wait and watch

      • Fowziya

        Hope so Shob, hope this time somethin’ gud ll happen.. ? but everytime we expect smtng good to happen they show us the opposite so thiz time ill keep my expectations low?

  24. KB

    I have seen this drama one month back, again same is continuing no changes, yes changes are there that is ALIYA is back again, but pragya day by day loosing her confidence… BULL SHIT.

  25. அனைத்து தமிழ் நெஞ்சங்களுககும் இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  26. Thank u so much razia and hi all my tamil friends wish u a very happy tamil new year to all reji,karthika,shobana,gowtham,megha,

  27. gowtham

    guys i am sry i was not in town for past two days and didnt see the episodes also… what is going on…. is there any important twists i missed?? and plz do tell me about iru malargal…. guys

    • Reji

      Hi gowtham how r u?? …and a good news for you…in iru malargal abhigya’s voice is not changed …even evrybdy have their same voices and they started from where they stopped in Hindi it’s episode 329…from this episode only they started in Tamil..and now in kumkum bhagya same dragging …New sbs segment came and promo came I think u read our before comments …tanu challenges pragya that within 12hrs she will get married with abhi…pragya accepts it so we were discussing about this… and in sbs abhi got an international add contract ..and while tanu too manipulating abhi against pragya…but abhi still has some feelings for pragya he says that pragya will not do like that and little bit supported pragya…so tanu is asking abhi to cheat pragya and get sign in divorce papers .. but abhi refuses. ..but tanu manipulates him saying pragya cheated u and u can also cheat …so abhi agrees. …pragya took abhi to temple to get mata’s blessings …abhi is stunned by seeing pragya and at last he changes his mind …they went to a restaurant to meet the contract producer..the producer wants to take a selfie with abhigya …that time abhigya got closer…tanu was present there spying abhigya …abhi gives the divorce papers to tanu and says that he can’t cheat and get divorce …he will get divorce …this was in the sbs segment. …and according to the promo we were discussing about the 12hrs challenge..that this 12hrs may be 24 days or more than it …so what’s it point of view gowtham …??

      • gowtham

        i am fine reji…. happy tamil new year to u too… and to all tamil guys…. and cheating means in wat way reji…. i dnt get that…. 12 hour challenge is ok…. cheating means how? and super about iniya irumalargal…thanks fr the information . so same voice in zee tamil from tday onwards i will see regularly…. sema news…. very happy…. but about kkb i dnt get anythng cheating means hw?? and tanu tries to manipulate abhi many times…. so wat special in this time and challenging thing is been happening many times.. i dnt knw wat way this challenge is different..

      • Reji

        Gowtham tanu is manipulating abhi to cheat pragya and get divorce ..so abhi refuses but then some how she emotionally blackmailed abhi and abhi agrees. .and 12 hrs challenge is tanu challenges pragya that within we hrs she will get married abhi …so to marry…abhi shuld give divorce to pragya ..then only she can marry abhi …so she is manipulating abhi to cheat and get divorce from pragya..but at last abhi refuses and says that he will get divorce directly ..so this is the 12hrs challenge. .we were discussing that tanu will not be exposed within 12hrs. ..and they will drag this 12hrs for many episodes…

      • gowtham

        oh now i get it…. so again its juz a sub concept…. they ll give 12 hrs challenge… and abhi wont cheat prgya as always.. so the plan and challenge flopped…. so its again coming under sub concepts… ni big twists i suppose….. and i shuld have not been expecting so much juz fr the sake of missing two episodes… hw can i expect big things….?? all knw that nothing is happening for many months… so i shuld keep my expectations low…. so now i dnt feel fr missing these episodes… it definitely shows about the challenge only…. not involved in exposure…. so aftr 12 hours again the same thing ll be continuing….. but tday i am very eager to see iru malargal in zee tamil frst episode that i am gonna watch in zee tamil… and reji can u give me the link fr the past two episodes of zee tamil??

  28. shobana

    To all my Tamil frds and karthika
    Iniya tamizh putthandu nal vazhthukkal(happy Tamil new year)

      • shobana

        I’m gud gowtham
        And thank you for your wishes

        And as reji said Iniya irrumalargal is continuing from where polimer tv left and voice is also same
        Then kkb Tanu is manipulating abhi to get divorce from Pragya by cheating.
        And a new promo has been released in that There is a challenge between Tanu and Pragya that Tanu says within 12 hrs she will marry abhi.
        Pragya says that this 12hrs will be tough for you
        And a plus point is while Tanu accusing Pragya for each and every thing while manipulating abhi he supported Pragya

  29. shobana

    Fowziya reji razia brindha gowtham swetha megha ranaji and karthi choti to al iniya tamizh puthandu nal vazhthukkal
    Sry if I missed anyone

  30. nandu

    Frnds …. i think this time tanu gets fail. Tanu try to get sign in divorce paper and also use some tricks. And pragya try to prove tanu.. after 12 hrs tanu fails to get sign in divorce paper and pragya said this time i won surrely i proved u with proff .. then kkb team make a 6hrs challenge promo.

  31. Shaz

    I hv a doubt on aaliya. Is she acting as helping tanu??? Bcos who brought her from jail??? sometimes may be pragya brought her from jail.. I think aaliya helped takil in police station scene to get their confidence. Is aaliya the person who is brought by pragya against tanu??? Bcos pragya said nothing against aaliya when she entered mehra house. Aaliya hasn’t done anything against abhi yet. Yes she tried but failed. Mostly she will not fail in her plan, then how she failed?? Is the writer hiding something in aaliya’s reenter??? Wt do u think guys?? Could u plz clear my confusion??

  32. Jayakumarisuresh

    Anaivarukkum iniya thamizh puththandu nalvazhthukkal.

    Friends, Can anyone tell me what happened to Purvi and her mother Janaki? and Pragya’s dadi (saralama mother-in-law)? Suresh also missing, In Mehra House Dadi’s sister and Raj missing.

    I remember once Purvi challenged that she would prove herself that she is not responsible of Abigya Kidnapping case.

    Pragya can keep a camera in Saralama’s room. So that they can easily capture if anything goes wrong. There are lots of ways to expose Tanu, but wonder why such dragging still happening ……..

    We all love Abigya and awaiting to see their union.

    I don’t know when it will happen?

    @ Gowtham you can watch episodes in Ozee app in mobile. (I do watch it if I miss @9pm)

    • gowtham

      happy tamil new year to you too jayakumari suresh. …. and i asked iru malargal video link… that is zee tamil….

  33. Shaz

    Hey guys they will not do anything in this 12 hours challenge. They will all get fail in their whole plans like concert situation. They want to increase the episode by creating expectations. This is the writer’s another plan which is specialllllllly designed for us to make us fool. I know as usual at last kkb team will win & we will lose. Adhukapram naanga ennammo pudhusa emaandha madhiri oru action poduwam. Idhu thanema for 12 monthsa nadakudhu…..

  34. Puja

    someone stop them plz.what is this ???.totally nonsense..plz unite Abhigya .this is too much now..stupid writter ..ufff just irritating.

  35. Anjhana

    All my dear tamil friends
    Wishing u all a very happy new year
    Tamil puthandu nal vazhthukkal
    Gowtham,reji, shobana, swetha and karthika

  36. farida

    People should realise now that if you play the part of trailer trash – you always seem to win. ABHI “the so called ROCKSTAR” is nothing but a rock . He ha snot brains to think logically. He loves this love tussle between two woman and will never commit to anyone. PRAGYA it is time to say good-bye and move on. Let the “FOOL ABHI” live his dream on his own terms

  37. farida

    I see this platform is now being used as a greeting /message platform. Please restrict it to comments on the soapies only

  38. gowtham

    fowziya and reji… retelecast of iniya irumalargal is next day 10.30 to 11.00 am…. i have seen program list in my dish.. . from that i found this…

  39. adamu alhaji adamu

    Please just shut up and get out. Senseless producer. I hate ur story. Please end it or just get out. Nonsense

  40. md ali

    Plz change the track kkb trs is getting down so many people have stop watching this serial plz expose tanu

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.