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The Episode starts with Dadi telling about Pragya’s sacrifice. She says she can’t stay without Pragya, but agreed because of her decision. She says I don’t have any relation with Pragya now, but I love her so much that I accept her decisions, and I salute her thinking. She says I might hate my grand son, but I will always love Pragya and will bend my forehead infront of her. Abhi tells Sarla that he respects Pragya a lot, and asks for forgiveness saying he didn’t do the mistake intentionally. He says he couldn’t fulfill the relation of a husband, but he will be a good friend of her. He says he will never leave Pragya being her friend. Pragya asks Sarla to agree. Tanu is irked. Sarla folds her hands. Dadi says whatever you said is right and apologizes. Sarla and Pragya are about to leave,

but Dadi stops them. She asks Pragya to do her work before going from house, and asks her to light the lamp in the inhouse temple. She asks Abhi to apologize to God or his dead parents. Pragya and Abhi walk towards the inhouse temple and looks at each other. Manzilein song plays…………Pragya lights the lamp and prays to God that she can’t let an innocent life getting ruined. Abhi prays to God and says he don’t want to be separated from Pragya. He asks God to give his share of happiness to Pragya and her shares of sorrows to him.

Pragya tries to wear the slippers. Abhi helps her wear it. Just as they about to turn, Pragya’s mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Hamari Adhuri plays………Dadi says the jodi made by God can’t be separated easily. Pragya tries to take off her mangasutra and gets even more closer to him. Hamari Adhuri plays again. Pragya manages to get her mangalsutra. Sarla tells them that they are separating so asks Pragya to return the mangalsutra to Abhi, and asks Abhi to return the ring. Dadi also says the same. While Abhi tries to take his ring off from his hand, Pragya stops him and refuses to take off her mangalsutra shocking everyone.

Sarla says there is no relation between you both and why do you want to wear his mangalsutra. Pragya says relations are connected by heart, and says she will wear this mangalsutra till Tanu gets Abhi’s name sindoor. She folds her hands and requests. Raj and Aaliya come to Abhi’s office. Raj says Abhi is fully dependent on Akash and Purab and says he will ruin Abhi’s investments. Aaliya says it is superb and asks from when he will start working on the plan. Raj says you are going to do this, and asks her to make good terms with him. Aaliya says Abhi is her enemy now. Raj asks her to act goody with Abhi and forget Purab for time being. Aaliya looks on.

Dadi apologizes to Sarla again for not been able to fulfill the promise made to her. Pragya touches Dadi’s feet and hugs her cryingly. Dadi cries too. Pragya hugs Dasi and cries. She looks at Abhi and cries while the song Hamari Adhuri plays…………..Sarla asks her to come. Tanu thinks to marry Abhi soon else she will not be able to get him.

Precap: Tanu is talking to Nikhil on phone and says she is getting married to Abhi. She says it doesn’t matter who ever is the father of the baby, and says you are his father. Pragya hears it and falls down unconscious shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Chithu

    Good..so hopefully we will see accident scenes this week only 🙂 and probably accident will be known to all in this week only 🙂

  2. kowsi

    nice episode…they r not seperated …Aaliya gng to be gud with abhi ..tanu believes aaliya will forgive her brother..but she will never change..ektha never lose the single chance to make a big twist…waiting for tmrw episode..

  3. We knows that it’s for short time but today’s episode of pragya’s exit from mehra house was heart wretching.???I knew that pragya will tell that she wants to wear mangalsutra till then tabhi’s marriage. So now finally pragya will get to know about tanu’s truth and then accident scene! I don’t believe that we r going to see it very soon! Otherwise I felt that they will drag it until next week. And aaliya is going to fake abhi for supporting him. I think if pragya doesn’t hear her talk then may b she will tell about tanu’s truth to abhi for coming in gud books of abhi becoz she knows very well that this was the best chance to get faith back in abhi’s eyes and one more thing I was thinking that aaliya will b behind of pragya’s accident but in today’s segment, sriti was saying that this time it is not anyone’s planning. She has actually met with an accident. So now I m confused.

    • Chithu

      that is good point Nikki..Aaliya may do it actually.. i mean , now she does not have any other points to gain Abhi’s belief..but she has the strongest thing to use… if she uses Tanu’s truth for it, then for sure Abhi will believe her on anything… but Nikki..per promo, the accident scene was after Pragya knowing about Aaliya and Raj as well rite…so i think, before Pragya becomes ok, Aaliya will try to gain Abhi’s faith may be by revealing Tanu’s truth ..so later Pragya can not tell openly to Abhi that Aaliya and Raj are against him…

      Or otherwise Nikki..this is also possible..Sriti might have told it is actual accident just to confuse us.. it might have been planned by Aaliya and Aaliya herself will tell Abhi that Pragya had met with an accident and she may pretend like she is the one who saved Abhi so that he will start believing in her…

      • Sneha

        that is a good point chithu…. after accident, alia will pretend to save pragya and also take care of her so that abhi again start to believe on her…. does she know that pragya knows her evil plan too??

      • Chithu

        per promo ..yes Sneha..Pragya will hear both Tanu’s speech and also Raj and Aaliya’s conversation… she will run behind Abhi telling herself that she has to inform Abhi that his own family members are ready to back stab him…

      • Sneha

        i know that pragya heard both tanu and alia’s truth but the question is does alia know that pragya knows her truth?? i guess pragya was listening to the conversation hiding to the door so maybe alia may not have seen pragya….also when pragya heard tanu’s truth, tanu did not see her listening, she only saw saw pragya fainting….so pragya can still act knowing nothing and reveal the truth to abhi safely… what do u think??

  4. Priya $

    Atlast the day came
    V r waiting for this for a long. But don’t know when truth ll reach abhi. After accident again they ll dragg ah wat u think guys???

  5. Surie

    My only hope for Kumkum Bhagya it won’t be like Pavitra Rishta or Doli Armaani (not too sure about the spelling) as these Stories dragged from one generation to the next. A good drama should not be too long and should end with the two main characters not with so many new characters like children, grandchildren etc.. until it become confusing.. It should end when the going is great. The producer then come up with another new great challenging drama where people want more interesting ones!!

    • Gigi

      Sadly enough it is already going down the road of some of those serials that you named. And when it happened they ALL turned to Flops. What a track record for a writer/producer to have. SAD.

  6. this episode was so good &very nice scean for abhiprageya aliya was so bad tanu child for father about the not abhi waiting for good episode

  7. In today’s episode, abhi was actually praying from god to get pragya back in his life. I know he didn’t pray properly but in his heart, he did. So now abhi has already started praying to god to get pragya back in his life. Looks like cvs will sought out everything and will improve fully which is related to abhigya in this track before their reunion. Like abhi’s realization of love and his mistakes then abhi’s punishments for his sins and now in the way is abhi’s faith in god and his fall down to completion of his punishments.

  8. Tamanna Miah

    Omfg I can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode!!!! I just can’t wait until Prague finds out the truth but hopefully they won’t make her lose her memory cause that would be making the drama a whole lot of bullshit!

    • Jackie

      The fact that she will Faint – is already a lot of drama! Who is going to Faint? I would be so hopping angry that I would have choked her out and RAN to Abhi to inform him. Fainting is stupid – by itself.

  9. I donot care what happens in this drama I know when Tannu’s truth will be reveal to everyone then Raj’s drama is going to start.
    Yuk serial

  10. Sneha

    for the first time, i saw abhi praying to god…..but soon it will be more intense when he will beg to god for pragya’s good health……….i was very sure that pragya will not take out her mangal-sutra………so as long as she wears it, no force can separate her from her abhi…..
    finally the truth came out in front of pragya but as shown in the segment, she will after that faint…when abhi will come to meet tanu, tanu will hide pragya since she does not want abhi to blame her for anything more……ques is whether tanu knows that pragya already knows the truth???
    in the promo we had seen that pragya came to know both tanu and alia’s truth…she was running behind abhi’s car when her accident took place…but still it does not mean that nobody will notice her absence…… also i must say that amnesia might not take place since it will make tabhi’s marriage easier which is certainly not cvs motive….

    • Chithu

      yes Sneha..but there are lot of confusions too.. i mean , per promo…if Pragya comes to know Aaliya’s true colour also.. then the story becomes easy.. i mean then Abhi will easily come to know all the evil plans provided Pragya is conscious after the accident…

      but if they are showing like Pragya unconscious for sometime, then it should definitely be Aaliya who ll stop the marriage to gain Abhi’s faith..later she ll destroy Abhi ..till then Pragya should be be unconscious or conscious with memory loss…. but in both the cases, they have to run the show without much Abhi-Pragya scenes which will afftect TRP ..but if they start Abhi-Pragya love story again newly with this memory loss game along with this Aaliya’s evil plan running parrallely , then it is going to work 🙂

      or Aaliya should pretend like saving Pragya… so Abhi started believing Aaliya..then Pragya is also conscious..but she ll oppose Aaliya without Abhi’s knowledge…

      But , this CVS will always do beyond our expectations..so we will see 🙂

      • Sneha

        maybe on the shaadi-day, abhi will notice that pragya is absent from a long time and will searching when suddenly nikhil will come to say that if u want to marry tanu you sud first know her entire truth where he will reveal it…. as alia also has to gain trust of abhi, she will support nikhil and then tanu will be out……. after listening to all this, abhi will be sad for losing pragya….. then they can show that pragya survived but lost some sections of memory…. abhi will come to meet her but pragya will move away from him and also sarla maa may not allow him to further destroy her daughter life…. from here will start the double battle of abhi where he has fight both for his status and his love….. while abhi will be in distress, pragya will slowly regain her memory and help abhi…..this can also be twist..!!

  11. Asifah

    Well on instagram they sent a video and pragya said that..((mera accident sazish nahi he…Matlab bas yuhee hogaya…then reporter asked her sumthing and she replied…….agar woh (abhi) mujhe doond letay toh aisa accident nahi hota)) something lyk that about the last part…to see it follow Abhigya_fc on instagram…..also that someone on instagram uploaded a pic of tanu in a wedding dress…so that too might be coming close..)mayb it gets cancelled due to the “Lost pragya” I’m not sure bwt the part in this brackets(

    Kay guys enjoy

  12. Sneha

    If abhi’s reputation and his stardom is destroyed, then alia will also lose all her comforts and luxuries……if tanu takes help of alia and supports alia, then alia will surely make abhi’s situation worst which will be bad for tanu also….. so does that mean both alia and tanu are such idiots that they cant see this simple thing ????

  13. TINA

    Hai frnds ….. today episode was sooo painfull.. i didn’t expect too fast update on precap …

    Any one notice this pragya’s magalsutram stuck’s in abhi’s t-shirt .. actually its was stucked in abhi’s left side t-shirt that means heart(♡) side… i think this one scence is enough to prove no one should not spearate abhigya …….
    And in that scence music and tempoo was amazing… i can feel real feel of abhi and pragya…
    Eagarly waiting for 2moro episode and tanu truth releave infront of all megra family..

  14. heidi

    Hello hello. Finally Tanu s drama is coming to an end. And why Pragya has to faint down. writer(s)???? Really plz.make the story positve now Sooooo long so much drama. Irritatinggggggg thats why KKB (and other serials) really dropping in the ratings. So sad

  15. jai

    hai guys c all dramas n same tract. hateing, kidnapping, rescue, love , accident, memory loss & gain all hindhi serials r having any one same tract uttaran madhubala bhagyavitha ullam kollai poguthada sasural simar ka saraswati chandra aval oru thodarkathai……..&all

  16. Priya $

    I don’t think so aliyah ll help abhi this time in marriage. I think aliyah only did the accident. If she helps abhi then how tanu ll leave aliyah. She may tell everything about aliyah to others I mean kidnapping and so many things. Raj can help abhi but he won’t. Wat ever v assume it won’t writers ll think beyond tat. Surely they ll do something else.

  17. teena

    i guess aliya make a plan to kill pragya to gain sympathy n may b the writer twist the story saying that pragya had not listend anything it was just dream or else pragya just enetered and fainted dats it…………………

  18. I Think it’s waste of time as nothing interesting is happening same drama only actor r changed I think I will stop watching n hope people realise that we need a cheerful story than this kind. I was happy that they r going to be together n some masti filled entertainment,,,,,,,???so much of emotion ????we watch so that we feel happy not sad

  19. Priya

    Nice episode…pls keep up the speed….dont draggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg too much…really its frustrating to see pragya always in problem..bring some happiness to abhigya life…

  20. Now I m thinking guys if aaliya will disclose tanu’s truth in front of abhi to come in gud books of him then how she will defame abhi? I mean as we saw that aaliya and raaj r going to finished all investments of abhi for ruining him but as we knows that abhi is talented and a rockstar so he could earn more by his efforts becoz he is very famous among the publisc and media. So for spoiling abhi fully, aaliya have to defame abhi in front of public and media by ruining his image and reputation and tanu is only a weapon from which, aaliya could defame abhi. So if she will disclose tanu’s truth then it Will b difficult for her to defaming abhi. But when I m thinking from another way so if abhi gets to know about pragya’s accident then off course he couldn’t concentrate on his work becoz then he will d totally devastated. Then aaliya could use also this opportunity to spoiling abhi. Let’s see what will happen?

  21. I want to share one thing more with u all guys. Did anyone u noticed Bulbul’s expressions from last two episodes. It was totally blank. I mean after getting all the pregnancy truth of abhigya and tanu, she should b very much upset and angry like sarla maa becoz in the show, from the beginning, she is the second one after sarla maa who always worried for pragya’s marriage and her married life. And now when pragya’s marriage is breaking then she is not showing any feeling towards this matter through her expressions! Have she any doubt in her mind for this whole matter and she is sure that everything will b fine or is she is not doing act properly and not concentrating properly on her acting during these days?

    • TINA

      Ya nikki i also have doubt of bulbul..
      She didn’t angry abhi.. infact she doesn’t talk to any mehra family members… i think after pragya accident she got any clue about tanu truth… and still purab not knowing what was going on in mehra massion.. bulbul tell everythink to purab in ph.. then he also help pragya …

      And i have a great dout y still tanu’s baby bomb cannot came out… and she still wear modern drs… if she abort her baby without inform any one.. bcos she only want abhi’s money she is a model so she want abhis image for her carrier thats y only she want to marry abhi…

      If she abort her baby .. she didn’t tell any thing to abhi and nikil also.. thats why only she marry abhi.. she can think after marry abhi then put a drama for miscarring .. like this

    • Ya kowsi I too heard it on SBS. Now I m scared what’s the need of this cameo shoot.? Are they going or planning to show arjun-purvi’s like story for abhigya in kumkumbhagya!?Omg! ?I hope nothing will happen like this as I m thinking after getting this news becoz if something like this will happen then we knows that it will b very bad for abhigya and their fans becoz we all knows what was happened with arjun and purvi in pavitra rishta.? I hope their appearance in the show for saving abhigya’s love story not for promoting love story like them.?

      • chithu

        Nikki..what is that news ? i mean, i am not aware of Pavithra Rista.. can u guys tell me what is the update of KKB? are we going to get any unexpected shock????

      • Chithu and priya arjun and purvi was the characters from serial pavitra rishta. In this show they had fallen in love with each other and then their family had arranged their marriage but arjun was already engaged with purvi’s sister ovi and ovi was also in love with arjun and she was an obsessed lover so she had tried her best to snatch arjun from purvi and in this process she succeed.After knowing this truth purvi decides to leave arjun for ovi’s and her baby’s happiness. Purvi gets intimate with arjun before her marriage with arjun and got pregnant so she hides this and decides to go Calcutta but situations turns and she again makes a come back in arjun’s life. After facing lots if hurdles ovi realizes her mistake and takes her steps back from arjun’s life and decides to unite arjun and purvi but after sometimes they again separates becoz of some misunderstandings at last after so many years they unites again. Overall their love story was full of hurdles but at the end they gets unite.

      • Priya $

        Thanks nikki I m having a doubt u saw tat pragya’s accident video in tat street no one is there if they planned to hit pragya surely they only take her to hospital. I m saying about aliyah it ll also help her to attach with abhi rit. Supp aliyah is not behind tat tanu Raj surely they won’t help pragya surely it ll make situation worse.

  22. kowsi

    yes nikki…saving abhigya love story im also think tat same..But i think nikki they are teaching love lesson for abhi and pragya.. .pragya meet with an accident no one knows her family.tat time rithvik aand asha take her pragya to admitting hospital.They r informing to abhigya family..al r known abhi gng to break down this matter…they r teaching love lessons for abhi and pragya..this my prediction..but pls go like pavithra ristha…

    • I hope kowsi that this happen in the show as u r saying then it will b ok. And I think only this should b happen becoz arjun-purvi was related with each other before their marriage and abhigya r destined to b together and in love with after marriage according to story. So arjun and purvi’s entry in the show, should b for inspiring and saving abhigya and their love.

  23. axi

    Frnds i have a guess… in yesterday episode we saw aliya want to get good name in her bro(act). I think after pragya accident she admit in hospital she loss her blood heavyly.. for that time aliya come to hsplt and give blood to pragya for taking good name in her bro…

    Bcos in episode 187 aliya commit to sucide for that time pragya will give blood to aliya ( aliya told that in episode 189 or 188)…. soo pragya and aliya’s blood grp is same.. so she (aliya) would give blood for pragya after accident.. then she would like by every family members…. sply abhi..

  24. Arjun and purvi (Ritvik and Asha)will shoot for a special episode of kumkumbhagya to revive their love story according to times of India artical. Ritvik himself has confirmed this news.

  25. This show is the worst ever on zee none stop nonsense on and on in yrs ekta need to respect her loyal audience make change of this shit script

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