Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Sarla and asks why didn’t you tell me that you are unwell. Sarla says she is fine and asks her to take Dadi’s blessings. Pragya says my birthday is so grand and Abhi has invited her friends also. She says Abhi has gifted me a dress. Sarla says I know as Rachna sent me your pic. She blesses her. Pragya says she is very happy. Janki also blesses her. Sarla asks did Abhi give you some other gift? Pragya says not yet. Sarla says Abhi will gift her something special today and says her heart is saying. Janki asks Pragya to go back to party and disconnects the call. Pragya comes back and thinks where is Abhi? Dasi and Taya ji talk about Mitali and Tayi ji. Dasi says they are working today. Taya ji says else they would gossip and spy. Mitali brings cold drink. Dasi

asks her to make him more cold and bring.

Mitali tells Tayi ji that they are made to do waiter’s work, but she can’t leave spying. Tanu asks Nikhil did you see how Abhi was staring at Pragya, like if mad lover staring at his lover. She says if Abhi would have proposed then everything will be ruined. She says it is good that Sarla called and interrupted. Nikhil says my man is ready. Just as I call him, he will come here. Tanu asks him to call that man there. Nikhil calls him.

Tanu says your plan is number 1 flop. Abhi comes back to Pragya. Pragya says sorry and asks him to tell. Abhi says I was saying, don’t know from where to start? He says I was saying that I….Pragya asks what? Abhi is about to say. Just then Purab makes an announcement that Abhi and Pragya are coming on stage to make the night special. Dadi thinks Abhi and Pragya will get closer with this dance. Abhi and Pragya dance on the song Aashiqana….mujhe tumse pyaar hai. Tanu asks Nikhil to call that man. Nikhil asks him to come inside and execute the plan fast. Abhi and Pragya dance romantically. Nikhil says Abhi will not propose Pragya while dancing. Tanu sees the man coming there. Pragya falls in Abhi’s embrace just as the dance ends. Everyone claps for them. Pragya gets shy and leaves.

Abhi thinks I will give a card to Pragya and will propose her then. Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya will lose her respect now. Tanu is happy and says Abhi will taunt and insult her so much. She says it is time for Pragya to get insulted. Dadi sees them talking and calls Purab. She tells Tanu and Nikhil are making some plan and looking happy. Tanu says I can’t tell you, how much happy I am. Nikhil says this woman will celebrate sadness on all her birthdays. Purab tries to hear them. Tanu signs Nikhil and goes behind Purab and pats on his shoulder. Purab says he was trying to get AC air. Tanu asks him not to do Mitali pana and says I would have tell you what is my plan against Pragya, but I will not tell. Purab says you are like dog’s tail who can’t be erect. Tanu gets angry. Abhi searches for the card which he wrote for Pragya. Dadi comes there and asks why didn’t you propose Pragya till now. He says I tried to propose her many times, but Sarla called and then Pragya went after dance. Dadi asks him to leave card idea and take Pragya to a corner to speak his heart out. Abhi says I am not that type to propose at corner.

Dadi says you are shying as if you are proposing for first time. Abhi says she was my fuggi then, but now she is mogambo. Dadi says she is looking beautiful today, may be some handsome guy propose her. Abhi says I will cancel the party then. Dadi asks him to propose her, and asks him not to forget that he is her husband and a rockstar. Abhi says I am a rockstar, why am I scared of Pragya? I will tell her now. That man comes to Pragya and takes her to dance with him while light is dim. Abhi dances with him as he was wearing a mask. Abhi comes and sees Pragya dancing. Muskun jhooti hai plays…….Abhi thinks how to call her and thinks to wait for some more time. He says I want to become first wish of your every birthday, and thinks Pragya will say yes hearing this.

Nikhil asks that man to go and propose Pragya. He goes near Pragya and holds her hand shocking Abhi and Dadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. husna hasan baig

    Bakwas stupid drama im just sick to watch this drama everday becoming stupid n boring hate kumkum bhagya why can’t they just finished the drama nicely keep on doing stupid things

  2. ann

    what are these writers really seriously writing…what utter nonsense is this…when will this nastiness stop…..I have decided to stop watching this until this tanu track stops….and leena who plays tanu…the trp’s when is goes up is not because of you…no one likes to see you as tanu on their tv scr eens…..we are patiently wating for this track to end…and instead of viewers watching the show …we are all reading the updates and skipping the part that has the name tanu mentioned in them….this story has gone to the scum…

  3. Thahira

    Even they are dragging this birthday scene for many days but still abhi didn’t propose pragya. What’s happening? They ended MATSH which was going in a right track but they are not willing to end this kkb which is already lost its track. A pregnant lady and a illegitimate father are always winning in their plan but pragya always loses in last minute. Come on writers if you really add salt in your food, then write the story with some senses. And actors of kkb please you at least don’t be so dumb and suggest the writers to change the track. We fans of kkb has really lost our patience. But I miss my love birds ranveer and ishaani. I’m sorry if I hurted anyone

    • muneesha

      Dragging toooooooooo much :'( :'( :'( :'(
      Hate to watch this serial any more :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

  4. vadhu

    hi guys,
    how are you hency,reji and shoba sis and other members of this family?
    i oops sorrry we(sara and i ) missed you all a lot..
    i was eagerly waiting for the week end..
    hency, and reji did ur college and school reopened?
    shoba akka r u finished studying?
    and coming to the show,
    what the hell is going on?
    can anybody tell me?
    today only i read the update after a week…

    • Gowtham

      same irritating…. even more irritating stuffs happening…. bettet not to knw……..vadhu

    • shobana

      Hi ? vadhu and Sara
      How are you guys ???
      How is your studies going on??
      Pls concentrate on ur studies than this stupid storyline as u guys are in very important stage of your life.

      And yes I’ve completed my degree.

      • vadhu

        thanks for your concern guys…
        thank u anna and thank u sis…
        and yes surely we(sara and i ) chase our dreams deligently..
        we try hard to succeed in our studies..
        thank u once again shoba akka…

    • shobana

      Hifi hency
      I too missed today episode. And I didn’t miss the show, I wantedly didn’t see it.

  5. hloow

    Today also nothing happened just drag.. ..just read written update but still boring.. .
    Thy should be given an award for dragging. ..no1 can drag like this.happy I dint c do episode

  6. Zuleekhah

    Seriously?….I didn’t know a party could be held for 2 days…kkb just made me realize that…I know the party is gonna continue tomorrow again

    • ar

      dont wory thy will drag party fr next week also.. every dialogue thy will show at snail pace… this stupid abhi proposing wht is he trying to do dumbest felow…u meed pati3nce 2 watch this whole serial now
      i feel lik slaping abhi now


    Very dragging need to finish soon many of friends stopped watching because too much of dragging .pl.finish soon

  8. Megha

    I think the montage is going to be happen now. If everyone have no clue about how the picture has come. Abhi will try to find out the truth and I have a thought that Abhi will believe pragya in this new drama. He will stand on her side only. This is my guess….

    • davy John

      Since they need to drag the serial i thnk tis tym too abi wiil be af.gainst pragya. But ofcourse it will be interesting if he belives pragya.

  9. Frustrated

    Bakwas! Ridiculous! stupid! Boring! Nonsense! there is no adjective in the dictionary for this show. It is like an evil elastic band. Came back after several weeks to read the review and it is the same story line – Tanu and Nikhil’s evil plans! dragging beyond a limit. I seriously think the writer needs mental checkup – only thinking of evil/negative themes…….. That’s it for me; not coming to read the update for this show ever again – have stopped watching long time back.

  10. Gowtham

    ha ha… other than laughing and hiting myself in the wall, nthny to say this current stryline…. like i said, if abhi believs whatever tanu says, thn that ll be my last episode.. seriously i ll quit…. i shoulnt say this… but cvs give me no other option… i can tolerate any nonsense.. stupid thins also i can tolerte… but aftr this much time living together abhi shouldn’t doubt prgya even a fraction of second… if he does, thn thats all… i ll never ever watch kkb…. wat a stupid stryline… all knw even abhgya themselves knw they love each other….. then frm whr this hell boy frd comes… irritating…. tanu accusing prgya fr the things whch doesn’t even exist… but prgaya doesn’t even thnk about accusing tanu… rubbish…

    pratiksha whn u give next update, plz mention in the frst line itslef…. abhi belivs tanu or not??? which is more than enough… if yes, thn i dnt have to waste my time wd idiotic kkb anymore… i tolerated many things… but seriously not this one….. ….. i thnk true abghya fans wont tolerate it… i ll simply quit.. thats all…. really nthng more to add…

    • shobana

      Y u r punishing yourself by hitting in wall for this senseless writers.
      U r right there is level to tolerate but the CVs are crossing the limits. Seriously gowtham I can’t watch this tanu’s blabbering, rest all standing like a statue and listening to her bad mouthing and as usual abhi doesn’t believing anything without any proof. So I decided to take a short break now.
      I getting angry on dadi. Y she is telling abhi that some other man will propose pragya as she is beautiful. How can a man propose her when she is a legal wife of another man ??
      I really think the most severe punishment is waiting for tanu after her exposure since she is playing with abhigya feelings, accused sarla ma and for accusing pragya.

      • Gowtham

        chancelss shobana….. tanu ll not get any punishment…. juz two days she ll be out aftr d exposure… i knw this cvs are not ready to take tanu out…abhi lp frgive since she s pregnant…. this is wat ll happen aftr the exposure…. but its not needed talking about that now… coz anyways exposure is not in a visible position to discuss…. but m sure no strng punishment fr tanu

      • surbhi

        hi shobhna how are u ? well u r extremely right shobhna it is really intolerable how can a person b so.kind that didn’t even raise a voice against whats wrong going onn always pragya being accused by tanu weather it is matter of suresh or stealing money everytime and when she sees tanu doing wrong beside telling to everyone she just starts searching the.proof and if we talk about dadi then according to.me she is the main culprit according.to.me because when.prgya was going.to.tell abhi the truth directly she was the only one who decided this drama crap gosh connection. over connection. it has become a messed up woolen ball and loop hole of mistakes now if we say about abhi then seriously he has maiden. dumb now totally even.his common sense is also.died always believable on eyes not even thinking that what can an alter situation could be but one thing sorry only one to belive that is tanu sometimes she becomes superior than.dadi.for him and if.we talk.about MM pragya is.loved by all but whenever problem raises no.one comes to.her side by this cvs are proving that if a normal.middle class girl.will marry any celebrity then.this is the only thing which will.happen.so current upcoming track.is just CHHIII……

      • shobana

        Hi ? surbhi
        Im gud. How abt u ???
        How did u done ur exams???

        What you have said in the last three lines are absolutely true. The CVs are portraying the story like that only.
        And yes dadi is the main culprit. Now also pragya can open her mouth and say all the truth in front of everyone. I know that abhi wont believe anything but still there are chances for him to doubt. Since he identifies his fuggy in pragya’s mogambo avatar. There are possibility for him to doubt tanu if pragya opens her mouth.
        But as prathiksha I too don’t expect anything from this CVs. Whatever they want to show let them show it. I have decided to watch the show after some days even if the CVs again try to manipulate us by abhigya scenes also I am not ready to watch it for the next few days.

      • surbhi

        I am.fine shobhan and my exams are going well.still three of them are left I wasn’t watching this crap from.last one month due to exams just going through updates and now I am.thinking that it is also not worth of reading because in.past one month in kkb one week was one day and now one week is equal to one and half week and the worst part of this serial is everything happens in either party or any function which is extremely worst if we see in reality then if some family matters get infront of several.people then it becomes difficult for the family to go out also for few days because that all spread like fog everywhere and in kkb all remains normal it sucks seriously I mean everytime they only want to create scene infront of people I wonder why cvs dont change its name from kumkum bhagya to tamasha bhagya or kumkum tamasha disgusting they are ….

      • shobana

        Surbhi, its gud that u r not watching this storyline. Concentrate more on ur exams if u come back after finishing your exams also there wont be any change in the storyline where tanu will accusing pragya. Pragya and co including abhi will be standing listening to it like a statue. So u concentrate on ur studies and do the exams well.

        The name u have suggested will be apt for the show ????

    • Pratiksha

      Ok gowtham, I will keep remember it. I too gets annoyed and angry from these types updates. I too want that next update should b abhi saved his love by taking her side and tanu got indirect slap on her face through abhi’s this step. I m wondering that what if segment didn’t give exact picture of this whole sequence and what if this segment end by abhi taking pragya’s side at last! I really wish that it happen. But most disappointing thing is he didn’t utter a single word to shut tanu’s bullshits, at that time when she crossed all her limits I’m insulting of pragya. He always gives tanu the chance to create scene and blabbering and screeching rubbish and cheap things. She stands nothing and nowhere in his family but he always let her interfere in all his matters like his wife or a family member. I know abhi loves pragya and she is his wife but he gives most rights to tanu. Tanu have no legal or official relationship with him but she is enjoying each and every right of a wife, which should b belongs to only pragya. Without marriage and without any valid relationship, tanu is enjoying each and every right on abhi and pragya is just living as a legal wife of him as a namesake. And this is the big reason of tanu’s freely blabberings. If abhi believes only on what he saw from his eyes more than his heart and mind then also he should shut all those peoples talking and interfere in between husband and wife. But he gave this right to tanu becoz according to his knowledge, she is carrying his baby but before it also abhi never stopped her from interfering in his and his family matters. He always gets complete silent when tanu starts her blabberings and if he opens his mouth then he opens only at last when she completes with her blabberings. He gives complete space and independence to tanu to blabber until any extent. According to cvs story, he loves pragya a lot but in the show different happens. Tanu always gets his support through manipulating him according to her and easily turns him against pragya or anyone and in favour of her. Abhi loves pragya a lot but he believes on tanu more. That’s why tanu again and again says that abhi loves her. Becoz love depends on trust which tanu have from abhi more than pragya or any other family member. I know abhi is still unaware from tanu’s real face but Sarla maa’s theft incidence gives clear thought to humor tanu that she can do anything to getting abhi and for her baby. She also coulf do nasty things. It should b enough for him to think if she traps Sarla maa for her benefit and for saving owned then she could trap pragya also becoz pragya is biggest hurdle in tanu’s way to marry with abhi. I’m segment, pragya’s response on tanu’s accusations r clearly saying that she haven’t any relation with this new guy or with all these situations which is created for her. Even those pics which tanu showed to abhi and everyone, it also could b made by trick photography and through editing. These logics and reasons r enough to believe on pragya for abhi. Biggest reason is pragya owned is denying from it. Then abhi should not have any problem to shut tanu’s and everybody’s mouth by taking pragya’s side and by throwing that champu boy out from the house by beating him badly. Abhi has spent two years with pragya. Is it not enough for him to believe on pragya’s innocence. Pragya has been prove her innocence many times. Even abhi knows about her that how much men she had in her past and how much she was serious with them. From the day of his marriage with pragya, he saw only suresh with her but later it also he got to know that pragya and suresh can’t share any relationship except friendship as suresh was interested in bulbul and pragya was not type of those girls who keeps relationship with other man after marriage. Except suresh, not abhi nor anybody else saw pragya with other mam like this. So how should believe on it that suddenly a person or tanu comes after two years and claims with some photos which could made by trick photography that he is pragya’s boyfriend and the bases of few coincidence situations, it could b justified? I know according to abhi, pragya snatched his everything from him but then also his feelings didn’t changed for her. Just becoz he himself sees his fuggy’s image still in her as she has been behaved like fuggy many times. So it means he knows that he is his fuggy and tanu and that face guy also r accusing on pragya having affair from past. So if once he do not believe on mogambo but he should believe on his fuggy and pragya in her mogambo image also have been said to abhi manytimes that she don’t need other person in her life and she has been prove it by not keeping relationship with other guy, not even fakely. Abhi should think that pragya could b trapped by tanu and that new fake guy becoz they both have reasons to do it. Tanu wants to marry with him and that guy could b behind the money which pragya have. So overall I mean to say there could n no logical reason to doubt on pragya and believing on tanu and that fake guy. If abhi uses his mind in the end if this sequence then it will b gud but then also he disappointed us by staying as silent during the whole blabberings of tanu. Well let’s see. But what I feels that this matter will not end here easily. May b abhi will support pragya at last for avoiding more tensions and scenes Infront of guests and he will want to give a chance to prove pragya her innocence but I think somewhere a doubt will get sit in his mind regarding this whole matter. But it will b left to see for whom, pragya or on that fake guy. But I kept my expectations low on anything and just waiting for more updates. Only updates becoz I have not that much patience to tolerate all the bullshits in episodes.

  11. Naveed,USA

    I haven’t seen a Big BAKWAS like this show.
    It’s very irritating.I don’t think Tanu will be exposed this year,maybe next year.
    Totally bull shit is being shown in this show.

  12. Naveen

    Totally bakwas serial in zee tv of kkb tanu Pergamum drama it too much of dragging and every time evil win showing the directors and writer why the writer donot end this tanu Pergamum drama they donot have brain they are not think about the fans whose this serial everyone sto this serial that time writers and directors think different and close the tanu chapter

  13. Ishani

    This is tooo much. Now I’m hating this show. Even now I’m not watching this. only reading…once a week.
    This is still at the same place.
    Shame on these writters…

  14. heidi

    OMG still so many twists in ‘KKB Very boring Abhigya Need to be together NOW And that stupid B… Tanu still in th picture!!!!! KKB is still going down in popularity. So sad!!!!

  15. Naz

    I’m only writing to endorse the comments by Ann, I’ve stopped watching kkb and reading the updates, I read all of the comments…they are entertaining and interesting and I’m sure when the storyline gets back on track, when Tanu is busted and of not much importance, I will start viewing. Do you all realize that Tanu is the main lead now… It’s all about her!!!! No use saying that the storyline is naked…..when we comment about the nonsense they giving to us, they know we are watching kkb. That’s all they want….for us to watch!!!! So I’ll check to read what you all say, it’s enough.

  16. vids

    Hey.. my 1st comment on this forum.. but couldnt resist.. such a stupid serial now.. just read the updates… i wonder the person writing the updates also dsnt stop watching this crap!

  17. Yvonne

    Hi guys. I share your sentiments. But let’s wait and see if Tanu and Nikhil will really succeed with this plan. I have the feeling that their plan will fail.

  18. Sandra

    SERIOUSLY??? I don’t think the writers are paying any attention to the comments of the viewers. Time to end this serial, makes me extremely frustrated to watch such GARBAGE!!!!!!!

  19. shaz

    Very good….
    Very nice…..
    Oh writer! What r u trying to show us?
    *in dz modern world ppl should react selfishly, violently, jealously, dangerously, arrogantly, notoriously & adamantly. That’s how they can win their life.
    * high class ppl r foolish middle class ppl r intelligent.
    * gents don’t have own brain & ladies only have brain
    * always gents dance to other women’s tune
    What else????

    A man should b a man & a woman should b a woman.
    But according to ur serial abhi is not reacting like a man.
    He is reacting like a puppet.
    U r showing a love ( abhigya )
    – without believing
    – hiding each and everything from the partner
    – believing only proofs
    What an utter nonsense love…
    How many times a girl should prove her husband that she is innocent???
    Who is tanu???? Is she a member of MM house??
    A third person (tanu) is insulting a girl (pragya), but whose family members r looking silently until the third person complete her mission.
    What a perfect family… ???? Wowwwwwwwww
    Frnds did u see any family like this??
    Very very nice truly loving dumb husband…
    Very nice dumb family members….
    Guys do u know why the MM house members r afraid of tanu?
    Bcoz they know that abhi definitely gives important to tanu than pragya. He is thinking that protecting tanu is his important duty. Then what about pragya?? What kind of love is this??
    Keeping silent until everyone finish their nonsense words. Then few days later truth will come out. Finally there is no any punishment to the culprit. Very funny…
    What is dz life style??? Very very cheap idea….

  20. Monica

    I always read comments and enjoy.this is my 1st comment here. Have been reading only written update since one year and no progress. Such a waste of time even for 2 mins of this update

  21. Asmitha

    How can this stupid cvs think like this how can they create a stupid scenes like this how tanu can blame pragya by overall stupid conservation they r watching simply like this now also they don’t want to reveal the truth
    Is abhi is going to believe on this r not if he knows she is his fuggy how can he believes on it if he believes then there is no need to see Kumkumbhagya the title itself not suit to show really disgusting really I can’t understand how they can show pragya character like this already they have separated them fr 1 yr and again how they can show like this is this stupid scenes r needed it and this stupid series got best fiction show fr taking award they have to some what gd after taking award they did so stupid crap what u say guys really I am feeling very sad because I like pragya character how can they ruin like this even abhi character too feeling very sad by seeing my favourites like this I can’t see them like this really
    Hai friends what all u r thinking

    • shobana

      Hi asmitha
      Nothing to say about the show. The CVs are spoiling the show day by day. Don’t know what they are upto. Whether they want the viewers to watch the show or to quit the show.
      What I need is the trp should decrease drastically by this fake boyfriend track. Only with that the CVs will wake up and give us something new and interesting track. We should teach a lesson to CVs that if the give us stupid track like this, then the show will not have any viewers only the writers director and our great producer ekta mam have to sit and watch what they are showing.

  22. Nayana

    Shaz am totaly agree with u wat a dumb husband and wat a dumb family. Abhi is like a puppet. And yeh log kya samajthe hey. Abhi koyi judge hey kya. Sabuth key bina kuch nehi maanga. Ethna sab kuch tanu ne kiya hey. Tho abhi ko jaakr sach bolna chahiye tha na. Nahi sabuth ekatta kare ge, fir kuch bole ge. Are pyaar kiya hey tho vishwas bhi tho karo na. Are grag karne ka bhi koyi had hey yaar. Pls bor math kare and stop this non sense track. Sab ko diktha hey track kithna boring hey. Kya kkb vàale sirb serial telycast hi karthe hey kya feedback check nahi karthe???????????

  23. karthika

    hi frnds…how r u all??i’m fine….a very gud mrng to all of u…..
    really doen’t know what to say??tanu witch is unbearable…i vl not see her accusations part..becoz if i see it,i can’t control myself….what’s the big sin is when tanu accuses dadi vl also keep her mouth shut…i can’t see that also…frnds..monday 9:00pm..i’m going to see vijay tv…kalyanam mudhal kadhal varai..it had been long time..i didnt see it…if i see our kkb melo-drama i vl feel lyk slapping everyone in mm…well let’s read some segment update…reading is better than seeing….if abhi’s reacted in the way favour of tanu…i vl hate abhi alot…well let’s see what’s abhi rxns towards this melo-drama…

    • Gowtham

      karthika u knw wat…. i was a huge fan of kmkv….. bt once its moved to 9 pm slot i was left wd no other option to leave it…. coz of kumkumbhagya…. but ipo m feeling fr that… at least athayathu pathurukalam…. i dnt knw currently kmkv stryline ena nu kuda therila….

  24. selas

    Hate tis serial to the core….i hav stoped seeing tis serial many months ago bt nw iam gonna stop reading upadate also…..bledy dramatis is d worst serial i hav ever seen

  25. karthika

    the most unbearable part during accusations of tanu is other family members lyk mithali,taiji vl join with tanu and interrogate pragya as same as how they interrogated sarlamaa and taunted her for stealing which she didn’t do….mithali vl become tanu ki chamchi….to say in tamil they r JALRAS OF TANU….

  26. laura

    I think Ahby will stand with pragra and still propose to pragra and tanu will go into labour so he won’t put the ring on pragra finger. Then taun will emoition say that her child will born a bastard as his father is going to marry another woman.and if they do that i will stop watching the show for real

  27. Gowtham

    pratikhsa … the thing is even if tanu is not getting exposed i could bear everything….. but d upcoming drama is not at all good even one percent…. abhi is having this habit aways whn tanu talks he keeps sillent… i dnt knw what he is thinking at that time… whether he is thinking about tanus wrds or juz like that he is standing.. but it will not make any sense if this time he believs tanu… like u said , maybe in this function he ll not go against prgya but it ll create some minor thought in his mind i thnk….. so again upcoming episodes are going to be a “” tanu marathon”…. lik always fr the past two mnths……

  28. Kadss


    |Registered Member

    new drama coming…pragya is left alone…even abhi does not stand by her side…all belives tanu…sbas segment…at 2:30
    we have to wait till that

    • Sahithi

      Yup saw segment pics. It says Abhi also takes Tanu’s side and raises his hand on Pragya.Looking at the montage I was assuming, Abhi will save Pragya but the segment says otherwise 🙁

      I read a spoiler also that Abhi and Pragya will be again separated by end of this Champak drama. I didnt believe till morning, but after seeing the segment pics, I have this doubt that in anger Abhi may say something and Pragya might well leave MM. In a way good, as after all dragging hopefully this separation will pave way for Tanu exposure.

      • shobana

        Most expected thing that abhi will take tanu’s side. Because according to him he has proof in front of him which is against pragya. Since he doesn’t believe his own without proof and doesn’t know to take any decision of his own then obviously he will be with tanu’s side only.

    • KKB is Pitiful

      Is anyone else wondering how in the world he could believe “anything” Tanu says – after the HUGE lie that she just told on Sarla?? No man can really be this dumb. He must be retarded. Everything has to be shown to him AND Pragya should pack up for who in their right mind wants a man that can NEVER distinguish the truth from a lie? If he trusts Tanu that much then let her have him.

  29. Rabgay

    This writers too are making abhis character too weak n tanu more than strong. I don’t know where makers have got such stupid writers from more than one billion n why makers n ekta madam too are making such stupid twist to show in tv. From best serial of bullshit this days n not only this days from last year till this days since nothing more changed kumkum should win the bullshit award. First kaala teeka came up with bull shit twist n now kumkum but still kaala teekas bull shit started more than a month ago only where kumkum for more than one year. Just from the beginning of 2016 many zee serial came up with different twist though some are really irritating like kaala teeka took a leap, about voice in kaala teeka n recent stupid marriage twist. Where in meri sasu maa paari got mass pyar n recently two villain are finished. Incase of jamai raja firstly shabnams truth revealed, than dadi n her sons along with shabnam, than yash n now different season. Tashan e isq too came with different twist though uv still remained as villain for long time. Ek tha raja….too came wth different twist like gyatris death n comeback, truth of bari rani maa n death of raja n rani, then leap of six years n now also new leap. Yeh vaada raha stayed right on track with twist not irritating and not boring making two lovers to get married surprisingly, then survis death n return and revealing tai truth, new entry of meher n her bros truth revealed n recent great leap though tai still remained the villain behind. Every zee serials have changed more n most but kumkum remained same right from the beginning of year pragya mission is to expose tanus truth that tanus child is not abhis but nothing happened except few dramas up and down happened. The time has really came for makers of kumkum to change their story line from out of track to on track like two years back when it started. I have already stopped watching n i rarely reads update too bcoz writers n makers didn’t thinks about fans response and go on on their way. I think now this stupid twist would take another month to end and then until the show ends for abhigya too unite. It’s going off the track more than enough even more than kaala teeka which went a month ago n still going.

  30. Divya chandru

    Omg again we should not watch these crap segment and episode for coming week, until waiting for next segment, I can’t take it stupid line and that too abhi , bullshit script … non sense dialogue …

  31. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Ekta madam yesterdays episode was so so but madam you are dragging the serial which is not good those who arr seeing kkb serial are senior citizen so please dobt put them in tension by showing always evil tanu n nikils natak n making all people bored.please at least stop tanu n nikils natak n reunite abhi n praghya forever.

  32. karthika

    i knew it..this vl only happen….CVs u r juz making everything sick….abhi really don’t hav his own stand..he already learnt lesson by sarlamaa’s incident….why can’t he realize that tanu can go to any extent to make pragya fall in everyone’s sight?anybody can weave story.tanu is expert in it.he once again believes this vamp tanu and suspect pragya ….same thing happened before also..mms track…abhi later came to know abut pragya’s innocence…bt this time also he’s doing the same mistake…he didn’t see the truth or hesistating to see the truth…he often trust tanu who’s such a big cheat….despite he luves pragya he’s supecting her character.this is not a real love….true love withstands over everything..kkb lost it’s charm totally now by the response of abhi.but i’m highly dissapointed by cvs they made abhi to believe tanu.how can dadi believe in it too??she saw takhil discussing something happily and suspected that they r planning something..bt why she didn’t connect that with this….total dumb…

    • Why continue to Watch this?

      Abhi’s 1st question to Tanu is ” how in the hell do you know so much about this?” He should know it is a lie for he knows that Tanu hates Pragya and told an awful lie on her mother. If they split abhi and pragya – all the FANS should make a pact to STOP watching KKB. Let it go off. Don’t you watch it for Abi and Pragya ??? Ok then, so if they split them up – what else is there to continue to watch it for???? Let it go OFF.

  33. karthika

    CVS r turning same track in different point rather than ending the track..we can’t accept it anymore…everything is juz entangled with each other…v need clear twist…always kkb vl not clearly end some track..i can’t accept it anymore…tanu is not exposed yet..but abhigya seperation track came…i don’t whether this nws is true or not..bt if it turned true..we beared a lot..already it turned worst ,after this no wonder if trp go to the down floor….one thing is certain.the cvs team didn’t know to respect or respond to the wishes of their genuine fans…

    • Sahithi

      But Karthika I was glad about turn of events, as from last 1-2 months story was struck at same point. Let us wait for today’s segment but I want Pragya to leave MM, because if she has to move 2 things have to be clarified, she has to return back Abhi’s property and Abhi/Tanu may ask her to sign divorce papers before leaving.

      In my view, she should do both and leave. Let Daadi who assumes herself oversmart, handle the situation. She was the one who pushed Pragya into all this, stopped her from revealing truth to Abhi on so many occasions. The Arora ladies suffered because of Daadi’s selfishness for her grandson. So its time she either handles it or stops pushing things for Abhi. Let him decide and find for himself what is right for him. Why should someone try to save him or teach him things?

  34. SURBHI


    |Registered Member

    SHOBHNA my expectation were right this dumbo Abhi did exactly what I thought ?? yeah my prediction lolz anyways coming to the point so after going through the today’s segment it is proved that he needs only proof whether it is real or fake and doing so CVS proved that Abhi is dumbo not only dumbo but yea first class dumbo who even can’t move his mind in any direction without support not using on sense I watched in one the channel those pics were shown which are presented as proof and then I was thinking that it was clearly visible that in those pics his photo was there which was replaced by editing waaah ?? seriously great mind he got then I didn’t watched in detail but what I was thinking is that now pragya should leave him because now the question is up to her self respect and if she decided to live in MM then also after proving herself innocence she should not forgive Abhi as she forgive him very easily for which he uses always as advantage without thinking and he claims that he loves her so the question should be raised by her that what kind of a love is this where ur companion is being accused and you are believing others rather than believing the person you love and the next point Pragya should give him some rude behaviour that after realizing his mistake Abhi should bear her ignorance because being a pati vrata nari concept pragya always forgive him but now Abhi should feel guilty and then only he will realize that what was he doing all the time with those who are thinking for his well beings but no use now three days episode they have shown in segments that up to Wednesdays and Thursdays this all crap will take place then on Friday and Saturday some emotional heart breaking songs one day he will tear those cards break his room stuffs and those gifts and next day pragya will be seeing crying reminding the episode of whole week so now we can say that skipping this week and next week kkb is NOT A BIG DEAL ????

    • Sahithi

      The writers have been mocking audience intelligence for quiet sometime now. One morphed pic of Pragya from the segment is from temple when Pragya takes Abhi along before signing international contract. Pragya is shown with closed eyes n folded hands praying when Champu dear is looking at her. If That pic is a proof, I thot thats hilarious.

      • SURBHI


        |Registered Member

        haha exactly sahithi ?? champu is looking her well IT is to be agreed that mr champu is really a champu name suits on him but one thing which bothers me is that who use to take pictures of them in their daily life ?? always a photographer is WITH them I think because those pics DIDN’T seems like selfie and they have pics of every moment but not for THAT WHICH can help.in revelation ?????

      • shobana

        Surbhi, u have replicated my thoughts. I was also thinking the same after watching the segments. Whatever u said is exactly true and we can expect only this from abhi.

    • Riyashri


      |Registered Member

      Surbhi Di ! ??U r unbelievable!! Seriously I thought U were an Amazing Writer !! But now I realized that U r a All Rounder !!??????Your comments r more than enough to make the readers happy ??????And I can prove to the writers that u can give 100000…………………..times better Sorry Best Stories than them !!! ????Hats off to all your Talents Di!!☺️☺️☺️ And I am Riya who was commenting before in your FF .

    • Riyashri


      |Registered Member

      Surbhi Di ! ??U r unbelievable!! Seriously I thought U were an Amazing Writer !! But now I realized that U r a All Rounder⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is for your comments !!??????Your comments r more than enough to make the readers happy ??????And I can prove to the writers that u can give 100000…………………..times better Sorry Best Stories than them !!! ????Hats off to all your Talents Di!!☺️☺️☺️ And I am Riya who was commenting before in your FF .Hope u don’t get confused!!!

  35. karthika

    now i also came to the mindset that this twist shud happen…after knowing the truth of pragya abhi shud feel guilty for all his foolishness and rudeness towards pragya..if pragya forgive him again,then he vl keep doing mistakes ..pragya shud not forgive him until abhi kneels and begs for apology….bt until proving pragya’s innocence…we hav to bear alot of taunts,bad mouthings against pragya..who knows when the CVS vl reveal pragya’s innocence to abhi??abhi’s hatred towards pragya vl progress day by day until he come 2 know her truth….abhi is such a fool who don’t identity who’s honest and loyal and who’s hypocrite…???….bt he always know to take impulsive decisions and later he vl brood for it…only if pragya hardly forgive him..he vl feel remorseful for his decision..

  36. Gowtham

    oh so that abhi raises hands against prgya…. in function itself…, fine … thanks….

    sahithi i am surprised that u said this ll pave d way fr exposure…… aftr this even if exposure happen wats d point in that….. that’s all …. m fed up…. raise his hand against prgya fr the d thng which he should not even thnk a bit about it…. but he is gonnq do that… enough…. i am not ready to watch kkb until exposure….. .as a fan of abhigya i feel lik very upset… anyways even if it takes one year to expose tanu i ll wait…. till then bye to kumkumbhagya….

    • Sahithi

      Gowtham after stopping Tanu marriage, what else did Pragya plan or do to bring Tanu’s truth out? Tanu and Nikhil tried to attack her, but her mom saved just intime. Even then Pragya didnt do anything. After her mom was blamed for theft, she was only crying and thinking how to expose Tanu but she didnt plan anything. She says to herself that she has to do something quickly, but was doing nothing, literally nothing.

      It has stagnated so badly, that I was waiting what next. I was hoping for some fireworks now when this fake BF comes, as atleast that will take the story forward. Losing her sister, almost losing mom or attack on herself, nothing really made Pragya have that sense of urgency.

      If now also nothing happens and if Pragya doesnt act on this, then there is no hope. Else, this nonsense of Tanu is bearable for me if Pragya takes some solid step.

      • Pratiksha

        Agree with u sahithi. Pragya is also responsible for it as she was sitting silently and was doing nothing to defeat and exposed the evils and just giving chances to takhil to play their next moves. Whatever happened, it happened becoz of her carelessness too. Everybody is responsible but it is we, only who r facing all the effects of this pathetic storyline, mostly and tolerating it. Better to save ownself from all this bullshits by quitting from the show for sometimes until story takes it’s right way as cvs will not do an change until their show will not suffer or affected badly.

  37. di




  38. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Abhi abb aap kam se gaya abhi also believe evil people like tanu n not trusting pragjya who is very sweet n god will punish abhi fot not trusting prahhya.

  39. Pratiksha

    Guys sorry for the late update as I was enjoying my weekend with my friends outside. So I was busy in that but when I saw today’s segment online, then with pragya I too got shattered and shocked. What to say about today’s segment, it was out of pathetic. With tanu today, abhi also has crossed all the limits. He have proved it today that he is not worthy for pragya as a life partner and doesn’t deserves her love. Very congratulations to cvs to ruining our beloved couple abhigya completely. I m feeling that I m totally done with this love story. What to say or expect next? I saw in segment that morphed pics of pragya, it was clearly looking as morphed becoz the way pragya was in those pics, these r all those moments, in which she was with abhi. Nikhil morphed champak on abhi’s place. I can see it clearly and I m 200% sure about it. God knows how abhi forgot? Even he doesn’t believe on his own love and he has proved it that he didn’t learnt anything from past and he will never changed it in his ownself. When I saw today’s segment, seriously guys I cried for our old beloved abhigya. I felt that I have lost them from now and now I m thinking should I quit from this show from now? What u say guys? Anyways with the heavy heart, I m giving today’s segment highlights with it’s video link- HIGHLIGHTS:

    Pragya is telling everyone that the pictures showing her with Champak are fake and morphed but nobody is ready to believe her. She pleads to Champak to tell the truth but he instead ends up verifying him & Pragya being in a relationship.

    Tanu and her banter continues about how she is ‘Abhi ke bachche ki maa’ [GOD somebody please rip my ears off ] and how she approved Abhi’s love for his ex-wife despite of being pregnant with his child but now that Pragya has broken Abhi’s trust she disapproves her for him [Who the hell are you to approve, IDIOT!] Tanu is shown telling Pragya to get out of the house.

    Pragya questions Abhi if he believes her or not and if he is with her she can fight anything. She out rightly asks him if she has an affair? Abhi says YES she has. Abhi says she has broken his trust, cheated his love & everyone. Seeing Abhi’s distrust Pragya is totally shattered.

    Pragya is only shown saying ‘kabhi akela pann mehsoos nahi hua’ & Abhi raises hand on her saying ‘Pragya!’. Dadi stops Abhi by calling his name out loud.

    Offscreen moment: While the KKB fandom is busy pulling their hair out…the KKB cast is laughing between shots and having fun.

    Offscreen INT, Leena: NOT AT ALL bothered to type this! Watch and torture yourself.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/TiRqZewaVh0

    SBB: http://youtu.be/Zq5fhqQ0JfE

    • Pratiksha

      Guys with it there r some more onlocation videos related to the sequence. I m just posting main things as I can’t explain whole things becoz I don’t have that courage to explain each and every words. But I m giving it’s main highlights with it’s video link. If u guys wants to see, u can, but if u have so much patience. https://youtu.be/kEZEAyIhLTc


      Tanu has a envelop. She says she saw Pragya and champak together. She got help from Abhi’s friend Nikhil and investigated and collect proofs. She realised Pragya has an affair with Chamapk.

      Nikhil supports Tanu. He says he did not want to show these pics in front of family because he thought it’s just a crush but when he saw him in party he knew it’s more than that.

      Tanu asks what’s his name and the person says it’s champak. Tanu asks him if it’s his real name and she goes gets the letters on the flowers are reads them.

      The letters are addressed to Pragya and they are written by champak.



      Dadi and family sees the proofs and get shocked.


      • shobana

        Prathiksha, what I feel is we can wait till pragya’s response to abhi.

        If she decides to stay in MM, acts helplessly as usual with the useless meeting with dadi and co, and unnecessary dialogues with tanu means we can definitely quit the show because its just beating around the bush. If something happens all will meet together and cry then bravery speech with tanu and abhigya scenes to cool fans. If the CVs are there to portray it like this then for sure we can quit

        But if pragya does something like stepping out of MM by giving back the properties to abhi as well as divorce papers with harsh words ( the words should be so powerful which should poke abhi’s heart directly for joing hands with tanu to accuse pragya) and if she takes some worthy steps to prove her innocence as well as towards tanu’s exposure, we can continue with the show.
        According to me we can skip watching episode in upcoming week as it will be very ridiculous to watch it.
        And there is no love between abhigya because if love is there definitely there will be trust but here there is no trust between abhigya. What if abhi is acting like MMS track ???

  40. Gowtham

    pratiksha thanks fr the update…. i think this ll be my last comment in telly….. till tanus exposure i dnt want to watch as well as comment…..i will miss u all fr sure….

    • shobana

      Gowtham I can’t force you to watch this rubbish. It’s upto you. Only u have to decide whether to continue with the show or not.
      But I suggest you not to quit comment section.

  41. anne

    i just dont like to comment bad abt my favorite abhighya bcause thy r only acting but if i were there on OL shooting i wil slap tanu there was a serial went they were shooting fans went to the spot almost slapped the women her role was like tanu fans must go to the shooting spot n do something like that than only the track wil change u know i just can’t stop crying really disgusting director

  42. Mittenzz

    Hasan, I just want to thank you for bearing this torture of watching this cursed show and writing these updates for us to read.
    With the direction this show is going…”to the dogs”, I will only read the precaps and comments until there’s a change, hopefully soon, in the story line more so our favor.
    Until then, thanks for being the matyr you are through this ordeal.
    Much appreciated.

  43. karthika

    frnds..me too watched segment video…highly dissapointed by it..i fumed seeing abhi’s rxn…he completely don’t deserve pragya…total dumb…by seeing pictures he didn’t even get 1% of doubt it might be morphed pics or he don’t knw abut digital technology…total stupidity…he deserve tanu only not pragya…atleast their love glued as with the show ..after this segment i hate abhi alot…why didn’t he recall the incidenct of mms??if even videos can bcome fake..why can’t these photos ???to prove someone wrong infront of abhi is so easy..juz weave some stories and give some morphed photos..that all..our oversmart rockstar vl believe in it …give his judgement and evict them from mm…after all this melo-drama, vl he ask tanu that how she come to know that??or juz go inside his room nd break all photos of pragya ……anyway we can’t expect that much intelligence from abhi…dadi stopped abhi from slapping pragya…seems that dadi trust pragya..guys what do all say???….

    • Pratiksha

      Karthika if dadi believes on pragya’s innocence becoz tanu took nikhil forward by saying it that she took his help in getting proofs about pragya and champak’s affair. Dadi knows about takhil’s truth and pragya’s and whoelse knows their truth, they will believe on pragya and will easily get it that it is all becoz of takhil. But just becoz abhi doesn’t know about anything, they all r silent and watching all the Tamasha and wrong accusations on pragya even after being aware from the truth. Takhil just did what could b expected from them and as they r evils but after seeing it that pragya is finally losing everything after so much sacrifices and efforts with full dedication for her love and husband, they all r silent then it will b shameful for them, specially for dadi. If she didn’t do anything for pragya at this moment for saving her from wrong things and wring blames then she will b most responsible for it’s causes. I was sure about abhi and I was expecting only this reaction from him as I said it before that if he can accused Sarla maa for theft and can doubt on her even after being aware from her honesty and gudness, then pragya is still a question for him becoz of her’s not clear image Infront of him as she was simple and down to earth previously but After makeover she changed as mogambo fakely who is glamorous and money-minded and in between in these both image of pragya, abhi saw her sometimes as mogambo and sometimes as fuggy becoz of which he always remained confused about her. Abhi is at fault as he is not using his mind and thinks only through others mind and believes only on what he sees from his own eyes and doesn’t believe on his heart. He doesn’t learn anything from his past mistakes and experience. But here circumstances and peoples r also responsible for his present steps. Peoples who r constantly lying from him and not opening their mouth for telling the truth. I know it also has been late to tell the truth but if they has became unable to do exposure then they should leave it on abhi after telling him the truth. Abhi have to believe on it as not only pragya even most of people’s will tell same truth to abhi like dadi, parable, akaash, Rachna including with Sarla maa then he have to believe on it and atleast have to do doubt on tanu and forced to investigate and solve about her truth by his own. It will completely upto on abhi what he should do after getting to know the whole truth. If then also he will want to b with tanu then it will b his destiny. Atleast no one will b suffer anymore and no one b blamed for ruining abhi’s life by hiding truth from him. He will b responsible for his future, what he will decide for it. In present situation, either dadi should tell the whole truth to abhi about pragya or pragya should prove herself innocent, firstly. Then she should tell whole truth to abhi about her and takhil and all the reasons about her change. And leave it on abhi to decide what he should do. If he doesn’t believe on her truth then pragya should throw the property and divorce papers on his face and should leave him and his house forever. But as we knows cvs won’t let it happen. They might show it that after getting accused and insulted by abhi and everyone, pragya will b shattered and completely broken. She will put his hands down after watching abhi’s disbelief on her. Then dadi will come again and will give some more lectures on kumkum and will encourage her for fighting for it. Then after it, pragya again will feel energized and again get ready to fight. She will keep busy in doing efforts to prove herself innocent. Takhil will try to spoil it. Fight will keep continue with both sides. In mid of it, cvs will add some abhigya’s scenes too. Like this, cvs will successfully drag the track and exposure will get more delay. Then if at last pragya will get succeed in proving her innocence and when after it if abhigya’s romance will again get start on it’s height then takhil will again come up with their next plan to separate them and pragya will again fight for it and this will continue until cvs wants. This is the trick which is cvs r using since long for dragging of this track but if suddenly somehow they will get ready for giving it’s climax for it in mid then it will b not surprising infact it will b shock for us, I think. Gowtham said that tanu could not b punished badly after her exposure becoz she is pregnant. Even me too was thinking same but now it seems tanu’s exposure will happen after delivered the baby. Then we can see takhil getting her worst punishment for her evil deeds. Well keeping my expectation low on it, I just want to say karthika that cvs have ruinednot only the show or abhigya even they has been ruined each and everything about the show and now they have to do lots of efforts to take this show and it’s story and character on it’s high level again like before. Becoz now they has been made a lot of it’s audience disappointed by their storyline. Lots of audience has been lost their interest and like for this show. So to gain it back, cvs have to do lot, a lots of efforts. But till then I want to say to cvs gud luck and to kkb bye-bye. Don’t worry karthika, I will keep u guys updated time to time like as forever so if story takes right turn and if cvs gets their mind back on it’s right place then if u guys will want then u can watch it later. Karthika but God knows when cvs will wake up becoz karthika I have seen Offscreen video, no effect put on whole star cast of thus show. We r pulling our hairs here from frustration, irritation and anger but they all r enjoying their scenes at the time of it’s shooting. Even Leena is giving interview like she is main lead of the show and without her, show will b nothing. Even sriti and shabbir gives interviews with full masti and enjoyment, happily. No body bother for present storyline and for audience that how much we have been fed up from this pathetic storyline since long. Leena is giving interview like this becoz it’s cvs who r making her character most important to the story and it’s her benefit also becoz as much as she will stay in this show, she will earn more and more. And sriti and shabbir, they r also confident becoz of their work and becoz of the love and likes which they and their characters have in audience’s heart. So they knows that until they will keep maintain their shop’s popularity from it, then story will not b matter and cvs haven’t do any change in it. So it’s completely now in our hands. If most of us from kkb’s audience will leave the show to watch then they could b come on right path. But it will b possible only then, if most of peoples will leave it on huge level. That’s it karthika.

  44. "Revelation "

    All of us should just chill people… And have a BLACK OUT WEEK FOR KKB . At least from the 13th to 18th June.

    Its absolutely hilarious to read the coming segments. Praktisha i salute you for having the courage to even watch this BS fiction & pen it down for us.

    Its really BS fiction. How can KKB awarded best Fiction award!!!! Holy crap!!!!

    Fiction should be interesting & coherent if
    not logical. But KKB fiction is BAZAAR!!

    Such mindless accusation on Pragya by the cvs. And even the audience can see the pics are morphed. And gosh the character Abhi ??? Even Shabir cant pull off his act properly in this scene nor can Pragya because the script is so full of BS. THE WORST IS CHAMPAK. In malay champak meam “chuck it away or throw away” . And seriously….pls champak chuck Champak!!!
    Theyve made him look like a young Suresh.
    Inthiren is great fiction. Disney is great fiction. Thor is good fiction. KB IS FRICTION!!

  45. Aishwarya

    Hii frns sisters brothers everyone how r u all after so many days i m commenting here i miss ua lot frns but not kkb few days before i love d scenes between our so called abhigya but after reading segment update i hate many questions comes in my mind first is that what kind of love is this???is this is true love they said that abhigya was brought us together due to destiny n true love but from now i thik its not a true love first of all it is not a love coz love is all about trust but every time abhi does not beleive pragya always he needs a proof but he is beleiving tanu blindly without any proof n this bullshit pragya always forgive him frst in mms matter nxt many things recently his sarala maa theft problem n now he has crossed all d limits i think he really loves tanu coz he always beleiving her without proof so it is love but due to our crazy love on abhigya we r not ready to accept d truth n after this also if this pragya stay in this house then she is shameless coz a girl can tolerate anything but cant tolerate when her husband gets doubt on her so pragya should leave mm i ve already thought that she will leave mm for blaming her mom as theif but that selfish didnt instead if that she started romance with him now finger crossed i m waiting for pragya s reaction i ve already stopped watching if she didnt leave mm then i will stop reading updates but i want to talk to u guyzzz share ur comments byee guyz

  46. "Revelation "

    And yes Hassan thanks a million and a zillion for updating the written episodes.
    It must be torturous & suffocating for you & Pratiksha especially who religiously update us. Thank God for you “guys”.

    To Sahithi, Gowtam, Reji, Shobana and the rest of the Die Hards of kkb “Hang in there lads”. Hopefully this BS ends on good note soon & not drag on till the cows come home. Even for an episode tts coming up esp frm tmrw its soooooooo unbearable. Ive skipped so many episodes n write ups.

    • shobana

      Hi ? revelation. I will reveal a truth to you. Do u Know why I still stick to this show?? Probably not, so let me tell you. There are two reasons behind it one is because of our abhigya and the other is
      Im from Tamil Nadu who doesn’t know Hindi a year and half before but now I am able to understand Hindi. The reason behind this is only kkb. After watching kkb initially I decided to continue my Hindi class which I left in midway. After completing exams also I find it difficult to understand at that point of time only this written updates by Hasan help me to understand Hindi and by watching the episodes repeatedly now I am able to understand Hindi without the help of written updates. So I respect this show which teaches me how to speak and which helps me to understand Hindi. Because of this only I am sticking to show else I would have quit along back (before alia and raj exposure) since I hate dragging.
      But there is a limit for everything kkb has crossed all the limits so im going to take a short break till this segments scenes end. I want to see pragya’s reaction towards abhi. So after seeing that I will decide whether to continue or not.

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Haha same here Shobana..
        Ofcrse u knw this
        Nw I’m able to talk in Hindi only bcz of kkb
        &i dn’t watch any serials except kkb
        I love the cast.. Specially shabir?

  47. Sahithi

    Guys Pratiksha, Gowtham, Razia and others, everyone entitled to decide whether to watch or quit. But just thot I will pen down my thoughts.

    I believe most of the ppl commenting here are in age group of 15-35 who are a different set of audience from the common TV watching age group, which may go upto ppl over 70 yrs also. What I personally observed is, content on youtube and mainstream movies is pretty diff and has matured with current times but content on TV is pretty much stuff out of 70s and 80s. Looks like designed to cater to older age groups who are loyal audience.
    Especially EKs shows have quite female regressive content, what else will explain a character like Pragya who is fine being a doormat. Added to that ZEE shows are more hopeless. Other shows may be moving fast, but more or less have similar illogical twists and drama.

    All those disappointed with Tanu’s characterization or today with Abhi’s reaction to the fake BF drama, I hope are disappointed with Pragya from the beginning of the show, the professor who lives in Mumbai in 21st century.
    If such a FICTIONAL character can exist, so can everything else on KKB.

    • Pratiksha

      Agree with u sahithi. Not even pragya even each and every character has ruined and has been lost it’s originality which they had in beginning of the show. That’s why I m telling that cvs have to do lots of efforts to take the show back onbit’s level like before. Sahithi may b we will not b enough to making it’s trp low as u mentioned but then also we can save us atleast from the pathetic story and show. Each and every things has it’s limits and we have been watch it’s everything even more after it’s limitations. But now limit has been end and it’s our heart who is not allowing us to accept this bullshits as show is fictional but we r living in well mannered, educated and cultured society which stops us from tolerating all this.

  48. steffyrao

    Have to agree this is Shabirs & Sritis worst performance. The script is so off. Even Shabir & Sriti look so unnatural. And Abhigyas dialogues is aiyoooo so ludicrous!! No wonder Shabir & Sriti seem to lack flow.
    But we still love you ya guys. At the end of the day you are doing your job. And the cast is at the mercy of Ekta n team.
    Ekta n team remind me of Dadi n team. Clueless & Dumb. Even Dumb & Dummer eas bearable& definitely a better Fictional story!!!

    As for Leena its a constant. Shes done this for more than 300 episodes. She plays the same darn yarn all the time. I feel sorry for Leena & Nikhil. Same old emotion acting.
    Revenge& Deceit.

    Pls bring Aliya & Bulbul back. Or Suresh.. Or Purvi. …Not this new one. ..Champu Champak

  49. Praveena

    Being his love a hi has to believe pragya.but always he doesn’t .then where is love and what is love

  50. Riyashri


    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone !!! I hav a very gud news to all Shabir fans !! He won the ” BEST ACTOR POPULAR “in Gold Awards day before yesterday !! Check it in Twitter #Teamshabira

  51. Kutty(Manu)

    Hai friends…
    Just came to knw that Shabir got best actor popular award #GoldAwards2016
    Congo shabzzzz…
    I’m sooooo happy

    Hw r u all?

    • Sahithi

      Grt news Kitty, am so so happy. Very well deserved..

      Remember just the other day we both were disappointed for Shabir not winning any award, this is really wonderful news.. but why is it coming out so late, everyone else were showing off their awards in IG from past 2 days ?? I was so off mood reading the list of winners..

      Now time to celebrate ???

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Sweet surprise for us sahiti that’s y all are hides this…???
        Seriously feeling so happy for shabooo..
        Yeah we have to celebrate this moment??????

  52. karthika

    SHOBANA SIS..we both hav learnt hindi in the same way…actually even i don’t know hindi before 1 yr.i also wrote hindi exams..after that i also started to watch hindi serials lyk kkb…then slowly i understood hindi…if i found some difficult words of hindi,i vl ask the meaning for that word to my father…i vl also listen each and everydialogue…now even i wonder myself how did i learnt hindi so fastly??gr8 coincidence amid two sisters!!!!have a gud night….sweet dreams…..i’m sure u hav also seen the segment ryt…really i’m not gonna watch it until this melo-drama gets over…..ok i’m off to sleep…bye..

    • shobana

      Hi ? karthi
      Hifi ?? glad to know that you also followed the same way like me in studying Hindi

  53. karthika

    PRATIKSHA…..i also watched it… kkb cast doing masti during shooting..after watching itt only i realized it’s a fiction..before that i got really emotional by abhi’s rxns..u r ryt..we fans r only suffering alot by this twists…it matters nothing to the cast..they r njoying alot..segment video & leena’s interview witnessed that their mission to prove pragya characterless is accomplished..sriti laughed while her shot was going on with sodabutty(chashmish) champak …they r njoying alot bt we r here fuming and bearing the melo-drama…. actually everytime i vl juz read ur updates nd vl not watch segmnt video…this time i wtched it becoz that ur comment juz reflected ur anguishness regarding the upcoming storyline…even i felt the same….i was curiously waiting for ur updates…after ur comment i got shattered 80% and watching it visually i’ done with it100%……highly unbearable……..

  54. steffyrao

    All you luvly adorable loyal fans of KKB….the trps are some how top 5 because you luvly people are loyal hopeful cvs will take a better approach. But its not happening.
    And Karthika is absolutely right. The cast is having lots of fun doing this shot where Tanu is Accusing Pragya. And here viewers are having raised blood pressures.
    I think Shabir Sriti & even Leena are ridiculously funny even to act & speak those lines
    Yes Sahithi you are absolutely right when you say that the storyline for the past 200 episodes is so dated. Its plot is like the 70s & 80s. But even then so badly scripted & the plot so ludicrous.
    I applaud you Shobana tt KKB has helped you improve thy hindi. Its wonderful way to learn a language. And it has come from your interest of KKB . Keep it up lady.
    I dont understand a drop of hindi. But i watch only KKB online becos it was different & i really like the cast. But this is getting really ludicrous. And Tanus exposure has lost its anticipation. It really doesn’t matter if shes exposed or not now. Personally i feel it has lost its excitement n charm as Hasan has mentioned.
    Ive an aunty in her 70s who watches Zee
    finds KKB of late ridiculous.
    More than anything now…i love reading what you guys on this page comment. Even the comments in the indian forum for KKB is interesting. Most of them there are pissed. And have decided to stop watching until Tanus pregnancy track & insults always winning ends.
    And this page is surviving because of dear Hasan & interesting people like Pratiksha Sahithi Gowtham Reji Shobana Karthika. Your comments especially keep this page
    going. Otherwise even this page wont move. I look forward to your comments. So if you guys stop writing KKB trp will definitely drop. If Hasan stops updating we will be forced to watch KKB. I know that I will not be forced into watching this weeks one especially. I dont want to contribute to its trp even if its just me. But i believe its trp WIL DROP. Hopefully below 5. It must & has to. Because CVS with Ekta are mocking & insulting viewers intelligence. It distasteful to even come up with such a script. I love the cast but i have a brain &
    KKB will not rule over me. Really hoping for trp to drop massively because of this insult n mockery of kkb cvs.

    • shobana

      Yes steffyrao it comes through my interest. Kkb and Hasan played a major role in it. I must really thank them and the way kkb is going now is just annoying me like anything.

    • Sahithi

      Thats the exact point, which I have been mentioning from long, if they want to drag they should atleast drag by showing sensible scenes. Not by mocking audience. Those morphed pictures are so funny looking at which Mithali was giving horrible expressions. 2 people in one frame means extra marital affair. As someone here mentioned, they must be carrying a photographer around to be pictured together.

      And to bring the show to the point where they want to have drama, they show scenes like Pragya dancing with other folks. From when did Pragya start dancing in MM events and parties. Oh yeah they have to show her dancing with Champu so she suddenly was dancing with ppl other than Abhi. I mean generally nothing wrong in dancing with anyone but showing a character doing that suddenly today, just for the sake of these unwanted twists.

      Would have appreciated if writers stopped such sudden changes to atleast lead characters.

  55. Fowziya

    Heeeey Guuuyzzz ?
    How do you do all ? I hope everything s fine fo you ?
    Nowadays i couldn’t comment properly, as i’am little busy.. so henceforth i could not comment regularly, coz fasting is goin’ on for us!
    And coming to current episodes NO COMMENTS ?
    i dont wanna talk about this bullshit!
    So finally CVS ve decided to demolish the whole storyline, and especially Abhigya! ?? They ll again show us Shabbir’s character as a DUMBOOOOO ?
    Anyways from now on i won’t watch it until they give us some good episodes (wich will not happen for now), i can’t put up with this nonsence anymore ! Byebye KKB !

  56. shaz

    Thank god
    Thank u writer. For the first time in kkb history I didn’t get disappointment in my expectation. Wowwwwww!
    I knew it earlier. Bcoz ur brain can’t think anything without irritating the fans of kkb.
    Abhi is a person, who doesn’t have any trust even in his own self. He has trust in his one & only lier, selfish, characterless, super model tanu. That’s why he didn’t get any doubt on her baby. Abhi is her stupid puppet. Reacting like a puppet making him a buffoon.
    How can a person, who doesn’t have any trust even in his own self, trust his wife???
    He always hurt others (instead of his family) by his own words (specially pragya & her family). After got to know about the truth feels guilt. Then makes them melt by his tears like a woman. Disgusting… Very funny abhi….

  57. Asmitha

    abhi also believed it I didn’t expected it really I had a hope that he will not believe last hope is went off then what is their to watch in kkb really how they will show this they knew due to their closeness trp is standing but y they did this is this also any new drama r what I am expecting gd what u say guys

  58. Pratiksha

    Guys i just saw a pic on instagram for upcoming. Abhi and pragya in their room. Abhi in white full t-shirt and pragya in her night suit. In this pic, Pragya is hugging abhi and abhi too is hugging her back. This is the scene of after finishing all the tamasha, when all goes to sleep peacefully in their room at night. Pic is not giving more info but what i think from this pic that abhigya r sharing emotinal scene, whatever happened in party, they have some discussion about it. Exactly what, pragya is trying to make abhi understand her innocence and love for him or it is something else, it is left to know.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, can you please give the link.

      So are you back to watching and postponed your quitting 🙂 🙂

      I suggest so, as we all waited for too long and struck along this track so hopefully, there is better stuff in coming days. Also, none of the sequences ever disappointed us so badly, as they may show tanu’s blabbering but ultimately it ends somewhat okayish. So I want to wait for some more time before I decide to give up.

    • Asmitha

      pratiksha did u saw it clearly abhi is not hugging her back just he stopped it by folding his wrist I think she is saying but he is not ready to accept his expressions r clearly visible that he is in still anger I felt like this but what exactly don’t know I think after any segment we can come to any conclusion but one thing I really don’t understand is after this much drama also they r in one room

  59. shaz

    Pragya cries and hugs Abhi. But Abhi doesn’t hug her back. Again she asks him to trust her but he walks away..
    Is this true????

  60. karthika

    pratiksha..is pragya wearing pink n8 suit in the pic??i think it’s old pic pratiksha..bcoz now a days during night she’s wearing kurtis..and juz now i saw the same pic in the ff page also..it similiarly matches the pic u r saying..bt i’m not sure yaar….may be u r ryt…

  61. Sahithi

    Kutty and others Shabir posted picture of his gold award trophy, check it. Both twittern IG. But cutest thing is his son Azai was pictured holding it.

  62. Asmitha

    ya sahithi me to watched it he is so cute by holding it
    abhigya hugging pic is also there but what is abhis expressions r not emotional I felt like abhi is in still anger after watching it again I felt like this really not sure about it

    • Sahithi

      Yes Pragya still in MM and same room. And I agree with u Abhi still seems to be angry or rather upset. Its Pragya who hugged him, he was just standing, atleast in those pics.

      We can’t expect Abhi to calm down so quickly, but what next will he ask for divorce, got to see.

  63. Pratiksha

    Guys i just saw some more pics related to upcoming scene. I was it on kumkumbhagya instagram photo and video site. After seeing those pics what i got that pragya is upset from abhi’s distrust and abhi is also upset with her. Pragya is trying to make understand her innocence to abhi but abhi is not ready to believe on her. They both r sharing emotinal scene with each other. They both have tears in their eyes. Pragya hugs abhi emotinally, it seems she is trying to make abhi feel her love for him but abhi doesn’t hug her back whole heartedly. He just gets emotinal that’s why he puts only his one hand on her back when he hugs. And as usually guys he will seperate her from him by breaking her hug rudely later accortding to me. Becoz he is very upset from her and has been lost his trust on her. It seems aabhi has been made his mind that pragya is wrong and not ready to understand anything. But his feelings r still not completely finished, that’s why he is getting emotinal with her. Pics r suggesting only this according to me. And this scene is after the party, at sleeping time in night. Abhigya r in their room. Abhi is in white full t-shirt and pragya is in light green night kurta and white salwar. And sahithi i still didn’t changed my mood. I will not watch it atleast this bullshit gets finish. I m not intrested not in this crap and not in abhigya’s scenes, who r only for torchering us but for star casts and cvs it is fun. I can’t make myself fool, when i knows about it. No means no, nothing could change my decision except the right way of story.

  64. karthika

    is that true guys??even after the drama they still in sme room..usually abhi vl evict the persons from house who r cheat in his sight..i don’t lyk it becoz if pragya takes any drastic step lyk leaving mm,it vl be interesting bt this one realy boring..i expected alot drama after abhi’s distrust..it turnd so mokkai(boring)…well lets see what happens nxt..bt we need to bear alot of taunts of abhi..pragya still begs for abhi’s trust….i feel anger on pragya..she’s often forgetting abut her self respect infront of abhi.

  65. surbhi

    ok now I too saw that pic and what conclusion I got that I think pragya is again trying to make him believe that she ia trying to say the truth but Abhi ia not listening he is not ready to believe that she is saying truth his expressions are telling that and it is clearly visible and one point I think prgya will breakdown and hug him and he will suppose to do so but will stop reminding the incident.I thought that because his fist is fold and then as per the drama he will break the hug and move out of room I thought that this is going to be happen what u guys say please share ur veiws and according to me there are two possibilities one is Abhi is faking infront of all he is planning something secretly and the second one is sure some jealous track will take place what will happen dont know but thing is clear that high voltage emotional drama is comming and for the pic on IG so fingers crossed may my thoughts prove wrong but I know that will not.happen what say guys share ur veiws please sahiti prateeksha

  66. karthika

    pratiksha really sorry yaar…i assumed everything wrongly…lets see what’s gonna happen nxt?as per as ur information it seems that pragya is still trying to make abhi believe her…she didn’t feel anger becoz of his distrust towards her.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.