Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya opening the bag and finds it empty. Tanu sees it empty and is shocked too. Aaliya blames Pragya for trying to frame Tanu and asks the Police to arrest her. Pragya thinks Tanu and Aaliya have trapped her. Inspector asks why she filed the FIR, when the bag has no money. Pragya tells that the bag had money in it. Ronnie tells that he has installed CCTV footage in the room and they will know who has stolen the money. Pragya and Ronnie go to the room. Ronnie takes out the camera and says he will give laptop to her. Aaliya asks Tanu, who took the money out. They suspect each other. Purab comes there and asks Dadi why Police is here. Inspector says we came here to arrest the thief. Purab asks who called you? Aaliya says your lovable Pragya di. Mitali says Pragya accused

baharwali. Tanu says she is going to be wife of Abhi. Mitali says not yet. Purab asks where is Pragya. Dadi says she went upstairs to know about the thief. She comes downstairs and asks Ronnie to connect the footage. They see Tanu stealing the bag. Raj tells that money is not shown in the bag. Pragya asks Ronnie to play the video from the start. They see Abhi leaving with the bag. Aaliya says thief is bhai. Pragya is shocked. Aaliya says you have to arrest Bhai for this theft.

Inspector says we have to arrest him. Tanu says you can’t arrest him as he is a rockstar. Dasi says it is all Abhi’s money. Tanu asks him to arrest Pragya. She blames her for trapping Abhi. Aaliya says we have to think how to bring him out of this problem. The Inspector asks constable to arrest Abhi and bring him to Police station. Raj comes to Aaliya and says he don’t hope this from her. Aaliya says they have done this arrangement to get money. She says if Bhai gets arrested then he will get angry, and takes out his anger on her. If Pragya is acting and saves Abhi, then we will have to think about our plan.

Dasi tells Dadi that Abhi is seen talking money from the bag and now Police will catch him. Dadi thinks why did Abhi steal the money. If he is testing Pragya. She thinks she can’t inform anything to Indu. Dasi says she will never forgive her. Dadi says she can’t do anything. Dasi says she will not accept Pragya’s orders and will reply her. Dadi gets up and prays to God for help Pragya. She asks her to give strength to Pragya else her hardwork will go in vain. Pragya gets worried and thinks what will I do if the Police arrests him. She thinks Abhi’s image and reputation will be ruined. She wonders what to do? Who will help me. She then thinks she can’t take help from others else her enemies will win.

Ronnie tells Pragya that he don’t know, what problem she has with Abhi, but knows that she cares for him and is worried. He promises that his sister will never have to face trouble, and he will face her troubles. Pragya asks him not to prove anything and keep an eye on the family. She says she will see how to protect Abhi. Abhi thinks he can’t roam like this, and thinks he don’t want to see Pragya. He comes out of car and stops at a tea stall. Inspector comes and says you are under arrest. Abhi asks why? Inspector says for stealing money from your house.

Pragya tells Dadi that her love will help her win this fight. Someone hears them and claps. Pragya and Dadi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Reji

    oh my god abhi is the thief .then what will happen in kumkum bhagya
    and then preview super…. who is the persond who heard pragya and dadi conversation
    earely waiting for next episode………………

  2. tuti

    Its getting messier and messier……come on Pragya. Think! And Abhi, what is he thinking? Is he trying to save Tanu? Hmmm….And Indu Dasi, hopefully she will discover the secret. Pragya could use Dasi cunning brain. Pragya cannot work alone. She’s too soft-hearted. Be wild Pragya….be wild! Hahahaha…………

  3. I think it’s bulbul who enters room as she wears white watch n I think dadi is right abhi may b stealing money on purpose to see pragys reaction
    I more thing abhi Purab n bulbul is one team, aaliya Tanu raj is team n pragya n dadi is team. Let’s see who solve problem first???

  4. chithu

    I think it couldn’t be Aaliya or Tanu..because in upcoming onlocation shoot, they were shown normally and they were actually complaining to Abhi about Pragya ..not sure who heard it other than them…wish it could be someone who can actually help Pragya 🙂 like Dasi or Purabh or Bulbul…someone who can really support Pragya….

    • It’s bulbul
      Just saw some of old episode
      N in episode 307 bulbul is wearing same watch
      N yes as u said it could not b Aaliya or Tanu
      If my prediction is right then I’m sure this track wil end in max 20 episode

  5. srimathi

    OMG!!! I think atlast every one came to know the truth except abhi ..kya bakwas yaar..lets pragya can do Virgin test for abhi using that test report she can force tanu for dna test and one more point pragya is still abhi’s wife na coz she got a sign from abhi in consent papers only and pragya proved those are not consent papers and they are property papers so she can easily claim the rights as abhi’s wife to stop this marriage and she s pragya mehra not arora coz she didn’t divorced abhi ryt..writes must think of these totally getting the show in a stupid way..pls b practical..don’t be so unrealistic yaar v fans are really getting disappointed. .

  6. neha

    I wish it could be dasi or bulbul…….I just hope it’s not aaliya or tanu, otherwise dadi n pragya’s plan get destroyed….fingers crossed!!

    Let’s see!!!!!eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode…

  7. Totally unexpected episode. Omg! Abhi stole money from the briefcase. Now it is clear today that he heard nothing but he still have a doubt in his mind for pragya. And like dadi was thinking that may b abhi is testing pragya by stealing money becoz he couldn’t thefting like this without any big reason. So I think dadi is right. Abhi heard nothing but he have doubt in his mind for pragya so by taking this step, he is testing pragya. And I think guys he assumed it too that pragya has not changed and she is just pretending, she still have care for him, when pragya will come to save him from going to jail. So I think that’s why he was also pretending against of prsgya in front of family to make them believe that pragya has changed and she is money minded and she only cares for money. So no one could assumed her truth and intentions like him. That’s why he was insulting pragya in front of family but actually he was pretending! And ya Maggie I agree with u. It could b bulbul in precap who heard pragya and dadi’s talk. I also assumed that bracelet or watch whatever it was but it was not aaliya’s nor tanu’s becoz I just saw previous episodes and I saw none of them wear that bracelet or watch in their hands. And if we will think that they did change then also couldn’t becoz pragya and dafi was in same dress of previous episodes and as we have been seen in segment that they all r in same old previous episode’s costumes. So it couldn’t taaliya and it couldn’t mitali bhabhi or taiji or dasi also becoz the hand which is shown in precap, it was a girl’s hand. So most probably it could b bulbul, who heard pragya and dadi’s talk and did u guys noticed dadi and pragya’s expressions in precap. They were not shocked nor scared with tension. They were looking normally at that girl. And at last I wanna share something. I just loved Ronnie’s talk with pragya. Such a sweet and nice guy he is. Abhi should teach from him. He is only two days old coming in pragya’s life and he assumed so easily that pragya loves abhi a lot and she is a very gud girl who is doing all this forcibly. And abhi! He has spend one and a half year with pragya, he has saw many ups and down with her and he saw her all sides but still he has doubt on pragy, still he is not believing on her, still he needs to testify pragya for testing her love and loyalty! Abhi should b shameful for this.

    • ramya

      Too much f questions confusions n guessing …. Omg addicted to this … Waiting very eagerly Fa what wil happen next

    • chithu

      yeah Nikki..i just now watched the episode.. it couldn’t be Dasi..it seems to be a girl’s hand…as we all wish, it will be good if it is Bulbul… good that..Pragya is gaining more people to support..she is so lovable , so that she is ‘very weak to hurt others..so she definitely needs some strong support 🙂 i think Bulbul can do that…but wish they shouldn’t be caught to a wrong person …

      • Guys and chithu yes it was bulbul in precap who heard pragya and dadi’s talk. I just visit on India forum site to read the comments then I found a comment which is given on the based of precap. She was 100% surely saying that it was only and only bulbul. Becoz the girl who was wearing that watch. It was Bulbul’s watch and she has proved it by showing 3-4 pics of bulbul from previous episodes where bulbul was carrying this same watch. In fact she always wears this watch from day one in the show. So it is 200% bulbul in precap. I was little worried when dadi and pragya was exucuting plans alone, where dadi couldn’t help pragya more so pragya was alone mostly in her plans.Now I get some relief that pragya’s team is increasing and so her strength is too with dadi, Ronnie and now bulbul or may b if abhi will realized that pragya is just pretending then may b abhi will also support pragya in her plans but indirectly.

      • chithu

        yes Nikki..infact Mrunal’s last post in instagram is with this watch 🙂 in instagram some girl has posted this comparision …that orange chudi one 🙂 people are so fast..they immediately compared and confirmed that it is Bulbul 🙂 🙂

  8. srija

    I agree with you chithu … It shud b some1 who vl help Pragya…… Or if they wanna drag it evn more,it might be one of d villans also…… But hopefully its bulbul…

  9. chithu

    I think someone(may be the one who heard Pragya-Dadi’s talk in today’s episode) trapped Abhi in to this to know the real color of Pragya..i mean if Pragya hasn’t changed , then she will not definitely let Abhi getting arrested..so may be to find that , they might have planned it..i doubt on Indu Dasi..as she is the one who told Abhi has taken the money..may be she would have told that , just to see Pragya’s reaction ..now she might have watched Pragya and heard her talk with Dadi…

    • No chithu it couldn’t dasi. He will never suppose to trap pragya becoz somewhere she is convinced with this fact that pragya has changed. When abhi is not believing on pragya then how could indu dasi believe on her. Pragya will herself go to save abhi and she will give that same excuse for this which abhi was giving in segment scene that she saved abhi for her own benefits. So like this way she could save abhi without coming in anybody’s doubt. And no chithu it was not indu dasi, it was aaliya who was trying to find out pragya’s feelings and intentions through her reactions. That’s why she intentionally asked from police officer that it means now bhai will arrest becoz he stole the money. And chithu in a one scene of yesterday’s episode when taaliya was talking with raaj in their room after going of police, then aaliya was saying this to raaj whatever happened, it is beneficial for us becoz if bhai will go to jail then they will do anything with pragya in anger becoz he can’t control on his anger and if pragya will save him from going to jail then her intentions will clear in front if us. So we could plan according to this. So it is taaliya and raaj who wants to know pragya’s intentions by taking up the advantage of this stealing situation. It was noone’s plan to use abhi to trap pragya but I think it is abhi’s plan to testing pragya like dadi said.

      • chithu

        yes Nikki..i didn’t watch sterday’s episode..i just read the comments..but after seeing it today morning..i understood that it is not Dasi 🙂 but i think Abhi is making the situation more complex for Pragya …

      • Ya chithu he is constantly testing her becoz of his confusions and doubt. If he continue like this then off course pragya will b weak at some points and then it will become more difficult for her to execute plans and get success in it. So his doubts and confusions needs to b solved soon.

      • sritika

        Frnds… i think abhi also be helper of pragya indriectly … bcos after pragya release abhi from jail aliya,tanu,raj get dout on pragya if abhi didn’t talk like that they definetly get dout … so abhi itself realise that then only he like that my prediction…

        And i have still dout on abhi heared daid and pragya speech that day bcos yerday dadi also got dout on abhi he heared that only abhi took money i think…

  10. srimathi

    And one more thing y abhi s so dumb…pragya’s plans are completely spoiled by abhi..abhi s completely complicating pragya’s plot its better to say the truth to abhi or else dadi can advise abhi to be quite and not to interfere in anything..I think abhi had heard everything on that day itself and he s just pretending like this…and daasi was happy when pragya tortures taaliya but it came to abhi she start hating her..sure tis track ll b dragged for a long time…

  11. navi

    I thnk its dasi or bulbul.. bt aaliya s so close to pragya’s plan.. if she cme to knw abt hr plan thn again they ll drag tis too much.. already its too dragging.. atleast make either tanu or aaliya truth cme out.. evry1 s waiting fr tat oly.. hw long v have to wait..!!! dragging too much.. bt pragya n dadi have to thnk smethn out of box.. they may tak dasi’s help.. she ll gv nycly to those vamps.. cme on writers do it soon.. thn show’s trp ll go down..!

  12. ekta

    Morevr bulbul , purab , dasi every1 has blnd trust on her then why does she not speak the truth 2 dem.. dat way it will b easy 2 fnd out abut d villians nd as dey r so versed in actng.. dey can act in front of d villians like nothing hppnd.. dat way d stry would b less clumsy nd less draggng , ryt

  13. reji

    Because according to maggie’s words i saw in episode 307 correct it is BULBUL

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Hopefuly all questions answered villians caught n AP reunite n yeh kisah khatum karo pls no more torture….

  15. Loshini

    hey gutz bt in prev episodez sarla n bulbul n grany al mizzing … thn he itz psbl as bulbul … if bulbul mnz no obm fr al…. itz easy to get out vilnz… bt abhi vl sufr lot .. he rly pretending bt hr cant cntrl his flngz….

  16. Loshini

    hw itz psbl tat bulbul came sudnly to mehra house at midnyt ah … itz may b payal …. bbez abhi aptnd her fr watchng pragya …so she may b also heard d cnvrstn …. i thnk so … tat mid nyt dasi also can came …

  17. noman khan

    nyc nd superb episode..plz pragya xpose fast both enemies..omg who heard dadi nd pragya conservation..i think its bulbul..waiting for tomorrow episode..i love kumkum bhagya show.

  18. may be some one wears abhis mask stolen money behalf of him to arrrest him ???????????????????
    may be pragya had did becoz if abhi will not be home truth will come so soon ????????????? aliya and tanu will be finished by pragyaaa and dadi or may be raj had did this???? there are many questions yarrrr?????????

  19. is just a drama nothing too serious. chill guys especially those who wrote 5,000 words whle commenting on this Act 1 scene 2. haha.

  20. santya

    wonder who is that black sheep in precap???? my guess will b ….. haha…cant even guess….too suspense……

  21. Jes

    I don lk tis episode ……i need sometink tat tanu n aliya shocked wt they truth revealed……..!!!!! I realy disapointed.

  22. srimathi

    Ya its bulbul..I saw an post in twitter kumkum bhagya page it was bulbul and she also involved in pragya’ s play… hope there s another person on pragya’s side..and one more thing is she just clapped to fun at dadi and pragya. .

  23. I think purab n abhi r. Planning together coz abhi is shown asking for help to purab n one more thing it’s purab plan that abhi should steal money n c pragya reaction
    Same way he helped pragya to know what abhi feels for her in old episodes
    Now it is conform that bulbul has heard dadi n pragya so she wil help pragya n may tell everything to purab
    She has that wicked mind to think against taaliya

  24. srija

    Frnds ….. if that is bulbul means …. bulbul can share the pragya plan with purab conformly … then pragya side get more strong and also if abhi play with pragya’s feelings they will support pragya for done the job and one more thing is if purab also know about pragya means he will take care of abhi not going against pragya…

    I have another thought that is kkb is story of sence and sencibility for that story line pragya charcter happly live with her husband that means abhi and bulbul character not married her lover(purab)… she can marry someone else… for that story line now in kkb aliya can try to runi her bro if she stop runi means she want marry purab then only she stop her plan and back to normal state and also other side pragya want her husband back and also she want save her hus reputation fame etc. So she can do some stranging thinks now . On upcoming episode bulbul also going to join pragya and bulbul definety tell the plan to purab then purab also help pragya for that time purab will realise if aliya can stop runi abhi i will get marry aliya thats only she stop… and bulbul also want pragya’s life be as good so she also sacrifice her love to aliya then aliya can stop runing and tanu truth come out definety oneday she get away from abhi life sure.. then pragya marry abhi again and live happy with the feel of her sis sacrifice.. oneday purab also accept aliya like abhigya pair and bulbul also accept her life..

    • sandhya

      Wat u said was rite.. But i dont want purab and alia to get together.. How could a vamp like alia get purab.. It will turn out messy yaar.. But as for now if bulbul supports pragya it is well and good.. But in precap the person who wears watch hears pragyas plan and claps her hands … If its bulbul y she shud clap her hand as if like a villians entry.. Any way i hope for d best

  25. ramya

    I guess the person hu came to know s def not aaliya/tanu/raj … They’ll not drag much … So if its some one else def it’ll be helpful to Dadi pragya and they’ll plan clever together

  26. chithu

    I think writers of the show need to run all the characters’ story parallely… in the starting stage it it was good..i mean all the stories in the sequence was shown equally.. like Abhi-Pragya’s, Abhi-Tanu’s, Purabh-Bulbul, Purabh-Aaliya and Sarlaa ma,Dadi..everything was having its own space properly…but i think now it is more on one story line(Abhi-Pragya)..may be due to unavailability of the actors directors prefer this way..since Shabir and Sriti are main lead characters they might have given full period to this show..others might have given partial time for this show and concentrating equally on other shows as well…but if it goes in this way..later we will have only Purabh-Bulbul’s part and Abhi-Pragya’s story line might have finished already…so it will not go in the even way… 🙂 we will see..what plan they have.. 🙂

    • Thank god chithu atleast u came and sharing some thoughts about the show otherwise I was feeling bored becoz of no news, comments and updates about kkb. Now I realized how much we have been addicted for this show. And ya chithu u r right. CVS r focusing only on abhigya but with abhi’s family only. Sarla maa’s family is temporary visiters, only for occasions and rest of the outside world looks like doesn’t exist. And ya chithu they have some guest appearance faces too, like nikhil, abhi’s producers, tanu’s mom dad etc.? but one character which remains forever in the show, that is robin becoz everybody depends on him in kkb. I think I listened his name mostly in the show?. Chithu I heard from SBS peoples that ekta has announced on all her show’s set that in her shows, every cast peoples should have their dialogues, nobody will stand silently and those peoples from the cast not needed then they will not being a part of the show anymore. So I think cvs doesn’t want to hurt any of the cast member by doing them apart from the show, so I think for solve this problem, cvs doesn’t shoot with them in the show when it doesn’t need. That’s why I think they r not showing participation of each and every character in the show becoz for now their focus is only on abhigya’s track and those peoples which r part of this track but whenever they does changes in story lines or adds some twists then they includes needed character like nikhil, tanu’s mom dad. But chithu if we see it logically then these characters r still needed in this track but I think for dragging, make their audience stuck from their seats and make this track more spicy and interseting , cvs r not bringing these characters for now. And chithu abhigya r the main lead of the show so their presence will always needed in the show. This is cvs works that how to make sure their presence in every track.

      • chithu

        yeah Nikki 🙂 and one morething is I don’t know where in the world the parents can be like this if her daughter is pregnant… they just came on one day and went.. their daughter’s mehndi was stopped and even marriage also…shouldnt’ they come now logically ? 😉

  27. Priya $

    Y these ppls dragging this much. Surely it ll b bulbul only. It means Purab also join with them ah. If bulbul is there surely she ll make some sensible plans. And her character was clever too. And in worst situation there may b chance to reveal the truth to abhi by bulbul. She won’t b dumb
    Let’s c I think writers may bring some spicy scenes.

    • Ya PRIYA Bulbul’s presence will b very helpful for pragya but purab will also involve in it! Not sure becoz pragya will forced to involve bulbul becoz she will get to know about her truth coincidently but i think pragya will stop bulbul to tell anything about her plan to purab. So may b bulbul will not tell anything to purab for now but ya if anytime situations will slip from their hands then I think she will tell it to purab so he could help them. But before it we have to know first that bulbul will get to know pragya’s truth or pragya will turn the matter by some other excuse becoz cvs could do anything at the last moment. Remember promo thing? How they have turned whole situation and our prediction into another situation. I just hope this time they will not prove our prediction wrong and bulbul will join pragya and dadi in their plans.

  28. Deepika

    Guys I’ve watched again from the begginning episodes within this weekend. After seeing again those episodes, epizzz going now a days are really dummy and dragging comparing to beginning episodes. That was really awesome yar. Everything was in this serial- fun- fight- role and scenes for all characters- story balance- sentiments- romance- background musics everything was perfect. It was really pleasant for our eyes. But not now. Missing those things. Guys anyone got any gud news from kkb???

    • chithu

      yes Deepika ..the story was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo goodddddd in the beginning..everything was just more than perfect earlier….now it is going in a different way..i think it will be back to form once the Tanu’s truth is revealed…but not sure why this track is dragged so much…

      • Deepika

        Yaa chithu… it’s been so longer. When both the families looked happy and smiled last??? So many tragiczzz and obstructions in their lives. It’s not entertaining. It’s just stressing the fanzzz. Don’t know why they are making this serial so dump??? It’s really over yar. There are so many awesome tracks and twists they can make with happy faces which will also make us crazy again. I think the writers should come out from their foolish thoughts of writing and I wish them too see kumkum bhagya from the first. So they can understand how it was adorable once. Any update chithu???

  29. kowsy

    But deepika chithu ven kkb was going good it did nt got 1 st in trp but when dragging its 1 st in trp ….. How strange na…..

  30. Guys I know all of u r desperate for latest news about kkb even I m too. Even I was searching for new updates and news whole day and after searching so much, I found a latest spoiler of tellygossip which says that in upcoming episodes of kkb, bulbul will get to know about pragya and dadi’s truth and she will help them in their plans. Guys another news is Leena has posted her latest pic on her instagram account from the shoot of kkb, where she was doing shoot in an outside location, somewhere. There was a black colour car behind her and shooting camera’s around her. Guys there is no news yet, except these two, about kkb. I will check for other news and updates tomorrow, whenever I will find, I will definetly share with u all.

  31. And guys I don’t know how many of u had noticed one of my previous comment which I think I had posted in before some day where I told u guys that I saw a segment on SBS and SBB about ITA Awards 2015 where I found a shocking thing that there was nobody from zee TV except niya sharma( Roshni) and Ravi dubey ( Sid) from zamai raja show. Except these peoples, nobody had attended this award function which is Indian television’s biggest award show. I was wondering what could b the reason of their absence. I think there could b some big issue behind this otherwise without any solid reason why they will back out from a biggest award function and one more thing guys this award function’s telecast partner is colors channel so most of it’s actor and actresses had attended this award function except it there were some peoples from the shows of star plus too. But guys I was missing our abhigya, purbul everybody from this show. Anyways I hope we will see them in another awards functions soon.

  32. Jaya

    Who the hell tanu and Alisha think they are but I know that this will help to expose to them that pragya still love abhi and she will still try to get her love back ????????????

  33. Priya $

    Actually y this abhi keep changing. 1st he hates pragya then started to love her and once he realized his love fully he supported her. No again he changed y this much confusions in his love. But pragya’s Luv increasing day by day. Y he can’t see her Luv. I don’t know y in all serials they r doing the same thing lead characters won’t unite soon. Tat too lead actress only suffer a lot.

  34. Ankit Ch

    I dont get it why this serial iz getting so lengthy…its been more thn a yr that the show has started yet abhigya arent united yet!!pathetic

  35. vishnu priya

    pragya should be able to tell truth to everybody very fastly about her new get up.otherwise it will became boring enough of plans.

  36. Guys just saw new segment of kkb. Abhi was doing exercise with dumbles in the morning and pragya was giving company in it by exercising with another dumbles too. Full written update- Pragya was sleeping on the bed and abhi was sleeping in the couch. Abhi wakes up first but pragya was sleeping. Then abhi tries to break pragya’s sleep by pitting music system’s speaker near her and he plays it loud. After listening sudden loud voice, pragya shouts with shock and fear and wakes up. Then abhi- pragya fights with each other, abhi argues with pragya that she can’t exercise with dumbles like him becoz she can’t even pick it up. Abhi challenges pragya to do exercise with dumbles like him, in front of him. Pragya accepts his challenge. She goes in changing room and comes out after changing in morning workout dress. Then she pick up those dumbles who was putting by abhi to exercise for her. Actually abhi was putted 20 kilos dumbles through her P.A. to annoy pragya but pragya’s P.A. catches her in changing dumbles so he has been informed about this to pragya before it. And on pragya’s instructions, Ronnie changes that dumbles in another plastic dumbles. So pragya was already for it but abhi was unknown from it. Pragya picks the dumbles and acts like she is picking actually 20 kilos dumbles. Abhi gets surprised to see it that how pragya could picked up 20 kilos dumbles. He questions pragya that how u picked up then he says I want to check these dumbles. Then pragya shouts with fear of catch, No u can’t becoz these r my fumbles then but abhi takes those dumbles from her forcibly. Whenever he holds those dumbles, he gets shocked that it is plastic dumbles. Then he confesses himself in doubt and cofusion that how could these dumbles of plastic when I himself putting 20 kilos dumbles. Then he assumes that actually he confessed he has done it intentionally. Pragya fights with him and asks him what u changed it how could u do this. What If my hands gets break. Then abhi cuts her talk smartly and blames her for changing dumbles into plastic dumbles then pragya says how I can change it. Then abhi says may b u saw my P.A. changing these dumbles and then u changed it in plastic dumbles. The pragya denies it and they both argues with each other. Then between this, Ronnie comes in the room and says he changed that dumbles becoz he saw his P.A. changing dumbles. Then he tells to pragya that abhi has offered him to come his side and leave her. Then they again start arguments with each other. There was an interview too of sriti and shabbir where they were talking about this sequence. Reporters says abhi- pragya’s cute fight is continue.

  37. One more shocking and breaking news guys that mrunal aka bulbul is deciding to leave kumkumbhagya becoz she has offered for lead role of sita in the new upcoming show siya k raam.

    • Deepika

      Oh god now only she is gonna take part in pragya Dadi’s plan and support them. But she is quiting now. No one can replace bulbul character. Her bond with every role of this serial was perfect and just lovely. No actress matches with purab except mrunal. But it’s her carrier. So we can’t do anything up to that. Will miss mrunal :-‘(

  38. reji

    I think kumku bhagya is nowadays dragging so much so please finish this tanu and aliya chapter and start with a new chapter

  39. sapna

    wt da hell iz dis yr …. everyday ekta create nw problem….. plz stop dis n make some scene to interesting dis daily soap.

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