Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor coming to Abhi’s house. Salman/Prem says Dasi called him here. Prem asks them to tell about their problems. Maithali/Sonam says he will definitely solve our problems. Everyone argue and says they want to talk to him first. Aaliya says everyone is sad, and we have to ask help from guest. Aaliya asks do you really solve other’s problems. Prem says yes. Aaliya says we have one problem and that is Pragya. She says she has transferred everything on her name by cheating us. She is troubling us. Tanu says she is not letting us marry also. Dadi asks why you are sharing problem with guest. Dasi says I need independence. Tanu asks Abhi to tell that Pragya has cheated them and took over his property. Pragya asks Maithali to come with her. Dadi takes

Dasi inside and asks why did you bring Prem here. Dasi asks her to sit and says she wants to clear the troubles from home. Dadi says family members can solve the problems, and says it is Abhi’s insult if outsider comes to solve our problem. Dasi says she didn’t think like that. Dasi says Prem want to help us. Dadi gets angry and leaves. Dasi thinks why everything is wrong.

Maithali tells Pragya that she has seen pain in her eyes and asks her to share pain. Pragya says Abhi is her husband, was her husband but they are separated now. Maithali says lucky is the person who got prem ratan dhan paya……Pragya smiles. Ronnie tells Pragya that your enemy Abhi has sent Prem here. Pragya says he is not our enemy and asks him to talk with respect. Ronnie asks why you talk to him arrogantly. Pragya asks him to give respect to Abhi and says she wants Abhi to sit with her during Diwali puja. Ronnie says he don’t want to see your face. Pragya says Dadi wants her son to sit with his wife, but as Tanu can’t sit, she asked me to sit with him. She asks Ronnie to convince Abhi. Ronnie wonders what is happening? Payal hears them and comes to Abhi. She tells him about Pragya’s plan. Abhi is surprised. He says Pragya is trying to torture him like this. He increments her salary tio 5 times. Payal says I didn’t get previous salary. Abhi says she will get all salary with interest. Payal gets happy.

Tanu talks to Nikhil and says she can’t meet him. She asks him to let her focus. Aaliya comes and takes the call. She reminds him of the deal and asks him to keep the phone down. Tanu gets tensed and worries if he creates problem. Aaliya says he wants to show his importance. Tanu says he is crazy. Aaliya asks her to concentrate on Abhi and agree him for the plan.

Abhi argues with Pragya. Pragya tells him that it is Dadi’s decision and asks him to talk to her. She says she don’t want to sit with him, and says Lakshmi ji might leave from his house for forever or might return to him if he sits for puja. Abhi says you are confusing me and says we shall ask Prem. Prem says I understood your problem and is ready with the solution. Prem says you don’t have prem in your life and says we have to make our partner feel love. Abhi thinks it is a good idea and says he will take Pragya’s sign on the papers by acting to love her. He tells Prem that he want to gift him something. Maithali asks what is this solution? Prem says they will come closer if they follow my advice. Abhi gives him God’s idol as a gift. Salman Khan promotes his film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo……………He tells about the song Prem Leela…. And says it unites the family. The song plays……….Everyone starts dancing and enjoy the song.

Pragya thinks why she is feeling tired. Abhi comes and wonders how to talk to her. He thinks if he talks to her leaving his ego, then he will get his power, money, house etc. He thinks to talk to her. He says you are looking cute. Pragya is surprised.

Abhi talks to the doll and eyes Pragya. He says I love you very much and want to see you always.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sonam she is so pretty I envy her

  2. Gud epi but i din watch

    1. me also shivani i also didn’t watch today’s episode but i will watch that in zee tv website

  3. i fed up of ur story .plz try to slve prblm quick.i couldn’t catch my interest in this stry.plz change it.

  4. Plz dnt show them struggling in fake love

  5. On dusshera day,mission Abhigya for Payal and on Diwali Pragya is again dushman. Why the script is so out of sync..

  6. Nice episode … But waiting for next segment…

    Let’s see what will abhi do to take his property back and will pragya sign property papers…
    Or will he share his plan with purab

    What do you guyzz think what will happen ??

  7. Good episode …

    Waiting for next segment ..

    I don’t think so pragya will sign on property papers …

    Nikki any new update ???!

    1. Look
      Here is a novel idea …..Look it up for yourself !!

      it up fr yourself!!

  8. bore adikuthu.plz stop the all non sense

  9. Tanu shud deliver her baby n that baby shud look jst like Nikhil … Then nly evry1 will knw dat it is Nikhil’s baby n not abhis …. I think the writers will do this nly to drag the serial

  10. No hira I dnt think dat abhi will share dis plan to purab….. But if this happens , it wud b nice

  11. I wish to sonam and shalman movie gets to this year boxoffice hit and also tamil versiön MEIMARANTHEN PARAYO its also gets to hit. Shalman humur sence really suberb.

  12. Plz abhi not take fake love with pragya this is not a way to take revenge on pragya. This is bad idea. Pragya behavior is all changed its all bcoz of u. She is saviour of u.

  13. Absolutely dumb.. Salaam Khan did not bring abhigya together like the promos stated.. Totally wasting time.

  14. The Truth Hurts but...

    This story line of Abhi pretending love for Pragya is taking this show ALL the Way BACK to the Beginning ….This is how they started off – PRETENDING- and they are going back to that.
    This is pathetic!! The ONLY solution is to STOP watching all together. Stop letting them treat you like a bunch of mindless idiots. This is an insult to your intelligence. Go watch other shows. Is this the only TV show you have to watch in your country??? If not Change the Channel and Wise up!

  15. Tanu is pregnent before pragya’s accident. Then it takes 3month leap now tanu almost 7 to 8 month pregnent right. Still her stomach flat how…!!!!

  16. Dragginggg…
    i wonder how the show get top trp chart…
    omg i stop to wtch boringgg
    day by day

  17. R u agree with me friends

  18. Eish …. but wil pragya fall for him

  19. Where is suresh, akash, rachana and that innocent girl purvi.

  20. If any body tell me what is fan fiction in telly updates page!!!

  21. I hope salman n sonam can resolve their problem

  22. Srija I think abhi will share his plan with purab … I am saying it because purab is best of abhi …

    Please wait for next segment or promo ..

  23. Nice episode …

    Let’s see what happens next .. I think so abhi will find pragya truth …

    Nikki any new update …

  24. Aaliyah’s dress is lovely. But did not reflect her attitude…wondering why is Tanu’s hairstyle is so bad nowadays…..is it to potray her bad character? Kihkihkih….

  25. This is really getting boring day by day.. The comedy which they try to induce does’t make us laugh but it irritates us. And they are just doing time pass. Tanu is almost pregnant from 8 -9 months. In real life somebody would have already delivered a baby within this time. And also all the things that they do are all repeated.
    There is absolutely no content in the episodes. They are dealing with only tanu and aliyas evilness this whole year. The writer has no work i guess now. Thought of this story in one moment and do timepass the whole year.. showing bull shit things.
    I’m going to STOP WATCHING this serial

  26. Never ending draging hopeless day by day after 1 month I watched it’s still the same cheeeee

  27. Tanu is actually not pregnant I think so.it is her acting to get everything done by abhi.but pragya took everything before her.by dadi helping her

  28. Same crap going on since months. I mean get over with ut. Since months not even single person exposed aliya, tanu. WTH

  29. waste of time..

  30. I agree this show is really dragging….it’s becoming too boring….I am so disappointed because this used to be my favourite soaps….I now watch Ek tha raja….which is very gripping cos the story is fast paced…..Khum kum needs to be given a resuscitation. ….it’s almost dead

  31. I don’t like kkb anymore. I hate tanu and aaliya. Waste of time. Nikki where are you.do you have any further information

    1. No Geeta not yet. May b tomorrow we will see new segment but I will not able to watch it becoz tomorrow is bhaidooj so I will b busy in family gathering. I hope somebody else will definetly inform u about this like srimathi or anyone if new segment will b shown. I could watch it only after being free from all works then I could give u all update. Ya but a gud news SBB peoples has shown today about shabbir aka abhi that shabbir’s wife kaatchi is expecting a baby. They pointed out her tummy. It was big like a 6-7 months pregnant woman. So they said shabbir and kaanchi r going to b parents second time. They said it not surely becoz there is no official announcement by the couple but after seeing kaanchi, it was clearly shown that she is pregnant.

  32. Nikki any new update

    No new segment or promo camed till now …

  33. They told that payal works for abhi just becoz she is his fan and she didnt work for money now they are talking about salary?


  35. Well I’m tired of this evil winning over good. whatever the writers are doing is up to them as for me, I’ve not watch it since this week cos is making me angry for too much dragging. I just came to check off there’s improvement, but since there is none bye till new things happened.

  36. Oh no no no…. Pragya is too innocent. Do you(writers) know how the betrayal hurts the loved ones… It’s really too bad. Pls pls drag this serial with a lot of tracks( including tanu’s track) but pls don’t drag by cheating pragya.

  37. After a long story now only I get desperation… Because in this whole track everytime they(abhi and pragya) stood together for every problems even unknowingly. But now its really hurts. Today I was done with this serial. Pls pls pls you can separate them for some more months. But don’t create betrayal in between them.?☹?

  38. Nikki cme on gv us sme updates..? Maggie u too.. I’m waitin

  39. nikki please tell us updates.by the way who did you know he updates.

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