Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Abhi’s residence
Tanu and aliya sarcastically taunt pragya that she has to leave. pragya is distraught and apalled and vehemently asserts about how she needs to be here, and that she may be out of abhi’s memory, but not from his heart and soul. they continue to chide, and keep explaining as to how her leaving here, is the right option, since he doesnt have any recollection, but has memories of the other relations, and suddenly seeing her would be wrong for her health. she says that she shall stay in hiding, but prevent him from evil eyes, and then she can be assured of his safety and well being, without even having to be in front of her. but they tell her thats not possible, and continue to pack her stuff out, to throw it out of abhi’s room. granny comes and is apalled to see her being chided and teased like that. she rushedly takes her from there, while pragya continues complaining about whats happening to her, and how they are plotting yet again. she calms her down, while pragya continues to pour out, that she was the one who got him married to her, to keep his life happy and stable. when she finds granny tensed and apalled, she asks whats the matter, granny begs for forgiveness and then explains how this is the only option, for abhi’s happiness, and asks her to make this ultimate sacrifice, for abhi, and assures that she shall merely be away and not actually separating from him. pragya is apalled, as granny extends her hands for pragya’s help. she is distraught when she gives into her request, and then walks out in a daze. granny collapses on the bed dishevelled and distraught.

Meanwhile, pragya goes to her room, and starts packing up, encapsulaing every memory and experience of her with abhi from this room. she stands tensedly, as a wave of memories passes in front of her eyes. she gets emotionasl and nostalgic remembering those moments. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: a romantic dance number, that pragya and abhi perfom on a stage in the hall, in splitude, as they both have eyes only for each other.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim


  1. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    What a episode today,automatically tears are in my eyes when seeing pragya ,daadi also wants only abhi happy no one is not care about pragya,how she is alone
    When abhi remember pragya ekta mam please do that early
    And I think that precap also pragya dream

  2. Reji

    I think today’s update is little bit different . Rimjhim please add the bgm’s name in the scenes . and all don’t confuse with the precap !!..precap is the same precap as they showed yesterday !. I don’t know where and why they are dancing and pragya is also in her mogambo avatar !!..And sahithi u r ryt !!..i thought Purab and Dadi will do something to unite abhi and pragya but today my hope is vanished Purab left Pragya seeing her sad . Dadi also made her to get out of the house . Now this is Kumkumbhagya season 2 only !!..evrything changed like before . Abhi is back as rockstar Pragya i mean fuggi is back as professor . Tanu and aliya r back as vamps .. And pratiksha sahithi these days they r not showing nikhil !!..That’s all nikhil left the show uh ??..And ya we saw new makeover of shikha i mean aliya shortcut hairs different dresses i think she was looking like tanu !!And now what’s next !!..Pratiksha Sahithi and guys any guesses ..And Independence Day is coming . i think Abhigya will be independent after aliya and takhil’s war but now a new war started !!..

  3. Tina

    Dadi is very selfish and is the main cause for loss of happiness in Pragya and abhis life. And dumb story writers are making viewers fools with such a script.

  4. Frustated viewer

    if bulbul was der al dis drama wouldnt have happened she is very clever than pragya and tanus episode wud have ended long back.
    this tanu i hate her voice she is such an irritating character aliya ki chamchi

    • This will end KKB

      You are correct and if YOU guys that are watching would STOP…the writers would change the story line. STOP Complaining and Take a BREAK from Watching . Teach them a lesson . Let TRP’s FALL…..

  5. veena

    I just hope writer brings a twist making them believe abhi lost his memory but instead playing along to see truth of aliya n team

  6. veena

    I read in latest gossip alia will be killed while abhi saving pragya kidnaps scene then heard purab quitting now i see Akash quits

  7. Bujji

    Then don’t watch…atleast by that tme writers will change their mind and they will unite Pragya and abhi…until that everyone boycott this serial…

  8. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Feeling pity for pragya. But she is the only reason for her situation now. When she comes to know about Tanu and aaliyas truth she would have told to abhi. She diesnt have faith in her own love. So she is facing this consequences. And lost his husband to evils again…. I know pragya sacrifices everything for abhi…. But whats the point of her sacrifice, if she would have inform abhi, they might be together now…
    Dadi…. I hate her very much from the time of pragyas accident…. She always used to mislead her and make dishonour infornt of that blood suckers…… not even a single time she supported her frankly infront of the family members.If dadi would have gone and told to abhi means im sure he belives in her words If she wants to save her grandson means she may act like pragya did, but she womt bcoz she wants to be a great dadi in abhis view but pragya afterall she is not her grand daughter, she came from other house, she belongs to some other family and daughter of some other women, even she dont hsve father to ask them anything. So she used her very well. Now there is no use of pragya so she dont want hef to spoil her grandsons happiness. What a cheap women she is?

    Dadi and abhi were lucky to have pragya in their life bcoz she is a saviour for abhi but for pragya, she got them bcoz of his unlucky. She always used to say her luck is not good so that only she was separated from abhi but the truth bcoz of abhis wealth she got this unlucky to her…
    Although pragya sacrifices her happiness for others she got nothing, Even a whole single day with her hubby. this is not fair. Writers should show some mercy on her.
    According to my guess….
    Abhis ml might be real but after seeing pragya and started to spend time with her he may get his memory back, but after getting memory also he may act as having ml to know what is going on and to need to collect proof.
    Its just my guess……

  9. Amiyna

    From one thing to the next am fed up I think it should have been the other way around where pragya loses her memory for abhi it about time abhi fights for pragya instead of pragya always being the one to go through so much to have abhi . tanu and aliya should be punish and kicked out as abhi came to know truth . now we all have to wait and see when abhi regains his memory which i am sure is going to take till the end of the yr for us to see hummmmm

  10. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Everyone in this family had backstabbed pragya. Dadis betrayal was unbelievable.
    If dadi ask her to comeback to mm, pragya should not go there.
    According to me……
    Pragya should not go back of abhi this time. Whenever he get his memory he will definitely come back to her.
    Why always girls should sacrifice and get nothing? In our india, specially god is making girls to sacrifice, to get dishonor by husbands and his family members,……. Whatever but girls must follow morals, culture everything.
    Men….? Uffffff….

  11. Asgher

    It’s too much sine yesterday I have stopped watching its matter of making us fool if she doesn’t have success scripts should change the views the total
    Story is one side even the luck doesn’t fall like that the scripts is always of sad there happy script the writer has to be creative of future scripts in reality life does not end there tthey have motive on scripts otherwise ppl wi
    L leave watching as option are so many.

  12. fathi

    maybe this film is gonna take leap i ve seen promo abhi in his concert pragya comes infront of him as a fan and he holds her hand and does’nt regonize her maybe abhi is doing drama to trap alia and tanu just like pragya did mogambo wala drama i know ekta kapoor shows like yhm they do twist but result is good happy ending

  13. Jada


    |Registered Member

    Oh god just kill off Dadi or something she is ridiculously selfish how can Pragya love and respect her??? She’s gotta go

  14. Seriously??

    I stopped watching a while back. It’s all very disappointing to day the least. Poor poor storyline, might have been better if he had died, they didn’t find body. Pragya goes on revenge rampage and abhi comes back in new avatar.

  15. Ashana

    This show is base less. So far I’ve been watching I only see pragya fighting something which she cannot accomplished. Everyone in the Mehra house hold has supported her but only behind abhi back. Now that abhi lost his memory pragya hard work and the insults she took went down the drain and she was thrown out of the house. I think these serials have the same story line and merit. What you people need to do is start using your brains to write, produce and direct shows that makes sense. Because of all the nonsense going on in this show I will stop watching it. Was my favourite soaps but not anymore.

  16. Karan

    Sid from JR instead of Abhi from KKB should have won the recent Golden Award as Sid does a lot more acting and is more versatile than the dumb Abhi’s role & acting. How is this possible? Difficult to explain!!!
    Maybe a plot to show us that KKB can still win an award despite all the negativity.
    Deceit, cheating, back stabbing, bribery, black mailing for evil to triumph over good & also for Gold Award.

  17. Aishwarya

    Prathiksha i ve a big confusion coz if this is gng to be kkb season 2 then what is d climax of season1????n also if there is change in d mainleads in this upcoming season or else they r gng to show it like jamai raja in that they showed that this is jamai raja season2 but at d end they changed name againplzzzz guys anyone clear this me plzzz prathiksha hiii reji how r u???

    • Pratiksha

      Aishwarya season one finished with evil’s failure and truth’s win but sad part is that abhigya’s love got failed becoz of the fate. So basically evil won and abhigya failed becoz of their fate at the end of season one and abhigya has became again separate after getting unite and now in thus season-2 they will show that how abhigya’s destiny will again bring them together and how it will unite In season one, abhigya’s love and relationship went through so much pressures and tentions but this time how their relationship will develop again, it is surprise for us by cvs. They r claiming for different story in this second season so let’s see how much it will different.

  18. shobana

    Most expected episode. From the beginning of this make over dadi in vilian of pragya’s life.
    Anyhow today I am excited to see the start of new story

    • Sahithi

      Hey Shobana, there is new OLV n as expected Aaliya calls the shots now. She is managing Abhi’s business deals n money. Abhi is shown as trusting her, so he will be back to earning for these useless ppl n they will continue to take advantage of him. May be it will be 1-2 weeks before we see scenes between Abhi n Pragya.

      • shobana

        Sahithi, if alia looks after abhi’s business deals then what purab is going to do??? Abhigya love story CVs are going to start fresh. They can also start purab’s love from the beginning either by introducing bulbul or some other girl in his life. I know there is no use in expecting but still…

      • Sahithi

        There are multiple implications from the OLV, Aaliya is trying to get oversmart with Abhi’s deals and asking for share, which is point for doubt by Abhi. But as we have seem all thru Mogambo track, Abhi will keep getting doubts but he wont pursue any of them as the final chance is always kept for Pragya. Pragya should come and explain things to Abhi as if he is a kid. So writers will start these little things to show Abhi getting doubts on Aaliya and later Tanu’s intentions.

        Abhi is shown as brooding or some what disconnected from Aaliya, that is also to keep suspense for us if his ML is true or fake.

        Coming to ur point, we dont know yet what role Purab will have in this ML track. We are not shown yet, but Aaliya may be cunning enough to keep Purab out of such matters as Purab knows her truth, so her plans wont work if Purab is involved in Abhi’s career.

        Coming to Purab getting a new girl, I was very disappointed by Sriti’s interview in yday segment, where she was saying once Tanu’s truth is out, the show has to close, so they are starting again fresh. I didnt understand why the writers and looks like the cast also have this feeling that Tanu coming in between Abhi n Pragya is the only storyline. When the show started it was about Sarla, and her daughters, so along with Pragya the story should be of Bulbul also.

        Going with all these statements, I am not sure if Purab can ever be looked at as parallel lead or if we can hope to see Bulbul back. Dont know why they dont realize, but its getting boring seeing the same scenes and same characters repeatedly.

      • shobana

        Exactly sahithi, abhi will get doubt but he wont take steps to clear it.
        We will wait and see what the CVs are upto. I think within first 3 episodes we will come to know whether its a fresh story or abhi is acting to be ML. Lets see

  19. Pratiksha

    Rimjhim thanks for update. U tried well, gud job but some details r missing from ur updates. So I m giving full update of yesterday’s episode again. Full update of yesterday’s episode – Episode starts with Pragya still waiting outside Abhi’s hospital room desperately waiting to get a glimpse of her husband. She is upset to see everyone visit him and she is the only one who cannot meet him. Back in Abhi’s house, Pragya makes sure healthy food is made for Abhi. Suddenly a servant informs her that something amiss is going on in her room and as Pragya rushes to see, she notices that Alia and Tanu are messing with her stuffs. Angry Pragya slaps Tanu right away for fiddling with her items and Tanu tries to slap her back. Alia comes forward to stop Pragya and Tanu and informs Pragya that they have the right to do it. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi reunites with Pragya; did he pretend losing memory!)
    Pragya says that no matter what they can’t mess with her room and stuffs. She is still Abhi’s legally wedded wife and no one can keep her away from her husband. He might not recognize her but she has still not forgotten the relationship she shares with Abhi. Alia tries to play with Pragya emotions by purposely saying how her presence in the house can be dangerous for Abhi. She asks her if she wants Abhi to die because of her. But Pragya promises that she will not come in front of Abhi but will not leave the house at any cost.
    Suddenly Tanu gives a strange reaction to Alia’s for speaking so rudely with Pragya. Much to everyone’s surprise she starts talking in support of Pragya. Pragya is clueless about what Tanu is trying to say. But Tanu keeps telling Alia that Pragya is no less than a goddess since she has always been sacrificing everything for Abhi and his family. But unfortunately, Abhi doesn’t remember anything now and nor does he recognize her. Alia realises that Tanu was only trying to make fun of Pragya and the two share a hearty laugh.

    Alia then walks towards the huge wedding picture of Pragya and Abhi and tries to throw it outside the room. But Pragya warns her against doing this and tells her that she cannot take her away from Abhi just because he doesn’t remember anything. She promises to stand by Abhi forever since she is his wife and no one has the right to ask her to leave the house. She refuses to go out of the house and says that she will take care of him without being in his sight. Dadi hears Pragya screaming and comes over to see the mess in her bedroom. She tries to convince Pragya to come with her. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya : Pragya warns Alia and Tanu to be wary of their karma!)
    Poor Pragya keeps on telling Dadi that she needs to be in the house for Abhi’s safety and asks her to make a plan to reveal Alia and Tanu’s true identity. She says that Abhi always had a threat from Tanu and Alia and she cannot leave him in their care. But Dadi remains silent and Pragya forces her to speak. Dadi, with a heavy heart, tells Pragya to leave the house which shocks her to the core. She reminds Dadi about how she convinced Pragya to marry Abhi and she had requested her to take care of him. Pragya has been protecting Abhi since then only on Dadi’s request. She begs Dadi to not ask her to leave the house as she will die without Abhi.
    Dadi agrees that it was she who brought her to this home but she did everything for Abhi. And today again she is asking her to leave the house just for Abhi. Today, her presence can prove dangerous for Abhi and that’s the only reason she has asked Pragya to go. Dadi adds that she is being selfish at the moment and is not thinking about Pragya’s emotions. She requests Pragya that she has to go out of the house and his life only for his well being. She knows Pragya is the only person in this house who loves Abhi the most and this sacrifice can only give him a new life. (ALSO READ: Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi recognizes everyone in the family except Pragya!)
    Pragya can’t absorb the fact that she has to stay away from her husband. Dadi confirms that she is only asking her to stay away from Abhi’s life but not to leave him. Pragya, although very upset, has no option but to oblige to Dadi’s request. With a broken heart.

    • Pratiksha

      she walks towards her room to collect her stuffs.
      While picking her stuffs, Alia recalls all the moments she spent with Abhi in that room. Every item on the room takes her back in the time when she lived with her husband. Although she never had a happy married life but always shared a sweet and sour equation with Abhi. After packing her stuffs Pragya walks out of the house as everyone sadly watch her. She bids farewell to every member of the house.
      But Alia is not satisfied with all this and looks forward to give Pragya a memorable farewell. She stops Alia on the way and hands over her doll which used to be Abhi’s favourite and asks her to get out of the house. PRECAP IS SAME AS GIVEN BY RIMJHIM.

  20. Ash

    I see a lot of complaints here on TU and also on the Zee TV complaints board about KKB. Maybe they translate all the comments as compliments to extend the show despite hopeless storylines so they can continue making more money as writers & producers and don’t care at all of the audience. It is sad girls are made to suffer like this being shown at the hands of b*t*hes and witches and dumb husbands who don’t protect their wives. KKB IS CRAP

    • Sahithi

      Yes very true, whatever happy moments are shown for 2 mins and such taunting for Pragya are shown in detail spanning across episodes.

      I read some comments here last week or so from ppl outside of India, about the way Indian culture and family values are being portrayed in these shows. Felt very bad reading them, it is fiction and must be seen only like that, as I can say from my experience that even parents from middle class, traditional families are thinking in a more practical way about their daughters, their careers, their married lives.

      The way Pragya is treated on this show is way too inhumane and cruel and too unrealistic. There is far too much crime being shown and nothing is ever handled the legal way.

  21. Pratiksha

    Dadi is so much selfish and look how much she is great that she is herself accepting this that yes she is becoming selfish. What a dadi!!! Again she has convinced pragya by her so call lectures and teachings. First of all if we will b on pragya’s place, we already back out from this so call hell type Sasuraal and after watching dadi’s selfishness, we never comes back, so as pragya also should do, but becoz it is daily soap so we can’t expect anything right from it. Anyways cut this crap and now let’s keep our eyes on this new upcoming story. Previous one they have been ruined so much, lets see how will b the season-2. If it will b different so atleast they should not repeat same crap and rubbishness by characters like they showed in previous one. Life says that people learns from experiences so if we wishes that they should not repeat past mistakes again, then it will not b wrong. I think this new season has came becoz they have ruined previous one. People disliked and criticized it so much. So I think to cover up and to correct their mistakes, they r coming with season-2 with better story. So let’s see if this time, they presents the story well or again they will ruined it by another craps for dragging habit.

    • shobana

      Prathiksha, a good updates .
      Actually yesterday I didn’t see the episode. Both rimjhim and yours update gives a clear view of the last episode.
      What I feel is atleast for few days we can be free from plotting, killing kidnapping…… For few days we can see abhigya’s scenes.
      I have a doubt abhi only forgot Pragya, so in second part will Pragya remember abhi ???? Or it will be a fresh love story between 2 stranges??? I think we have to wait and see. I am quite afraid to be excited since this idiotic CVs will do anything. Season 1 they have ended as bad always wins. Lets see what is going to happen now.

    • Sahithi

      Daadi is a typical Saas in a Saas Bahu saga, Just that she is not a direct mom, so we may not have thought as that torturing saas for Pragya. But Daadi is that Saas who wont directly scold or abuse u, but she would be the reason for all ur pain. Always expects Pragya to be a typical bahu and emotionally manipulates using Kumkum dialogues.

      Pragya being the weak hearted gets into her words easily. Pragya leaving yday was proof for how Daadi can respond to a situation given she has to chose between Abhi n Pragya.

  22. Karan

    The DNA of EK & KKB is CRAP, BULLSHIT, NONSENSE, EVIL ONLY WINS. Always same shit but only different day. Why do they have to change? Can go again beating around the same bush to Season 3 and annoy audience. All just stop watching this shitty serial and find a way to get rid of KKB serial which shows no real value except maybe the writer who may have grown up in that environment.

  23. Pratiksha

    New onlocation update- Abhi back in rockstar mode, aliyaa changed as glamorous after leap. Abhi is composing music by his guitar in his music room and aliyaa comes to inform him about dealing with music company for his next album. They rejoices. Full update- Abhi is doing music session in his music room. When he ends his session, Aliyah comes. She tells them “I not only know that my brother is the world’s best brother, but that there never was nor ever will be another Abhi the rockstar” Abhi is tying his shoes and agrees to her statement, replying that “there will never be a rockstar sister like you either” Aliyah smiles and says “I know.” and says she has a surprise for him, that she’s signed the deal for his next album. He says how did she do that? And she says that while the producers wanted to know what songs Abhi has made, she told them (and says this in unison with Abhi) “first show me the honey, then the moneyyy baby!” The deal has been signed for two crores (basically they’re showing that Abhi is back to being money-minded). Abhi says that the one benefit of Aliyah going to study abroad is that its benefitted him (financially). Aliyah says that its been beneficial for her too because on the next album, she’s going to get 50% of the profit. Abhi stays quiet for a little while then says “Are you kidding…” Aliya looking at him. He says “Whatever I make is for either you or Daadi.” Aliyah is estatic and exclaims “You mean this is all mine?” (pointing at his studio, referring to his music and success) and he says “Nope…nothing.” And they both laugh, Aliyah taking it as a joke, and they hug. He asks for Robin, and she says Robin is with Taiji.

    OFFSCREEN MOMENT: Last video, at 00:54, Aliya is supposed to pull on Abhi’s cheeks. They call cut and then Shikha pulls Shabir’s cheeks and says “belated happy bday” to which Shabir laughs. Cuteee.

  24. sana

    Our audience are really mad.bcoz kkb tanu pregnant story runs more than 1 year at last it aborted no proof about tanu.atlast pragya saying truth to him he believe without evidence.what a story line!!!now abhi memory loss.we wasted our 1 year bore tanu pregnant trap.but story end very blunt.if pragya informs abhi before 1 year no need that 1 year story.worst serial story I ever watch and there is no proper continuation .blo*dy ekta

  25. Sodo

    Fricking nonsense! Hope its Abhi’s ploy to find out the truth about Aliya and Tanu. This is not a show, but a FREAK show!

  26. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Abhi’s come back as rockstar mode in his music session in his room, Aliyaa is handling abhi’s works and business. Both rejoices their and pragya’s first glimpse as in chashmish fuggy getup. Full update- After losing memory and his recovery from accident injuries, Abhi is back in rockstar mode and came back in full form. He is doing a music session in his music room by his guitar. Others, pragya in her house, in chashmish fuggy’s getup, roaming here and there with tension. Somebody comes at her house, don’t know who but pragya gets tensed only after hearing that person. Here, in mehra house, after abhi’s music session finishing, aliyaa comes and appreciates abhi and his music. Abhi too appreciates her. Aliyaa tells to abhi about her dealing with anusic company for two crores. Abhi appreciates her and they both rejoices. Aliyaa asks fifty percent share in profit from now for next deals. Abhi says that everything of him is her. Aliyaa hugs abhi happily. Reporter says that after abhi’s memory loss, only aliyaa got profit from it. She is enjoying her life and enjoying with abhi becoz her relationship has become like before again. Shikja told to reporters that Aliyaa’s relationship has become again like begore with abhi. They both has become again loving and caring for each other. Same brother and sister’s love and nok- jhok has again started. She says that in this new face of our show, somethings has changed but not mostly. Most things r still like same as before but ya story has become fresh and young in comparison of before. All the mess has cleaned and finishrd now which happened before it in mid. She adds that people says that god supports with wring peoples and yes this time god has supported me and i got my life and my brother like before and poor pragya becoz she has no other option left becoz of memory loss of abhi so she have to stay away from abhi and everything. Reporter says that god know what’s the type of this filmy memory loss, who can identify his sister well but not his wife. Reporter says that but aliyaa’s happiness will get finished when abhi’s memory will come back and now pragya has decided to bring abhi’s memory back now becoz she is worried for abhi that he is still unaware with aliyaa and tanu’s true intentions and these two only can harm abhi and misuse him and only can do bad with him. So like aliyaa’s starting of her life living like before, pragya also has decided to start her life like before for bring abhi’s memory back. Only thing is left to see that when and how abhi and pragya will come infront of each other and when abhi will get his memory back?

  27. Blossom

    Theres a new update tht pragya becoms abhi’s PS n starts hr new mission n purab helps hr in dis mission

  28. Salma

    Hi, this has been a beautiful serials with too many times kidnapping , too many times plotting. But I thing for sure everyone loves this love story of a married couple. Now the villains are back on track with all their nonsense. But I think now it will be a another love story between Abhi’s and Pragya. Now it is the time for Pragya to woo Abhi’s being more beautiful and be a model. Coz with Abhi’s remembering only Tanu’s as a model. She should come in being fashionable and lovable. Hope to see love soon in the air. Dadi should support her success.Good luck. !!!!!!!!

  29. Pratiksha

    After watching today’s onlocation updates and segments what i felt that as shikha was saying that her aliyaa’s relationship and equation has become like before, it was not looking right. I felt during aliyaa’s interaction with abhi that whenever she interacts with abhi, he shows happiness but not by heart only by outside and when she turns and walks here and there around him, his expressions gets off. It seems he is not happy with aliyya by heart but showing happiness only from outside. May b it is some kind of trick by CVS to shoot the scenes smartly so it could develop the questions and curiosity in our minds. Or may b what I m feeling is true? But still I can’t say anything exactly becoz story has become fresh but CVS tricks r same to how to tied audience with their show. So let’s see what happens exactly in the show. Another thing is this that everybody r waiting to abhi’s memory’s come back as for now, it is real for us but the question is will abhi really get his memory back ever? As his memory’s come back means end of both evils tanu and aliyaa and if they will finish then how they will run their show without taaliya as we knows that evils most important than the leads and specially taaliyaa. And if abhi is faking then also until when CVS will b able to keep taaliya safe in the show. So the big question is that about whom this new season is about exactly? For Abhigya’s reunion only or for evils punishment? Only time can give answers of these questions. Anyways let’s talk about this first season and it’s end so first season was horrible like we have been seen. Although it was bit gud in starting but slowly- slowly it got ruined and sadly it’s end also is worst and horrible. So how CVS will remove our disappointment of this first season by this second one. Let’s see. But what I think that their end message of the end of this first season is wrong and it only can justify and proves right if they will remove and correct all the mistakes and our disappointment with this second season. So I m expecting better start of this season-2 and a gud story than previous one. I felt that today’s update is incomplete for giving exact info about this new second season’s start. I think we have to watch the show to know exact thing.

  30. Pratiksha

    Guys not sure how much this is true but I just read telly buzz article which says that – Pragya re-enters Abhi’s life as personal secretary-
    Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya (Sriti Jha) turns Abhi’s personal secretary to be close to Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Aliya asks Pragya to leave Mehra house for Abhi’s sake.Dadi also requests Pragya to leave for Abhi’s better health, Pragya is shattered but leaves Mehra house.Pragya can’t stay away from her love of life Abhi, also can’t leave him with his enemies like Aliya-Tanu.

    Pragya thus plans to return in new avatar that is Abhi’s older fuggi avatar and comes in Abhi’s life.Pragya turns Abhi’s personal secretary Pragya enters Abhi’s life as his personal secretary, Purab helps Pragya in this and thus starts her new mission.Abhi although doesn’t recognize her but feels some connection with her, let’s wait and watch for more to come.

  31. Divya


  32. Sabrina

    Just when u think happiness will reign for Prague after all that she has been going through in this show from its inception, they gonna stray with her character.it is high time to put an end to tank and Aliya oh gosh man lol b real

  33. Pratiksha

    Guys this is correct update- Kumkumbhagya written update of August 12- Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya takes off with a romantic dance sequence between Abhi and Pragya. The two love birds are lost in each other’s eyes as they dance to the beats of a lovely Bollywood number. Suddenly Abhi starts to move away from Pargya leaving her all alone. That’s what Pragya’s state is right now. Despite having a family, she has to stay alone unfortunately. The shot then fades to a busy street that leads to Pragya’s house where her maa and family r doing preprations for the dinner. They are surprised to see Pragya at the doorstep and enquire the reason why she is here. Pragya has no words to say but somehow she gathers courage to reveal that Abhi is suffering from Retrograde Amnesia. She says that Abhi is perfectly fine but has completely forgotten her. In fact she has no clue that he is married. She says that her marriage has finished forever.

    Pragya’s mom is shattered to see her daughter’s state. Pragya goes back to her room and starts digging the stuffs (memories) she brought along. Pragya is still finding it difficult to get over the fact that her husband doesn’t recognize and she has a very little hope for things to turn positive. Pragya’s Dadi and mother are hoping for things to change for Pragya soon as abhi’s name’s kumkum and mangalsutra is with her. They are upset that life has been too cruel on Pragya since the beginning and she had to suffer a lot. They start to wonder how she will live without Abhi.

    ABhi is back to practicing his songs at his studio and Alia comes over to tell him that he did it just so perfectly. Alia tries to impress her brother by appreciating his skills. Alia has bagged a project for Abhi and wants him to create a new album for them. She also reveals that she has finalized the deal for Rs 2 crore. Alia then demands to have a 50% share in his income and Abhi agrees for the same.

    Pragya’s mother (Sarla) is making a list of their monthly expenses and Dadi has noticed that she has not listed her own medicines and products are she cannot cut down on. Sarla is worried that her daughter is going through so much pain and how can she think about herself. Pragya over hears them saying that the wedding hall (Kumkum Bhagya) that they owned is no more theirs. They had to sell the hall as a builder in going to raise a building in that place. Pragya feels upset that her family is going through so much problems and she never noticed it. Her family is also experiencing monetary issues and she needs to help them in this time of need. She wonders how to do that without allowing her mother getting aware of it.

    Purab is upset with Dadi’s decision to throw Pragya out of the house and demands to know the reason. Dadi reveals her fear of losing Abhi permanently and she would never tolerate if anything happens to him. Hence for Abhi’s safety she asked Pragya to go back to her mother’s house. Purab says that Pragya absence will only give Alia the strength to ruin everything. Since Abhi blindly trusts Alia now he doesn’t know how she is misusing his money and power.
    But Dadi refuses to budge in and stops Purab from trying to make Abhi know the truth. She is just to ready to take the risk as the doctors have strictly warned against it. Alia notices Purab leaving the house and asks him to forgive her. She says that ABhi has forgiven her and he must forgive her too. But Purab arrogantly says that this can never happen. He will never forgive a woman who cannot be loyal to even her brother. He refuses to marry her and get back in a relationship with him. But Alia pledges to win Purab back at any cost and thinks that he will also bent down like others one day.

    Alia goes to meet Tanu and she desperately asks about Abhi. She asks if Abhi has asked about her. And how is Abhi behaviour since she has come home. Alia revales that he is the old Abhi, the rock star, who also was money minded. Abhi is now only concerned about his fame and mking money. Tanu feels excited and wants to meet him so that things can become like before with abhi and her in her life. She says that what if pragya will again come back in his life before her. Aliyaa assures her that it will not happen as pragya is concerned fir abhi’s safety now so she will never come back in his life and will fulfill all the vows of her wedding’s. They both rejoices. Aliyaa assures tanu that in sometimes, she will fix her with abhi then she will b only in his life, if she will follow what she says to do. Tanu happily hugs aliyaa.

    PRECAP: Abhi has hiccups. He comes in dadi’s room and asks why hiccups comes. Dadi says it comes when someone who loves u so much and remind u from distance. Abhi looks her surprisingly and asks who could b that if she and aliyaa is here with him. They both looks on each other. Screen freezes on partition of abhi and dadi and otherside on pragya’s face at her home.

  34. salia ali

    Pragya is such a nice girl why they kick her out of the house.firstly she is not suppose to sign over the property to abhi’s name so she could have stayed there because it her house.if i was her i would have left her house and never come back and move ahead with my life.she could have got married to someone else.id thwy are recreatimg there love its terrible

  35. mr. sun

    #kumkum bhagya … By the way what happened to poorvi character (pragya sister) .. Will her innocence be revealed… and where is bulbul ( pragya sister and purab fiancee) will she be back in future episodes with new face since her body was not discovered

  36. ashwiini

    BAKWAS.. SERIAL..I JUST LOVE PRAGYA N ABHI BUT aj tak unko kisine bhi pass ane hi nahi diya.. so me nahi dekhna chati ye serial

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