Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Poorab gets to know about property matter

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Poorab asks Trisha to be truthful why she went to Aalya’s room.
There, in the room Aaliya comes her wrist thinking about Poorab and Trisha’s intimacy. Tannu comes to save her, though her wrist was injured.
Trisha finally shares with Poorab that Pragya was there with her in the room. She was hidden from Aaliya. She tells Poorab Pragya was looking for papers, Aaliya has planned to get the property named after herself. They searched for the file all around her room but couldn’t find it. Pragya is really tensed about it.
In the room, Pragya was tensed and wonders whom she should tell about it. She decides to tell Abhi about it before Aaliya leaves for registration. Abhi sat in a restaurant planning a date with Pragya. He gets a call from Pragya and assures he will be back from

Bangkok soon. Pragya tries to speak to Abhi that she is really afraid, she was tensed. A manager comes to call Abhi right then, and he cuts the call. Poorab and Trisha comes to Pragya’s room then. Trisha apologizes Pragya for not being able to lie to Poorab. Poorab complains about not sharing her problem with him. She has always trusted him, but why she hid the matter from him now. Pragya says she didn’t know how to share the situation. Poorab says Aaliya took the signatures from her, is there something else that Pragya didn’t share. Trisha takes their attention to papers. Pragya says she heard Aaliya herself that she has kept the papers, then where they went. Aaliya didn’t even go out of the house tomorrow.
Aaliya was getting ready. Tannu comes to ask her about the whereabouts of the papers. Aaliya says she kept them with an old trustworthy relation to secure them.
Raaj was waiting in the room. Mitali brings the file to him and asks what’s in it. Raaj says it contains papers of Abhi’s property. Mitali wasn’t ready to believe. Tannu was shocked to hear Raaj was their side. Aaliya says when good people are sent to jail, they turn evil. Raaj also turned their side a long time ago. They go out of the room and watches Poorab and Disha with Pragya. Poorab and Disha get aside from Pragya consciously, Aaliya points at Pragya to go to them. Poorab discusses they have nothing in hands. Disha spots a file on the table. Pragya recognizes the file and wonders what its doing there. Poorab wonders how they must steal the file. On the table, Raaj thinks till the evening, he will also have a kingdom over the house. Aaliya comes to Mitali and wish them all a good morning. They point someone will get out this house by tonight. Dadi forbids them to eat up her brain. Pragya goes to indulge them with some talk, meanwhile Poorab and Disha get the file. Tannu asks Pragya to join them for breakfast. She murmurs that it’s the last day today, she doesn’t want to see her face from tomorrow as it reminds her of deceased Pragya.

PRECAP: Poorab and Disha were worried that everything would be ruined if Aaliya is successful in registration of property.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh shit prgaya might have shared with purab she is nof truth to husband and also not true to her brother purab shit ava ena periya ivala elartaum tanga oh no what is gng to happne

  2. Stupid and dumb Pragya

    1. Osafo Kingsford

      You are right kkb is a waste of time

  3. Superb so finally everything is back to square again so as usual raj,tanu and aliya are again one team while purab pragya one team but this time it is disha instead of bulbul and now the hidden truth is pragya’s look alike and taliya’s plan of property papers.
    I hate you kkb directors. You people are always desperate to make the evil win. Hate you guys but still i am watching the show for abhigya only

  4. Pragya is such a fool is she so helpless to give in

  5. I can’t believe that the directors are making things look like they are living in a lawless country,,,how can Aliyah dominate everyone and nobody can alert the police,,,to the extent that the real Pragya is also foolishly playing to the gallery;someone who should be wield,and cause the arrest of the evil dual,,but what are we seeing?this concert party kind of thing,,as we call it in Ghana,,,this is real joke of the 15th century

  6. Osafo Kingsford

    One of the most boring Indian telenovela I have ever watched full useless scenes the writer is making the characters behave like fools watching this series is waste of time

  7. How it is topping in trps…

  8. How many times we’ll see the same thing again and again. It’s not good we get bored if you do so. Please change it.

  9. For the first time I liked shikha what an acting, confidence and style.this kind of style we can’t c in sriti.pragya is idiot as real sriti

  10. They have stop showing the series in my country coz people are tired of watching a never-ending series. It’s a total waste of time and resources.

    1. Super…may I know which country is this?..they thought viewer also dumb like them….anyway congrats…finally ur country people are rid from this show….this serial is most worst show in indian television…I am waiting when will they stop this serial in India..people lost interest on this show…

      1. from her name “Nneka” she’s from Nigeria & so am i, we are so tired of the unrealistic show. I have read beyond where my country stopped showing & its still a whole lost of bull***t. How on earth can anyone be as dumb as pragya. Maybe the writer n director.

  11. Makers of KKB is interested in repeating the same thing again and again. One thing is for sure that Munni is sister of Pragya. Let’s see how they will come to know about this. All characters in KKB seems to be fool and the same goes for the viewers like us. I stopped watching this idiotic drama which runs in a loop.

  12. Because og this serial actors image is ruined feel very pity for them both alone matavangalapati kavala ila

  13. One of the most boring Indian series I have ever watched. There is just to much repetition. The writer is making the characters behave like fools and they becaming the laughing stock in the series….Boring..Boring…Boring….The indian writer’s just don’t have class and style, they are just to boring and irriating…

    All the indian soapies have the similiar story line. The writers need to catch a wake up. They are just making themselves look stupid.

  14. Don’t watch any serial of ekta kapoor she is making money by playing the emotions of people.every person is earning money they r not ashamed of themselves. Feel pity for shabir being talented his role was not justified. I would suggests to read some logical books .she is least bother her kkb does not work kdb is there.all the college students read books at least Abdul kalam autobiography. Don’t ever follow sriti and ekta kapoor both r money minded n lured of glamour. I repent to watch such serial n follow these people

  15. At leena
    Enough! Stpp watching this kkb. I am a silent viewer and very much fed of your insult for Sriti. It is disgusting! You have a problem go and see a doctor. We r here not to read your bad mouthing for the main lead. If you dont like her dont watch! Thats it.

    1. she shared her pov…u like sriti…it doesn’t mean everyone like her…u addicted to her…that’s y u can’t see any blame in her…all people have some views…this is common comment line…we can share our views..personally I accept her pov…she is right in her pov…when u like and addicted to someone..u can’t see any fault in that person…whenever everyone support this KB…I feel irked.. but I should never go against them…because I understand that is their views….I hope you understand my words neena…

      1. I am not addicted to any actor. I have no special interest of Sriti. My point is this girl or whoever always insult and badmouthing on her. That affect everyone who use yhis page. That is good if you know that this is a common page.

    2. Just ignore it neena….i don’t think leena point is wrong…u have to say polite manner..she will understand your words…if you rude with her…she will reflect the same…that’s y she got anger.. be cool guys…they are just actor and actress…just see them as like that….how many time people gave complaint against serial…still they can’t take any action against them….chill guys..be cool…

  16. So boring and irritating, evil still ruling. Gush!!! Am tired so foolish

  17. People do bad mouthing about ekta that is OK n sriti is very great or what I m writing not for u people I want the creative team or herself to realize this

    1. I would accept your point leena…you are right…

  18. I accept your point…your pov is correct….as a viewer I too feel like you…one thing we should accept that sriti is good actress….script is too worst…I saw old serial of her act…I thought she is good in acting….ekta is worst director…I watch all her serial…she is not unique director..she repeated same content in all her serial…one more things we should accept that,we should encourage this kind of worst director that’s y they gave this kind of boring script…we will move against them…then only they will understand value of viewers…we never have rights to interfere to their personal life…but we have rights to blame their serial…don’t encourage this kind of director…that’s y they take advantage…they will give same boring story…I should support your point…but we should accept that…this is fault of viewers…they give support and encourage them…

  19. For your kind information she is just an ordinary actor weppl made her to sit on our forehead she never set a good example to the viewers the serial is worst only but the characters r more hopeless in reel n real liers n cheaters .rising sun has to set some day.

    1. Leena if u don’t like her….just ignore it….we are know this….I accept your point….y she getting tension….just cool…I like her old serial….I just watch her as actress….she is not good in personal life….but we never rights to interfere their personal…u just shared your views….problem solved…be cool…

  20. from her name “Nneka” she’s from Nigeria & so am i, we are so tired of the unrealistic show. I have read beyond where my country stopped showing & its still a whole lost of bull***t. How on earth can anyone be as dumb as pragya. Maybe the writer n director.

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