Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Tanu and aliya sarcastically taunt pragya that she has to leave. pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts about how she needs to be here, and that she may be out of abhi’s memory, but not from his heart and soul. they continue to chide, and keep explaining as to how her leaving here, is the right option, since he doesnt have any recollection, but has memories of the other relations, and suddenly seeing her would be wrong for her health. she says that she shall stay in hiding, but prevent him from evil eyes, and then she can be assured of his safety and well being, without even having to be in front of her. but they tell her thats not possible, and continue to pack her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled to see her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, while pragya continues complaining about whats happening to her, and how they are plotting yet again. she calms her down, while pragya continues to pour out, that she was the one who got him married to her, to keep his life happy and stable. when she finds granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats the matter, granny begs for forgiveness and then explains how this is the only option, for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this ultimate sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall merely be away and not actually separating from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her hands for pragya’s help. she is distraught when she gives into her request, and then walks out in a daze. granny collapses on the bed dishevelled and distraught.

Meanwhile, pragya goes to her room, and starts packing up, encapsulaing every memory and experience of her with abhi from this room. she stands tensedly, as a wave of memories passes in front of her eyes. she gets emotionasl and nostalgic remembering those moments. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: a romantic dance number, that pragya and abhi perfom on a stage in the hall, in splitude, as they both have eyes only for each other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Just when u think happiness will reign for Prague after all that she has been going through in this show from its inception, they gonna stray with her character.it is high time to put an end to tank and Aliya oh gosh man lol b real

  3. Guys this is correct update- Kumkumbhagya written update of August 12- Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya takes off with a romantic dance sequence between Abhi and Pragya. The two love birds are lost in each other’s eyes as they dance to the beats of a lovely Bollywood number. Suddenly Abhi starts to move away from Pargya leaving her all alone. That’s what Pragya’s state is right now. Despite having a family, she has to stay alone unfortunately. The shot then fades to a busy street that leads to Pragya’s house where her maa and family r doing preprations for the dinner. They are surprised to see Pragya at the doorstep and enquire the reason why she is here. Pragya has no words to say but somehow she gathers courage to reveal that Abhi is suffering from Retrograde Amnesia. She says that Abhi is perfectly fine but has completely forgotten her. In fact she has no clue that he is married. She says that her marriage has finished forever.

    Pragya’s mom is shattered to see her daughter’s state. Pragya goes back to her room and starts digging the stuffs (memories) she brought along. Pragya is still finding it difficult to get over the fact that her husband doesn’t recognize and she has a very little hope for things to turn positive. Pragya’s Dadi and mother are hoping for things to change for Pragya soon as abhi’s name’s kumkum and mangalsutra is with her. They are upset that life has been too cruel on Pragya since the beginning and she had to suffer a lot. They start to wonder how she will live without Abhi.

    ABhi is back to practicing his songs at his studio and Alia comes over to tell him that he did it just so perfectly. Alia tries to impress her brother by appreciating his skills. Alia has bagged a project for Abhi and wants him to create a new album for them. She also reveals that she has finalized the deal for Rs 2 crore. Alia then demands to have a 50% share in his income and Abhi agrees for the same.

    Pragya’s mother (Sarla) is making a list of their monthly expenses and Dadi has noticed that she has not listed her own medicines and products are she cannot cut down on. Sarla is worried that her daughter is going through so much pain and how can she think about herself. Pragya over hears them saying that the wedding hall (Kumkum Bhagya) that they owned is no more theirs. They had to sell the hall as a builder in going to raise a building in that place. Pragya feels upset that her family is going through so much problems and she never noticed it. Her family is also experiencing monetary issues and she needs to help them in this time of need. She wonders how to do that without allowing her mother getting aware of it.

    Purab is upset with Dadi’s decision to throw Pragya out of the house and demands to know the reason. Dadi reveals her fear of losing Abhi permanently and she would never tolerate if anything happens to him. Hence for Abhi’s safety she asked Pragya to go back to her mother’s house. Purab says that Pragya absence will only give Alia the strength to ruin everything. Since Abhi blindly trusts Alia now he doesn’t know how she is misusing his money and power.
    But Dadi refuses to budge in and stops Purab from trying to make Abhi know the truth. She is just to ready to take the risk as the doctors have strictly warned against it. Alia notices Purab leaving the house and asks him to forgive her. She says that ABhi has forgiven her and he must forgive her too. But Purab arrogantly says that this can never happen. He will never forgive a woman who cannot be loyal to even her brother. He refuses to marry her and get back in a relationship with him. But Alia pledges to win Purab back at any cost and thinks that he will also bent down like others one day.

    Alia goes to meet Tanu and she desperately asks about Abhi. She asks if Abhi has asked about her. And how is Abhi behaviour since she has come home. Alia revales that he is the old Abhi, the rock star, who also was money minded. Abhi is now only concerned about his fame and mking money. Tanu feels excited and wants to meet him so that things can become like before with abhi and her in her life. She says that what if pragya will again come back in his life before her. Aliyaa assures her that it will not happen as pragya is concerned fir abhi’s safety now so she will never come back in his life and will fulfill all the vows of her wedding’s. They both rejoices. Aliyaa assures tanu that in sometimes, she will fix her with abhi then she will b only in his life, if she will follow what she says to do. Tanu happily hugs aliyaa.

    PRECAP: Abhi has hiccups. He comes in dadi’s room and asks why hiccups comes. Dadi says it comes when someone who loves u so much and remind u from distance. Abhi looks her surprisingly and asks who could b that if she and aliyaa is here with him. They both looks on each other. Screen freezes on partition of abhi and dadi and otherside on pragya’s face at her home.

  4. Pragya is such a nice girl why they kick her out of the house.firstly she is not suppose to sign over the property to abhi’s name so she could have stayed there because it her house.if i was her i would have left her house and never come back and move ahead with my life.she could have got married to someone else.id thwy are recreatimg there love its terrible

  5. #kumkum bhagya … By the way what happened to poorvi character (pragya sister) .. Will her innocence be revealed… and where is bulbul ( pragya sister and purab fiancee) will she be back in future episodes with new face since her body was not discovered

  6. BAKWAS.. SERIAL..I JUST LOVE PRAGYA N ABHI BUT aj tak unko kisine bhi pass ane hi nahi diya.. so me nahi dekhna chati ye serial

  7. full of shit

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