Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raj talking to someone on phone and assuring that he will handle everything, but can’t come in the evening. Mitali hears him and thinks with whom he is talking to. He turns and sees Mitali. Mitali says I came to give you flower, and asks with whom he was talking too. Raj asks her not to come infront of him and says you will be punished all life for the mistake which you have done. Pragya tells Abhi that she has kept all his stuff and asks him to call her if he needs anything. She asks shall I go? Abhi is lost in thinking. He calls her, and asks do you love anyone? Pragya asks why you are asking? Abhi says I am talking about normal love and not filmy love, and asks what happens when one is in love. Pragya says when the person is in love, then he gets lost and smiles without

any reason, he wants to spend time with her and get happy with her, smile with her, cry with her, and all the world seems good with her, and if she is not with you then world looks incomplete. Abhi asks more…Pragya says everything seems to be good with her, and if you get her then you don’t feel need for anything. They have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan plays……………….He asks do you love someone? Pragya says I don’t love anyone.

Abhi says strange, if you don’t love anybody then how do you know this. He says these things touched my heart and mesmerized me. He says I felt good, and have understood your sadness. You loves someone, but couldn’t get him. Pragya says it is not like that. Abhi says your words touches hearts, and says what will happen when you love someone. You can become a good lyricists. Aaliya comes and hears them thinks Pragya starts doing magic once she meets him. Abhi tells Pragya that he has no feelings for Tanu, and decides to give her some time. He tells her that he will drop her home, as all drivers went. Pragya says no need. Abhi says he is the boss and will drop her.

Dasi tells Dadi that whatever happening is good. Dadi says if anything happens to Abhi then. Dasi says until when we will get afraid and says we shall not stop Pragya if he can’t help her. Dadi says I want them to be together, but is afraid of Tanu. Dasi asks Dadi not to worry and says if she do anything then he will press her neck with her hairs. Abhi is dropping Pragya home, and is about to get down. Pragya stops him. Abhi says you are mannerless, you are not asking me water. Pragya says it doesn’t look good. Abhi says I have come to meet my fan no. 1, and have food. Pragya says everyone had food. Abhi says I will drink water then. He says if I don’t come inside then your mum will scold you for this wound. Pragya says okay, but don’t tell anyone that I am your secretary. Abhi says you are asking me to lie. Pragya says it is for someone’s betterment.

Abhi agrees and asks why you are doing this. Pragya says I will tell you later. Abhi asks him to tell truth else he will come and inform her family everything. Aaliya asks Robin to keep a table and chair in the outhouse. Mitali asks if you are working from there. Aaliya says no, and says Pragya will work from there now, and will not enter to anyone’s room. Dasi asks if you asked Abhi. Aaliya says he will not refuse. Dasi asks her to talk to Abhi. Aaliya agrees and asks Robin to keep chair and table before 10. Dasi asks Dadi, what do you think that Pragya will go from here. Dadi says she is doing this as she can’t bear to see Pragya going to Abhi’s room, and is worried thinking if Abhi’s memory is back then he will kick her out first. Dasi says we have to do something before 10 am.

Abhi and Pragya come inside. They see Purab (face changed) talking to Beeji and asking her to take care about her food. Abhi asks Purab, what you are doing here and asks if you know her. Janki brings file and says this is Beeji’s report. Pragya tells that she met Purab in some office and may be he came to get my resume. Abhi says you would have talked to her on phone. Purab says she had written name and address wrong. I find her house with difficulty. Abhi says she is my fan no. 1 and I will not forget her house. Abhi asks for coffee. Janki goes to bring it. Abhi asks about Sarla. Beeji says she went out, and asks Pragya about her wound. Abhi jokes with her, tells about accident. He says she will be alright. Purab says you came to drop her home. Abhi says she was crying and that’s why I agreed to drop her. He asks Purab if he has any problem. Purab says why would I have any problem. Janki comes and asks where is she working? Abhi says now she stays infront of my eyes, and says she is my secretary. Pragya is tensed.

Janki says your secretary. Abhi says my secretary’s secretary. He tells that he has hired her for Aaliya’s help and asks Purab not to worry about her job. Purab says I can see. Pragya signs Abhi to leave. Abhi thinks what she is signing me to do. Purab sees Abhi and Tanu’s pic on his mobile and asks Abhi to come out.

Pragya asks Aaliya how you will keep Abhi from me. Aaliya is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. todays episode was really nice a bit suspanse with raj… i think new purab is really gud. he never made me feel unconfortable.now whwn purvi akash n bulbul too come back. i think show is going to reach the top ….

  2. omg this new purab is also cute and good looking as old purab thatsy i accepted him as new purab

  3. strange kia abhi ko sunai nahi diya tha jab pragya ki dadi ne pragya ka name liya tha. i wish ke goli pragya ko lag jaye maybe abhi uske close ho jai

  4. Nice episode. Abhi is more clear about Tanu and his love n feelings for her than last time around.
    And the way he didnt want to lie to Pragya’s family about her job n hiw he indeed spilled the beans, loved it.
    That had been a constant contrast all thru between the leads, good or bad Abhi confesses everything while pragya tries to hide even unnecessary, silly things. One thing if i wanted from Pragya’s side to change is this.

    And if not Daadi, dasi has some maturity n sense n how she was convincing Daadi not to put any hurdles for Pragya.

    1. ya sahithi abhi is clear in his feelings gd to see and more thing is abhi is attracted fr pragya thoughts and he to liked it and if he knows that pragya is loving him how it will be and purab character is back I felt very happy and this new purab is also looking cute and gd he is somewhat like arjit so now purab known about abhi tanu matter let’s see what he will do and in today epi last part was awesome and so funny that pragya signs abhi to leave and the way he was thinking is she is asking me to leave r she is asking me to come a corner its really so funny

    2. Yeah new Purab was looking fine, and as per last segment he will now go to speak to Aaliya regarding this announcement and she bringing back Tanu into Abhi’s life. Because till now Purab is not aware of Tanu comeback right.

      1. but fear is tanu if she will become like pragya in her look and behaviour in front of abhi then it will not be nice and even I seen a spoiler in fb that she became like pragya by her looks if it happens then we have to see abhi loving tanu

      2. Tanu might change her costumes but she wont be able to hide her real character. Abhi doesnt remember so doesnt understand the dynamics between these 3 ladies but their enemity and insecurities are continuing. Unlike in Mogambo track, Pragya left all hope so isn’t reacting much as long as she is getting chance to be around Abhi .

        But Aaliya and Tanu are very much frustated seeing Pragya around Abhi so mostly they might commit blunders in their attempt to separate Pragya from Abhi. So change in clothes wont change Tanu’s fate.

  5. new puran is from vishkannaya….. Malay

  6. Why dadi is telling he will kick her out first will he kicjk pragya out of house y she tells so

    1. Dadi is saying Aaliya will be the first one kicked out

  7. Christine Nanan

    This show is really boring i. stop watching it for a month now reading this and is the same old story you need to speed it up y r u not listening to your fan’s of kkb

  8. I wish abhi and pragya unite again and lead a,happy life. This aliya and tanu should be stabbed to death. Shameless women. That too aaliya, i just hate her right from the beginning. I only wish abhi regains his memory and kicks that aaliya and tanu for trying to kill pragya.

  9. Pragya should tell Abhi about their love story when he asks her and say unfortunately he lost his memory and can’t remember me and hear what he would say

  10. Abhi know pragya as nikita but he doesn’t react when someone call her pragya infront of him like in last episode dasi tell pragya when abhi want pragya to talked to dadi n today when beeji again said pragya instead of nikita.

  11. Maybe raj love someone as he doesn’t like mitali

  12. new Purab is cute and acting well. I wish he does something to separate Abhi from Aliya and Tanu.

  13. I think purab should tell abhi the truth since they good friends

  14. Please writers don’t bore us with shootings and accidents anymore. We have had enough. Please let Abhi’s memory cone back soon and get Aliya and Tanu thrown out.
    We viewers don’t want to see the same things dragging. Set the serial in forward motion please.
    You cannot keep showing that evil triumphs over good always. Surprisingly, Alia and Tanu never ever get caught and get away with murder – what a joke. So funny she almost killed her brother and now is dominating all at home including Dadi and always threatening them about Abhi getting an attack etc. Bullshit, stop this rubbish soonest possible or very soon nobody will be interested in KKB

  15. Usual dragging but abhigya scenes r good. If the kkb is going on like this it’ll definitely loose viewers…

  16. This show is getting from bad to worse. Tanu & Aaliya never get caught. Poor Pragya is always crying. Give her some happiness. Unite her with Abhi!

  17. I already like vin Rana in Mahabharat he did nakuls role .. I personally liked him more than Arjuna or sahadev .. liked him next to Karna .. so m happy tat ekta n team preferred vin Rana to play purab role .. he’s so cute .. I dint watch the episode yet stil I hope he’ll do it gud ..

    1. Yeah this production team picks good actors, even those who played small roles were also good. Problem is with writers. If only they could put their brains to better use.

  18. But I vl definitely miss arjit as purab .. he acts so well I ant even describe his acting .. he’s such a cutie pie?

  19. Looks like the writers of This show and many others are BRAIN DEAD.
    Surprising no one ask Abhi about his previous marraige with pragya or why having affairs in spite of being married.
    portraying actors to be so stupid that none of the adults/seniors have the sense to talk to the doctors to inquire about Abhi’s condition and rely on Alia
    Just like all the drama’s bulbul will wake up from the dead. Shocking that after all the cremation all the drama’s show return of the hero.
    eg: Jamai Raja, Sathiya saath….
    by the time Abhi gets his memory back it will be Summer of 2017. Coz still to come is Tanu faking her pregnancy AGAIN.

  20. New Purab is quite good as well as the story line.Its getting interesting slowly.

  21. kkb is going very well.

  22. There wil be another love of abhi’s I mean tanu it seems like she wul be dressing like pragya to get his attention from pragya so tanu wil now be dressing and talking like pragya

  23. QueenB



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