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The episode starts with constable informing inspector that all other girl’s parents came gave their identities except Pragya. Inspector asks him to put Pragya behind bar. Lady constable drags her towards cell when Sarla comes there and stops and says she is her mother. Sarla asks Pragya what did she do to come here. Pragya emotionally hugs her. Suresh asks her to tell Sarla the truth. Sarla asks her where is Abhi. Abhi just comes there with Tanu and Aaliya. He sees Sarla and Daadi and changes his track. Abhi angrily scolds inspector for arresting his wife and says they just try to tamper celebtrity’s life for publicity, etc. He asks Pragya why did not she inform that she is his wife. Pragya says she informed, but inspector did not listen. She hugs him and asks Sarla’s

reaction. Abhi says he is just worried about Daadi. Pragya apologizes Abhi. Abhi says starts acting and says why did she allow him to go on concert and says he loves her a lot and will not live without her. Inspector thinks she told her husband does not love her, but it is opposite. Constable says him the same. He says not to tell it loudly as Abhi may sue them and they may lose their jobs. Abhi asks inspector why did he arrest his wife. Inspector says he got drugs from PRagya’s bags. Abhi says if he got any identity proof from bag. Inspector says no. He then says without investigating how can he arrest anyone, he will have to pay for it. He then asks Sarla why did she come there. Sarla says she got tensed hearing the news. Abhi says he told he will take care of her daughter, but why did not she believe him. Sarla apologizes and asks they had to go to Shimla, then why did not they go. Abhi says their flight missed, so he tought of spending a night in hotel with Pragya and takes Pragya from there. Sarla and Daadi also leave from there. Suresh thinks something is fishy.

Sarla says Abhi that she is not convinced that he is perfect for her daughter.

Abhi says he could not take his daughter to honeymoon at all. Sarla says honeymoon is for couple to know each other, when they already love each other so much, every day is honeymoon. She prays god to keep them happy togther like this. Suresh hears their whole conversation silently. Pragya thanks Abhi and they both leave.

Bulbul is tensed thinking about the situation there and thinks of going herself and checking. She comes out of her house and sees Purab there. She asks what is he doing here. Purab says he is waiting for her and would have waited until she would have come. Bulbul says she already told him not to meet her again. Purab says he knows he is responsible for her and Pragya’s troubles and says he has taken a decision to marry Aaliya now. He asks how will she deny the truth that he loves only her. They both hold their hands and emotionally cry. Ye dil tanhaa kyun rahe…. song plays in the background. Purab wipes Bulbul’s tears and they both cry vigorously hugging each other. Bulbul turns back and says he took a right decision, but it is too late as maa and dadi would have known Pragya and Abhi’s truth and runs from there.

Sarla informs Bulbul that Abhi himself came to police station and took Pragya from there. Bulbul thinks Abhi is manipulating somany people’s lives just for his sister. She asks Sarla why did not she bring Pragya here. Sarla says Pragya is happy with Abhi and it is her home now. Bulbul thinks Abhi is big problem for Pragya.

As soon as Abhi and Pragya reach home, she asks Pragya why did not call her as she was worried about her. Pragya says her phone got switched off. Abhi says daadi her bahu is alright. Daadi says why did he leave Pragya alone in a hotel instead of going to Shimla and says she will not be happy until Pragya is happy, asks him to take care of Pragya well, says she will go with Pragya and says if they both go, he will be alone with only his money. She goes from there sadly after saying that. Abhi gets angry on Pragya saying daadi first time spoke to him rudely because of her and asks if she wanted to take revenge like this as he took away her Purab from her. He tries to strangulate her, but Aaliya stops him and says they won’t gain anything by killing her. Abhi says he will feel peace if he kills her and asks why did not she help him in front of daadi. Aaliya asks Abhi to leave Pragya alone. Abhi says why should I leave her, she should leave this house.

Precap: Aaliya says Abhi we should tarnish Pragya’s image in front of daadi, then it will be easy for us to kick her out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. they need to move faster wit tis track….I jus want to see how much of a fool abhi and aliya feels when they kno they have been torturin the wrong one….jus like pragya but she needs to be more tough wit abhi he dont deserve her

  2. Show is too slow how much will Pragya have to go tru…before Abhi learns the truth. 🙁

  3. Ya i too think the same
    Its moving slowly
    y won’t they add some romance shots btween them pragya and abhi

  4. I hate tanu

  5. Thanks for updating but will you update its quickly it take so time
    I feel like dying pls update quickly

  6. I wish it will move on nice in further episodes

  7. I love abhi and pragya relationship. even though its on a rocky start their love track is gonna be awesome. i cant wait when he finds out the truth, he’s gonna have to earn her trust and love. i use to like suresh but his annoying me now.

  8. Any serial with ekta kapoor’s name one is bound to b upset. That woman is so annoying. Women have to b torture all the time in her serial n she is a woman? Wooowww!!!

  9. Comeon ekta kapoor pls don’t spoil this serial like ur other serial

  10. Pls update faster

  11. tanu is only 4 me ….i love tanu…den how she got mRry with abhi lodu chand

  12. tanu is only 4 me

  13. Yaar purab kyun aliya se shaadi kar raha hai????….bulbul se kar le…aur aliya aur tanu + Abhi ki popat

  14. Abhi learn d truth very fast

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