Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kiara pacifies Abhi with a hug

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The Episode starts with Abhi is driving the car and is going home, recalls Pragya’s words that King supported her and did what he was supposed to do. He recalls Pragya asking him why is he having objection when he got remarried, and telling that she will not hear against Mr. Singh. Abhi cries. Tanhaiya song plays….Pragya thinks whatever she said was right and tells that she is helpless and victim, and he is the accused to think her wrong. Abhi says today I saw you as someone else’s wife. Purab comes home. Sunny introduces Kiara to Purab. Kiara asks why did you come late and asks him to come early and spend some time with Disha. Purab and Disha smile. He recalls Pragya saying the same thing. Kiara says now I have to go as Dada is calling me many times. Dadi asks them to come and meet her. Purab

tells her that he will drop her. Kiara says her driver is here and asks him to drop her next time. Purab insists. Kiara says sorry for scolding him and says you are very caring. Purab smiles. Abhi comes back home and cries thinking about Pragya’s words.

Kiara comes to Abhi. Abhi asks what you are doing here? Kiara wipes his tears and says she came to do her science project and met everyone. Abhi asks her to go home. Kiara says she can’t go and asks him to say why is he crying? Abhi signs at his left side of chest and says he is feeling paining here. Kiara says left side is heart and asks why is it paining? Abhi says I did a mistake and don’t know how to rectify it. He says I want to share my feelings with someone. He asks if she is getting laugh. She says no and tells that her mamma used to cry also and she used to pacify her. She says Mamma hugs my Rocky and cries. Abhi says your mum is very lucky. Kiara says even you are lucky and I am with you also. I won’t let you cry. Abhi hugs her. Naina song plays…..Abhi says whenever I used to cry, then two people used to wipe my tears, my Dadi and my….wife. Kiara says I met your wife in home. Abhi says you can’t meet them as both of them went away from me.

Kiara says no problem, I am with you. She wipes his tears and says when you are having pain, I will make it go. She says you are my fake pops, but pops naa. She says don’t worry, I won’t let you cry. She hugs him. She says you have stolen my doll, but still I like you. She says I am sorry that I told you that I will not meet you again. She says she thought him arrogant, but he is emotional. She says it is difficult to understand you, but I understand you. Kiara asks him to tell about his problem. Abhi tells that he had a doll named sweety, but it is with someone else now. Kiara asks why you were crying? Abhi says I love my doll a lot and tells that the doll is very happy there, and says I did a mistake and don’t know how to rectify it. He says I can’t believe that she can go far away from me. He asks did you understand what I told? Kiara says no, but I am happy that you are relieved.

Abhi calls her Dadi Amma and asks her to go. Kiara says my driver uncle is here. Abhi says I will drop you till car. Kiara hugs him. Sunny comes to Disha and asks her to save him from Tanu. Disha asks him to tell what happened? Sunny tells her. Disha laughs. Purab comes there. Disha tells him that it is a secret. Purab emotionally blackmails Sunny. Sunny tells him about spoiling Tanu’s face with kajal pencil. Purab says she is sutli bomb.

Kiara comes back home. King asks if she enjoyed. Kiara says yes. King tells her that Pragya is tired and asks her to take care of her. Kiara says shall I ask her? King says no and says if she tells you then inform me. Kiara says she had food and will go to sleep.

Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words asking her to tell truth. Kiara thinks that doll chor was sad there and here she is sad. She thinks if she shall ask or not? She recalls King asking her not to ask her. She thinks to ask and asks why are you sad? Pragya says no, I am not sad. Pragya asks her to sleep. Kiara tells her that when she was returning, she met doll chor and tells that he was sad too. Pragya says I am tired now and will hear your story tomorrow. She asks her to sleep. Pragya thinks I never thought that I will meet you in this way.

Precap: Kiara asks Abhi to come to her and kisses him. Kiara sees Pragya and asks him to hide, says her mum is here and scold her for kissing a stranger. Abhi says I will not tell your mother that you kissed me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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