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Abhi tells Pragya he does not care about himself. It wont be right with Tanu if we marry. I can sacrifice and ignore my happiness but cannot backtrack on my ideals. I don’t care about myself but Tanu and her family has distributed cards already. Their name will be maligned in society if this marriage does not happen. You know what happens in our society when marriages don’t happen! Don’t know what step Tanu will take. Her mother too has last stage cancer. I don’t know what to do. Pragya leaves from there without saying anything.

Dadi wonders what Tanu’s mother would have said to Abhi. He looked really tensed when I saw him. He said he will speak to Pragya. Purab tells her not to worry. He will marry Di if he has proposed her. Why do you worry about what Tanu’s mother

would have said to him? Abhi always does what he decides once. Dadi nods. You forgot people use him to their advantage for the very same reason. She might have forced Abhi for marriage. Sometimes it isn’t good for yourself to be so nice. They see Pragya coming downstairs looking all sad. Dadi asks her why she is so sad. What did Abhi say? Pragya tells her that everything is over. My dreams and hopes are over. Dadi asks her to explain. Pragya tells them all that Abhi had said to her. Purab wants to talk to her but Pragya stops her. You wont say anything to him if you care for me. Purab reasons that they will have to stop Abhi from taking the wrong path. He even confessed his feelings to you and now he is backing out? Please let me go. I know he will listen to me. Pragya gives him her swear. Dadi asks her why she is stopping Purab. Don’t you want to marry Abhi? Why don’t you stop Abhi? Pragya walks away upset.

Abhi recalls the moment when Pragya had confessed her love for him. He heads out of his room upset.

Purab cannot understand why Abhi is doing this. Wont it be wrong with Pragya Didi if he marries Tanu after all that? They see Abhi coming downstairs. Abhi avoids them and runs out.

Tanu and Aaliya are enjoying champagne. They speak funnily about Tanu’s mother who enters just then? Are you guys done with your party? Aaliya asks her why she dint sleep till now. Tanu’s mother replies that those who have to accomplish their dreams cannot speak. Tanu laughs. I am drinking but it is affecting mother. You need to sleep to achieve your dreams. Her mother tells her to shut up. Your relation with Abhi was about to break because of your careless attitude only. Aaliya gestures Tanu on her mother losing it. Tanu tells her mother she said the same thing while going out and is just repeating it. Just relax. Her mother tells her to go and check on the preps. Pragya loved Abhi but now he too has come to realise it. Aaliya calls her drunk. You mean to say Abhi has proposed Pragya? We too will confess our love to each other. Tanu’s mother nods. Aaliya and Tanu get serious in a while. Aaliya and Tanu worry being thrown out of the house if Pragya and Abhi marry. Tanu’s mother tells them to be quiet. Abhi did confess to Pragya but he will marry Tanu only. I fixed everything. She tells them everything. I emotionally blackmailed him to fulfil the last wish of a dying mother. Tanu hugs her mother and thanks her. My mom has gone after me. Aaliya denies. Aunty has taken after me. Fantastic! We were planning to do it since ages but aunty did it in one go. She can never come back in the house now! Tanu agrees. Pragya’s story will be over once this marriage happens.

Pragya is walking absentmindedly on the road. Abhi’s words echo in her head. She recalls her marriage and stumbles in her step. More memories flash before her eyes leaving her teary eyed.

Pragya’s Bee ji tells Dadi Pragya isn’t home yet. When did she leave from there? Dadi says she left sometime back only. Bee ji says then it will take some time. Dadi tells her to inform her once Pragya reaches there. Bee ji asks her if there is something. Dadi dismisses it. They end the call. Bee ji tells Sarla ji everything. They feel something has surely happened. Door bell rings. Sarla ji is sure it will be Pragya. We will ask her. Sarla ji opens the door only to find Pragya in tears. Pragya walks in without saying anything. Sarla ji and Bee ji ask her what happened. Abhi’s Dadi was also asking for you. Has something happened? Sarla ji asks her if she fought with Abhi. Pragya goes inside without saying anything and closes the door of her room. Pragya breaks down. Her family members bang the door requesting her to atleast talk with them. They get worried.

Pragya notices her wedding photo on the bedside table. She cries hugging it.

Abhi’s Nani is very much concerned for Pragya. She dint even reach her home. Even Abhi isn’t anywhere to be seen. Dasi gives her water.

Abhi is in a restaurant / pub. He gulps down his drink thinking about his last convo with Pragya.

On the other hand, Pragya continues to cry hugging the photo. She caresses Abhi’s photo. You always do this with me. It is wrong with her (Tanu) but is it right with me? You always do this with me! Why always me?

Abhi mentally apologizes to Pragya. I showed you dreams and then broke them. Please forgive me.

Purab says this happens every time. We always are left dejected after coming so close. Abhi confessed his love to Di for which she was waiting. That moment was right there but then he snatched her happiness from her. This had happened last time also in Lonavala. Everything will be over after the wedding tomorrow! Dadi vows not to let Abhi and Pragya part ways. Abhi has held her hand after so much difficulty. I wont let it go down the drain. I wont let her hard work go waste. I only brought her in this house earlier. I will do the same this time. This time they haven’t come close to be separated. I wont let it happen atleast till the time I am alive. Dadi goes from there.

Next morning, Aaliya and Tanu’s mother compliment each other. Tanu’s mother tells Aaliya to tell her if she likes someone. We will get you married too. Aaliya suggests focusing on Tanu’s marriage first. Tanu’s mother smirks. I made it happen as I am in the last stage of cancer after all. They do high five. Dadi and Dasi see them. Tanu’s mother has brought haldi from home this time. It dint happen last time. Haldi is very special this time as I have added gold dust in it. Aaliya and Tanu’s mother speak loudly to make sure Dadi and Dasi hear them. bride and groom should stand out in the wedding. Tanu’s mother tells Dadi to add some gold dust too. It should be equally balanced. Aaliya says let’s start the ritual. Tanu’s mother asks about Tanu. Aaliya sends her off to go on stage. I will check preps. She goes back to tease and taunt Dadi and Dasi. You too should keep drinking cold water as you seem angry. Your head might burst. Such thing shouldn’t happen as it is your grandson’s wedding. I will bring Tanu.

Aaliya does not find Tanu in her room. Dress is also here. Where is she?

Tanu comes to meet Pragya. How are you? Looking at you, anyone can tell how you are feeling though. Why did you love? It only destroys people. Same is happening with you. Now you are gone. Why are your eyes so red? Dint you sleep entire night? It would be impossible as the moment you would have closed your eyes you would have seen me marrying Abhi right? Pragya avoids her gaze.

Precap: Abhi tells Purab there is no doubt that he loves Pragya. I love her as much as I have never loved anyone. As big as a truth that it, it is also a truth that I cannot break the promise that I have made to Tanu. I will have to marry her only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. *rolls eyes at Abhi*
    Oh please…. Tanu’s name was maligned since the begining when she decided to chase after a married man :/

  3. pragya is right…he always makes promises to her and breaks it but he always keeps his promises to tanu. at dis moment i really want abhi to marry tanu because he deserve d hell she’ll put him through…and pragya needs to find someone who will face d whole of society for her not dat zero abhi who says he loves but never proves it. how much crying should someone be made to go throuhg before dey say enuff. serial is so unrealistic to d actual actions of human beings. dis is really reel life cause in real life nothing like dis wud b happenin and tanu would b gone already. im pissin tail mad now especially wit tanu always goin and tauntin pragya. enuff of d damn crap

  4. i must say pragya aik aesi larki hai tanu ki baatein sunne ke bad bhi apni himmat tootne nahi degi phir b wo mm chali hi jai gi

  5. Director always fail the planning of pragya in two episode but the planning of tanu n her team always work n to be continue till the fan tired of watching it. When they think the fans get tired of watching the tanu planning then they again make the pragya to plan something n fail her planning in two day episode. This process is repeat again n again. Boring kumkum bhagya

  6. I am totally shattered
    I don’t have anymore gutes to see this serial because it only shows pain and sadness more than love and happiness
    I feel bad for both abhi and pragya
    But I feel more bad for pragya
    I don’t know what the director is thinking
    He is just playing with the audience’s feeling and hurting us
    I just want to see abhi and pragya uniting
    But I feel scared what if pragya gives up as she can’t take it anymore and leave abhi

  7. I hope pragya won’t give up and come back with full confidence that she will get abhi back and live with him happily
    I can’t see the haldi function which they planned for tomorrow’s episode for that witch tanu
    I hope the haldi function won’t get done I expect something should happen and stop it

  8. Monica gunasekaran

    wht will happen ? if a high marry tanu in my opinion is hate it

  9. Candiva007

    OH for fudge sake! someone needs to shoot down those three witches off their broom sticks!

  10. Praveena lakshmanan

    Now a days the show become irritating. How long they drag the serial the same thing happening again and again.

  11. Totally short of words,no comment.

  12. Lolzzz simply watched this serial almost after 6 month..i dont watch this serial and even after 6 months the story is exactly the same..rofl rofl so no difficulty in catching up with the story

  13. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    As usual f**king bullshit !!!!!!.
    Cut the krap n move in full speed ahead…

  14. This is getting so crazy, the directors should pls do and end this program, it’s becoming annoying.

  15. Rajayesha i agree wit u its true dat
    No comment exhausted r

  16. Carol from Trini

    Steups……. they’d rather him marry someone else while still married to his wife than tell him the truth. Plus he can also get in trouble with the law for bigamy. I guess to the writers that makes a whole lot of sense.

  17. Please we are tired of watching this series

  18. Since the poor audience are longing to see something good happens to Pragya the director and team are always taking them for a ride. Why can’t they do some bad happenings for the two witches? Aaliya really looks like one ad so is Tanu s mom. Week beginn8ng star5s so bad. I am really doubting whether Abhi is a man or not? Expecting some unexpected twist.

  19. It is too much. Same Crap over n over over again. Just give abhi his memory back that’s all. Stop this stupid thing you are doing.

  20. Disgusting Serial


  21. it is to much i hate this

  22. I have come to believe Abhi never loved Pragya, all this has been Aaliyah, Tanu and Abhi’s plan from the beginning, cause I don’t know what this show is about. How can you declare love with so much longing like you are about to die and then just drop the person like a piece of rubbish? This is the twist I believe, Abhi is really marrying the one he loves, the directors have fooled us all this while. But my I best scene was when Pragya walked out on him talking……the best scene ever in kumkum Bhagya, i loved it.

    1. I totally agree with you…the high light for me as well was when she walked out…how I wish she could keep walking

  23. Helòoooooooooooo Director
    ITS SO BORED watching rewinded episode again and again!!!!!!!!!!
    Are u out of ideas????

  24. Aliya have no respect for her brother and grandmother why’s she doing this to her family you are a very bad person Tanu will fix you then it will be too late

  25. seeing pragya in this episode very sad….abhi is a stupid person,first time i saw the hero of the serial did like this non sense..why abhi does not listen to her grandma,dadi is only important person in his life but he don’t tell anything to dadi…why did not abhi ask to dadi if she likes to take tanu as a daughter in law or not?

  26. Dadi is eldest in house
    This is serial is no NOSENSE that it has no respect for Dadi
    They always show Dadi character as standing alone bebas lachar and others making fun of her ………

    This type of serials gives bad direction to the society
    Why they give the extentions to such a stupid serial where they always plot murder killing lie disrespect of elders lots of hates ……..
    Seriously writers should learn good books n then try to write script with fresh mind ………

  27. i have not bothered reading since precap is annoying.

    Pratiksha Sissy, i knew there was something. i studied literature too that’s why this show as much as i love ABIGYA i most of the time just want to kill the writers and if i were JANE AUSTEN’S GHOST i would haunt and kill EKTA KAPOOR for ruining my work!!!

    1. Savita abhi’s reason of back off from Pragya is such a stupid and invalid reason,it is crystal clear. Ya abhi is right that she can’t do wrong with tanu by not marrying with her after giving commitment to her but if he realizes this a time before confessing his love to Pragya and before falling or going close to her then he was absolutely right. Becoz he knew both the reasons of marrying with tanu already, whether it was for tanu’s respect or for completing her ill mother’s last wish. He was fully aware from it. Even after this he never thought the outcome of his growing feelings and closeness to Pragya and his confession to her. He never thought that when he is helpless and forced to marry with tanu at any cost, so what will b the future of his relationship with Pragya. He realizes it so late that’s why he is wrong in present. What he did with Pragya today is not forgivable. Now it seems like he used her and took advantage of her gudness, her helplessness and her feelings. If he marries tanu for right, then also he will always remain wrong for such a immature attitude and decisions. He takes about morals that he can’t go against it. About what morals he is talking? Does his moral says to go close to a girl, do flirt with her by crossing all the boundaries, force her to express her love to him, show her beautiful dreams by confessing and expressing love to her even after getting engaged and already committed with someone else and then after bring her at the edge, leave her becoz suddenly u remembered ur commitments and helplessness. Wow what a morals he has. I never liked abhigya’s this type of relationship from the day one of this new season and I knew that one day it is going to happen what happened today. So I m not surprised nor shocked. Abhi says to Purab that he loves Pragya a lot than everything. Is this his love who didn’t spend a time to back off from her. He says to Pragya that he doesn’t cares for himself but what about Pragya? He is not caring for her too. Love’s other name is care which was completely out from abhi when he took such a harsh decision against Pragya. I heard that true love finds it’s ways itself to reach on it’s Destination if it’s true and strong. It never bends on anything. But here abhigya’s love has become their biggest enemy and the causes of all problems and pains of their lives. Sometimes it seems that they should better b separate instead of unite. It seems that they r not meant together for each other forever. And sometimes it seems this show is not about kumkum bhagya in fact it is an incomplete love story of two different persons. According to the concept of the show abhi is Pragya’s kumkum bhagya so they have to b end up together in every circumstances but here it’s been such a long time when Pragya leaves abhi and his house forever for tanu and her baby, I hardly saw kumkum on her forehead. They always shows that abhigya r still married and didn’t divorced becoz of some reason but I hardly saw Pragya as a married woman. Whenever she tries to dress up like married something happens becoz of which she remained ‘s incomplete all the time. According to show’ S concept abhigya r destined to be together. So sometimes it seems destiny doesn’t want abhigya to b together forever but they r trying and fighting to love together forever. Savita I was reading a comment on India forum sites and I found these thoughts similar as mine about the kkb so far. So I m just pasting that here and u will get where kkb has reached from it’s starting to present–

      kkb started out as a story enacting an adaption of the novel sense and sensibility…the story of two sisters and their journey in life and love…pragya and abhi…bulbul and purab…and the beginning was a beautiful story…pragya got married not by choice but by other means to abhi and bulbul and purab fell in love…the story was an interesting one…but things change…the character of bulbul was beginning to be sidetracked…she to me was one of the most important and enchanting character of kkb…the actress not feeling that she was being given an opportunity to perform left the show…the character of bulbul was terminated..the actor that played purab felt the same..he left…the actor was replaced…and the story changed…the villains took over…the leads of the show constantly fighting to stay together…the character of tanu was pushed to the forefront…a character that has no substance…was given the most airplay…doing and saying the same thing over and over again…the adaptation of sense and sensibility was thrown through the window…the story is no longer attractive…there is no new sense much less sensibility…there is no substance…it is all of one story…keeping the leads apart …trying to kill off the female lead…so the most irritating villain can marry the male lead…the spotlight is always the villains finding out everything and striking…the good ppl…constantly being thrown down…what a story…how much more do the writers can stretch this is way beyond any of us viewers comprehension…what happened …the story went from nice and interesting to dull and boring…loosing bulbul’s character in the show was a big negative…her character brought so much fun..excitement and mischief …something that was so appealing to the viewers…is there any hope that this storyline is going to end soon…the umpteenth time haldi ceremony is going to end soon…the hone wali this and that is going to end soon…the tanu factor is going to go away from mm soon…the story will revert to the love story of abhi and pragya soon…not until hell freezes over it seems…so until then the screeching…murder plotting…the hone wali everything is going to make kkb stagnant as it already is…

  28. hmmm out of words its disappointing ,

  29. Hmm it luks like the director is out of ideas guys.

  30. I don’t understand, who is the heroine? Always Tani wins???

  31. Pragya di, please forget abt abhi..marry someone else who is better. Let him marry Tanu because he only will do that from beginning whether he like it or not. On today’s episode, I really hate him. After so many good things happen, he just walk off after hearing a few words from tanu’s mom told him.

  32. Tanu is all set to marry abhi. God knows marriage will happen or not but she is fully dressed in bridal wear. Leena has just posted a side pic of her look with her crew’s friends and mitali bhabhi. Here is the link-

  33. We are giving them what is need to drag the show tune should marry abhor coz she was his first h..e

  34. Oh I don’t watch anymore nor do I read the written update , I just read the recap two line and that tell me what shit is there in our Indian culture

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