Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya, Tanu and Raj coming to meet Vijay. He tells someone is helping Pragya and that person is a family members. He asks them to give money if they want info. Tanu says you are so greedy. Vijay says I am professional and asks them to be ready with money if they want the info. He leaves. Raj says we shall not be together here, and leaves. Tanu sees Nikhil there and gets tensed. Aaliya says she has some work and asks Tanu to come. Nikhil says I will drop her. Aaliya asks her to come soon. Tanu asks where were you? Nikhil says I came from bangalore and promises to be with her. He takes her to have icecream.

Abhi reminds himself that he has to take Pragya’s sign and thinks he shall not confess his feelings to Pragya from now onwards, but then thinks to woo her for

one last time. Pragya comes to room and thinks now he will see how I flirt with him. She thinks seriously he won’t do anything and thinks she lost a good chance. Abhi throws dumb bells on his feet mistakenly. Pragya asks where is your concentration and understands that he is acting. Abhi says first my heart broke and now feet. Pragya says who said that I don’t care for you, and says I care very much. Abhi asks her to come closer. Pragya lies on his closely surprising him. Abhi gets up from bed and starts walking with her help, but they fall on bed. Pragya asks him to look at her…..and caresses his face lovingly. Abhi asks what you are doing?

Pragya says your pain will be gone, and asks him to feel……She says nobody kiss me anytime before, and says I will kiss you now. She says meow……Abhi gets shocked….Pragya says I am so sorry, couldn’t understand your love, insulted and hurt you….You have to punish me for my mistake…..and says I …………….you…….Abhi gets scared and gets up from bed shockingly. Pragya asks him to hug her. Abhi says he is thirsty and goes to drink water. Pragya asks him to come soon. Abhi comes out and thinks if she is mogambo or someone else. She has shocked me heavily and my hands are shaking even now. He collides with Tanu and he asks her to check if he is having temperature. She checks and says no. She asks him to tell if he got Pragya’s sign on the papers. Abhi says no and asks her not to remind him. Tanu tells about their marriage and kids….Abhi says you are saying as if your marriage date is having expiry period. He says there comes an earthquake in my room. Tanu asks him to take Pragya’s sign on the papers, or else she will go away with the baby. She sends him again to room.

Purab and Bulbul come home. Sarla asks what happened? Bulbul thinks their plan failed. She tries to lie, but her lie is caught by Sarla. Purab tells her about Vijay. Bulbul says Pragya did right by taking back case against Abhi. Sarla says I think she is doing drama…..Bulbul asks why you are saying this. Sarla says Abhi bore her betrayal once, and thinks God saved Abhi like men from those kinds of girls.

Abhi thinks he is trapped between ghar wali and bahar wali……Pragya asks him to come inside. Abhi asks what happened to you…..why you are coming closer to me. Pragya says I believe on your love now, and says there should be no distance between us. Abhi thinks she might be flirting with you and playing same game with you. He asks himself not to be scared and play the game. He says you want to come closer, and says he was also waiting for the same moment. He asks him to come closer that even air can’t pass through them. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi asks if you have changed your decision. Pragya says we love each other a lot. Abhi says so much closer that we are not ourselves. He gets closer to her……Pragya thinks please don’t come near me. Abhi tells himself not to take a step further.

Pragya hugs Abhi and cries. Abhi asks her to let him feel her…..Pragya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. devishivakumar

    Very nice episode. We don’t have zee TV channel. But this serial is going on polimer, a Tamil channel in tamilnad.l watch this serial in internet. Make abi to know the truth soon.varna it’s going to be bore

    • Reji

      Ya I am also tamil it is irumalargal in tamil how many of you are tamil here and tamil guys in tamil itself tanu pregnancy track is gonna come but here it didn’t end itself

      Wat do you think about it guys

  2. josphine muthoni

    A kenyan here…just soo confused about the weeks episode beacause Tanu now is 10months pregnat yet her belly is flat.Vijay is about to help Pragyias’ enemies…Those against pragyia are now five…God knows what is in store for them

  3. Sahithi

    I just saw on twitter – Arjit(Purab) retweeted tellychakkar article about Purab and Bulbul marriage. So should we assume he is confirming or wants us to wait n watch.. Let us see..

  4. Kirthy

    Sahithi your writing is really good.
    In tamil they will at least show us 3 weeks of the kidnapping track. I love the abhigyas moment….i enjoy it really, because now I understand what they are talking^^. You can see there their passionate love.
    Reji, I think it is crazy after kidnapping the dragging drama of tanu will start and in hindi there is no progress. But it will be funny to see abhis change of behavior when he understand his love for pragya. But this hapiness will not remain at long and tanus drama will start. I hope they will find in hindi the truth of tanu’s pragnancy soon.

    What I felt of nowadays abhigya scene, there is a lot of emotions…it felt so realistic. They are so convincing .i think they are super actors

  5. Guys our pragya aka sriti jha has won an award in aadhi abaadi women achiever award. She is actually deserving for this. Many many congratulations to sriti. Her charm is on cloud 9 these days. She has got so many awards and popularity after joining kumkumbhagya. Touch wood for her success. I wish her charm gets increased like this with each day.

  6. ramya

    This year sriti got many awards .. Al this wer a recognition fa her hard work n dedication towards her profession ..

  7. C

    Sriti has to get more……..more……………& more awards. she l definitely get because of her hard work…………

  8. josphine muthoni

    Hats off pragyia…you made your views like me proud….do me one favour of exposing tanu please …dadi has worked soo hard….

  9. nivi

    my gudnesss
    purab nd bulbul got married
    they hav come nd share abhigya room
    tats y pragya sleeps on d floor
    new segment update came

  10. Sahithi

    So as per new segment, good news is Purab and Bulbul are married, but there seems to be fire in their room. Abhi and Pragya are fighting over reason for fire. Later Purab and Bulbul also shift to Abhi’s room, so Pragya leaves bed for Bulbul and sleeps on floor.

    Guess she is on the opposite side to the sofa where Abhi generally sleeps so sleeping on floor, she is staring at Abhi, as expected.

  11. srimathi

    Guys just now saw the last Friday’s episode on that precap was like AbhiGya hugging each other and Abhi tells her as fuggi!!But in today’s re telecast the precap was that Abhi and pragya sleeping in the bed and Abhi is snoring that disturbs pragya’s sleep and she plan to annoy him by hugging him in sleep and she tells where is my teddy bear and hugging Abhi and tells here is my teddy bear but y u r hard u ll be soft na Abhi thinks that is I’m looking like teddy bear and continues to sleep and pragya is annoying him by putting her hands on his face too funny

  12. New segment update- Bulbul and purab comes mehra mansion after getting married. They didn’t show how they become married but they said they got married simply in temple. Bulbul was in churidaar salwar suit and purab was in casual pant-shirt. Bulbul had kumkum in her maang and mangalsutra in her neck. Purab had tilak on his forjead. Abhi and pragya arranges a room for their first night but accidently or somehow that room catches fire by decoration candles. Abhi, pragya and purab somehow manages to save her. Abhi fights with pragya and blames her for fire in bulbul’s room but pragya denies and says u had put the candkes in their room, by which curtain caught fire. They starts their usual funny nok-jhok with each other. In next scene, Bubul gets scared from the fire beciz she was trap between it and starts crying. Pragya and abhi takes her in their room. Sarla maa, dadi and purab pacifies her. Abhi and pragya gives them their room but somehow they four means abhi, pragya and bulbul sleeps in one room which is abhigya’s. Purab makes bulbul sleeps on the bed and sits beside her. Pragya and abhi sleeps on the floor. Then they shows purbul’s interview, in which they said yes our marriage has finally happened and we have got abhigya’s room. Then they showed mini Roy comes to meet sriti on the set and Iqbal khan to meet with shabbir on the set.

  13. Guys purbul got actually married or not or it is their plan? It will we get to know in episodes becoz reporter didn’t tell anything surely amd i think aaliya will b behind this fire catching plan in bulbul’s room. I think she will do it in her jealousy and anger. And guys New precap!!! I think new precap will b the later part of last precap.

    • Guys in new precap as u all have seen that abhi ends up sleeping with pragya on bed and pragya annoyed him by understanding him as teddybear in sleep after that Abhi turns his face at pragya’s face’s side and sees her with so much intensity, he careses her cheeks then pragya opens her eyes and Abhi kisses pragya on her cheeks very gently and softly with so much love. Pragya gets emotional from his gentle love kiss and They looks each other intensely.

    • ya nikki 1 but i think they got married because in media they are surely telling that finally they get married so i think it is true because she has kumkum and mangalsutra and i think aliya will become as a angry ghost so as you said she only burnt bulbul room and when they will show this episode i am waiting for this segment please tell me

  14. navi

    guys thr s also another spoiler update..! tanu challenges abhi tat she ll gt sign from property papers n pragya feels to abhi tat he betrayed hr..!

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