Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Sarla and asks why didn’t you tell me that you are unwell. Sarla says she is fine and asks her to take Dadi’s blessings. Pragya says my birthday is so grand and Abhi has invited her friends also. She says Abhi has gifted me a dress. Sarla says I know as Rachna sent me your pic. She blesses her. Pragya says she is very happy. Janki also blesses her. Sarla asks did Abhi give you some other gift? Pragya says not yet. Sarla says Abhi will gift her something special today and says her heart is saying. Janki asks Pragya to go back to party and disconnects the call. Pragya comes back and thinks where is Abhi? Dasi and Taya ji talk about Mitali and Tayi ji. Dasi says they are working today. Taya ji says else they would gossip and spy. Mitali brings cold drink. Dasi

asks her to make him more cold and bring.

Mitali tells Tayi ji that they are made to do waiter’s work, but she can’t leave spying. Tanu asks Nikhil did you see how Abhi was staring at Pragya, like if mad lover staring at his lover. She says if Abhi would have proposed then everything will be ruined. She says it is good that Sarla called and interrupted. Nikhil says my man is ready. Just as I call him, he will come here. Tanu asks him to call that man there. Nikhil calls him.

Tanu says your plan is number 1 flop. Abhi comes back to Pragya. Pragya says sorry and asks him to tell. Abhi says I was saying, don’t know from where to start? He says I was saying that I….Pragya asks what? Abhi is about to say. Just then Purab makes an announcement that Abhi and Pragya are coming on stage to make the night special. Dadi thinks Abhi and Pragya will get closer with this dance. Abhi and Pragya dance on the song Aashiqana….mujhe tumse pyaar hai. Tanu asks Nikhil to call that man. Nikhil asks him to come inside and execute the plan fast. Abhi and Pragya dance romantically. Nikhil says Abhi will not propose Pragya while dancing. Tanu sees the man coming there. Pragya falls in Abhi’s embrace just as the dance ends. Everyone claps for them. Pragya gets shy and leaves.

Abhi thinks I will give a card to Pragya and will propose her then. Nikhil tells Tanu that Pragya will lose her respect now. Tanu is happy and says Abhi will taunt and insult her so much. She says it is time for Pragya to get insulted. Dadi sees them talking and calls Purab. She tells Tanu and Nikhil are making some plan and looking happy. Tanu says I can’t tell you, how much happy I am. Nikhil says this woman will celebrate sadness on all her birthdays. Purab tries to hear them. Tanu signs Nikhil and goes behind Purab and pats on his shoulder. Purab says he was trying to get AC air. Tanu asks him not to do Mitali pana and says I would have tell you what is my plan against Pragya, but I will not tell. Purab says you are like dog’s tail who can’t be erect. Tanu gets angry. Abhi searches for the card which he wrote for Pragya. Dadi comes there and asks why didn’t you propose Pragya till now. He says I tried to propose her many times, but Sarla called and then Pragya went after dance. Dadi asks him to leave card idea and take Pragya to a corner to speak his heart out. Abhi says I am not that type to propose at corner.

Dadi says you are shying as if you are proposing for first time. Abhi says she was my fuggi then, but now she is mogambo. Dadi says she is looking beautiful today, may be some handsome guy propose her. Abhi says I will cancel the party then. Dadi asks him to propose her, and asks him not to forget that he is her husband and a rockstar. Abhi says I am a rockstar, why am I scared of Pragya? I will tell her now. That man comes to Pragya and takes her to dance with him while light is dim. Abhi dances with him as he was wearing a mask. Abhi comes and sees Pragya dancing. Muskun jhooti hai plays…….Abhi thinks how to call her and thinks to wait for some more time. He says I want to become first wish of your every birthday, and thinks Pragya will say yes hearing this.

Nikhil asks that man to go and propose Pragya. He goes near Pragya and holds her hand shocking Abhi and Dadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. shaz it means….”i have never felt loneliness”…

  2. Hello Everyone. Im new here!

  3. Hi Everyone… Just chill… Good News is on the way… Just all wait n see…

  4. what good news yaar??

  5. abhi also believed it I didn’t expected it really I had a hope that he will not believe last hope is went off then what is their to watch in kkb really how they will show this they knew due to their closeness trp is standing but y they did this is this also any new drama r what I am expecting gd what u say guys

  6. Guys i just saw a pic on instagram for upcoming. Abhi and pragya in their room. Abhi in white full t-shirt and pragya in her night suit. In this pic, Pragya is hugging abhi and abhi too is hugging her back. This is the scene of after finishing all the tamasha, when all goes to sleep peacefully in their room at night. Pic is not giving more info but what i think from this pic that abhigya r sharing emotinal scene, whatever happened in party, they have some discussion about it. Exactly what, pragya is trying to make abhi understand her innocence and love for him or it is something else, it is left to know.

    1. I think may they sort out that fake bf drama ya me to saw the pic

    2. Pratiksha, can you please give the link.

      So are you back to watching and postponed your quitting 🙂 🙂

      I suggest so, as we all waited for too long and struck along this track so hopefully, there is better stuff in coming days. Also, none of the sequences ever disappointed us so badly, as they may show tanu’s blabbering but ultimately it ends somewhat okayish. So I want to wait for some more time before I decide to give up.

    3. SURBHI

      pratiksha can u share the ig handle where u saw that pic

    4. SURBHI

      pratiksha can u please share the ig handle where u saw that pic

    5. Please share the link pratiksha

    6. pratiksha did u saw it clearly abhi is not hugging her back just he stopped it by folding his wrist I think she is saying but he is not ready to accept his expressions r clearly visible that he is in still anger I felt like this but what exactly don’t know I think after any segment we can come to any conclusion but one thing I really don’t understand is after this much drama also they r in one room

  7. by hearing only I felt very sad if I will see it I think I will cry really

  8. Pragya cries and hugs Abhi. But Abhi doesn’t hug her back. Again she asks him to trust her but he walks away..
    Is this true????

  9. guys check this new update abhi hugging pragya

    1. No sathish pragya hugging abhi but he is in confusion and anger.

  10. pratiksha..is pragya wearing pink n8 suit in the pic??i think it’s old pic pratiksha..bcoz now a days during night she’s wearing kurtis..and juz now i saw the same pic in the ff page also..it similiarly matches the pic u r saying..bt i’m not sure yaar….may be u r ryt…

  11. Kutty and others Shabir posted picture of his gold award trophy, check it. Both twittern IG. But cutest thing is his son Azai was pictured holding it.

  12. ya sahithi me to watched it he is so cute by holding it
    abhigya hugging pic is also there but what is abhis expressions r not emotional I felt like abhi is in still anger after watching it again I felt like this really not sure about it

    1. Yes Pragya still in MM and same room. And I agree with u Abhi still seems to be angry or rather upset. Its Pragya who hugged him, he was just standing, atleast in those pics.

      We can’t expect Abhi to calm down so quickly, but what next will he ask for divorce, got to see.

  13. Guys i just saw some more pics related to upcoming scene. I was it on kumkumbhagya instagram photo and video site. After seeing those pics what i got that pragya is upset from abhi’s distrust and abhi is also upset with her. Pragya is trying to make understand her innocence to abhi but abhi is not ready to believe on her. They both r sharing emotinal scene with each other. They both have tears in their eyes. Pragya hugs abhi emotinally, it seems she is trying to make abhi feel her love for him but abhi doesn’t hug her back whole heartedly. He just gets emotinal that’s why he puts only his one hand on her back when he hugs. And as usually guys he will seperate her from him by breaking her hug rudely later accortding to me. Becoz he is very upset from her and has been lost his trust on her. It seems aabhi has been made his mind that pragya is wrong and not ready to understand anything. But his feelings r still not completely finished, that’s why he is getting emotinal with her. Pics r suggesting only this according to me. And this scene is after the party, at sleeping time in night. Abhigya r in their room. Abhi is in white full t-shirt and pragya is in light green night kurta and white salwar. And sahithi i still didn’t changed my mood. I will not watch it atleast this bullshit gets finish. I m not intrested not in this crap and not in abhigya’s scenes, who r only for torchering us but for star casts and cvs it is fun. I can’t make myself fool, when i knows about it. No means no, nothing could change my decision except the right way of story.

    1. Pratiksha u r upset with the offscreen masti of the cast is it?

  14. is that true guys??even after the drama they still in sme room..usually abhi vl evict the persons from house who r cheat in his sight..i don’t lyk it becoz if pragya takes any drastic step lyk leaving mm,it vl be interesting bt this one realy boring..i expected alot drama after abhi’s distrust..it turnd so mokkai(boring)…well lets see what happens nxt..bt we need to bear alot of taunts of abhi..pragya still begs for abhi’s trust….i feel anger on pragya..she’s often forgetting abut her self respect infront of abhi.

  15. ok now I too saw that pic and what conclusion I got that I think pragya is again trying to make him believe that she ia trying to say the truth but Abhi ia not listening he is not ready to believe that she is saying truth his expressions are telling that and it is clearly visible and one point I think prgya will breakdown and hug him and he will suppose to do so but will stop reminding the incident.I thought that because his fist is fold and then as per the drama he will break the hug and move out of room I thought that this is going to be happen what u guys say please share ur veiws and according to me there are two possibilities one is Abhi is faking infront of all he is planning something secretly and the second one is sure some jealous track will take place what will happen dont know but thing is clear that high voltage emotional drama is comming and for the pic on IG so fingers crossed may my thoughts prove wrong but I know that will not.happen what say guys share ur veiws please sahiti prateeksha

  16. Utter flop story..

  17. pratiksha really sorry yaar…i assumed everything wrongly…lets see what’s gonna happen nxt?as per as ur information it seems that pragya is still trying to make abhi believe her…she didn’t feel anger becoz of his distrust towards her.

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