Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarla getting down from the auto infront of Abhi’s house. She recalls Pragya’s kidnapping and goons attacking her at the same place. She sees her ring and recalls Pragya that whenever she thinks of losing him, her heart shake up etc. Sarla thinks to go inside and inform Abhi about the attack on Pragya. Pandit ji asks Tanu to step infront and complete the last 2 rounds. Dadi tells Purab that she can’t see this marriage happening. Dasi says how we will stop. Purab says don’t know how this marriage will stop? Dasi says if God closed this way then he will show us other way. Pragya sees the lamp kept there infront of God’s idol and smiles. She is shocked to see light gone and thinks of Sarla’s words. She thinks where are you Maa? Tanu and Abhi are taking pheras. Sarla

silently calls him and comes towards him. Abhi recalls Pragya’s promise and stops taking the rounds.

Tanu asks what happened? Are you okay. Sonali asks him to make the rounds complete fast. Pandit ji declares that 5th round is complete and asks them to complete 2 more rounds. Aaliya sees Sarla coming there and stops her. Sarla says she wants to talk to him and asks her to go and rest in her room. Sarla slaps her hard and says I want to talk to Abhi and asks her to move. Mrs. Mehta tells that finally 5 rounds are completed. Tanu thinks this is last round now. Sarla comes and asks them to stop taking rounds. She takes off the ghatbandhan and puts in the havan kind and also pours water in it. Tanu is shocked. Mitali thinks I forgot her and thinks return of Bahubali mum and says what a twist.

Abhi looks on shocked. Sarla asks why did you do this with pragya and asks if you love her then why didn’t you marry her. She says people will think that one shall not marry and says may be she has done a sin in her last birth and seeing this day. She says everything was in your hand, but you let her go. She asks why did you do express love to her, didn’t think about her once. She says your Jodi is made by God and none of you will be happy.

Dasi says we have to stop Sarla. Purab says she might tell truth to him. Sarla asks didn’t you remember that she is your pat….Dadi says we are also worried about her. She says Abhi cares for her, but. Sarla says but can’t marry. She asks if he is Harish Chandra or something who is bounded by the promise, and says I told you that my daughter will be alright, but you brought her here. She says you are taking rounds here, but don’t know if my daughter is dead or alive. Abhi asks how is Pragya? Sarla tells that Pragya is kidnapped from your house. Everyone is shocked.

Sarla tells that when she came here, some goons were taking carpet. She tells that she saw Pragya wrapped in carpet. She tells that when she tried to stop the goons, they hit her hard on her head. She says I can’t imagine what they might be doing with my daughter. Dasi consoles her. Sarla says I don’t trust you. Abhi asks who can kidnap her? Sarla says whoever don’t want her to be here, else you might have gone weak and refuse to marry Tanu. Purab assures to search her. Aaliya says Abhi knows DCP and will file Police complaint. She says let him marry first and then he will help you to search Pragya. She tells Abhi that she will resolve the matter and asks him to complete the marriage first and then they will search her. Abhi looks sad. A fb is shown, Abhi is playing guitar. Pragya is listening to his music and burns her hand. Abhi asks what did you do? Pragya says when you are infront of me, I think from my heart and not from my mind…Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga…..plays….

Abhi tells Mrs. Mehta that he will fulfill the promise, but only after saving pragya. He asks Sarla to come. Tanu asks him to stop.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Am starting to think there is a very big conspiracy with regards to this show,i mean if in india where this show is made people have had it upto their heads with this show,why would it still be Topping the TPR?i have been reading comments and i have noticed that its not only in india where this show is being watched/aired.so maybe the makers are also using the TPR rating from other countries to increase their own TPR ratings since in other countries it might still be peoples favorite,as it is like two years behind in the other countries that are showing this serial.

    1. Tash there is no conspiracy….you the viewers are making the show air. It is at number one, they will continue to milk it for as long as they can. Stop watching, rates drop…show ends.

      1. ChandaMaya

        Yes, indeed!

  2. Y can’t this stupid sarla , dadi or purab freaking say to abhi that he lost his memory & was married to pragya?? Atleast this stupid sarla should not have stopped abhi’s mrg..abhi & tanu truly deserve each other..

  3. Abhi and Tami should just get married and this stupid show can end. I get a headache just watching the nonsense over and over

  4. We were hoping abhi chΩtiya will remember everything but not…now this sh!t gonna go for 1 more fckng year with everything repeating over and over. Prodcr shove this kumkum bhagya in ur and ur writer fr!ckng [email protected]$

  5. Peprah Wilson

    Guys, all i want is for kumkum bhagya is to end, so abhi save pragya from the goons,either married tanu or pragya, so that this drama ends and we won’t worry again,if he married tanu then pragya should start her life again, or abhi regains memory after the marriage and treat tanu horrible things and this drama ends,

  6. Peprah Wilson

    Hmmm, am just enjoying this tom and jerry drama…

  7. Can anyone tell me what is tanu telling to abhi

  8. ChandaMaya

    To all I am now cursing this serial. I hope it goes off the air soon. For the disrespect the writers, Director and Producers have perpetuated regarding ancient sacred Vedic values may they feel the karmic effect by affecting the hundreds of viewers they have insulted . . .they have insulted how we as South Asians live and our deep respect for our way of life. These writers are corrupt and should go to Hollywood where cheap values are displayed openly. I curse these low minded vulgar human being who have lost their own culture. When we people are looking at so-called serials we are subconsciously affected, our pressure goes up, our pulse and heart rates, we are also pychologicaly affected . . .in the unseen Universal laws if there is multiple affects on the masses though it may not be based in reality it still counts. Karma is a boomerang. The curse of affecting so many hearts and minds de will bounce back to them even if these people consider this entertainment. In the ancient Vedic way our Art is for upliftment . . .there is no bhava in these serials. I pray this KKB will end soon.

  9. ChandaMaya

    No respect for women, mothers, grandmothers? How would the writers feel if their families went through this torture? This is not teaching people to be better.

  10. ChandaMaya

    Guys Agent Ragav is way better. Bhabiji Ghar par will make you laugh. Laughter is good for the soul. Those who stopped looking at KKB are smart. Live your lives and forget these idiot serials. There are no good values in these shows.

  11. Becoming like a Stupid serial, shut….. More worst cha

  12. I have got so bored it doesn’t matter a whit to me who Abhi marries if tanu it serves him right he is so dumb he deserves her if pragya I feel sorry for her for marrying a joker. Either way his marriage is not going to make anyone happy esp Ekta for then the serial will end so go to it guys some more kidnappings molestation hanky panky a alia plans carry on for at least another year by then I guess people will all stop watching this crazy serial.

  13. Sethidisha002

    acha h shaadi ni hui aur na kabhi ho

  14. I don’t know really even a small kid stands and fight for the justice, this grand mother was and is so selfish and acts like a stupid. I am thinking may be Tani is going to put a condition saying ” if leave this now you can’t back in my life to do this. ” In such senario for Abhi this is the time to proceed further for Pragya. what will happen if someone reveal the past to Abhi. Instead of getting this unconscious scene several times I think telling is much better. Hope for good!

  15. Such a stupid idiotic sadist serial. That dumb Abhi. Is he really a man of words? He is dying to fulfill the promise given to Tanu’s so called ‘sick’ mom..What about his promise to Pragya? Such an idiotic person. Why did he promise her then? Still now I thought Ashish Mehta of Naamkaran will be the most spineless charactet. But now Abhi defeated him!! Dear writers complete the last two rounds of phera and complete the marriage. And let Pragya go! I am not supporting Pragya either. She is also dumb! Sati savitri banne ka bahut shock he and is this what you give as a role model to Indian Women? Then Fantastic!!! No girl should be like her. She doesnt have strength to stand up for her love. All time crying and crying and crying.. fed up with this drama!!!

  16. Why Ekta’s all serials like this?? Chandra Nandini is gonna be another flope!!!

  17. I dont bother watching serial..same old repeat ..i just read updates n thanks to h hasan.. good job

  18. An Unrealistic, An unethical, A filthy drama and the zee tv is wasting money for the script writer and director. who had no idea as how to write a story or direct a tele serial.

    Very pathetic viewers.

  19. SavitaVidya

    ok am doonneeee

  20. It’s just a series….

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