Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Tanu looking at the photos and thinks there is her photos with abhi. Pragya asks why you have torn the photos? Tanu says it came in the parcel. Purab reads the message sent by the sender. He warns Abhi not to marry Tanu. Tanu gets angry. Pragya says Abhi can’t upset his fans. Abhi says I can’t marry my fans and will do what I want. If I have to marry her, then I will marry her. Tanu thinks blackmailer have sent this parcel and thinks she won’t take it lightly. Tanu tells Abhi that she will call Robin to clear the stuff. Mitali thinks about Raj’s words and is pressing the clothes. Rachna comes and asks where is your attention. Mitali asks Rachna to tell Akash to bring Raj here. Rachna says you are getting punished for your sins. Mitali asks what wrong

did I do? Rachna tries to make her explain to get right. Abhi tells Purab to go to Police station and enquire about Sarla. Purab looks at Pragya. Abhi says we have to search Sarla fast.

Pragya says she has important work to do. Abhi asks her to stay there. Pragya thinks what to do, if she shall leave. Tanu thinks what Nikhil might be doing? Pragya thinks to follow Tanu. She asks Abhi to leave her hand. Abhi asks her to clear his confusion first. Pragya says she is going to search her mum. Abhi says you don’t care for her. Pragya says she is her mum and she will find her. Abhi says he will also go with her and asks if she is a super woman. Pragya thinks only Abhi can take her to that place before Tanu, and asks him to take her without asking any questions. Dadi thinks why Dasi is standing here. Dadi thinks she will see if Abhi is there in the room first. She opens the door and finds nobody. Dasi asks you are searching whom? Dadi says no. Dasi says you are searching someone, but didn’t take her name. She says Abhi went to marry Tanu in court, but you haven’t told me. Dadi asks her to spy and know.

Pragya asks Abhi to take a turn. Abhi gets angry as she asked him to take turn late. He argues. Pragya asks him not to question her and drive silently. Abhi and Pragya gets down the car. Pragya says she parked the car near here, and thinks to make Abhi busy. She says she came to meet Suman who saw Sarla. Abhi asks how we will find her. Pragya says she has seen her photo and she is wearing blue today. She asks him to sit in car. Abhi says it is my responsibility to search Sarla aunty and says he will look out for the girl.

Pragya wonders where is Tanu and sees her car there. Sarla feels Pragya’s presence, and thinks she has to have strength and get out from it soon. Dasi asks Dadi to say what is the matter? Dadi asks her to enquire by herself. Dasi says I will solve your confusion for forever, and declares that she is going to her Pint/ village. Dadi says I will not stop you now, and asks her to go. Dasi says shall I go? Mitali hears her. Dadi says I am letting you go. Dasi asks her to tell what is the matter? Dadi says there is nothing to say. Dasi says I will leave. Dadi thinks she felt bad really and asks her to stop. Dadi tells Dasi that Sarla is missing, and Abhi and Pragya went to search her. Mitali hears her. Dasi asks her to tell everything. Mitali hears it carefully.

Abhi thinks there are many girls wearing blue dress here. He sees a girl wearing blue dress and calls her Sarla aunty. The girls identify him to be rockstar Abhi and take selfie with him. Pragya thinks this way is closed and thinks Tanu might have used other way. Abhi thinks sometimes fan irritates him, and doesn’t understand urgency. He sees Pragya walking in an isolated lane and thinks to find out what is happening.

Pragya asks why you are sweating? Abhi asks why did you fool me and lied to me about blue dress girl. Pragya says she came here following the girl and asks if he heard her voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The story is draging

  2. How long are they going to depict Abhi’s character as so stupid? All he does is thwart Pragya’s plans, think up stupid schemes and say hurtful things. I have never commented on this or any show before. But with this update I have lost my patience and am quite ashamed of myself for all the time I wasted on this. So I am hereby discontinuing reading these updates or watching this show. If you want to read something interesting please read about the latest discovery about the existence of gravitational waves. It is possibly the greatest discovery of this century.

  3. What a bakwas!!! I wonder if anyone can write such a shit story, bit these writers have proved theu can write more shit than what we think.

    1. Hi zoya how r u?? After a long time! Where were u?

      1. I m old Nikki but now I m on this site as pratiksha.

  4. 12 Feb Epi Highlights
    -Abhi is wondering where Mogambo is and roaming around. He thinks the place looks haunted etc. He sees Pragya’s hair (she has bent to fix her chappal) and gets scared thinking she is a ghost.

    -Tannu comes and meets Nikhil. Nikhil acting creepy like she came to meet “him” etc. He shows her Sarla Maa. Nikhil has concluded that Sarla Maa knows who the blackmailer is and she was not the blackmailer. Tannu wants Sarla Maa killed but Nikhil asks for a day to get the truth out. Tannu leaves.

    -Pragya is searching for Tannu. Finds Abhi hiding. Abhi is scared that it’s bhoot wonders why bhoot has Mogambo voice and regrets not knowing Hanuman chalisa… Precap scene. Abhi is sweaty but says he has been running. Then AbhiGya go searching. Silly nok jhok.

    -Daadi is talking to Purab on phone. ID is supicious. Mitali overhears them and realizes Sarla Maa missing and AbhiGyaPu trying to find her. Daadi tries to give excuses to ID.

    -Pragya is evading Abhi’s questions about the girl. Purab calls her. Abhi is like why is Purab calling her. He also talks to Purab and asks commissioner to have Purab with them so that he has an idea of what’s going on.

    -Tannu is seen leaving in a car. Pragya realizes that’s Tannu. Abhi doesn’t see her. Tannu leaves to MM. She doesn’t find Abhi in his room, wondering where he is. Daadi tells her bahu should not be out in the night..(bleh Daadi).

    -Mitali tells Tannu about Sarla Maa missing and Abhi also searching for her. She asks Tannu if she is involved in that etc. Tannu is acting as if she doesn’t know anything.

    -Last scene- Pragya is disappointed that she lost Tannu. She tells Abhi he always foils her plans. She runs away and then imagines Maa and is crying. Abhi says sorry for foiling her plans. Pragya is like you don’t know what it is to lose your people. Abhi says (sarcastically) of course he doesn’t know, and Sarla Maa was never his Maa, he is an idiot to be searching for her.. Pragya calms down a bit.. she is feeling cold.. he is gathering sticks for fire. She watches.

  5. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Abhi wonders seeing oragya that what she is doing an isolated place and decides to follow her. He finds that place haunted looks and gets scared seeing oragya’s hairs assuming her as ghost.
    Tanu meets with nikhil. Nikhil shows sarla maa to her and says she knows that who is the blackmailer. Tanu says to kill sarla maa. Nikhil says to wait for one more day.
    Pragya searches for tanu and seeing abhi hiding behind a wall. Abhi gets scared assuming her as ghost and start regretting for that he doesn’t know hanuman chalisa.
    Then he assumes her as pragya. Then precap scene happens.
    Dadi calls purab and asks about sarla maa. Dasi asks dadi about the matter but dadi avoids. Mitali hears all this.
    Purab calls pragya.Abhi wonders why purab is calling her and talks with him too and says to b with commissioner so he gets to know about their activities.
    Pragya sees tanu leaving with her car to mehra mansion and gets upset for missing chance. Abhi doesn’t see tanu.
    Tanu comes to mehra mansion. Mitali tells her about sarla maa’s missing and asks if she is involved in it? Tanu pretends as she doesn’t know anything and avoids mitali’s questions.
    Pragya start crying to losing one more chance and imagines about sarla maa and tanu. She scolds abhi for spoiling her plan. Abhi says sorry for spoiling her plan. Pragya says he doesn’t know the pain and fear of losing our own’s. Abhi says yes I doesn’t know that’s why I m searching for sarla maa like a fool. Pragya starts feeling cold. Abhi starts collecting woodsticks and dry leafs for light up bonfire for her. Pragya looks on.

  6. Story is predictable.we know dis time also pragya misses tanu because of abhi.same old story.worst story.just increasing number of episodes

  7. i stopped watching this show . the whole Tanu drama is getting boring . Alia was better vamp then Tanu. please show some happy moments. everyone is always tense and suspicious of each other.

  8. This annoying….now they will for Darla ma for a month….n after that also tanu n nikhil will not be exposed

  9. New segment update- Sarla maa runs from nikhil and his goon’s cluthches and runs on the side of road. She sees abhi and pragya on the other side of the road and calls pragya’s name. Abhi and pragya too sees sarla maa and runs towards her. Sarla maa too moves forward but suddenly nikhil comes with his car and hits sarla maa by it. Sarla maa falls on the road and hes forhead gets injured badly. Blood flows from her for head heavily. Pragya and abhi shouts sarla maa and runs towards her. Sarla maa gets half unconscious. Pragya starts crying and insists to sarla maa to open her eyes. Abhi and pragya both looks for help and tries to stop vehicles to rescue her. Purab and Ronnie comes with a car on the mean time and takes sarla maa to the hospital.

    1. pratiksha it means sarla maa lost her memory i think so

  10. plz end tanu story,so boring and let old pragya be back again

  11. What is this noncenses story…..kkb is a very much draging serial when is the tanu’s thruth revealed…. tanu drama is so boring plz bring ekta some happy moments in abhi nd pragya life…..

  12. Tanu ur really irritating.. Reunite abigya

  13. Hai prathu how r u yaar dis kahani is too long

  14. By guyz gudni8 hav nic drm

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