Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Pragya trying to elope via window. Abhi on the other side sees daadi worried for Pragya and not eating anything. He promises her to get her back and punish the kidnapper. He asks Purab to tell commissioner to speed up the process and find Pragya soon. Aaliya and her puppet Tanu get worried hearing that, they both come to a room and Aaliya says because of corporator, they will be caught. She calls corporator who asks her not to call him again and if he is caught, he will inform Abhi that she is the mastermind behind Pragya’s kidnap.

Purab tells Abhi that dancer has helped making kidnapper’s sketch. Pragya elopes from corporator’s den via window and calls Abhi. He picks call. Pragya gets emotional hearing his voice and says hello crying. He

identifies her and asks Fuggi where are you, if you are alright. She says she is fine and escaped from kidnapper somehow. He asks where is she. She asks lady which area is this. Lady says Sangharsh nagar. Pragya tells Abhi it is Sangharsh nagar. Abhi asks her to stay right there till he comes and asks her not to worry. He asks Purab to bring police there while he reaches first.

Sarla and family are worried for Pragya. Bulbul calls Purab who informs that Pragya has eloped from kidnapper’s den and called Abhi, so they are going there. She says she will come with him. He says it is a dangerous place and he is going there with police.

Pragya sits in a building stairs and reminisces Abhi asking her not to worry. Goons come there and drag her out. She pushes them and runs. Abhi is on the way. Pragya continues running and goons trying to find her. One goon finally stops her, but someone clashes with goon and Pragya runs again.

Mitali nervously tells Aaliya and Tanu that whatever should not have happened has happened.. Aaliya asks her ot tell what happened. She says Pragya has escaped from corporator’s den and now they all will go to jail. Aaliya calls corporator, but he does not pick car.

Pragya hides from corporator’s goons, reaches Sai baba temple and hides under table. Goons come there in search of her and walk out. Corporator calls his goon, but Pragya picks call think it is Abhi and asks him to come soon before kidnappers find her. Corporator realizes that she has eloped and thinks she must be somewhere nearby and he should catch her.

A lady finds Pragya under table and asks her to come out. Pragya walks out and runs again on street. Goons identify her and start following her.

Purab with Bulbul reaches police station and informs inspector about Pragya escaping from kidnapper’s den and calling Abhi. Suresh who is with inspector says it is both good and bad news as goons may be running behind her and will catch her soon. Inspector says before that, they should go and rescue her.

Pragya hides behind baskets. Goons continue searching her. Corporator reaches the place and starts searching Pragya. Abhi also searches Pragya on the streets and thinks he is coming to the same place repeatedly,does not know how to find Fuggi.

Precap: Corporator calls Pragya as Abhi and asks where is she. She tells her hideout place.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bhaago pragya bhaago

    1. Pragya must surely be about the DUMBEST female on the Planet. At NO time has she revealed who kidnapped her and doesn’t she know her husband’s cell phone number???? She is answering the goons cell like it is her cell…This s some real stupid shit !!!!

  2. Hurry up with the updates

  3. Kumkum Bhagya

    The should now follow a romantic path in the upcoming days after so many drama and stupidity in the past.
    Abhi should realize Pragya’s worth and he should come to know about Tanu for helping in kidnapping Bulbul and framing Pragya in the MMS thing!! I’m sure he will break up with her after he gets to know about it. Then we can finally get a start of Abhi Pragya lovestory with sensible scenes.
    For Purab and Bulbul, I would want them to get married and staying with Abhi Pragya. Aaliya will be go mad, but then she will plan a master game with Suresh who will turn negative after RaBul marriage. Suresh decides to get married to Aaliya so he can get in to the house and they both start haunting Bulbul and Purab,plotting to separate them!!!

    It would be really interesting if makers go this way.. Heheheh!

    1. It should BUT – will it ?- is the question….this crazy story line has been going on for almost an entire YEAR.

  4. Loved today episode

  5. Too easy of an excape, Abhi has to suffer some more with her absence, only then will he realise, as long as she is still there he will not realise his feelings..I hope she doesn’t escape, sorry fans, it’ll be for the greater good if shes not back just yet..

  6. I cannot stand if she comes back and return to the same old unimaginative banter between them..and i hope she never proposes, he should be the one to do it..


    pragya just have hope & believe Abhi

  8. Will someone pls get Pragya a makeover and let Abhi see how beautiful she is!!!


  9. bhaag bhaag dk bose dk bose dk bose..bhaag bhaag dk bose dk bhaag___________

  10. peagya se bada problem koi nahi..
    foolish pragya abhi ka aawaj pehchan nahi sakti kya?
    hope Abhi Pehle pohach jaayen..

  11. corporator bulbul k peeche bulbul&Aliya purab k peeche..pragya Abhi k peeche Abhi tanu k peeche tanu paise k peeche….Har koi ek dosre k peeche hee padye hai lol

  12. purab aur bulbul ke kuch jyaada hi lovers hai..
    but their love is best ..

  13. pragya wo abhi ka awaz nahi he

  14. what a nice epsiod and boaring too

  15. she is doomed the corporator wont spare her

  16. can’t she tell the difference between Abhi and that Corporator’s voice

  17. This episode of kidnapping is enough to bring Aliyia and Tanu up for charges.Tanu is a fool to believe that Abhi will leave his wife.for her.He is with her now because she is giving free —-.The saying is why buy a cow when you can get milk fr ee.It is time to bring those three puppets to the
    forefront and send them packing.

  18. pragya relly so stupid she cudnt recognise abhi’s voice thoughshe hears a lot of taunts from him…. and abhi too stupid cudnt he call pragya…wher do this track leads god knows!!!!!

  19. After all this drama, writers please transform Pragya from dull and boring to beautiful. Also bring done life to her marriage with Abhi already. Tanu and Aliya need to be exposed. Aliya feels lust not love for Purab. What kind of woman obsesses over a man who doesn’t care about her

    1. Does anyone other than me remember when Aliya said that she did NOT love Purab but she wants to be in control. NOW – all of the sudden she is MADLY in Love!!! I think NOT.

  20. this series is so monotonous. it’s becoming so boring.

  21. Wen vl aaliya again expose..

  22. Is pragya DAT dumb not to recognise her own husbands voice. An abi d dumbest rock star i ever kno. Have no dressing sense. Rabul storyline is d only thing dat makes dis serial lil entertaining.

    1. Abhi dresses like a rock star ! I love the way he dresses 🙂 I don’t like Bulbul she full of herself . I feel sorry for Suresh .

  23. Most stupidest serial ever seen. Such cute & powerful characters are made hilarious & dumb

  24. People like RaBul more than Abhigya.

  25. Rabul is the only thing for which I watch this show…..
    They are best….

  26. 1 drama start huwa ki wi khatam hi nahi hota.drink video ab ye kidnapping .pragya ia a dumb

  27. Oh no…!!!PRAGYA has done a foolish thing

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