Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi saying thanks to Abhi for stopping Pragya from leaving the house. Akash says you doesn’t know what Abhi did to stop her. Dadi asks what? Abhi says let it be and asks why did she want to stop her. Dadi says when Pragya was leaving, she saw old Pragya in her and got emotional. Abhi asks her to take rest and sleep and asks Akash and Rachna to take care of her. Pragya looks at Dadi from outside the house.

Aaliya appreciates herself and says she can do anything now, she was hopeless two days before, but now can do anything. She says this feeling is awesome and she has become queen of the world. She says I will insult Abhi more and more daily after Pragya leaves the house. Raj comes to meet Aaliya. Tanu stops him. Aaliya asks her to let him come, and says afterall

he is also a team member. Raj comes and asks he wants to know what was happening downstairs. Aaliya says she don’t want to repeat her words and says she told clearly that she is the owner of everything. Raj reminds of her words that they are team and says whatever money you got shall be distributed among us. Aaliya says she has planned everything and did all the hardwork, and asks why shall she distribute the money to them. Raj says I should have thought that you can cheat me. Aaliya asks him to go to Dadi’s room and cry. Raj asks her to celebrate for now and says I know your weakness, when you will be caught then you will come to me. Aaliya says I was just joking and asks how can I betray you. You both are my team members, lets celebrate.

Purab comes to Dadi and asks if she is fine? Dasi says Aaliya was kicking Pragya out of house, but seeing her going Dadi got unwell. She says Abhi pleaded infront of Aaliya and took her permission to let Pragya stay for a day. Rachna feels bad for Abhi. Dasi says even Pragya didn’t insulted Abhi like this, the way Aaliya hurt him. Purab asks Dasi, if she knows the truth. Dasi says no. Purab asks Rachna about Abhi, and thinks to talk to Aaliya to make her realize her mistake. Dadi wonders where will Pragya stay after she leaves the house, and also worries for Abhi. Abhi recalls the insult meted to him by Aaliya and gets teary eyes. Pragya happens to see him crying. Ya Rabba plays………….Abhi looks at her and wipes her tears. He says I don’t want to talk to anyone and asks her to go. Tanu asks Aaliya to get her married to Abhi after kicking Pragya out. Aaliya is thinking something. Tanu asks her to reply. Aaliya says we haven’t thought about Nikhil’s reaction after knowing that everything is transferred on my name. She says Nikhil will ask you to marry him. Tanu says she don’t want to marry him and asks her to do something. Aaliya asks if Abhi leaves the house, will you also go with him. Tanu says why he will do this? Aaliya says Abhi will not tolerate her behavior and will leave the house. Tanu says yes and asks what shall I do.

Purab calls Aaliya. Tanu asks her to handle Purab and goes. Purab enters her room. Aaliya says I am happy to see you and glad to see you moved on. Purab says I am not at all happy to see you and asks her not to consider him as her friend. Aaliya asks why he is over reacting and tells about her revenge. Purab asks why she is taking revenge and why she is destroying her good family, and getting everyone against her. Purab asks her to stop else everything will be ruined. Aaliya says Abhi had ended relation with me, and asks him not to interfere in their matter. Purab tries to make her understand her mistake. Aaliya says she is not doing wrong. Aaliya thinks she is doing this for both of them and says her life’s biggest mistake is loving him. Tanu comes and says you will lose Purab. Aaliya says she will plan to get him and asks him to wait and see.

Purab comes to Pragya. Pragya tells him that Abhi is sitting inside the room from a long time. Purab knocks on the door asking him to open the door. Abhi opens the door and asks about him. He asks about Sarla and says her house might have changed. He says everyone has changed in his house, or may be they were same before also and he has changed. He says I have decided that you don’t have to work for me, seriously as there is no use.

Abhi says now my family is also mine, I have no family. I shall work for whom, and asks him not to come to this house again. He says I will come and meet you. Purab says I can understand why a man is stronger than woman. He says woman can show their emotional, but man can’t. Abhi says they have can take out their emotions. Purab says you are strong and asks him to look at him. He says I have lost my love, my Bulbul….I have all reasons to drink, but I don’t want to drink. He gives him strength and goes. Abhi cries.

Abhi tells Pragya that she can’t know what he is feeling now. Pragya says I can understand your pain and have solution too. She hugs him. Abhi pushes her away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ishu

    Everything happened what pragya wanted not to.. what is the point of hiding the truth from abhi even now? Aaliya herself was degraded in front of abhi.. most of abhi’s trustworth members know the truth of pragya’s lady mohambo avatar.. i seriously don’t know if pragya could share her plans with suresh’s sister, what is her problem of sharing it with her lovable soulmate? I agree no one would believe at first.. but abhi would have given pragya a chance of proving aaliya and tanu’s betrayal… stupidity overloaded…

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    The story gng on a bad track…….It’s have tooooooo much of dragginggggg……plz make improve it……..soooooo boringggggggg

  3. nivi

    after all these big turn also abhi dint u realize ur fuggi???
    i really feel happy tat after u seein everythin in pragya’s bag u came to a conclusion tat u knw she s ur fuggi bt u still dint realize her. y abhi y?????
    u easily forgv aliya watever she does bt u wnt believe pragya.
    im feelin guilty nw tat hz cum she can live wit u without trust on her
    apart 4m luv trust s more important 4 all relationz.
    abhigya partly ly trustinnnnnnn
    Bt very thankful to CVS to move d track little bit fast
    watever it s im a fan of ABHIGYA

    • Ya nivi even he didn’t remember once that pragya was going borrowing fuggy doll and his photoframe with her. Even this is not the first time when he has ignored these hints, he did as it many times. Previously he ignores all these hints becoz pragya tried to prove herself as changed unfront of him but now from sometimes, she didn’t do this everytime , even she is being unable in controling her emotions in front of abhi, like from past few days. But now also these hints r not effecting abhi at all, by which he do believe that she is fuggy. Now I feels how he will believe on pragya’s truth after getting know everything and how he will react and behave with pragya after knowing the truth. I think abhi will need sometimes to accept the truth and pragya in his life.

  4. reji

    pratiksha do u think raj will expose aliya when she come to take revenge now aliya is exposed in one way but the other way is with vijay she affected bulbul this truth did raj know about it now this episode raj said to aliya he only knows her weakness wat weakness and in tanu’s point about nikhil’s reacton will nikhil give another entry to MM and if aliya didn’t give money share to raj means will raj will say the weakness about aliya something like that will happen??????? and y don’t this dadi reveal the truth to abhi i am waiting for the day when abhi come to know about the truth do u sahithi srimathi and razia

    • Reji off course raaj could ditch aaliya but only for saving himself, if aaliya will b try to double cross him becoz he is more intelligent and clever than aaliya and not foolish like tanu who lives in own wonderland and overconfidence always. Now Raaj can do anything for his profit and anything to save himself. I don’t know what is aaliya’s exact weakness, about which he was talking to use but he knows her every crime, this could b her weakness, I think. And dadi didn’t tell the truth to abhi in yesterday’s episode becoz dasi was there with them and anyone could come to see her and the story of behind pragya’s truth is long to tell so it was not the right time and place to tell the truth to abhi. Becoz with telling him the truth now they have to make abhi’s understand about the complications of circumstances and reasons of their helplessness of taking such a big step of pragya’s makeover. It needs so much time that’s why I think dafi didn’t tell the truth to him. Everybody’s is waiting for truth revelation in front of abhi but what can we do,it depends only on CVS so we have to wait for it.

      • razia

        I don think they vl reveal the truth by nw to abhi .. Even afta bulbuls death pragya din tel her mom even n dadi dint tel abhi ..
        Nw ter is no hard reasons to reveal the truth .. I think they vl reveal afta a long en thy vl face a big lose or helplessness .. Durinf tanus or maybe during raajs truth

    • razia

      Al these may happen bt very late
      Reji feeln bad seriously fa abhis behaviour towards pragya
      I agree he’s heart broken bt he alwz show his anger on pragya
      I agree one vl show al his anger on the loved ones only bt this alwz happens wid pragya
      Y she s supposed to suffer alwz
      Fed up really
      Cant see her crying this much

  5. Nithi

    Yeah its too bad:(
    But after abhi knowing d truth, pragya shouldnt go along with abhi. She should keep distance atleast fr some days so tat abhi should realise how much pain she had till now n how much she got hurted..otherwise thr is no other way fr him to understand her pain

  6. Sahithi

    I missed today’s epi, had some issue with TV. But reading update n seeing some clips on IG, had this feeling that, Pragya wants to expose these 3 ppl. But after being successful, if at all possible in next few months, how will she rekindle her relation with Abhi. How will Abhi react, he seems to b so so angry, upset n in pain seeing Aaliya. What abt his situation when he knows abt Tanu n Raaj also.
    It is definitely like fooling him, though for his own good as perceived by Daadi.

    I think Daadi Bulbul Purab Akash Rachna all will justify to Abhi at that time, but as I always expected this whole plan will only hurt Abhi. N is distancing him from Pragya, though not physically.

  7. Pragya is suffering equally with abhi in all this. Purab is right that there is a difference between man and woman that woman can express their pain through tears but man does not, and this difference we could easily see in the precap, a difference between abhi and pragya that pragya shows her pain through love but abhi expresses it through anger. It’s bad luck for pragya that he can’t understand her and gudluck for abhi that she understands her so well. I hope after sought out everything, these differences will go away.

    • Abhi’s condition is understandable that he is going through so with so much pain but he should not forget that pragya is also going through the pain of her sister’s lose, which is happened just recently and her life is still surrounded with danger. Abhi shouldn’t behave with pragya like this? She was just trying to consoling him just like abhi was consoling her when she was crying in Bulbul’s death’s pain. But as I said this is the difference between both of them that pragya expresses her pain through love but abhi expresses it through anger, which becomes painful for pragya every time. I know he will regret for it later and will try to correct his mistake but before that pragya have to suffer from his humiliation.

      • Sahithi

        But when I was thinking of what is going to happen in next episode, I felt Aaliya had a reason to think that Abhi is partial to Arora sisters.
        Pragya took sign on consent paper but used that to get property changed on her name, that means she manipulated his sign for her own purpose to own the property.
        Aaliya also took POA papers which are on Abhi’s name and got property transferred on her name.

        We know the intention in both the cases is different but when u think from Abhi’s perspective it is same, he thinks ppl around him have a mask(as he was saying in yday episode). One was wife, one was sis, but both tried to snatch his money, property n want to boss around n insult him.

        But in Aaliya’s case, he called police, of course they have proofs now, but even in Pragya’s case he could have countered her saying she manipulated his sign.

        I dont think there is point in blaming Abhi because Pragya’s approach to show truth by telling a story that she herself cheated him is wrong. Why would Abhi want Pragya to console him now when she did the same thing few months back. Anyone in his place would never want Pragya’s sympathies.

      • I know sahithi pragya did same like aaliya with him but here the situation is different and abhi and pragya both r sharing similar pain of lose. Like pragya, abhi too has lost his sister, only difference is pragya’s sister is dead for her and everybody and abhi’s sister has become equal like dead means her existence doesn’t matter for abhi becoz aaliya has finished all the means of a relationship between a brother and sister. So it’s like abhi had a sister but now he has lost it becoz of hatred and revenge of her sister. So the pain from which abhi is going through is same like pragya’s. So this is not the right time to pushed her away or behaving with her rudely. And abhi is responsible for his own present condition. He believed on a sister who has been cheated him many times. He took signatures of pragya on her suggestion. In fact he said to tanu to tell to aaliya to make property papers. If he could believe on this much on his own sister, who ditched him every time so why he didn’t believe on pragya once when she told abhi that aaliya has never changed, she is only pretending as gud. I know in which image pragya was that day and today, it was hard for abhi to believe on her but so many proofs or hints came in front of abhi against aaliya but he ignored all of them and kept his believe continue on aaliya. This was his mistake. And I think in today’s episode pragya will tell to abhi about her plan that it was her trap for aaliya to bring her truth in front of him and everyone. And may b she will say this too that aaliya came in their room to search evidence about whom she was telling to everyone thatshe has some evidences against culprit. So through it, it has proved that aaliya is the culprit. This is my guess but I have a gutt feeling that pragya will tell abhi about her plan to trap aaliya. That’s why in segment, abhi was looking calm like he knows that everything will get solved, when aaliya was trying to throw pragya out from the house in morning and calls out everybody for it. And he will call the police for arresting aaliya becoz I think he knows that after exposure, she may try to harm pragya or anyone to take revenge. That’s why he will call the police so when she will b in the jail and the matter will become legal then it will b hard for her to harm pragya or anyone becoz it will take her directly in jail if she will do anything wrong again. And a hard punishment was also needed by abhi’s side becoz he forgave her many times but now she has crossed all the limits and abhi got to know now that she could never improve as gud. And about peagya so she has ditched abhi first time ever according to him, about which a kind of suspicion is remain continuously in abhi’s mind that she has really changed or there is something or fuggy is hidden in her? Becoz of this suspicion, he is unable to take action against pragya. But aaliya has ditched him so many times and he forgave her every time but as I said now she has crossed all the limits and her truth has came in front of abhi fully that what she have in her heart for him so now when everything is clear in front of him like a mirror about aaliya’s intentions so how could he forgive her and let her leave simply and easily. Abhi behaved with pragya rudely becoz he was irritate from everybody’s cheating and after finding him alone and as we knows abhi’s anger and ego is very big than anything becoz of which he becomes blind and he loses his strength of thinking, this is the reason of his outburst and rude behavior towards pragya or anyone.

  8. Razzy

    I hate seeing abhi in this condition it’s to emotional that I could not take more. Every sad parts I miss it. I’m waiting for pragya to expose alliya. And tat tanu it’s almost a year since she got pregnant, by this time you would b blooming.

  9. hani

    In this precap a abhi is so selfish did his sister only betrayed him and he will only know the feelings did forgot that pragya lost her sister I’m so upset with abhi

  10. Nithi

    Anyway if abhi will come to know other two’s real faces then he will be fully broke…in that situation might be he need pragya support only much…..

  11. Kiara

    Aaliya is going to get caught in front of Abhi in tomorrow’s or Wednesday’s episode. Abhi will slap and send Aaliya to jail. Now Pragya just has to expose Tanu and Raj

  12. anu

    I am happy that aliyah will be exposed finally.
    But i fear her comeback.
    Now it shall be tanu’s turn to be exposed.
    I guess raj will be bailing aliyah out and plan a mastermind game.

  13. shruti

    i just want t know tanu ka baby is going to be a kid of a human of elephant hahahaha last feb se she is pregnant n ab tak kuch nai hua

  14. stacie jane

    bla bla bla..crying, dragging,more emotional eps…bad will win, good will lose then God help then bla bla..wake up writer of this ridiculous drama ever written! if you keep these way of elaborating the plot, you will loose the idea. After that, new entry, new story just like qubool hai and etc…gosh!! i wonder how you can be a writer yet lack of creativity..????

  15. heidi

    OMg KKB is still going the wrong way. Sorry readers but the story can be thrown now in the carbage Really worthless

  16. ria

    Super episode.but alia and tanu u both r just a characterless women just pls quite d show.and precap so sad.pls unite abiya

  17. gajanan soyam

    Serial is now becoming boring boring day by day
    Bahot lamba khich rahe ho bhai
    Aisa kabhi hota h kya
    Aliya ka such samne lane me itna waqt thodehi lagta h

  18. razia

    I hope it vl take a very long fa pragya dadi purab n co to knoe Raj being the culprit behind aaliya
    Tat itslf is way long
    N it’ll take too long to prove him wrong

  19. Guys I forgot to give special mention to purab. He was the real hero of yesterday’s episode. He is going through such a big pain of his life of losing his love which was everything for him even after this, he was handling everyone and trying to make things fine. How he had come to help pragya and abhi when he is also in so much pain and sorrow.The way he went to see dadi for knowing her health, the way he tried to make aaliya understand about her mistake and the way he gave his shoulder to his best friend to abhi to share his pain and to make him calm, that was so much appreciable. He is such a nice person. He has all quality of a gud person. He is such a gud friend, such a gud brother, such a gud lover and such a gud son, even when he haven’t his own family but he is fulfilling his every responsibility which a gud man fulfills. That’s why I said it once before that bulbul is such a luckiest girl who have a lover like purab. In fact every person which is related to purab somehow, that person is also lucky to have him. Abhi is loving by the audience becoz of his different way of life style and behavior but purab is such a sweetheart. I think and I m sure every girl will want a lover and a life partner like purab in her life.?

    • Priya $

      Ya pratiksha u r rit… His behavior was tat much matured.. I think once r twice he got angry with bulbul.. He knows how to handle the situation.. Were tat Nikil gone I think next week there is chance for Nikil entry.. I think Purab knows abt bulbul.. I think so.. After rachna’s entry I think Purab may know abt bulbul… For pragya may b he hiding. Just a assumption..

  20. priya e

    Even anyone in place of Abhi would have been do this only… There is no guilt in his behaviour…. He will give love and respect to each person who give respects him… But he can’t tolerate now anymore… He is also a human being na…!!!! Now he is not able to trust any women in his life (whether its his fuggi, or tanu or aliya and also even dadi…!!!!!) So saaaaaaaad for him..:-( But satisfied by seeing that SBS segment… Waiting for that episode…

  21. Priya

    abhi y cant u belive tat pragya is ur fuggi……..after seeing things in her bag.. now little dragging,…………….but wtever goes on. I love abhigya the most.abhigya forever,………….,………………………………..

  22. rose

    feeling bad for pragya . but abhi must think about her behaviours of taking fuggi doll nd abhi’s pic. once again he was hurting pragya. now POP is in abhi or pragya name

  23. sheetha

    seen this in FB

    Pragya returns to her fuggi
    avatar post Aliya’s exit
    The upcoming episode will show that Purab comes
    to Mehra house and reveals all truth.
    Abhi gets shocked knowing that Aliya prepared
    fake documents to get the property.
    Abhi is also shocked knowing that Aliya tried to
    attack Pragya to kill her.
    Aliya gets out of control and also reveals that she
    still love Purab and done all this for him.
    Abhi slaps Aliya and sends her to jail and is sad
    knowing about her betrayal.
    There Pragya finds it a right time and reveals her
    truth of being his Fuggi.
    She tells that she was doing all drama to bring
    truth infront of all.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

    • This could not possible until pragya does not reveals tanu’s truth, she can’t come as fuggy and can’t tell her truth to abhi or anyone. Ya pragya may reveal this that it was her plan to expose aaliya that’s why she had planned a trap to aaliya through property papers. That’s it.

  24. SMC

    Guys I wl be creating a new FF that wl include Abhigya so if u interested pls read and comment whether it’s a yes or a no
    The characters will be Mantu and Amaya,Twinkle and Kunj,Abhi and Pragya,Arjun and Radhika,Neil and Samaira,Swara and Sanskaar,Ragini and Laksh,Abeer and Meher,Jeevika and Viren,Ishani and Ranveer,Karthik and Survi.

  25. Guys get ready to see abhigya’s emotional and romantic hugs and scenes in today’s episode like that when abhi was consoling pragya through the comfort of his hugs. Precap was making people angry but when it will come in episode, it will b treat to watch. I just some of pics of their today’s hugs and emotional scene on instagram.

  26. Sahithi

    There are more spoiler pics where there will be deal between Abhi n Pragya that if Pragya manages to stay beyond 10 AM, she has to become Fuggy again else she will anyhow have to leave as Aaliya ordered. Thats interesting 🙂

  27. razia

    Omg today thr is a treat fa u al guys
    Don miss the episode
    Yoll love it jus saw some pix
    Bt I cant watch it 🙁
    Enjoy guys def yull love it

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