Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul coming to Abhi’s house. Dadi tells her that she can’t tell her. Bulbul tells she will ask Pragya. Purab sees the card and is surprised. Dasi tells Bulbul that Pragya is pregnant. Tanu tells Abhi to think about Dadi and says she is happy for the fake happiness. She asks him to tell the truth to Dadi. Abhi says he can’t tell and hurt Dadi. Tanu says Dadi will be hurt to know the truth. She says if Pragya gets really pregnant of your child, then Dadi will not get hurt. Pragya says this is not possible, she says she will tell Dadi everything in such a way that she don’t get hurt. Tanu asks her to inform Dadi before it becomes breaking news. Pragya thinks Abhi is stopping her as he loves Dadi very much and says trust me, I am also doing this as you loves Dadi very

much. Bulbul thinks Pragya hide a big fact from her and thinks not to talk to her. Pragya thinks Tanu is right and she has to talk to Dadi anyhow. Abhi gets Purab’s call.

Purab asks Abhi to come down and talk to him right now. He tells that he came with Bulbul. Abhi says he will come. He tells Tanu that Purab and Bulbul came home and he will tell the truth to them. Pragya sees Bulbul and asks what she is doing here? She says you are not fine completely and shouldn’t have step out of bed. Bulbul says I don’t want to talk to you seriously. Purab tells Abhi that you have forgotten our friendship and have betrayed me. I won’t forgive you for this and is angry. Pragya asks why you are angry with me? Bulbul says how can you get pregnant? She asks you didn’t tell me that you are pregnant. Pragya thinks what to tell? Shall I tell truth or not. Abhi is also in dilemma. Purab says I will not trust you. Abhi says I didn’t know when did it happen? Purab says you knew it and you didn’t inform me. Don’t insult me like this, I will leave from me. Bulbul gets angry on her.

Pragya tells her that it is not right and tries to tell her indirectly. She says she wanted to give this happiness from someone else. Bulbul doesn’t understand. Pragya is about to tell that Tanu is pregnant, just then Dasi comes and interrupts them, asks Pragya to come as Dadi is calling her. Pragya asks God to help her. Dadi asks Pragya to take care and walk carefully on stairs. Pragya asks Dadi to listen to her once. Dadi says I forgot to give you this dress. Pragya says she will wear and asks her to listen to her. Dasi calls Dadi, so she leaves. Dadi asks Dasi about the arrangements and surprise. Dasi says we have to bring laddo gopal’s photo for Pragya. Dadi says we shall go and bring photo. Abhi comes and scares them. He asks did Pragya talk to you? Dadi says she already talked to me.

Dadi asks Abhi to get ready for the party else she will tell Pragya what he used to do in his childhood. She laughs. Abhi feels shyness. Dadi whispers in Dasi’s ears and she also starts laughing. She asks Abhi to get ready and also asks Pragya to get ready. Purab asks Bulbul, why did you take me from there. Purab says he has some surprise for her. Bulbul says are you taking me to meet your other girlfriend? You might have thought that I have become defective. Purab asks her not to tell that. He thanks God for giving her back. She says we will be together always. Purab says I won’t leave you. Bulbul asks him about the surprise. Purab tells that he will show the surprise. Bulbul thanks him.

Pragya is about to slip, but Abhi holds her. Yeh Aankhein kya gaarahi hain plays…………………Tanu comes and sees them locking eyes. She asks if you are done with romance, then shall we talk to Dadi. Abhi tells that Dadi went out somewhere, and that’s why they want to wait for her return. Tanu asks why you didn’t stop her. Abhi says Dadi told me something and it is personal, he can’t tell her. Abhi thinks if Dadi tells the media about him, then what will happen to his reputation.

Mitali asks Tanu, why you are happy. Tanu says she is not and asks how did Dadi got a heart attack. Mitali tells her that Dadi got to know about the reason of your stay.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. priya

    Wat u know if they inform to dadi now promo la avanga pesuratha kandipa pragya kaetuduva supp dadi ku theriyurathuku munadi Nikil entry vanthuchuna surely pragya won’t hear it. Pragya ll ask dumbly it’s ur friend ah. Ask him to stay here itself like tat. Y this much dragg

    • Monday spoilers told nikil entry and blah blah …now thursday no improvement in this serial..rabul scenes..tanu siva pooja’la karadi mathiri…always interrupt others life.. pls writters tell wen will air on nikil entry in this serial…tat time we r watching kkb…so many viewers r dissappointed..so tooooooo much dragging…

  2. jeeva

    Tanu is pestering Abhi to marry her as she is pregnant with his child. She had trapped Pragya with her great acting, She propelled Pragya to leave Abhi and gets bad in everyone’s eyes. Pragya being a humble soul, obliges to Tanu’s every sayings and decides to free Abhi from the strong relation of husband and wife. She decides to get Tanu married to Abhi and give the best gift (baby) of her life to Dadi. It will be revealed that Tanu is indeed pregnant with producer Nikhil’s child. Nikhil confronts her and questions her decision to marry Abhi. Nikhil tells Tanu that it is his child and why she is lying. Tanu accepts to have been carrying his baby, but says she has to marry Abhi. Pragya is shocked with Tanu’s revelation. She decides to expose them and gets back again in Abhi’s life. With this, Abhi’s confusion between Tanu’s forced love and true heart inclination for Pragya will be cleared and he will stick to Pragya all his life for sure. He has learnt a lesson of his life now after being ditched by Tanu badly. Will Pragya succeed in bringing Tanu’ truth out? Keep reading.

  3. .I’m tired of this shit pregnancy of the whore tanu.expose her plzzzzz.unite abhi and pragya together plzzz.it take so long .

  4. Michonne

    Expectation fails you always! Another cheated day! I love dadi so much, don’t hurt her plz! The solid reason pragya still in mehra house is because of dadi. So have to wait for another week i guess! Writers i started to love you even more when you guys drag the episode’s *sarcasm*
    You can create plot twist but why drag the story? Whaaaayyyyyy? I kinda lose interest. Pongada!

    • yes evalo kurai sonaalum i am always thinkimg of this serial only . have became so crazy yaar . i am complaining this serial so much but i dont know why i am still sticking to this serial. oh want abhi and pragya to unite . evalo naal thaan engala ippadi polamba viduveenga . plz… viewers ah konjam karuthil kollavum ithu yenudaiya thaivaana vendukol . MAKE IT FAST!!!!!!!! WE ARE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!

      • priya

        Ya u r rit.But yen na inaikavathu unmai therinjudathunu nama daily pakuraen but use…. They r dragging v r waiting waiting waiting

    • Zeeha

      Yeah guys. It’s just lyk the drugs. V adopt 2 this… Aftr wtchng this serial I’ve got some Indian frndz.

  5. sruthika

    In which time did all u sleep at night can all answer it…….first commenter will be lucky

  6. Donna

    Whya re the producers afraid to bring Pragya and Abhi together ? there are so many other drama that happens in a marriage, i guess this is what the entire show is about and once they are together, the series will be over.. tip for you producer… drama exists even after boy and girl get together and have kids.. life is not all roses once they are together….take a tip from the western soaps that lasts for 30 years…its not all about boy meet girl and done…

  7. Btw….why aren’t showing purvi innocent. If it was pragya or bulbul by nw they’ll show them that they are innocent !!! This is not fair no one is bothered about her and even raj when he’s going to come out of the jail ??? Lol none of the family members are bothered to prove them innocent. They are only bothered with abhi -pragya and purab-bulbul.

  8. when will this tanu’s ex boy friend will come in to the scene . when will he come and will tanu will talk to him and when will this dumb professer pragya will hear that and will they expose tanu………. so many questions ippadiyae poitu irruntha intha monthu kooda pothathunu thaan ennaku thonuthu . tanu’s truth should be revealed soon waiting for that only .want abhi and pragya to unite .

  9. kavin

    yeppa saami otunadhu podhunda writers reel anthrichu , naanum ethaniyo writers oda story padichurka anna intha mathiri story eh inga thanda pakkra ……..
    fans : ithukumala intha story ippadiya continue achuna
    y writers ithu ella pathuma fans ithu pudikla na theriyala
    padayappa dialogue nalla story elluthatha story writers uh antha story pakkura fans uh nalla irunthatha saritharamae illa
    writers : abhi yu pragya vai yu closer konduvaraku onnum naraya naal aagum
    answer by fans: “WE ARE WAITING”

  10. I thought thy wont tell to dadi bcs in wed spoilers thy mentioned dadi is too excited and she was feeling unwell. So it wont be true. I think so next week will be nikhil entry tht time the funtion will happen in abhi house abhi will luk for pragya that time only she got to know tanu truth. Hope so it is my imagination only.

  11. atleast today they should show us the new entry yaar . so much of dragging . when will they put a full stop to this tanu character . bulbul purab marriage pathi maranthutaangala enna . today friday for two days no serial . ethana naal wait panrathu ?????

  12. lily

    ennama ipdi panringale ma ………… mudiyala ……………
    we can’t bare tis anymre so wrts pls don’t drag tis much yaar………..
    :0 🙁
    when ll ts tanu get killllllllllllllllled
    its really verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry irrrrrrrrittating

  13. lily

    tis tanu baffalo:) is alwys entrng n2 otrs life
    im sure if wrts dragggggggggggggggggggggg like tis

  14. priya

    I saw in utube…. I think today they ll start the party.pragya changed her dress Atlast. Dadi dances in the party happily. Suddenly she try to fall down abhi catched her gave some water. Dasi bring her to room. Tanu saying something to abhi. Don’t know what is tat. I think she ll tell to stop this party.

  15. goms

    Epa tha tanu poi solar nu abi Ku theiriya varum ava tha epa abi pragya Ku naduvula periya prblm ah iruka ethu epa tha sari agum pa

    • priya

      Sorry yaar. V r not discussing about the story line. So v r not typing in English if it’s about story surely v ll type it in English……

  16. Now only I saw one video. In tht purab is bringing nikhil as a friend to abhi house whn tanu is slipping frm stairs nikhil correctly catches her then bulbul is in pragya room putting dupatta that time tanu enter and telling all thinking that pragya then pragya came and managing her sister and tanu. Thy r making a big drama I think so to know truth it may take again 2 weeks. Next month only pragya anf abhi will unite I think so.

  17. Jothi

    Hi. Agree. Pls comment in a language everyone understands. I’m also Tamilian from Malaysia. However, it will be ethical to respect all viewers and comment in English.

  18. Entry is next week, still pragya din know truth in that video it seems. So it will take one more week athukula this month will be completed.

  19. KumKum Bhagya:

    Tanu’s drama will end as her truth has come out. Nikhil has come out off her past. Nikhil comes to Abhi’s home and sees Tanu. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Tanu slips being in shock seeing him and Nikhil holds her. Nikhil comes there with a motive. He meets Abhi and is not afraid of anyone, as he holds Tanu infront of everyone. Abhi welcomes Nikhil and does not know Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child. Pragya is relieved seeing Nikhil. Tanu’s secret is going to come out in the upcoming track.

  20. Cuku

    Cn someone let me know what are you all talking in tamil cn u translate in English in short. A humble request 🙂

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