Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya looking at their marriage pic, and thinks why are you like this. She says you kissed on my cheek, but I felt it on my heart. She says if you was infront of me, then I would have kissed you. She is about to kiss his pic, but just then Abhi comes and asks her to statue. He says when I am here, then why you are kissing my pic. Pragya says I am kissing my pic as I am looking beautiful. Abhi says you are looking good as you are sitting beside me. She asks why am I looking good in other’s pic. Abhi says just because you have married a rockstar and glowing. They reminisces the incident after their marriage. Abhi says you might have hypnotized the producer as he selected you instead of Tanu. He says you are looking like Suparnakha. They argue. Pragya says if I am so scaring

then why did you hang my pics on the wall. Abhi says actually I don’t know why your pic is clicked with me. Pragya says I don’t want to ms. World. You can become mr. World. Abhi holds her hands and says sorry.

Pragya asks why? Abhi says just because I have hidden the truth. Pragya says it is okay if you don’t like me. Abhi says I like you very much and holds her closer. She says when you leave your hairs open, it seems like my music is breezing. He talks to her romantically and compliments her smile, face etc. Pragya says it means I look beautiful to you. Pragya says you said many things, but I made you to confess love. Abhi says you have played with my patience and runs after her in the bedroom. They fall on the bed while fighting cutely. Tanu comes just then. Pragya is sitting silently. Tanu looks at the pics and asked who got these pics on the wall. Pragya says I hanged it on wall. Tanu asks Abhi, how did you allow her. Abhi says no. He stares Pragya. Pragya goes. Tanu says she has played with us, and stopped our marriage. She says it is useless to talk to you. Abhi says when did I ask you to talk, and goes. Tanu thinks it is a limit now, and says this has given me a reason to kill you. You will die tomorrow.

Dadi tells Dasi to make preparations for the puja and mata ki chowki. Pragya comes and asks Dadi. Dadi says she kept mata ki chowki for her, and says she is not feeling well since morning. She is keeping shakti paat for peace and asks Pragya to stay at home and sit in puja. Pragya agrees. She gets call from Tanu. Tanu calls her acting as Nikhil’s wife. She changes her tone and says she had disconnected the call as Nikhil came. She asks Pragya to meet her at sun sign, and not to tell anyone that she is going to meet Nikhil’s wife. Pragya says okay. Tanu is talking to Pragya while being in Sarla’s room. Sarla worries for Pragya as she hears Tanu executing her wicked plan. Tanu thinks Pragya doesn’t know that she will be killed, and feels pity on Sarla. She thinks Sarla will die hearing Pragya death. Tanu opens the door and Mitali falls inside.

Mitali says what you are doing here in this room. Tanu says I….Mitali says I heard you talking to someone and have changed the tone. Tanu says I was not talking to anyone. Mitali says I am ears of Mehra’s house. Tanu asks her to keep ears safely, as she will cut her ears when Pragya will no longer be owner of the house. Mitali says it means you are planning against Pragya. Tanu threatens her and goes. Mitali tries to enquire with Sarla.

Sarla signs her something. Mitali says I can do much more if you could tell me. Sarla tries to tell her and cries. Mitali says I am sorry, as you couldn’t tell me anything. She says I will keep eye on Tanu, and goes. Sarla thinks what will happen tomorrow. How to tell Pragya that Tanu is trapping her. Pragya thinks this phone call have put life in me, and thinks she will unite with abhi. Abhi asks why you are happy? Pragya says I can’t tell you and says it is a surprise. Abhi says gents die thinking about the surprise. Pragya says you couldn’t wait for the surprise to come out, and says it is for both of us. Abhi asks her to tell…….and twists her hand. Pragya says you have to go with me on a meeting. Abhi asks if this was a surprise. He refuses to come. Pragya asks him to get ready.

Robin comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu scolds him for entering room without knocking on the door. Robin apologizes and goes. Tanu talks to Nikhil on phone and says plan was executed as planned. She says Pragya will reach you at 11 am, and says she might not sleep tonight because of happiness. Nikhil says you could have trapped 4-5 Abhi’s till now. Tanu thinks Pragya will die now.

Abhi asks Pragya to sit with him and says he is sensing as if she will go far from him. Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nithi

    I m nit able to cintrol my laughing while tanu scolding Robin for not knocking d door before entering…:).
    Gud joke actually…
    she never ever knock d door n she always enter abhigya room without kncking..such a cheap minded lady…

    She always peeps into Abhigya room…nasty fellow

  2. Seriously

    Seriously…it is time to cut the same old shit out. How many times can Tanu try to kill Pragya. No one wants to watch this story anymore. This is boring .

  3. Oh god not another accident? Abhigya only just got close together and another accident will drift them apart again. It will b waste of watching this serial. Sriti and shabbir I think is really good actors but writers are making their characters worse. Plz no more of accident if anything get rid of tanu the witch and her so called boyfriend.

  4. Pavithra

    Writer does not know anything except accident and kidnapping.. also the latest update is sarala will come to spot after pragya accident..and abhi will kuck tanu out of house knowing she plotted with nikhil to kill pragya

  5. Meena

    No I don’t think she will die bcoz ekta kapoor never kills anyone till the actor wants to leave the show.. I think she should be the god so that no one dies in this world… BTW its over then high time now… Tanu should be caught or else no one will watch this show… I think whats the difference if tanu will be caught some other villain will enter to separate abhigya…. As always is done with ekta couples…..

  6. JR

    Hello folks! The most enjoyable part is reading your comments. I haven’t been reading for a while as I’ve stopped following kkb. Accidentally I clicked and decided to read. I love some of the cute remarks and the warmth in your comments. There is like hearted banter. You put a smile and laughter. Bahu Accha? Thank you very much. Namaste.

  7. asmitha

    how nice epi was they should keep like this scenes daily after knowing the segment it was very interesting to watch

  8. Abraham Lawer

    Now the writer is planning to kill pragya. Oooo what a kumkum bhagya .i am a Ghanaian . I love this seriels .so end it well please . Mr writter

  9. Sharada

    Guys there is a spoiler alert that says pragy will meet with an accident in sarla ‘ s dream but then she reaches the same spot Actu ally where tanu n nikhil are ready to execute her accident when sarla ma saves pragya and pushes nikhil who meets with the accident….incidentally abhi reaches the spot while following pragya n spots takhil causing this whole drama….high voltage drama of tanu bring sent out is gonna happen ….stsy tuned folks…our most awaited moment is fast approaching ???✋

    • ar

      that easily thy wont expose tanu….thy will rak3 another year to do it…again nikhil will say some excuse n leave

  10. Nithyasree

    Plz don’t try to kill or kill pragya anymore. She is the most lovable cute character in the show..I think tanu and her boyfriend will be trapped within next week.

  11. ஸ்வேதா

    Hi friends am swetha all my tamil friends please intha website ku poitu fulla padichu parunga http://www.makkalarasu.com after read it nan yenna solla varenu purunjukuvinga nu nenaikuran please go and read it fully then u ill think about it plzzzzzzzzzzz it’s my humble request plzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. karthika

    hi guys..i was little busy yesterday..so only i couldn’t able to comment..i missed all of u…i have read some segment update given by pratiksha.thank god that’s all sarla maa’s dream..but i’m happy that nikhil will meet accident….coming back to yesterday’s episodes it was nyc..especially abhigya’s scene was mindblowing….but in precap pragya will say uloo banaya..bada maza aaya..but they just cut the dialogue…but expression while delivering that dialogue was awesome …..i just feel raged of mithali she’s just a joker..asking sarlamaa abut tanu..she don’t even have common-sense that she can’t speak..i felt really bad for sarla maa as she’s in desperate state and wanted her daughter to be rescued…her face completely reflects her anguishness…. takhil r realy shameless and remorseless fellows…but wat’llhappen after nikhil’s accident???if the CVs put end tag to this track then they should get some interesting track in the story or else they’ll lose the trp.

  13. shobana

    One more dragging episode. As I guessed Pragya’s accident was sarla ma dream.
    And pratiksha, I read your updates yesterday. Its such a good news that Nikhil is going to meet an accident instead of Pragya. And u also mentioned that sarla ma is going to save Pragya which means is she must have recovered. After Nikhil accident Tanu will be alone she wont have any company to plan against Pragya. But if the CVs are decided to drag further means they will make Tanu and corporator together to plan against Pragya.
    But my question is what will happen to Nikhil after accident. Will it be a minor accident or memory loss or paralysed like sarla ma???
    I don’t know why mithali is there. To whom she is supporting Pragya or Tanu. She is like cat on the wall.
    Precap is just to create an hype among the audience. If they show like this only all will sit and watch next episode whether Pragya got accident or not. And I happy towards one thing that the trp rating of kkb has fallen. Y I m happy for this is becoz I feel if something happened like this only the CVs will do something and try to expose Tanu as soon as possible.

  14. karthika

    hi shobana sis..how r u??i think yesterday u didn’t comment..even i also didn’t comment yesterday…shobana sis i have posted 20 th epi of my ff.if u have time read it…

  15. Hi guys!?Hi karthika and shobhna?all gud? Don’t worry. U guys will not miss any single update about the show until I m here. I feels happy to share every possible updates with u guys becoz all of u have right to know about it as all of u r the true fans of the show and abhigya who tolerates so much just becoz of them to get to know their story. That’s why I tries to get every possible update and news on time by any possible link. Even I too desperate to get to know about the upcomings so I always searches for new updates and news time to time. Any ways guys, I know all of u r now exited for accident sequence after knowing it that nikhil is going to face accident instead of pragya becoz of sarla maa as she will get recover in fear of lose of her dearest daughter. In fact I m waiting more for it’s later part that what will happen after this accident sequence? How the things will b unfold and where the story will go? It is clear that in any situation, troubles will come only in front of takhil but how and by whom it will come, how much sarla maa is going to recover, what will b pragya’s situation after this accident, what will happen with takhil after this and will abhi get to know anything?, it is left to see. These r some major questions, about which along with me, I think all of u too wants to know about it. That’s why I m looking and waiting for that updates. And about precap, and other person’s fear for pragya so it is all necessary to put curiosity in audience’s mind. But one thing was gud that abhi is sensing bad senses for pragya, which was really cute and loving. Finally, we r seeing loving things in abhi, which we were wishing and expecting from him for pragya. Now it will call as true and deep love. Loved the way he was admiring pragya’s beauty. He was damn romantic. And thank god, he didn’t take her joke seriously otherwise I was scared when I saw that scene in precap. Some part was missing from that scene which they showed in precap but that’s OK. At least they didn’t give any negative and bad thing between abhigya. Otherwise it becomes worst if they turns all the romance between them again with disappointing things. Now it means, abhi have decided that he will not take any excuse of pragya seriously about their love and her feelings. It means he got sure that pragya too loves him very much but just not accepting it. O hope it will remain same and we will get after this accident sequence, which we r expecting. So let’s wait and watch.

    • Sahithi

      Abhi had same feeling for Pragya during Dussehra when Pragya was tied inside Ravan. He could feel that he was hearing her voice calling out for him, even while releasing the arrow he could feel same way.

      Abhi for most part of this track had same feelings for Pragya, it was Pragya who kept confusing him again n again.

      And I was also happy to see that they edited out that Pragya dance of ‘Ullu Banaya’ and was even more happy to see Abhi not taking it seriously. Atleast for now he stopped being the cry baby.

      • Ya sahithi he sensed it many times but first time he has confessed it very clearly, infront of pragya. That’s why I liked it so much.

      • shobana

        Hi ? prathiksha sahithi and kathi . Hope u all r doing good . Im good but couldn’t find time to comment. Got time only late in evening to read ur updates. Don’t know why for last few days I was busy round the clock either I was travelling here and there or busy with mom in her business works. The beauty is now also im travelling only but managed to comment ?
        Yes prathiksha very eager to know after Nikhil’s accident. And abhigya scenes are becoming more cute day by day. Yesterday Tanu came in between abhigya and got irked which is one of the best part of yesterday’s episode.
        And sahithi, yes it was Pragya who was confusing abhi till now. Its really good to see abhi not carrying about Tanu at this moment. Right now his full mind is filled with Pragya only. Though the episode is dragging I was little happy that there is going to be some twist and turns after this accident segment

  16. Sahithi

    I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, it was so much fun. Though the story didnt move much forward, I was enjoying Abhi and Pragya’s fights n fun like kids, but highlight was no one caring for Tanu any more, not even Abhi.

    Starting from the first scene of Pragya trying to kiss Abhi in photo to Mithali n Tanu argument about keeping ear, was laughing out all through.

    And Tanu out of over confidence went to Sarla’s room to tell her the place where they will execute the plan.

  17. karthika

    hi pratiksha..i’m gud..thank u so much for ur segment updates..i’m curiously waiting for ur next segment update…we r having more questions at present in our mind…i have read in ur update that this whole month just gonna be very interesting..as hide and seek game gonna end now….i’m really excited….

  18. shabana

    just not draged by good remarks pradiksha.just waiting for upcomings episode..my heart was broken becsuse of trp ratings..by coming todays episode i love the first romantic scenes by abhigya..now just we r only watching kkb because of abhigya they r inspiring us by their scenes. i am glad that the truth will be revele soon just waiting for upcoming epidodes..eagerly waiting for tanus reaction while nikhil gets accident.lets wait for the best..

  19. Triveni

    Getting bored of seeing tanu winning all d time..so many twists..kidnappings…killing..hmm.god knows when d serial will turn positive

  20. but as i read the spoiler i know what gonna happen..but i dnt want to spoil all of yours excitement…..just want to tell don’t worry Pragya will be save…very nice episode…so everyone startde feeling something gonna happen wrong to Pragya.Abhigya scene superb as always.and Pragya really you look so beautiful…everytime i saw you and thought if i were a boy!!!!!hope to see something terrific.all the best.

  21. Hai karthika kutty sheeta reji pratiksha shobana swetha fowziya deepa gowtham Anna naveen Mr. So how r u all will pragya die. ..???why they r dragging???already I’m scared about my exam results???please pray for me friends ☺☺☺

  22. Hai kutty swetha shobana fowziya sheeta reji gowtham anna naveen karthika pratiksha deepa everybody is busy right and gowtham Anna I guess ur work is going good and Anna please pray for my results na?

    • shobana

      Hi hency was little busy
      But that’s ok.
      Don’t worry we all will pray for you. And u will get the best mark.

    • Hi hency? keep faith on ur efforts, as god helps all those peoples who puts their most efforts for getting something. Definetly u will get ur effort’s results. All the best.? B positive and think gud.?

    • gowtham

      hi hency… actually my joining date is may 17 only… and yeah sure dear u ll surly get high marks… dnt wry… juz do the hard wrk which lead the way…. al d best

  23. Sahithi

    Btw guys Purab posted a pic where he is in ethic wear type dress worn for some festival or celebration. The venue is not the MM set but different, so was wondering what festival or occasion are they celebrating in the upcoming episodes.

    Or may be it is for some other event or show. We may get more details if someother cast members also post pics.

    • Sahithi I too saw his pic. He clicked it in his vanity and his this look is for kkb. Remeber in yesterday’s episode,Dadi says to pragya that she is organizing pooja and mata ki chauki for her so all her troubles gets end and she get succeed in her aim. Purab dressed up only for that. And this pooja has organized by dadi on the same day of pragya’s accident sequence. Dadi tells pragya to stay for pooja but she will leave to meet tanu, where this accident sequence will happen.

    • Sahithi

      So they r shooting the post accident sequences else where, not yet back in MM. So Purab must have gone in same costumes as he must have come to MM for puja.

  24. karthika

    hi hency..i’m fine..how r u??don’t worry abut ur exam results..it’ll be good…my ff title is TUMSE MILA TOH YUN HUA PYAAR…i’m sure that u’ll get good marks….i also missed all of u..

    • shobana

      I’m good karthi. Hope u too doing good. Was little busy now but I will find time to comment and read your ff. Atleast before going to sleep I will read all updates comment and ur ff too

  25. Asha

    Hi Prathiksha,Shahithi,ect… Sriti posted a photo of her n someone’s shadow were close in Instagram, anyone knows who is he?

    • Don’t know asha. She have so many friends in her life. Exactly who could b that person, we can’t say. And plz don’t mind as it’s just my point of view that what I think that we should not interfere or look up in anybody’s personal matters and life until that person do not give us permission. It is her personal life. She just shared her feelings but if she doesn’t want to tell about it clearly then we should not think more about it as there could b some reason behind it and everybody should have their some personal space in life. I only gives much attention to just show’s related things. Rest of celebrities shares by own then we gets to know it.

    • Sahithi

      We wouldnt know unless she names the person or posts a picture showing the face. Since it is her personal pic, it is better not to speculate.

  26. Hi guys episodes was nice m happy to c som romantic scenes of abigya Wowwww so cute ullu banayaa….scene. . Pratiksha wat u update was real ahhh I cant believe nikl ka accident hmmmm pragys ko kuch nai hona tats I want waiting fr tanu explosure. …

  27. gowtham

    hi all.. how are you?? especially shobana seeing you aftr two or three days i guess… busy aaitingala?? epdi pothu?? and i dnt have anything to say about the episode as well as the precap… until nikhils accident happen, i dnt wanna say anything about kkb… bcoz all i could see is dragging.. juz came here to see you guys only…. my joining date is nearing.. it is may 17…. tomorrow going to submit all my documents…. m hoping fr d best…

    • shobana

      Ya gowtham I was busy with work since May 5. Don’t know why something is making me busy round the clock.
      Don’t worry gowtham everything will be the best.
      Hcl is a good company and the atmosphere will be good there.
      I’m glad that no one has forget me

  28. Fowziya

    Heeey Guuuyzzz ??
    Sorry i couldn’t comment for last few days as i was little busy with my family, but i daily read your comments, i cannot stay even one day without coming to this page and read your comments ?.
    So how are you all ? Shobana, Pratiksha, Karthika, Gowtham, Reji, Swetha, Hency nd all ? Sorry if i didn’t mentioned some persons..

    • Hi fowzia?i m gud. How r u? During these days, u guys seems so busy becoz no body is able to comment regularly and time to time haa!!? just joking?But it’s ok, it’s normal to being busy, specially in this age when we actually gets mature, not only by physic, in fact from mind and for parents and elders too who expects so many responsibilities from us. But the gud thing is that even after this much busy schedule, u guys tries to find time to comment. It is appreciable. So keep commenting like this and keep in touch whenever u get time.?

      • Fowziya

        I’am great di.. Ya you are absolutely right Pratiksha as usual hehe ? I agree with you.. Don’t worrie we’ll alwayz be in touch with you all guys, its a pleasure ?

    • gowtham

      good fowziya… even me too cant comment here properly…. but daily i visit and read as much as i can

    • shobana

      Hiiiiiiii fowzi
      I am very happy to see ur comment today. How are you ??? I’m gud yar. I too was busy for few days.
      Climate is hot plus travelling plus work stress keeps busy for days. I think hereafter I will be free lets see.

      • Fowziya

        Heey? am fine dear.. am too haply to comment here afta longtime ? Ya i saw all the comments, it seems that all are little busy with their routine life ?

  29. karthika

    hi gowtham bro..i’m fine..how r u???may-17ikku apparam neengalum busy aiduvinga…appa appa time irukum podhu comment pannuga…all the best…

    • gowtham

      hi….. but i surely ll be in touch wd all u guys….. i will read all your guy’s comments as well as i ll reply too..

  30. Hai fowziya ☺I am fine how r u in too missed ur comment dear I also always used to read all comments if though I have no time I am really attached with it☺?

  31. sheetha

    hi… gowtham.. miss u too… may 17 joining ah aprom neyum busy agiduva…. all the best

    • gowtham

      but naan daily once aathu comment paniduven…. thats fr sure… unless if its that much emergency… but ipolam inga ula elarum busy ah irukanga… why nu therila

      • sheetha

        Vacation tym la so only.. I finished my auditing hereafter I m free .. I m here nowdays only for ur comments.. U r the one who always replying me.. If u gets busy.. I will miss u my little bro… I m fed up of selfish friends colliqes and everyone.. So tis is the only place I m feeling good..

      • Yes Anna it’s surprising that it achieved 2 nd place but they should think about abhigya fans and should make reunion in Tamil Iru malargal itself they started the revenge but till now they didn’t disclose tanu reality

    • Well said sheeta for me also the only place that I feel good is here only don’t worry and don’t forget to comment dear ☺

  32. karthika

    hi frnds..i’m going to my g randparents village..so 2 days i can’t comment guys.. i’ll be missing u all

  33. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys I got one good news for u all.. That bulbul can return at any time back to show… Mrunal thakur.. Kkb team has confirmed it.. So bulbul and purab love story will start again?????it is 100%true I saw in FB irumalargal polimer group

  34. gowtham

    how on earth kumkum-bhagya reaches number 2 position in trp next to naagin? juz now seen in fb…. anybody tell me….. last week is juz a dragging part except abhigyas romance.. thn how??

    • Sahithi

      Think from general audience perspective who may not be following social media updates and segments. So for such people they keep watching to see what next.
      And may be not all audience may be our age group. For them Pragya, her sacrifice of her own family, trying to save her husband, bearing Alia n Tanu tauntings – with all this drama, they would sympathize with her.

      Also, once the marriage is stopped, Tanu is not manipulating Abhi. Abhi and Pragya are back to being almost a couple. So that could have added some audience back. And major thing, everyone who follows this show want to see when Tanu will be exposed. That may be keeping people hoked. Added to that Alia and Corporator drama in last few episodes.

      As long as Tanu’s taunting scenes are not there, my family members love watching this show only for Abhi’s sake. For his mannerisms, dialogues, funny antics – so when more Abhi scenes are there, they are glued to the show.

      • gowtham

        actually sahithi if that was the case, it has to on this position from beginning.. but it swings from one to four in recent times… and also i am wat is the special thing that makes it on top 2…. coz last week its juz a normal episodes were aired…. and also there may be a factor that abhigya were that much close and they lived as perfect couple in last week episodes… but is that all enough?? to reach the second position….. and i dnt understand it…. whn tanus marriage was stopped at that time it was juz in 3rd position.. but juz fr the reasons of abhigyas romance it reaches top 2 means… i dnt knw how to take it???? i couldn’t find anything special on past week as u also can see…..

  35. Hai… kutty … I am really missing ur comment ???but I think u r busy anyways do comment when u r free☺☺☺

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