Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Aaliya that he did a mistake and if he is caught then Abhi will not leave him. Aaliya asks him to drink water and tell her. Nikhil tells her that he has kidnapped Pragya. Aaliya gets angry on him and says it is a big foolishness. She says Abhi will come there 100 percent. She reminds him of Ramayan and says she don’t want to be caught. Nikhil says who told you to kidnap Dr. Sheela’s daughter. She says Dr. Sheela is Pragya’s friend and she came there following there. He calls her idiot. Aaliya says we have to convinced Abhi that Pragya has left him for her advantage. Nikhil says my mind will work after drinking and extends his legs. Aaliya is about to fall and scolds him. Neil goes.

Abhi thinks where did Pragya go? He thinks if she is angry, and thinks

he is angry instead. He thinks where to go, as he is at his place. He thinks shall I call her, and thinks if he calls her then she will think she is right. He thinks she didn’t come home till now and gets concerned and worried. Pragya thinks Abhi will search her, and then thinks if Abhi will believe on Tanu. She thinks I am sure that he will come here searching for me. She thinks Abhi loves me and will come. She thinks how to tell him that I am kidnapped.

Dadi comes to Sarla’s house and greets Biji. Biji says she went to Punjab. Sarla comes and greets her. Dadi says she came to meet Pragya. She says she shall not leave hope. Sarla says she didn’t come here. Dadi gets worried for her and says she didn’t come home since night. Sarla gets worried and calls her, but the call is unanswered. She asks what happened? Dadi tells everything. Sarla is shocked. Dadi says Tanu and Nikhil used Dr. Sheela for their advantage. She says I called Pragya and she said that she came to know something. She says she didn’t come. Sarla asks her not to worry and says Pragya might be coming home. Dadi says okay, and goes. Sarla prays to God for Pragya’s well being.

Pragya tries to speak. One of the goon says that she want to say something.. Other refuses to open her hands. Nikhil comes there and opens cloth from her mouth. He asks if you want to elope. Pragya says yes and tells about seven vows given to Abhi. Nikhil asks her to give dangerous threat. Pragya says Abhi will come here hearing my heart voice, and then he will not give you a chance to run. Nikhil asks her to shut up. Pragya says you don’t have a strength to face him. She says you don’t deserve to be called humans. Nikhil starts sweating. He gets Tanu’s call. Pragya says Tanu will tell you that Abhi left to search me. Pragya thinks she has to sign Abhi that she is kidnapped. Nikhil attends Tanu’s call. Tanu says Abhi slept hugging Pragya’s doll. Nikhil says he has gone mad.. Tanu asks him not to worry.

Nikhil says if Abhi comes insearch of her then I will be caught then I will take your name also. Tanu asks who said this? Nikhil says Pragya. Tanu says she has done black magic on you, and asks him not to look in her eyes. She says Pragya is scaring you so that you can’t execute her plan. She asks him to remember that she is in his control and should be scared and not him. She sees Abhi coming and gets tensed. Abhi asks with whom you are talking too? Who is in trouble and who is having danger and with whom? Nikhil gets tensed. Abhi asks Tanu not to cut call and takes the call. Nikhil thinks what to do. Abhi asks who is there? Nikhil cuts the call. Abhi asks why did he cut the call. He asks Tanu to tell truth and gets angry. Tanu says Pragya went to Dr. Sheela’s home and was pressurizing and threatening her to change her statement. She says I have danger with Pragya. Abhi thinks Pragya can lie, but can’t give threat to anyone. He thinks why she is complicating the things. Tanu thinks it is good that she got this idea.

Abhi and Pragya are playing a game. Pragya asks are you sure that you want to play this game. Abhi says yes, and says if he wins then he will called as true lover.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Reece

      The precap is DUMB and so is this kidnapping story. How many times will Pragya be kidnapped?? Really??

    • Sahithi

      That may not be dream, more of a flashback.

      Pragya was not kidnapped, she walked straight into that den as if to get kidnapped, it’s like no one needs to kidnap such ppl, they get kidnapped themselves.

  1. Elinor

    Yeh abhi came to save Prague this is the best serial in the world can’t live without them ??????????

  2. Muffin

    Omg again d same thing…feeling really bored just waiting for this weekend hope d truth will b revealed soon…

    • # End the Tanu Track

      No they have raised the TRP so these idiots think they are on the right track. This is Boring too and another way to DRAG out the Tanu Track.

  3. Sharada

    God I feel like killing tanu ?? very irritating……awaiting the time when tanu is going to be exposed…hope abhi reaches the place n saves pragya. ..but we all know that she escapes by herself ?….hope she reaches mm where tanu is pressurizing abhi to sign divorce note thro her Dadi……waiting to c how the track is gonna unfold….hope the cvs don’t disappoint us as usual ??? abhi anyway doesn’t sign without seeing pragya is what was shown in the upcoming track…..where is purab? Can’t he tell abhi the truth atleast now?

  4. Asmitha

    Nothing in epi I think we can see segment tommarrow but today they wasted but what abhi was thinking I didn’t get it I think the saviour will be abhi r aaliya this stupid tanu is very excellent in telling lie when I was seeing her it really irritating when the exposure epi will come they r giving interesting segments but episodes r nothing now what abhi will think and he was thinking that pragya said lie it’s really confusing and precap is dream it was knowing clearly they will show exposure in this week r next
    I think we can expect a segment tommarrow

    • shobana

      Asmitha, today my mom too said that it may be abhi who was in the car. Lets wait and see who it may be. I don’t have any guess regarding that.
      I think the CVs have roped a new person for pragya’s dadi character.
      And yes nothing was in today’s episode. Only thing happened is abhi didn’t believe tanu’s lie.

      • shobana

        Y nikhils name didnt come on tanu’s mobile when abhi got mobile from her??? Is Tanu didn’t save Nikhil’s number ??? It sounds illogical.

    • Sharada

      Not sure why abhi didn’t c but it was clearly shown on the screen for us viewers to c….it was just numbers prob the witch didn’t store his number….or nikhil keeps calling from different numbers no guess ?

  5. steffyrao

    I just wana a fair exposure. Takhil have been given so much screen space with their criminal acts. And kkb viewers must be given that at least. Aliyas exposure was brief. Her punishment light.
    Takhil must be punished. N tortured by Abhigya. If not at least by Abhi!!!!

  6. steffyrao

    Will there be an EXPOSURE OF TAKHIL??? Or is another trick by the cvs as well as the news reporters cum news mongers.

  7. Mittenzz

    So Pratishka could be right in saying that it would be Aalyia who might save Pragya. No one knows she’s back and keeping a low key except for the other two evils So she could be the one driving that inconspicuous car. Aalyia gets angry on Nikhil for kidnapping Pragya and fears Abhi will come searching for her and that she will get caught if he does. So saving Pragya would be the only other option for her if she could bring her back to Abhi.
    Tanu planning on using this kidnapping to force Abhi hand in signing the divorce paper will be foiled by Aalyia. Aalyia would be unaware that Tanu would do this and will return Pragya in time to stop if Abhi should sign.
    Dr. Sheela would be the other person to foil their plan, because if Nikhil return Pari to her, she can identify him to Abhi. and tells what really happen why she turn in Tanu’s favor at the last minute and that Pragya went in search of Pari and got kidnapped herself (no doubt Pari would tell her what happened). I think Purab will go and get her before she leaves town. She’s the only evidence Pragya has against them.

    • What

      Why would Ailya save Pragya when she was the one that had the little girl kidnapped in the 1st place???

      • Mittenzz

        To get back in the house. No one knows she’s back except for Tanu and Nikhil. If she save Pragya, Abhi would be indebted to her and have her move back in. This her chance to get back there. Think about it. Unless CVs decides to go another route.

    • Shaz

      Sometimes it would be aakash or bulbul or purvi. Whoever knows CVS can do anything. Because they know we can tolerate anything for abhigya’s unit & tanu’s exposure.

  8. shabana.

    afcouurse precap is an dream…i think just five more days to wait and i am glad that abhi should be in the car.lets see whats happen..

  9. Shaz

    Their 1 day is equal to 1 week guys. Sooooo 1 week is equal to either 1 month or more than 1 month. So guys I think they have again planned to drag more like cooperator’s kidnapping.
    We usually say that kkb has lost it’s charm. According to that, did they decide to follow the earlier story with some differences?
    Suresh’s video = Chambak’s photos
    Cooperator’s kidnapping = nikhil’s kidnapping
    What is ur opinion friends????

  10. subasini

    I have started watching this serial in tamil which was telecasted formerly in polimer channel and now in zee tamil. The story is good as of now in tamil, so by means of curiosity I started watching this serial in hindi. But I was shocked to see the same scenes and sequences with little differences from the previous episodes. my god when they r going to make any real change in the story. they r repeating the same thing. the few differences are bulbal died and now tanu and nikhil’s conspiracy instead of aaliya. And it has started to make me feel boring to watch this day and day. Everyday i used to watch the episode with some hope that something would have changed in today’s episode like something wil b revealed to abhi or either tanu or nikhil get caught, but nothing is changing. so dumb scenes. anyway, they r gng to repeat the same thing, its better to stop watching it…

  11. Navya

    This crap will not end.. Yeh vaada raha and ek tha raja ek thi rani is far better than this bullshit…

  12. Payal

    I”m sorry Pragya fans, I am sick of her, the way she talks, repeatedly drags what he says. I hated the scene where she is captured, tied up in the chair and has a little girl to save,
    Why is she mouthing off to Nikhil, he can do anything he wants with her and Pari,
    Soooooo stupid, she started out smart when she was teaching, now all she does is run her mouth. Sorry fans!

    • Sahithi

      That’s true she is made to talk more n do less, but seeing such comments and feedback, this time writers r showing that Nikhil is getting affected by Pragya’s words n getting scared ???

      Like seriously Pragya is doing reverse emotional blackmailing on Nikhil..

      • Sahithi

        I will have to rewatch, didn’t observe yday but recently saw when she went for the ditto tv event, her dimples were visible.

  13. Leila

    The precap has to be a dream n i hope abhi catch tanu in her game this time he should check her phone

  14. CSHtehebsvnana

    please stop thus stupid serial. Its too irritating. In this serial there is no place 4 truth. If aliya said dat she has kidnapped pragya by neil takur then why not everybidy knows purvi truth. Why purvi is not retun back to sarlas home. Bored serial dat never seen

  15. Shaz

    I think there will be no segment today.
    Oh abhi sign on divorce papers with wrong signature & return it to RS dadi. Without telling anyone follow the RS dadi and find the person who comes to take the divorce papers from her. Then u can get answers for ur whole questions.

  16. ninaricci

    Here we go again. Another KIDNAPPING. Another cat and mouse chase.

    KKB production should just pack up and make way more quality storylines.

    LOW IQ writers.

  17. Somiya


    |Registered Member

    All i know is this: ??????????????? abhi will hear voice of my heart Really? He never even heard i mean trusted when he heard your voice ,again and again getting kidnapped and saying about the vows!SSeriously ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i can’t stop laughing! It’s turning into comedy serial! ??? let’s enjoy it!

  18. Pratiksha

    Guys we have a segment today. Abhi is in pragya’s mom’s house and he have divorce papers in his hands. He is in so much pain and still don’t believe that pragya wants divorce from her. Pragya’s dadi consoles abhi. Otherwise, pragya is kidnapped and tied up with the chair . she has phone in her hands. Guys just look carefully it is the scene before pragya’s running sequence becoz pragya is tied up in that place where they kept pari. If we see carefully then behind pragya, pari’s school bag is still there. But when pragya runs from the kidnappers clutches, there was no pari and the place was also changed a d pragya was tied up differently and no cloth on her mouth to tied. So guys most probably this scene of pragya’s kidnapping is before her escaping. She has phone in her hand so I think nikhil says to pragya to talk with her mother so her mother gets assure that she is kidnapped in his clutches. I think nikhil will put condition in front of pragya for leaving pari that she sign on divorce papers so he could send it to abhi through her family and they could divorced. Today’s segment’s half scene is fresh and half is old. Pragya has been signed on divorce papers on the condition of pari’s freedom. Nikhil will leave pari adter this and then nikhil will call sarla maa and inform her about pragya’s kidnapping and then pragya will talk with sarla maa. When sarla maa will get assure that pragya has been kidnapped by nikhil and her life is in danger then nikhil will threat sarla maa and he will give divorce papers to sarla maa to take abhi’s sign on it. Then as we saw that pragya’s dadi goes to abhi to take jis signs on divorce papers. Abhi will refuse to sign and he will want to meet with pragya first to talk with her before signing the papers. He will go to sarla maa’s house to meet pragya. Otherside, pragya will get succeed in running from kidnapper’s clutches through some one’s help. Mostly with the help of aaliya or sheela. So guys acvording to me sequence will b in this order.

      • Pratiksha

        These news people, see how they prepared the headlines of their segment which will disturbed and confused the audience more. Even I got confused and upset but when I saw the pics of the segment very carefully then I got understand the whole matter behind the segment scenes. Abhi’s part of going to pragya’s home is fresh but pragya’s kidnapping part is old and I m damn sure that it is the scene before pragya’s running from the kidnappers clutches becoz I assumed the things of this scene of pragya’s kidnapping and I compared it to that scene when pragya runs from kidnapper’s clutches, guys scenes r totally different. And how it is different and why I m saying that today’s scene if pragya’s kidnapping is old, I explained it above. Just look the pics of today’s segment, read my views and assumptions and then decide that m I right or not?

    • Sahithi

      Daadi and Purab partially know Pragya was up to something, so I will wait for actual episode to see if they will reveal that to Abhi or not, when he is confused over those divorce papers n Pragya signing on them.

      These days segments n OLVs are showing things partially n adding to our confusion rather than giving clues on what we can expect next. Even precaps are also like that, more targeted at increasing curiosity, n misleading so this time I would rather wait for the drama to unfold in actual episode.

      • Pratiksha

        Yes sahithi, they r keeping everything suspense by confusing segments but if we r very careful then we will get their tricks easily like today I caught their trick. They r showing the segment with puzzled scenes, by adding some before is same later scenes. According to today’s segment’s scene, pragya is still kidnapped and abhi is in dilemma about divorce papers as pragya is not present infront of her to answer his questions. But actually pragya has been escaped and now she us in the way of reaching the home to expose tanu with the help of someone. Instead of believing on segments, we should follow the episodes and should think carefully from our mind.

      • Pratiksha

        In today’s segment pragya’s part is before her escaping and it is from that time when nikhil makes a deal with pragya through divorce papers for leaving pari. Firstly, pragya accepts nikhil’s demand for pari’s freedom but later she will get successful in escaping. I m damn sure about my this assumption.

    • asmitha

      Pratiksha I think they kidnapped her again in segment they have shown that she phoned to abhi but he didn’t lift it because it was an unknown number but I didn’t understood segment clearly but in segment he was crying so much it’s really emotional now how she will escape from there I think she can’t but someone should help her but no one is saying about pragya to abhi it was really irritating what dadi was doing yaar now I am getting doubt is exposure is there r not really didn’t anything

      • Sahithi

        Yes the show became a whole bunch if lies, nobody speaks truth. That’s why I want to wait for episode as Purab is nowhere seen in these segments, OLVs. Also at end of each segment they r saying Abhi will go for searching. But till now he didn’t even realize she might be missing or in danger, he is still confused if she left MM.

      • Pratiksha

        I know Cvs misleaded us many times but don’t know why this time I believes that the things for which promo, actors and everybody is claiming, will surely happen. I didn’t kept my expectations on high level but it is on limit and I have a feeling that this time we will surely get something gud at the end of this week.

  19. Pratiksha

    Guys my dad is not well. I m going with him to the doctor for dad’s check-up. So I can’t watch today’s segment. But will try to give it’s update later.

  20. viren jhilmeet

    hi, im a south african wathcing this series. Basically the whole of 2015 was a merry go round, this series was an utter disapointment and a waste of time for us here in South Africa. We Indians in South Africa look forward to the Sattelite programing from India, but when we thrown with krap such as this series, one wonders as to why we have these programmes. Many viewers in SA have stopped watching KKB and opted on other programmes. i personally stopped watching in MarcH of this year, I was tottaly shocked when i caught a glimpse of the programme yesterday, it was still the same situation. The producers have really disgraced and shamed their name here in SA, truly a waste of time and valuable airtime. Seriously…….its to late to rectify any situation. one whole year wasted.

  21. Ela

    Dear Friends,
    I watched the last segment on April 2015. I stop watching this serial. One of my friend said that tanu’s track is ending this week. So, i read 3 days episode updates here. Again same boring track. These director and producers have no brain. They don’t know how to end the manage the track. I never seen this kind of very worst and stupid director and producer. minus rating serial.

  22. anne

    i think if tanu dont want to go out frm tis track than all fans must go to shooting location n pull her out i just cannot stand a bit also enddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd TANU’S TRACK PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  23. Pratiksha

    Guys today’s segment’s update with it’s link- HIGHLIGHTS:

    Abhi comes to Arora house with divorce papers to talk to Pragya. Rockstar Dadi makes some excuse about Pragya’s absence. Abhi says Pragya is not so heartless that she will go shopping after sending me these divorce papers, she’ll be in as much pain as he is & that he won’t go anywhere without talking to her. Abhi decides to wait for Pragya & sits down on the dinning table’s chair and says it angrily that he won’t go anywhere without talking with her.

    Reporter mentions about Abhi believing the divorce papers when Pragya doesn’t come after long hours of waiting. Abhi starts crying and says to Rockstar Dadi that pragya decided alone about such a big decision. He doesn’t important for her. Pragya should have thought about his love if not hers before taking this step; she knows how much I love her. He cries a lot. Otherside pragya tries to call abhi by kidnappers phone. She reaches near the phone by jumping with the near the phone in tied situation. She manages to call to abhi in tied position somehow. But abhi doesn’t pick her call becoz he was depressed and upset and number was unknown to him. So Abhi doesn’t understand the need of taking the call. He throws his phone on the table in anger and depression.

    One scene shows Pragya shouts that she hasn’t signed the divorce papers & they forcefully got them signed. It seems abhi or some one else takes call atlast but kidnapper reaches im time and snatches the phone from pragya but then also pragya tries to convey her message to abhi that she hasn’t sign the divorce papers but they took her sign forcebly. Kidnapper cuts the call. Pragya geta silent. Kidnappers ties pragya again tightly and one kidnapper says to her that he was being nice to her but she waa calling her husband? And he goes to take the girl to washroom. Pragya insists to the kidnapper to Let her talk with her huaband. She wanta to twll him something. She will not tell about her or will not run from here. Kidnapper doesn’t agree. Reporter says now only rockstar can do something to save pragya.

    No offscreen Interview.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/rN1akLr95T8

    • Pratiksha

      I m still sure that today’s scene of pragya’ s kidnapping and trying to call abhi, it is all before that scene when she escapes from there. Becoz in today’s segment, pari was still there with her and we can easily see her school bag behind pragya. Even kidnapper mentions that he had taken pari to the washroom, it means pari was still there with her and guys just see the things behind pragya when they showed as pragya kidnapped in today’s segment and then just see the things behind pragya when she manages to run from there . Places r totally different, things r totally different and pari and her school bag also not there when pragya runs from there, even the position of pragya when she tied up with chair, it is also different. In today’s scene, pragya have still that white cloth on her mouth and her both hands tied up with both the hands of chair, like we r still seeing her. But when she runs from there, her hands tied up together behind the chair and there was no white cloth to close her mouth .But when she escapes from there, them pari was not with her and the place also gets changed from that place where pragya was tied up with pari. If pari is there with pragya in kidnappers den then pragya never runs without pari. But pragya runs without pari, it means they will leave later and only pragya will left there with kidnappers and then she will try to run in which she will get succeed. Sad part is this that abhi doesn’t have any idea about the ongoing things, he is so much sad and upset and he is misunderstanding pragya. But no one is trying to tell him about anything. Not abhi’s dadi and purab, not pragya’s dadi and her family. Don’t know where sarla maa was vanished when abhi comes to home. Everybody become enemy of abhigya’s union along wuth takhil and aaliya. That is really bad and sad. After watching the segment it looks like that abhi will sign on divorce papers but let’s see if pragya will come before it or anybody will try to stop this divorce?

  24. Pratiksha

    Guys it’s shocking but I just visit on India forum site where someone has mentioned about new promo has been aired few minutes ago. In this new promo, pragya has shown calling to abhi after escapong from kidnapper’s den and tells to him about tanu that how it was all tanu’s plan. Then in next scene, a car shown as hitting pragya. Guys I didn’t saw the promo yet but when I read this, I thought to share with u all. But whenever I will get it’s link then I will surely share it with u guys.

    • Asmitha

      I think this promo is true if it happens then so many questions r there I think this promo is for next week but what is the need to do accident they can show it by uniting them is again they r going to separate them r what no I can’t see it anymore if they will separate again

    • Sahithi

      Pragya has to free herself and run on road to tell Abhi the truth, no one in Arora or Mehra household tell the truth to Abhi.. Hope thats not the case..

      But the promo seems to prove that, so called Pragya’s team and family always ditch her when she needs them the most. Same with Abhi also, even his family leaves him to suffer..

  25. Sahithi

    There is news that till Zee channel finds a show for Sunday slot they may extend their daily shows for Sunday also.

    My very personal opinion, this show content started dragging very badly after it is extended for Saturday also. With 6 episodes quality already took a hit. And most often the lead actors look tired, esp Sriti and Leena. Now if it is really extended for one more day, even for short while, I really dont have much hope on the content.

    Hope this news doesnt turn true.

  26. Neri

    This show is dragging on this Tanu/Nikhil drama for WAY TOO LONG, Come on, you are insulting peoples’ intelligence with this crappy storyline.

  27. anne

    hi everyone just saw a promo pragya calls abhi n tels him everything n wen she runs a black car hits her i think not again

  28. abhilasha tambe

    Taking so much time to exposure tanu …we are getting so boar ..plz …… all the time tanu and nikhil wins….

  29. richard

    Before leaving in search of the doctor’s daughter, I told Pragya to wear jeans, she did not listen. She went there dressed up like a TV heroine. I told her to have a backup plan, she did not listen. Then I told her, if she finds the doctor’s kidnapped daughter, to call up the police giving them the information to trade her whereabouts, she did not listen. Don’t you think, Pragya is the dumbest of all the heroines?

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