Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya taking accountant to side, and asks him not to take her name else his family will be killed by her goons. Accountant gets shocked and tells Abhi that he had trapped Nikita for his advantage, and put blame on her. Abhi beats him and asks why only Nikita. Aaliya asks Abhi to let her handle him. Once Abhi goes, Aaliya asks security to free accountant, and asks him to get lost. She comes back home and tells Tanu that Pragya left city. Tanu says real celebration is today. Abhi comes home. Dadi says you came alone, and haven’t fulfilled promise made to me. Dadi praises Pragya and says what wrong did she do? She blames themselves for the wrong happening with her.

Abhi assures her that he will bring Nikita back home, and says she is important in my life. Purab

comes and says atleast you have realized. Sarla and her family reach Mama’s house. Mama asks them to freshen up and says food is ready. Beeji says if you will not have food again and pulls his leg. She asks about her wife and daughter. Mama says they went to Punjab for a wedding and left me here. Beeji asks Pragya to go and rest. Mama asks Sarla, Pragya is looking sad, how she will stay here. Sarla says she will adjust and asks him not to tell anything to Abhi about their whereabouts.

Abhi reminisces Pragya. A fb is shown, Pragya gives him gift and tells about Amazon.com. He gets sad. Pragya comes to room. She misses Abhi. A fb is shown, Abhi’s room is messed up. Pragya asks him to keep the room clean so as to make good songs. Abhi asks her to clean the house. Fb ends. Pragya cleans the room at Mamaji’s room. Ek Baar Milade Saiyya plays………Abhi is restless too. He thinks he is feeling incomplete with her, and is restless. Don’t know what to do? He says when I find you, I will scold you and then asks why did you leave and punish me. Pragya looks at his pic and thinks one day have passed, I wish I would have meet you before leaving. I will look at your pic daily.

Purab tells Abhi something. He says I didn’t remember anything. Purab says I know. Abhi says we will go to Palghar and will search fuggi. Purab asks what did you say? Abhi says fuggi and says this word suits her. Purab is hopeful. Pragya asks Beeji if there is true love in the world. Beeji tells that there were true lovers, but their love story met a painful end. Pragya says she loves Abhi immensely and is hopeful that he will come and take her back. She says when I am missing him, he might also be missing me. Beeji says yes.

Abhi is sleeping and sees Pragya in his dreams. All the moments comes in his mind and he sees himself filling Pragya’s maang with sindoor. He shouts fuggi. Dadi comes and asks what happened? Abhi tells Dadi that he saw filling Nikita’s maang with sindoor. Dadi gets hopeful and asks what else. Abhi says strange visuals which never happened. Dadi asks if he is having pain in his head. Abhi says no and says he is feeling odd. Dadi says you are feeling guilty and that’s why got her dream.

Abhi tells Tanu and Aaliya that he will search Nikita even if he has to search her in entire world. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow atleast ipavachum yetho konjam konjam gnayabagam varutha pola so plz sikiram full ah gnayabagam vantha viewers nanga happy a feel panuvom…for how long we wait for their romance…plz make abhi’s memory back soon… waiting for tomorrow…to see the reaction of the devil twins aliya and thanu ??

    1. Writers evalla sikrama abhi memory sari panave mataga… They will strech the story for another 6 months ?

  2. Super abhi darling cute

    1. Tomorrow s Saturday so we have to wait till Monday ?

  3. Even now also this dadi is quite na. I want to kill her idiot dadi now she can tell the truth to abhi na. But she isn’t irritating. Ai abhi this is not a dream ya, its real happened in ur life man. Oh god sekiramae nan paithiyamaiduven pola ivanugala idiot.

    1. Oh no u r involved too much yar…plz relax..they surely unite abhigya…but they want to increase no.of.epi so that they r dragging…let’s wait…to see what they gonna do…and how they gonna do…

  4. Please end this soon.I think abhi is acting.and it’s shown by the word fuggi.please make new twists not repeating same all the time.it’s only dragging too much.otherwise we love the show and actors.best of luck for all of you.

  5. Sappaaa mudiyala evalo kalathuku than intha illuka poranga Tamila kuda raj expose scene vathutu ivanga inum intha abhigyava onnu seka matanugapola loose writers

  6. why dadi didn’t say anything about past? foolish….

  7. VimalSanjana5

    Deivame… Ivange dream laye kadhaiya oturange ba.. Thaangala… Indha aaliya and andha loosu thanu a adichu kollanum… Pisasunga… Ivan pragya thedi kilamburan… Ivaluga edhum plan pannuvaluga… Nadakuradhu thana…

  8. i guess the show must be dragging for a lot time..i mean Dadi or Purab wouldn’t tell the truth even have Abhi is good as knows the truth..the writer will taking time to get in new character as Pragya’s second love..Abhi must be sacrifice to conquest his mine..i mean if Kayamath’s story take into this show.. it will be interesting than Aliya and Tanu evils plan..much proof of love..

  9. Is Time for Abhi to regain his memory please

  10. enienkilm nallathaya matiyayirunnu..etra kalayi ore track..ningalku onu nannayikoode..


    Mera mann kr raha hai iss dadi ko na aaliya or tanu se phele goli maar di jaye to jayda accha hoga.. phele to darr ke mare pragya ka sach chupya, fir pragya ko blame bhi kiya abhi k life me wapas aane ke liye or ab abhi ko sach bhi nhi bta rehi hai… stupid and idiot and back stabber dadi.. yeh dadi unn me se hai jo muhu pr kuch or pitt piche kuch or hoti hai, iss dadi ke samne to aaliya, tanu and tanu ka ex-bf (naam yaad nhi) iss dadi se better h, kam se kam jo bhi krte hai war samne se krte hai..
    I hate this dadi even more and more..

    Sorry agr kisi ki feelings hurt hui ho to

  12. Abhi you are reminding Figgi again and I wish that you will go and find pragya/nikita I am your and pragya big fan and I love you both in wish that I meet you??❤❤????

  13. Guys i am really happy to see many tanglish comments . Now a days tamil viewers rompa athigamaidaganu ninekum pothu i am so happy. Athum ilama unga comments padikum pothu etho frds kuda chat pandra feelings. Thank u guys

    1. Hi kavi ,ama Tamil comments athum Hindi serial kana page la parkum pothu Romba santhaosama iruku..Na inga silent reader than…but tamil ah comments patha apramum comment panama yennala iruka mudiyala…

  14. Hi guys how are you all. First of all I’m happy to see more tamil viewers here. I welcome you all. I’m commenting here after the long time. Few people who frequently comments is also missing like shobana, sahithi, pratiksha,billu,reji and so on. I think everyone is busy.

    It’s happy to see people with different languages here but I request everyone will use a common language English.so everyone will get more friend.

    Coming to the episode the story starts moving. But we don’t know how long it will be like this. This time aaliya and tanu will definitely fail.

    Thanks for the update Hasan. But it seems some scenes are missing like they showed raj. Then mitali and taiji conversation. Also the dialogues are incomplete like purab said she is in her mama ji house. I request you to update it fully as i don’t know Hindi. Watching the episode i can’t able to understand. This is the humble request. I know most of the people are fed up but you are great to update it all the time. Once again thank u for the update hasan.

    Happy weekend guys…pratiksha as always I’m waiting to read ur updates. Everyone take care…

  15. I think they should keep this show name as dream bhagya ?

    1. Yes even I thought d same title:)

    2. Nice one year…☺

    3. NIce name mini?..

  16. Series running good f they show less of of Ahliya and humpty dumpty Tanu ..Lol,

  17. Ipo bulbul re entry vachalavadhu nallarukkum…. i miss naughty bulbul??….


    Pragya comes to the temple. Abhi too reaches to that temple in search of pragya. Pragya sees him and tries to hide from him. Pragya goes inside in Temple to hide from abhi. But abhi reaches there too in search of her. While praying in front of durga maa’s idol by pragya, abhi enters in the temple and identifies pragya from behind. He comes towards pragya and gets stand near of pragya. Pragya gets turn and gets shocked sees him. Pragya gives him ladoo of prasad , and leaves from there. Abhi eats Prasad and runs behind pragya to stop her to talk with her for getting her back. He catches pragya and stops her by holding her hand and says that he made promise with her dadi that he will bring her back. But pragya refuses to go back with him and says that she made promise with her Maa that she will not go back to his job and to his house. Then abhi tries to make her ready by giving her threat that he made sign of her on a contract papers while the first day of joining his job, according to which he can remove her from the job but she can’t leave his job without his permission and of she leaves then she have to give prior notice for leaving the job before two weeks and if she leaves the job without any prior notice then he can file case against her of two crores.

    Reporter says that abhi is doing lots of efforts and trying his best to convince pragya to take her back but pragya is not giving any ” bhaav” ( importance) to him or to his anything.

    Sriti and Shabbir r performing in ITA AWARDS, for which they r doing rehearsals on the award function’s stage. They r performing on a romantic number. Karan-Krystal and other actors were too doing rehearsals for their different performances.

    1. Note for all the readers of update-

      After getting it, that past segment turned into dream sequences or imaginations, so if this sequence is real or dream or imagination of abhi or Pragya, I don’t know or i can’t say anything surely. Watch it by ownself, If u guys wants to watch or know that what this sequence is exactly.

      1. A bit correction in update-
        While threatening pragya, ABHI says at last, that he can file case against her of two hundred crores. I mistakenly wrote two crore as I mistook in hearing.

      2. Hi sweetheart (Pratiksha) hw r u very long didnt say anything to u the reason was my husband passed away on the10/10/2016 so i m really lost n still in the shock just fell like saying hi to u take care dear

      3. Hi Anni ji, I m gud but felt really very sad and bad for u. I can understand that how much it is difficult for u to live without ur dear life partner. No one can take his place in ur life but I hope and I wish your sons will take care of u and God will give strength to u to live life without your hubby. May God give peace to his soul and strength to u to come out from this huge sorrow and to live ur life. Never feel alone. My wishes r with u forever.

  19. I think abhi will soon find bragya and they will join together

  20. I was a mad fan of kkb once. Now I’m fed up with this. Always the story is repeating around a single point . no improvement at all. The makers of kkb think that we people are fools. They think that we will see whatever they are showing.I think they don’t have brains. Actually the fan fics are far better than this story. Poor actors what they’ ll do. Go to hell writers .I have stopped watching this serial before 6 months. Today I just read this written updateupdate, its just on the same tracktrack . how ridiculous. Kkb down down

  21. Ponga DA CVS beeps…ethellam oru serial hu thuuuuuuu….Go to hell CVS n EKta

  22. Kakali

    I Wish i could beat Ahbi with my hammer… goshhhhh his memory !!!
    this memory loss track has eaten me alive ….
    why is this sooo necessary to drag d show!!!
    m curving for bless moments….

    Pragyaa !!! i wish i could beat u with pimpom ball… goshh ur love for him… !! make me flatter on u both love birds… !!
    but why so many tests? why?
    CVs think about us also…
    think about what we fans demand?
    think what we fans r not liking?
    how we feeling with current track?

    but i have hope that everything will b okkk !!
    even Ahbi is remembering something something….
    CVs now u all should seriously take almons … huhhh it will help ur brain to show n give us better than this…

    Gd mrng all !!! have a good day ahead… !!!!

  23. Tq so much sweetheart(Pratiksha)

  24. Shabbir Ahluwalia won best popular actor male award in ITA AWARDS.

    1. Shabir on a roll this year, picking awards one after another at all award programs. So well deserved for playing a character like Abhi effortlessly.

  25. The winner’s list of ITA Awards 2016:

    Best Actress Popular: Mouni Roy for Naagin
    Best Actor Popular: Shabbir Ahluwalia for Kumkum Bhagya
    Best Jodi Award: Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Best Actress Drama in Jury Category: Rubina Dilaik for Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki
    Best Actor Drama in Jury Category: Anil Kapoor for 24 season 2
    Best Serial Popular: Naagin
    Desh Ki Ladli – Most Promising Child Star: Ruhana Khanna for Gangaa
    Special Award: Rohit Roy and Ronit Bose Roy
    Best Serial: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki and Best Story: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki
    Best Serial Comedy in Jury category: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
    Best Thriller/Horror Show: Saavdhaan India
    Best General Entertainment Channel Popular: Colors

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