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The episode starts with Pragya pleading Aaliya and Tanu not to believe video as it is fake and not kick her out of house. Aaliya says nobody will stop her now and asks why did not she stop Purab when he left her for Bulbul and says Abhi will not forgive her now for the mistake she did. Tanu asks her to stop her drama and get out of this house. Pragya then pleads Mitali to believe her, but Mitali says my husband is in jail because of you and why will I forgive you, asks her to pack her bags and get out. Aaliya says now neither Bhai nor Daadi will believe you and you have no other option than going out of this house. She drags Mitali from there.

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Abhi angrily breaks glass in his room. He reminisces his marriage with Pragya and then her betrayal. He finds Suresh’s ID card, breaks it and walks out in anger. Pragya sees him on stairs and looks with apologetic eyes, but he pushes her and leaves. He then drives his card towards Suresh’s house, finds him on road in his scooter and rams his scooter. Suresh falls on road and asks if he mad to dash him. He then is surprised to see it is Abhi. Abhi starts beating him continuously. Suresh asks him why is he beating him without any mistake and says even he can hit him. Abhi says he is beating him for sleeping with his wife. Suresh asks what does he mean, she is just his friend. Daadi hears sound from the street and asks Purvi to check. Purvi checks and tells her that Abhi is beating Suresh. Daadi hurries to the street.

Abhi asks how can he sleep with his wife when he created such a big drama when it was his sister’s mistake other day. Suresh says Pragya is my friend and we both have feelings as a friend. Daadi comes there and stops Abhi. Suresh says Abhi is alleging that I am having illegal relationship with Pragya. Daadi asks Abhi how can he think like that. Bulbul asks if he is not ashamed. Abhi says he saw a video in which Suresh is sleeping with Pragya on his bed. Daadi is shocked to hear that and slaps Abhi. She asks how shameless he is to tell this and says she heard this, but Pragya cannot. He shows video to Daadi, Bulbul and Suersh also watch it. The all are shocked to see this edited video.

Tanu angrily asks Aaliya why did Abhi go out of house without kicking out Pragya. Aaliya asks her to relax and says he must have gone to show video to Pragya’s family and once he comes back, he will kick Pragya out.

Suresh says Abhi that it is wrong. Abhi asks if he did not pick up Pragya. Suresh says yes. Abhi asks if he did not take Pragya to bed. He says yes, but it is framed one. Abhi starts beating him. Daadi asks Bulbul to call Pragya. She calls her and asks her to come there soon as Abhi is beating Suresh. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi tries to crush Suresh’s head with stone. She pushes him and throws stone. Abhi asks why did she save her lover. Pragya asks Bulbul about Sarla. She says she has gone to a nearby temple. Abhi says even my daadi has gone there. Pragya’s daadi requests Abhi to believe Pragya. Abhi says he has to stop daadi from seeing that video and runs towards his car. Pragya says Daadi that this video is framed one and she did not do anything wrong. Daadi says she knows. Pragya runs and sits in Abhi’s car to reach temple.

Abhi is driving car with Pragya next to him. Pragya reminisces Abhi trying to kill Suresh and thinks why is fate not letting us together.

Precap: Panditji asks Pragya to tie a thread on Suresh’s hand, so that their married life will be tight and united like the thread.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Iss kumkum ka bhagya kabh sahi hoga?

    1. i hope ki jaldi ho..

    2. i hope ki is kumkum ka bhagya jaldi sahi hoga

    3. abhi is so bad

    4. aap aisa kyun kehra hi hai aapko sajme jaati hai ki yeh kumkum bhagya jaldi sahi ho jayi????how mean

      1. kyo ki ache logo ka hamesa acha hi hota hai….

  2. In precap i guess its abhi n not suresh!

  3. Yeh rickshaw wale rockstar ka serial kab khatam hoga?

  4. Yah!!! That’s right obviously suresh is not with them and how can panditji asked Pragya to tie thread on suresh’s hand!!! I hope Its kind of miss typing of…… And exactly when he realized that he had feeling for pragya if am not wrong the root feeling of love is growing between them and he doesnt able to realize his feeling for her and very pitiful abhi ji
    Hope he will realise his love for her and love is❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. *he will realise???

  6. poogada neegalu unga serialum!!!

    1. Ithu tamilayum varapoguthuu…..

  7. Abhi is vry bad hw cn he think lik tat

  8. I thk…dadi shld kick tanu out of her house….it wld b good fr hr bahu…….

    1. i totally agree with you, anjali i cant wait for that day

  9. What about the storyline that Cousin Daadis think that Tanu likes the butler? How come there is no mention of that again. I though Daadies would have tried to marry them off or something lol

  10. Tired of this dumb storyline

  11. Hellllo guys whatsup….?? Lol eish….when will this all be exposed ….? Are there any new promos….?

  12. I guess Ekta is mixing all the serials coz what ever happening in kumkum bhagya should be happening in opposite show…(I guess) who agrees ….think about it

  13. I guess anvita is right

  14. Perhaps she is right

  15. I think that the story line is dragging. Is abhi so gullible that aliyah and tanu can manipulate him please accept that we are fed up of all these story lines that portray that Indian man are controlling and abusive or ate controlled by abusive partners or mothers, and ladies are the greatest martyrs either sacrificing something for parents or siblings.
    Please try to get new story lines

    1. I agree, it is stupid of the writers to think that this is ‘believable’. No-one is going to allow the self to be maligned in such a way. St. Pragya is really becoming ridiculous…to see her begging the 3 witches”………..

  16. Abhi falsely accused his wife then proceeds to beating up Suresh. He refers to Pragya as his wife meanwhile he never had any relations with her. This is a confused man. Pragya needs to leave him for him to realize her importance. Writers need to change scripts already.

  17. What exactly are the writers trying to show young ladies, that no matter what a man does in a marriage you are suppose to stay with him and be loyal to him? Is this not a bad message that females have to be held on a different standard then a man?

    1. no, it is that abhi is misunderstanding Pragya and he thinks that Pragya is trying to ruin his and his families lives. And he is trying to take revenge on her

  18. The string is tied on abhi’s hand

  19. Tanu is so hot! But Pragya is too and her personality is amazing. I wish I could marry Pragya.

  20. i am sure abhi will find out the truth some way or the other

  21. i think kayamath is better than this serial you will know what i am talking about if you watched shabbir’s earlier serials and shows

  22. Abhi rather then being scared that some one entered his house and videotaped his wife. rather then being worried about his security , he is worried about his image. how dumb can a person be . really writers you portray your actor images very well being dumb, good job.

  23. Hawa lol u are damn so right …..!!!!! 😀 …… When the hell will pragya be a supermodel in this show …coz u remember guys that director said to tanu tht he will select pragya as his next model ….. !

  24. Abhi is dumb…….!

  25. Hahaaaa moving on????geting fed up of tanu aliya n abhi
    So hoodwinked pls move on writers going in circles????eish Abhi exactly kay hal aap Pragya sse karengah???dumhki deh deh ke mere ears pak gehhhh lolllll

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