Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Purab dancing with a girl. Girl thanks him for saving her from drunkard. Purab says it is okay and asks her to do a favor for him. Girl thinks if he wants her. Purab says you are thinking wrong and asks her to just call Police and tell them that he misbehaved with her. Girl asks why? Purab tells her that he wants the winning Jodi Abhi and Pragya to unite, but few people wants to separate them. Girl agrees. Pragya asks Abhi if he is not jealous to see Tanu dancing with someone else. Abhi says no. He says I can dance with you all night. Pragya says you don’t perform all night for your fans also and asks who am I to you…hum aapke hai koun….Abhi looks at her and have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan plays…Girl pushes Purab and slaps him as planned. Purab acts to be drunk and

asks why you slapped me. Girl says this man misbehaved with me, and says that she agreed to dance with him, but he was touching her. Abhi says he is my friend and he can’t do this. Girl says you are supporting him as you are his friend. Girl asks if I am lying and that type girl.

Abhi asks Purab to say that he didn’t do anything. Purab says I haven’t done anything. Girl threatens to call Police. She calls Police and asks them to come to Pub. Abhi asks her why she is making issue? Girl gets angry and says I can’t bear when a drunkard man touches me, I will get him punished else my name is not Tina. Abhi says why he will misbehaved with you, when he has a girl friend. Girl asks why his girlfriend was dancing with you then. Abhi is speechless. Girl says Purab have no interest in his girl friend. Abhi asks Purab to say something. Purab says he touched her as she is beautiful, like they touch tajmahal to check.

Police comes there. Pragya says he can’t misbehave with anyone. Purab says I misbehaved with her, but I was drunk. Inspector asks Girl not to worry and says they will beat him. Abhi tells Inspector that his friend Purab is very nice man. Inspector says he agreed. Abhi asks Tina to punish him, but not to send him to jail else his reputation will be ruined. Girl asks Purab what he feels for her. Purab says you are pataka and maal. Girl says you are asking me to forgive him and he is eyeing me badly. Inspector takes Purab. Purab thanks Tina. Tanu thinks she shall inform Aaliya.

Dasi comes to Aaliya’s room. Aaliya says if she added something in milk. Dasi says no and goes. Aaliya gets Tanu’s call and she informs her that Purab is arrested by Police. Aaliya asks if she is drunk and says Purab can’t misbehaved or touched any girl. Tanu says Purab confessed to have touched her. Aaliya asks what Abhi and Pragya doing? Tanu says they are trying to free Purab. Aaliya says what is going on in his mind, and thinks why he is doing this which he never done before.

Pragya says we shall go to Police station and free him out. Abhi says I can’t believe that he can do such a thing and he even whispered something in Tina’s ears while taken away by Police. He comes to Tanu and asks her to go with driver. He says he is going with Pragya to Police. Abhi says I can’t send her alone to Police station. Tanu says you are not concerned about me, but her. Abhi says you are a modern girl and can go alone. Tanu says if you go with her then I will be sure that you have feelings for her. Abhi asks her to think what she wants and goes. Tanu is irked.

Abhi and Pragya come to Police station. Abhi tells Inspector that he came to bail out Purab. Inspector says case is serious as it is molestation case, and if I free him then girl can reach women organization. He says they have to keep Purab in jail tonight and bail him out in the morning. Pragya insists to meet him. Inspector asks who is she? Abhi says Purab’s girlfriend. Inspector lets Pragya meets Purab because of Abhi and asks Constable to bring some snacks for him.

Pragya asks Purab what he is hiding from him and gets concerned for him. Purab says he will be bail out in the morning. Pragya asks if he is hiding from her. Purab accepts that it was his plan to unite them.

Purab tells Pragya that he can anything to unite her with Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    waste of time

  2. kumkum-bhagya Abhigya super episode

    Nice episode ABHI is not even concerning about tanu but pragya. Good episode purab love you and your plans are so sweet but please don’t let tanu to unite with ABHI but pragya.

  3. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    WTF! either end this track or shut the show

  4. today really nice episode!!always in this show only showed how the villans go any extent to punish ,torture and making helpless of abhigya ….
    but today ever first time in kkb history purab who is so good…proved that he will go any extreme to unite abhi and pragya,
    purab is simply amazing….
    (want bulbul back can’t see purab alone,he also has life…pls writers make purab life colourful)
    loved the way aliya suffering of what purab will do now,and tanu suffering of abhi doesn’t listen to her…
    (tanu abhi doesn’t love you,u can’t make him jealous she is stupid)….
    want abhigya reunion and purab bulbul back…
    in this show villans are living lavish life and enjoying happily but leads( abhigya )are struggling for their love..purab living without his life…always leads are separated before uniting

    1. What do you think about reentry of Bulbul???

    2. i like your comments and agree with your comments janu………………

      I like Purab so much…………… He is acting as a boyfriend of Pragya for unite her with Abhi, otherwise he doesn’t take any advantage to Pragya……….

      He is so nice guy………………but no one is think about his life,…………..all are selfish……..

      Purab only the man who have not any selfishness and helping them always without asking any question and without any doubt on them and without expect anything………………………..

      Please bring back bulbul for him, we can’t see him alone……..

  5. waaaw this show has again started with it logic and charm which was lost years back and portrays how we should surrender our selves for one another infact purab love towards pragya is a perfect example of a gud friendship, brother in-law, and even a perfect husband, as for today’s epi hats of to purab am sooo delighted even if the makers continue with their illogic writing today’s update for instance has given me it charm back love it

  6. I must say it’s like the producers wants to enter Guinness book of records for longest series episodes. I have waste or spent lots of resources and time on the show

  7. Hiranmaychellapat

    today episode is awesome . purab are rocking guy . I am to happy the way abhi is not concerning to tanu . abhi soooo good boy .

  8. Plz end this series. Its too long and boring now. Isnt it about time abhi learns d truth now. Geez. Bored.

  9. purab is a kind man

  10. I like the way purab trying to get abi and pragya together. I just hope abhi doesn’t hate him for it. But so far so good. Keep up the good works. Love your acting purab. His doing really well.

  11. there is no really any flavour now in this show except dragging and making episodes became boooooring and full of crap

  12. it is so cute to see abhi’s jealous, feeling and concern for pragya and not concern about tanu. Very nice… hats off purab… but please don’t drag more than this. Then fans will become villans…and may make it as worst in trp tooo

  13. Purab should just marry Pragya he treat her way better than Abhi ever did

  14. Today the epi was satisfying but egger to see what’s purab s plan

  15. malika carter

    wonderful episode today hats off purab

  16. Everyone should get a friend like purab… Purab u r always rocking…. Hats off to you

  17. Today I’m badly missing bulbul if she is here means she might have united abhi & pragya long time before itself.

  18. SavitaVidya

    Ok to those of you complaining please be appreciative. are they dragging the main trck..the ML trck? yes. but the sub tracks are moving fast. and finally Arjits leavin made writers realise that Purab character is essential to the show so he is doing something real. the bloopers have reduced and the story is good. Unlike old days were Taliya plans got fulfilled and they got away with it, this time they plan but the plans never get fulfilled and good comes out on top. so lets give our CVs time. and also appreciate a good change when we see one. its healthy to be positive sometimes guys.

    i for one loved the Epi…i this writer must have changed or got salary increament. now to make this better Bulbul needs to return. A nd Abhi regain his memory!!



    Abhigya comes out from the police station after meeting with purab. They gets ready to go home. Pragya comes out from the police station worriedly. She gets lost in her thoughts. Abhi follows her lost in her thoughts. They comes towards the car where they had parked it but they doesn’t find it there. Abhigya searches for the car here and there everywhere. Reporter says that abhi has become “ghanchakkar” (behaving like fool) that he is searching for the car under the bikes. Abhi searches for his car near and under the bike. Abhi have the keys of his car but car gets lost. Pragya has shown something ask from abhi. Abhigya tries to find the car a lot but gets failed. Finally abhi talks from a constable about his lost car. Then constable tells them that it’s been habit here that wheelers gets steal, in fact there own police jeep has been stolen from here at a time.
    Sriti and shabbir’s interview-
    They just cracks jokes and tells that how theis car is lost etc.. etc. That’s it.

    Reporter says that abhigya came police station for purab becoz purab is arrested for his plan to make abhi realize that there is nothing serious between Pragya and him by molesting a girl in a pub. Reporter says that purab’s plan was superb but between all thus abhi gets lost his car.


    According to SBS, kkb is on first place with saith nibhana Saathiya but according to BAARC info on website, kkb is on second place.


    The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Purab gets arrested for molesting a girl.

    Purab just did this drama to prove Abhi that he does not love Pragya and his plan almost gets successful too.

    Abhi and Pragya reach to bail out Purab but they find him bail out already.

    Abhi and Pragya sadly come out thinking about how can Purab can go slow low.

    Abhi unlock his car but its missing and search everywhere while Pragya get shocked seeing Abhi’s mad behavior.

    Abhi searches his car under the bike and Pragya asks him who searches car under bike but Abhi just wants his car back.

    Abhi and Prgya ask inspector about his care and he tells him that it is stolen which makes Abhi shocked.

    Pragya tries to console Abhi seeing him emotional for his car and asks him that they will take auto returning to home.

    Abhi and Pragya argue over getting auto and Abhi recall their old moments.

    Is Purab hand missing Abhi’s car?
    Stay tuned…

  21. Wow superb is it police station or supermarket…?? Ekta n writers plztry to write some logic things instead of fooling everybody…they are making all d professionals are jokers n very low in front of viewersviewers. First lawyers, doctors, hotel managers n now police…anyone missing???… Omg plz stop such things

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