Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu and Pragya confront each other

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The Episode starts with Neha introducing Tarun to Raj. Raj says boy is handsome. Taya ji tells that he is afraid that everyone happiness might be ruined. He tells that Raj is upset, but don’t want to do anything wrong. Disha welcomes King’s family and asks how is the preparation. Tarun says he can’t believe that today is his sangeet. King says you will know when Neha plays your band. Neha introduces Raj to King, Tarun and Chachi. Dasi calls Suwarni Dadi. Suwarni Dadi says I was searching you. Dasi asks her to come. Pragya says she will meet Dadis. Raj asks King to come and meet his friends. King asks Tarun to meet Neha. Pragya asks Disha to meet the guests and says I will meet you later. Pragya comes to Suwarni Dadi. Dadi hugs her and compliments on her beauty. Dasi says even I am here? Dadi

says she is jealous. Pragya hugs Dasi. Abhi comes downstairs and sees Pragya with Dadis. He thinks how she can smile and look in my eyes after hiding a big truth. Pragya waves her hand towards Abhi and sees him upset. Disha tells Purab that jiju is upset. Purab says he will not do anything. Disha says lets play music as he likes it. Purab says Abhi gets angrier if music plays when he is angry. Disha says if they fight then we will also fight. Purab asks her to let him think. She plans to make them dance, but Purab refuses and asks her to let him think. Tanu comes and greets king.

King thinks if I shall talk to her regarding Abhi. King sees Abhi and asks him not to worry. He says I was worried for you. Abhi says I never thought that she will do this with me. King says I didn’t think that you will say that and tells that I can help you and talk to the lady you love. Pragya comes and asks what they are talking? Abhi says you shall know. Disha comes and calls Pragya. King says if you want then I can help you, you just need to say. Purab takes the mic and congrats Neha and Tarun. He says today’s sangeet will not be traditional and shall be unique. He asks Tarun what is the idea of sangeet? Tarun smiles. Neha whispers something in Purab’s ears. Purab tells that Neha wants both families to war. He tells about Neha and Tarun’s love story and says they will play the game of thug of war. Her says whoever wins will rule always. He asks waiter to bring the rope. Abhi comes to Pragya and tells Disha that he needs to talk to Pragya, as the matter is urgent, he needs to talk alone. Disha goes. Pragya asks if everything is fine. Abhi says lets go from here.

Chachi stops Pragya from going and asks if she is leaving from Sangeet. She takes Pragya with her. Abhi is forced to return to the hall. Disha asks Purab to make them stay separate so that they don’t fight. Purab tells that they will not fight and begins the game. He asks who is coming first. Chachi says we will play first. Pragya says I will not play, but Disha insists. King asks Pragya to come and says it will be fun. Abhi comes and holds the rope from the bride’s side. Mitali asks Tanu to join them. Tarun says our family is short. Chachi says so what. King says guest will join us. Mitali says she will become referee and cheers for Mehra family. They begin pulling the rope.

Abhi and Pragya are infront of each other and looks at each other. Abhi pulls the rope. Pragya falls on him. They have an eye lock. Everyone looks on. Allah Wariyan plays….Purab helps Abhi to get up. King asks Pragya if she is fine? Tanu takes Pragya from there. Pragya says I will not leave you if you hold my hand next time. Tanu says if you do this next time, then I will drag you by your hairs. She blames her for falling on Abhi intentionally. Pragya says she will never do this intentionally. Tanu blames her for going close to her husband and not on her own husband. She asks what is your plan to get close to my husband. Pragya says I don’t want to give you answer and give you importance. She says lets talk about something else and asks about her marriage. Tanu looks on.

Pragya asks what was the reason that you got married to Abhi and says you betrayed him so big that he will never see your face. She says what was his helplessness and says this marriage wouldn’t have happen and says it is last’s wonder of the world. She asks if she blackmailed Abhi. Tanu asks what is the secret of her marriage and asks when did you marry him in which circumstances. She says I have a feeling that your marriage with King is fake. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu says she can see clearly and her silence spoke all. She says it will be interesting to know, but not now as function is going on and she being the bahu need to attend it.

Abhi confronts Pragya and asks why did you hide from me that Kiara is my blood, my daughter. Pragya gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So that was the rags tanu was calling the designer to bring for her,shes always looking disgusting with her big tummy and how can pragya allow her to just drag her like that. Your Comment

    1. Yeah, I noticed as well, that the yoyo dieter is on the upswing again.

  2. Leisa s morris

    Tanu is always harping about her husband her husband. b*t*h if he left d woman he luved it wont take rocket scientist to know y u always scated seein as he doesnt love u. Y writers y do u have pragya bein so damn weak infront of dis harpy. Give pragya some damn back bone,not only does she know abhi luvs her but shes also d mother of hiis child for god sake any normal woman would have tanu in tears but no pragya is d one alwaus backin down. I does just feel to cuss wen I see dis

    1. Ekta and her writers hate women. They glorify female criminals as acceptable and human women as being stupid. Ekta appears to be a rather unfulfilled person, confused by the fact that she was born female. Through her own confusion and the fact that she had access to resources, what normally would have been treated in a counselling office of some kind instead is being inflicted onto the viewers. This is Ekta demanding that her sick, manipulative psychopathic viewpoint be accepted by everyone. You have to question her parenting. You really do. Or we can assume that she was born this way. It is not uncommon for parents of a Gemini child to seek help because of ‘difficulties’. Not always! Of course, there are many well adjusted, contributing, non-liars, happy, Gemini individuals. Obviously, Ekta’s parents didn’t seek help. Instead they began bringing her to work at age 9 and allowed the child, to ‘express’ herself, without thought to the damage she would do. Maybe the parents support the RSS and medieval thinking. In which case their contribution to the cause… their little Ekta… is the perfect soldier for that type of thinking.

    2. I agree, pragya should be strong, the way she was when she walked in wearing the green sari. Where is that pragya? this is going backwards. and for tuna aka shark OMG. give her another line MY HUSBAND THAT AN INSULT TO THE WORK HUSBAND.

  3. Disha and Purab worry about the level of anger held by Abhi. They worry that the anger may spoil the sangheet. Tuna looks like she is a refugee from a 1960’s hippy love fest in some American field, gone bad with greed. No insult to hippies intended. We know that hippies are against greed. Tuna’s earrings just polish the look to perfection. Abhi looks like his real true heart. An angry big monster. We finally see who the beast really is. He mostly keeps the beast hidden, these days. Especially when there are little girls around him. But the beast has never left. Let’s face it, if the beast part of him was allowed to mature, there wouldn’t be any Tuna/Alia/Mithali in the Mehra Mansion. But no, the beast and his female controllers still are the same. Purab and Disha try very hard to control the situation. After a 2nd look at Tuna, her face and earrings look like a carousel ride at a children’s fair. I hope her mouth isn’t the entrance to the ride… we’d have to call it an adult only ride. Tug of war begins. Oh here’s the romance! One angry partner, one confused partner and Tuna’s face shows up like she just got back from her role in the circus. Everyone in the sangheet becomes silent as they watch the two ‘lovers’ stare at each other. One the angry beast and the other the confused prey. Finally they get help, getting up. Of course the circus hippy immediately takes the prey to soften her up, so that the beast won’t have to try to hard when she goes in for her beating, from the beast. The Mehra’s show their duplicitous criminal habits, again. Tuna, well the actress, would do well in those American horror scream movies where the females are all pretending to be around the age of 14 or 16. Many brand new actresses begin their career in these movies. Tuna should be shipped over to America, right away. Her self-congratulatory look as she finishes with Pragya is perfect for a 14 year old North American rich kid brat. Today was definitely the Tuna show. 5 minutes of script, turned into 20 minutes. Not bad. I really think that the producer should do a promo photograph. Abhi and Pragya should be in chains on the floor, obviously beaten. And standing above them in full on S&M gear, black leather, whips chains the whole bit.. should be the fish, the shark and the piranha. aka. tuna, alia, mithali. what a hoot that would be!

  4. Akituster your comments are the reason i come here.So im guessing pragya won’t spill the truth,she should cus they have to get it over with.Your Comment

    1. Thank-you Comfort! I will find a way to share my website address with you when the time comes. I had really hoped to have it up by now, but I remain sorting out personal affairs for the moment. I hope you will come and visit! And do you really believe “they have to get it over with” ? I don’t believe anything right now. I noticed that Sriti Jha is defending her friend Leena Jumani again. I think the script is designed after work when the crew sits around, drinks, smokes and discusses what’s what. Supposedly, through the actor who plays Abhi and his real wife, they have a direct line to Ekta Kapoor. And the gossip people intimate that Leena Jumani is manipulative. Now, that, I do see myself. This of course would/could indicate that Sriti Jha is easy to manipulate. It appeared originally that Shika (?) was originally a real player in the crew politics. That woman has changed since she has married in her real life. I trust that this means she has matured. All of this is conjecture. Looking for patterns. But I doubt Leena is going anywhere. She appears to be the type of person who skillfully portrays herself as being victimized or weak and then waits to be helped. There is always a sucker available. Of course her cozy little s*x-kitten avatar helps both men and women believe, that nonsense. I suspect that in reality she’s much more a predator than prey. Remember the best predators use camouflage. Sriti Jha will continue to be prey. But we just don’t know, do we? Personally, we can imagine Abhi, Ekta and the real wife of Abhi having a good laugh over this ‘friendship’ and taking full advantage wherever they can, just as I can imagine Leena Jumani also taking advantage wherever she is able to do so. People like Sriti Jha, because of their immense empathy and kindness are taken advantage of very easily. Because they are so fully invested in their compassion, they often do not see their own gift being used against them. Yes, that does imply that their own egos require some maturing somewhere. Anyone who is alive has some growing to do. I wouldn’t trust Leena Jumani for 10 seconds. Not because of the character she portrays, but because of the way she has handled various public announcements etc. Because the viewers want that answer, they will delay that answer for as long as possible. Ekta Kapoor is the Queen of Manipulation and Lies. She has the most money/power out of the bunch of them, so we might get to see Pragya talking perhaps a week before the next time, industry prizes are being handed out.. when Ekta needs to reel more viewers in, to make her numbers look good. The whole show is a series of not very subtle avoidance techniques… dragging, distracting… while they discarded the majority of the crew and the possibility of a good story. I hope that Sriti Jha begins to figure out that her once exalted ‘position’, is being eroded into nothing. An exalted position which could have moved her forward in her career is now being lost because of a tired and very much waning interest from viewers. Her role is no longer the strong, smart heroine who fights for right… or to simply stay alive. Now she is a pathetic mouse who has been kicked around so much, shaking in fear that all that remains are a few puddles on the floor. Nothing interesting. No heroine. Just a floor waiting to be mopped. So easily forgotten. Sriti Jha and Pragya, both, please become whole again! Heroines! Move beyond the prey/predator game, please. There is more to life and it all makes for really good stories. I think many have understood the tiny little mental hole that Ekta Kapoor lives in, so that’s the story we’ll get. A prickly, tiny, shiny, noisy ball of air. More mental gas and emotional degradation. Thankfully, as viewers we don’t have to smell the unholy mess!


  5. Cathy

    *bangs head on desk*

    1. LOL!

      Good to see you here! And Naz too, if you read this. Cathy, I finished Bahar Momin about 10 days ago. It was hard to watch. Very Hard. My favourite visual was when Rudhaba removed her jewellry, right before her legal rape. I did not like Bashar at all. Everyone has the right to heal but not through the abuse of another. When Rudhaba was being forced to say “I love you, Bashar” and that violence triggered her to actually, sincerely love Bashar. It reminded me of when Pragya ‘fell in love’ with Abhi because his abuse was now cute. The sting of Rudhaba being reduced to nothing , in order to build a new Rudhaba reminded me of a Stepford Wife. I wonder who she may have become without having become prey. And I wonder as she ages when her denied emotion, her denied wound will return to the surface to heal. Age 48-52? I did watch the whole series and am glad for the experience. I was shocked at how emotionally involved I became. Gotta’ respect that. Even as I disliked the messaging of the story. Thank-you so much for the recommendation and Naz thanks for cheering me through it!

  6. Sick sick 🤢 is all that can be commented on this serial. Nothing good happens. Having been doing the negative role for the past 4 years Tanu has actually started looking also evil and now that has become a part of her just like her skin, I am damn sure that she has forgotten how she really looks. Guys have you noticed that swarni dadi has changed and guess what Ekta and her team of mentally sick writers have suddenly realised that mithali has a husband so magic Raj bhaiya suddenly appears for the sangeet, so now another addition to criminals in Mehra mansion. Aliya missing guess must be on a vacation. Now coming back to the so called serial , the true face of Abhi is being shown everyday useless , sick and dumb always presuming and making wrong decisions so much that aliya and Tanu are getting stronger day by day with their atrocities in today’s episode he was so ugg. Fat lump of corruption the kurta that he wore was bursting at the seams looks like there was a competition between raj bhaiya and Abhi as to who looks more fatter . Pragya why are you so meek,letting tanu walk all over you enough is enough. Give them a piece of your mind and kick that blo*dy Abhi where it hurt the most let Abhi and Tanu be together they are made for each other two usless people f**king each other. Let Abhi see Tanu destroying his family and controlling him ,Pragya please go with king and tell and kiaraia the truth let the criminals be caught and behind the bars and let Abhi be alone let even kiara hate him for doing what he did to you. Off late Abhi looks more Lila an abuser than a lovable rock star stay away from him. He is sick to the core

  7. Ishu, I said, “…handles various public announcements…”. I have not focused on her words, rather voice inflection and modulation. Small muscle movements in her face, hands and body stance. When the weight changes from foot to foot. Body language if you will. Who she looks to, for approval. What type of responses trigger her feelings as expressed on camera. What is going on when her eyes light up sincerely and when they half-heartedly light up or not light up at all. Strain levels in her voice. All the kinds of things that humans can sense, observe, feel etc. from and with others. Patterns in behaviour, are very informative. Whether she’s working/acting or even personally. Look to see if she is standing pigeon toed. They don’t show her feet as often on film but if you observe her a number of times, you may see a particular attitude that she carries when standing this way. Actions speak louder than words. And really, Ishu I am expressing my opinion based on my observations and level of understanding. Nowhere do I claim that I have the only available information. Please do share your opinion and your observations! New information is always wanted. New perspectives help everyone think, ask good questions, learn and grow.

    1. If I would say many people are saying sriti is the reason fr which now this women I’d existing to be honest I don’t like this women are in zee rishtey in speed answer roud if you have watched or not dont know but when iterviewr asked which charcter and person younlike the most in yr set they asked he said her onscreen husband first and said and sriti these two and another one when they asked with whom you want to dance with she said he actor actin abhi so people concluded that she is in the serial only because of him then whenever a pic c of sriti and keena comes all will bark insulting and slacking asriti for just keeping her hand on Leena if in place of sriti if some other us there will they start again don’t know what is the name reason fr her existence is it that she wanted or per story don’t know

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