Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Aaliya that he did a mistake and if he is caught then Abhi will not leave him. Aaliya asks him to drink water and tell her. Nikhil tells her that he has kidnapped Pragya. Aaliya gets angry on him and says it is a big foolishness. She says Abhi will come there 100 percent. She reminds him of Ramayan and says she don’t want to be caught. Nikhil says who told you to kidnap Dr. Sheela’s daughter. She says Dr. Sheela is Pragya’s friend and she came there following there. He calls her idiot. Aaliya says we have to convinced Abhi that Pragya has left him for her advantage. Nikhil says my mind will work after drinking and extends his legs. Aaliya is about to fall and scolds him. Neil goes.

Abhi thinks where did Pragya go? He thinks if she is angry, and thinks

he is angry instead. He thinks where to go, as he is at his place. He thinks shall I call her, and thinks if he calls her then she will think she is right. He thinks she didn’t come home till now and gets concerned and worried. Pragya thinks Abhi will search her, and then thinks if Abhi will believe on Tanu. She thinks I am sure that he will come here searching for me. She thinks Abhi loves me and will come. She thinks how to tell him that I am kidnapped.

Dadi comes to Sarla’s house and greets Biji. Biji says she went to Punjab. Sarla comes and greets her. Dadi says she came to meet Pragya. She says she shall not leave hope. Sarla says she didn’t come here. Dadi gets worried for her and says she didn’t come home since night. Sarla gets worried and calls her, but the call is unanswered. She asks what happened? Dadi tells everything. Sarla is shocked. Dadi says Tanu and Nikhil used Dr. Sheela for their advantage. She says I called Pragya and she said that she came to know something. She says she didn’t come. Sarla asks her not to worry and says Pragya might be coming home. Dadi says okay, and goes. Sarla prays to God for Pragya’s well being.

Pragya tries to speak. One of the goon says that she want to say something.. Other refuses to open her hands. Nikhil comes there and opens cloth from her mouth. He asks if you want to elope. Pragya says yes and tells about seven vows given to Abhi. Nikhil asks her to give dangerous threat. Pragya says Abhi will come here hearing my heart voice, and then he will not give you a chance to run. Nikhil asks her to shut up. Pragya says you don’t have a strength to face him. She says you don’t deserve to be called humans. Nikhil starts sweating. He gets Tanu’s call. Pragya says Tanu will tell you that Abhi left to search me. Pragya thinks she has to sign Abhi that she is kidnapped. Nikhil attends Tanu’s call. Tanu says Abhi slept hugging Pragya’s doll. Nikhil says he has gone mad.. Tanu asks him not to worry.

Nikhil says if Abhi comes insearch of her then I will be caught then I will take your name also. Tanu asks who said this? Nikhil says Pragya. Tanu says she has done black magic on you, and asks him not to look in her eyes. She says Pragya is scaring you so that you can’t execute her plan. She asks him to remember that she is in his control and should be scared and not him. She sees Abhi coming and gets tensed. Abhi asks with whom you are talking too? Who is in trouble and who is having danger and with whom? Nikhil gets tensed. Abhi asks Tanu not to cut call and takes the call. Nikhil thinks what to do. Abhi asks who is there? Nikhil cuts the call. Abhi asks why did he cut the call. He asks Tanu to tell truth and gets angry. Tanu says Pragya went to Dr. Sheela’s home and was pressurizing and threatening her to change her statement. She says I have danger with Pragya. Abhi thinks Pragya can lie, but can’t give threat to anyone. He thinks why she is complicating the things. Tanu thinks it is good that she got this idea.

Abhi and Pragya are playing a game. Pragya asks are you sure that you want to play this game. Abhi says yes, and says if he wins then he will called as true lover.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Guys it’s shocking but I just visit on India forum site where someone has mentioned about new promo has been aired few minutes ago. In this new promo, pragya has shown calling to abhi after escapong from kidnapper’s den and tells to him about tanu that how it was all tanu’s plan. Then in next scene, a car shown as hitting pragya. Guys I didn’t saw the promo yet but when I read this, I thought to share with u all. But whenever I will get it’s link then I will surely share it with u guys.

    1. I think this promo is true if it happens then so many questions r there I think this promo is for next week but what is the need to do accident they can show it by uniting them is again they r going to separate them r what no I can’t see it anymore if they will separate again

    2. Pragya has to free herself and run on road to tell Abhi the truth, no one in Arora or Mehra household tell the truth to Abhi.. Hope thats not the case..

      But the promo seems to prove that, so called Pragya’s team and family always ditch her when she needs them the most. Same with Abhi also, even his family leaves him to suffer..

  2. There is news that till Zee channel finds a show for Sunday slot they may extend their daily shows for Sunday also.

    My very personal opinion, this show content started dragging very badly after it is extended for Saturday also. With 6 episodes quality already took a hit. And most often the lead actors look tired, esp Sriti and Leena. Now if it is really extended for one more day, even for short while, I really dont have much hope on the content.

    Hope this news doesnt turn true.

  3. This show is dragging on this Tanu/Nikhil drama for WAY TOO LONG, Come on, you are insulting peoples’ intelligence with this crappy storyline.

  4. hi everyone just saw a promo pragya calls abhi n tels him everything n wen she runs a black car hits her i think not again

  5. Hey guys are u still watching this RUBBISH?!!!!

  6. Interesting

  7. abhilasha tambe

    Taking so much time to exposure tanu …we are getting so boar ..plz …… all the time tanu and nikhil wins….

  8. Before leaving in search of the doctor’s daughter, I told Pragya to wear jeans, she did not listen. She went there dressed up like a TV heroine. I told her to have a backup plan, she did not listen. Then I told her, if she finds the doctor’s kidnapped daughter, to call up the police giving them the information to trade her whereabouts, she did not listen. Don’t you think, Pragya is the dumbest of all the heroines?

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