Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Tanu that she heard Pragya talking to Purab. Tanu says I am so proud that you are my friend. Aaliya says you are quite talented, the way you have handled the situation. A fb is shown, Tanu cries and tells the constable that the man Nikhil is her friend and was talking her to hospital as she was having pain. She says just then accident happened, and her friend lied to Inspector that I am his wife. She says what my husband would do, knowing I am in the hospital with a stranger man. She says my husband is in army and don’t know what he will do. She cries and asks lady constable to do something, and understand her pain being a woman and a mum. Lady Constable asks her not to cry and says she will do something. Tanu tells Aaliya that she has broken Pragya’s hope

by calling Nikhil’s fake girl friend there and replacing herself with her. Aaliya says you are a good actor and also good script writer. She says good job, you are multi talented. Tanu smiles.

Aaliya says you are taking advantage of your baby and laughs. Nikhil comes there and says well said Aaliya. He says you have become intelligent and cunning like your friend. He says I was shocked when Shonali made an entry there. He says Pragya was shocked too. He says Pragya have offered him a job, but have done a disgusting thing with him. Tanu tells something which is muted. She says I was sure that Pragya is upto something and my doubt was confirmed when I got Aaliya’s call. She says Pragya knew about you, but pretend that she doesn’t know.

Aaliya says we can take advantage of this thing. She asks Nikhil to go from there. Tanu tells him that Abhi went to office, but Pragya might be sitting near the sea and shedding tears to bring tsunami. She laughs. She says today is the memorable day. Aaliya says memorable day will be the day, when you marry Bhai, and we will enjoy. Abhi thinks why Pragya was taking Tanu’s name repeatedly, and thinks if she has gone mad. Nikhil is leaving. Pragya comes. He stares her angrily and goes. Abhi thinks what is going on in her mind and thinks to talk to her. Tanu greets Pragya and calls her Ms. Nautanki. Pragya looks angrily. Tanu asks did you like my surprise? She says my surprise have fallen on you like a bomb and your smile vanished. She says I am seeing your bad day and can figure out about your future. She says one need to have destiny, she says your suhaag is with me, the more you try, but you can’t do anything. She shows a toy and says this is you. She says you are same old Pragya, weak with eyes, and stupid from mind. She says you have snatched everything from Abhi, but couldn’t snatch Abhi from me.

Pragya asks her to keep Fuggi toy back. Tanu says she will hide it, and put blame on her. Pragya takes fuggi toy from her hand. Tanu says you know about Nikhil, but you pretended as if you don’t know about him. She tells about their doings, and challenges her that she along with Aaliya will attack her. She promises that tomorrow will be last day of yours in the house and in Abhi’s life. Pragya says did you think what will happen to your baby when Abhi comes to know about your secret. Abhi comes and hears them just then. Pragya says her to think and says where your thinking ends, my thinking starts. Tanu acts to cry. Abhi thinks what happened to Pragya?

Dadi, Purab, Rachna come to Pragya. Dadi hugs her and asks why are you crying? Pragya says I thought that Tanu’s truth will be out this time, but I lost it. She tells about the police station drama. Dadi tells her that everything will be fine. Rachna says don’t know how she is saved till now. Purab says you have to attack from the front now. Aaliya thinks to take Abhi to her side and get Purab anyhow. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tells about her argument with Pragya. Aaliya asks what happened then. Tanu tells her everything. Aaliya says this is a great news. Pragya have insulted you infront of him and he must have got angry on her. She says iron is hot now, we have to hit stammer on it to give it a shape. Tanu asks what? Aaliya shares her plan with Tanu. Tanu says you are too good, thank and hug her. She praises Aaliya for her bullet thinking. She says you are simply superb. I will start this plan today.

Abhi hears Pragya talking in her sleep. He comes near her. Just then Pragya turns and wakes up in his arms. They have an eye lock. Allah Wariyan plays…………Pragya asks what you are doing here? Abhi says I have catched you. He says you are thinking to torture Tanu. He asks why did you take me to police station when there was no case filed. Pragya gets tensed. He says you are trying to trap Tanu.

Abhi says you think that I am marrying a mad model. Pragya asks when did I say and asks who am I?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Unmaiya solluvangala matangala …????

  2. Hi friends,i heard a news that abhi will secretly follow pragya after getting doubt on pragya’s behavior then there he gets to know that tanu is the reason behind

    1. I also read that but I will never believe that till I will watch that by my own two eyes…. Lol ?

  3. It’s getting to boring when will tanu will expose now it going the pergency drama 1 1/2 year completed when the tanu chapter close other wise kill Pragya and close his chapter now wate of watching this serial right now

  4. Uffff its really irritating to see Tanu’s emotional drama ??
    Aliya is giving another plan to her, am sure they will succeed as usual ??
    Shobana nd all Iniya Iru Malargal enna nadanduchi? i watchdd nly the starting then channel cut ayuduchi
    Glad to see that Abhi n Pragya ku same voice than kuduthu irrukangua?

    1. Fowziya
      In iniya iru malargal they showed from where polimer tv has stopped and voice of abhi Pragya and others also same only.
      Ammu gave statement against alia and praba stopped police and said alia was trying to save her and she mistook it. Alia breaks glass in road and says she will take revenge on abhi and faints then Nikhil saves her and Pragya was trying to console abhi. She asked him to accept her as his friend. He too accepted and puts bandage on her forehead. And pati was worried about alia she says to Pragya that alia was in angry and left the house but didn’t return Pragya says don’t worry I will abhi to go and search for her.
      Sry fowziya till this only I watched

      1. Oh Thannkss Shob ?
        i only watched the moment when Pragya was consoling Abhi !

      2. Normally I don’t watch in Tamil because my mom will scold me fir watching the same prog in 2 places. Since yesterday its first episode in Zee Tamil I watched that too not fully

      3. Yeeeah shez right.. even my mom will scold meh fo diz ??

      4. Can you please say any other time than 7 30 the show is telecast in Tamil.please I can’t see at 7 30.

      5. Morning 10:30-11


    1. This comment above You PUBLISHED?!?!?!??!!!!


  7. Wat nonsense is this….plz stop show this serial …..it’s useless.
    Firstly where the hell is bulbul…if she is really dead why the hell dint they find her dead body
    Secondly…pragya was hospitalised n aftr recovering why dint she directly tell abhi the matter….
    Next….abhi trusts dadi so much but still they are quite..
    Another blo*dy thing is …..tanu is pregnancy it’s been one year….I too became pregnant last year at the same time…n now I have a 2 month old son….but here tannu is still 4 month pregnant…. What the blo*dy hell is this…….better kill pragya n abhi n the property will go to orphanage…… Over story….atleast in heaven they both will be together

  8. :”””(
    bye kumkum bhagya ,

  9. Its toooo draging serial ab tw tanu ki pregnancy ko b 9 months hogye :-/

  10. Really frnds … Its very rubbish… Wats gng on nearly 11\2 yr pregncy drama ng pragyas plang to com out d truth.. Ekta kapoor jiii its very boringgg.. Pavithra rishta s bettr than kumkumbhagya.. Manav nd archana ki divorce ki thara pragya nd abhi ki bhi satth divorce pregncy drama.. Oh god plse stop it

  11. Writers r thinking to make silver jublie of tanu pregnancy,……

  12. What the hell is this happening…. Fed up of this….. Why always evil wins and good people loose in kumkum bhagya….2 evils alia, tanu…..
    Alia: she made pragya’s fake MMS, tried to throw acid on Bulbul’s face, tried to kidnap bulbul but abhigya got kidnap and blamed purvi for kidnapping, tried to kill bulbul on her wedding day and took bulbul place in disguise of bulbul, tried to ruin abhi’s life, tried to make chandelier fall on pragya but bulbul got hurt but when alia got punished for her wrongdoings she got bail from jail and she is again back to take revenge

    Tanu: she is the most character less woman that she got pregnant before her marriage…. She is pregnant with someone’s (nikhil) child and wants to give her child someone else ( abhi) name. Just for his money and proprty… She is pregnant and roams with 2 different guys disgusting
    Good people always suffer like purvi, bulbul, pragya sarla, dadi, purab great
    Darla maa: she just wanted to see her both daughters happily married but one is dead and other one is divorced
    Purvi: there is nothing fault of her but still she got punished foa abhigya ‘s kidnapping
    Bulbul and purab : they just wanted to get married but writers killed bulbul soon after their marriage
    Pragya : she is tolerating every thing from starting of her married life
    2 most dumb characters abhi and nikhil
    Abhi: how could he believe that he is tanu’s unborn child father….tanu always roams with nikhil in MM but abhi never doubts…..and always blames pragya that she is changed now… Pragya has just snatched abhi’s property but abhi was having an extra marital affair what about that
    Nikhil: how cheap he is that he wants his lady love to marry someone else just for his money…. How can he believe that after getting abhi’s property tanu will come back to him

    I don’t understand what writers wants to show..that no one should be good because evil always wins.. They have ruined an awesome serial

    1. Agree with u

    2. Truly said ……. Wt is the msg to the society that one need to be bad

    3. Very well said Ekta kapoor is trying to spoil the society and spoil the good people with evil she makes slways evil win evil happy evil gain evil united but good ones die suffer loose loose cry face problems. Ekta kapoor dont know about indian people culture and how a husband wife love each other. She is against good values. She must be sued for writing this kind of stories which will bring a bad moral to the society.

  13. 9 months ki pregnancy ko 9 yrs tak dikhaneki planning chal rahi hai kya?

  14. Interesting episde.

  15. If that stupid tanu was a model then nobody knows her that she is married or not f**king serial don’t make any sense

  16. On seeing yesterday episode what I feel is Pragya and co is upto something. Because I think the conversation between purab and Pragya was incomplete. With there conversation I feel that they might definitely have some plans.
    And Tanu said she will send Pragya out of home by tom night and she has a plan too. If this time Tanu plan is successful then Pragya will win because in alia exposure also first they try to send Pragya out but on the next day she exposed alia.
    I think abhi’s doubt is growing. Lets see what the writers r upto

    1. Yeah hope so dear… How are u??

      1. Hi Manu its being days
        I’m gud how abt u ?

      2. Yup now i am back? Fine dear..

  17. Yes alekhya I agree coz even I was around 6th month whn this Tanu’s pregnancy shit started and now my little doll is 9 months old….i keep every thing aside to watch this serial I complete every work of mine by 9 I even leave my daughter with her papa for that half an hour……my husband keeps taunting about me watching a sense less show but I keep tolerating every thing…..now I feel its not worth leaving my baby at that time better I quit watching the show and dedicate that time to her

    1. Same problem. Even my husband doesnt like this show coz they separating a relationship and showing bad values. Its a bullshit show im not going to watch good bye to koduma koduma bhakwas serial

  18. I can’t watch a single scene of this stupid serial. Its irritating. Just this serial is living because abhi and pragya are together. Serial had lost its charm. Hereafter we all will lose our interest in reading the written updates. Just expose tabu with a DNA test or else stop this nonsense.

  19. Ohh god there is no improvement in story????

    1. Ya they are just beating around the bush

  20. Guys i have a doubt liquor consumption during pregnancy period is not advisable na?? Then how tanu can drink baang wine …??? Very illogic …anyways as shobana said abhi’s doubt is growing on pragya so I think he started his spy … and i felt very bad for pragya that she always fails in her plan and crying bitterly…now taaliya put a plan what will be the plan any idea guys???..

    1. Ya reji its illogical but wat to do in kkb they will show only illogical things

  21. And தமிழ் நண்பர்களே..in iru malargal they started from where they have stopped in polimer and the voice r same no changes in it evrybdy voice r same yesterday’s episode was abhi’s heart is broken pragya pacifies him and asks him to be her friend forever…abhi hugs her ….ennodu new irundhaal plays…. and bulbul is admitted in hospital evrybdy worries for her she regains conscious. .doctor says she is alright ..police came to get statement from her ..she revealed aliya’s name …police went …sarla says y u said her name …bulbul says i said the truth…sarla says she is pragya’s sister in law and abhi’s sister …purab gives some
    excuses to police and stopped police to arrest aliya …aliya is in a drunken state nikhil brings her to home nikhil says that I came her for rabul marriage ..pragya and abhi says marriage has been postponed becoz ammu got an accident nikhil didnt believe it and went…pragya is worried for ammu …abhi pacifies her….

    So ithu than see tamil iru malargal first episode all r same in voices so waiting for the next episode. .


  22. I think if this one sided thing of evils winning like forever continues, I may not be able to watch the show after few episodes. This 9 PM slot was for watching news or any sports events at home, but I snatched it from other family members to watch this show. Most of them never liked it for basic thing of hero going around with gf even after getting married.

    But after yday epi where Tanu mocked Pragya n then Pragya was crying in her room, I got a good class from my family on why I am watching such show which is only showing negativity. So if Pragya loses in this plan of Tanu n Aaliya I think I have give up watching in TV, n watch it only on zee website after its uploaded.

    This is the only show I watch daily but guess from next week if there is no change in story I have to give up.

    1. Same happens in my home

      1. Haha same here thats y i skipped to watch on tv.. But not on ozee???

    2. Exactly sahithi
      In the beginning my mom used to scold me for watching this story bt latter there were lots of fun in the show so mom didn’t say anything. Aft Pragya’s makeover the show completely lost its charm.
      Nowadays my mom used to say I don’t knw y 9pm is coming daily and I cant bear it. Since in my home 2 tv are there my family members didn’t say anything. But daily I used to share the story with my mom she will say story is not at al moving it is still in same where one yr before it was . And I don’t watch it in Tamil because my ma will definitely kill mw for watching this illogical storyline in 2 languages

    3. hm.. same happened in my home.. i skipped to watch kkb last 3 wks… no interest to watch d same nonsense track.. just following in written updates.. if it goes like this then i should stop reading this too

    4. Same i agree with you better lets all quit guys what we gain from watching yhis stupid show ??? Imagine at the end of the show you get more irritated and angry guys stop stiop watching this show

  23. I am not at all watching this show…I am not even reading written updates … I am reading only recap everyday (TO CHECK IF THEY WILL UNITE IN THE NEXT EPISODE????) that’s it…??

  24. Guys today we have a segment I guess….pictures of pragya in some pink sari and abhi looks sweetly at pragya and abhi pulls or grabs tanu from her seat….. …… pictures over in Facebook

    1. Yeah I HV seen that pics..
      But no hope?

  25. So the cvs know our weakness! They know that no matter how exasperated we are of the dragging storyline we would still stick to updating ourselves of the stupid Prabhi – Tanu triangle..Ok you caught us!! But lemme tell you this! Since you have such a bad reputation already; by the end of this drama we would all be disguted as to how you gave us false hope every time Tanu’s truth was frigging exposed for good.. and now your trying to reunite all the criminals…OMG FAKE CLAP!!

  26. Guyzz inniku epi la onnu purinjidu abhi ku doubt vara arambichiduchu idu super ava inda doubt ah apdiye follow panna avan avanoda fuggy ya kandu pudichiduvan avanuku tanu voda unmai theriyido illayo atleat avanuku avan fuggy yaarunu therinjidum aduve namaku success dan aprm avunga sendu tanu va expose pannatum i wish na nenaichadu nadakanum love u abhigya

  27. I am one who sri lankan , now this drama in sirasa TV , in this age it s very interesting, so i watched it on Zee website, very sad, it is very boring drama, this nonsense not suitable to Sri Lanka.

  28. This serial is getting Really very boring.

  29. Where r Pratiksha and Gowtham???……………’t see their comments…

  30. Pls. stop this serial. Its a waste of time.

  31. Today’s all segments-

    A new promo has been shot in which Tanu openly challenges Pragya that she’ll marry Abhi in the next 12-hours. Pragya daringly accepts the challenge & says with this 12-hour countdown begins Tanu’s ‘bura waqt’. The promo is shot in the Mehra house hall. Pragya is in pink saree & Tanu in blue dress.

    According to the news segments the upcoming scenes will involve Abhi Pragya and Tanu. Tanu will emotionally blackmail Abhi and take him into full confidence. She will force Abhi to get the divorce papers signed by tricking Pragya. Abhi gives into Tanu’s pressure.

    SBB Segment: Abhi Pragya will be shown at the mandir before going to meet producers at the restaurant. Pragya prays there and Abhi lovingly watches her. Reporter mentions about Pragya’s flame of love lightening up in Abhi’s heart AGAIN

    Abhi Pragya are at the restaurant to meet some producers and sign a deal. Before the producers arrive Abhi Pragya will have their moments. The producer wants to click a selfie and in this AbhiGya come close. Tanu is present at the restaurant too and is spying on AbhiGya & their activities.

    Pragya is suppose to sign some papers while finalizing a business deal with the producers. Tanu wants Abhi to put the divorce papers in between business papers & get them signed. Abhi decides against tricking Pragya into signing the divorce papers. He goes to Tanu who is spying on them & drags her aside by her arm. Abhi gives her the divroce papers back & says he will do it his way & not how she wants.

    Offscreen INT, Leena Jumani: Leena claims she doesn’t know what is happening & then shares about Tanu totally convincing Abhi for divorce via emotional blackmail but Abhi turns the tables on her at the last moment.

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dacf6IRNZaA

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/dYnwLKTBxKQ

    VIDEO: https://youtu.be/iDiO_lR5y-g

    1. This makes me feel that Abi is definitely the one who is gonna expose tanu

    2. Pratiksha y so late comment???..anyways I saw the segment so with this we can confirm that tanu’s exposure is nearing so within 12 hours tanu challenged pragya that she will marry abhi…thank God abhi noticed it and took the papers. .. so if pragya lose this opportunity then her full hard work sacrifice evrthng will be wasted … so…now this is confusing that how tanu boldly and confidently challlenges her that within 12 hours she will marry abhi???…behind this she has any big plan??

      1. Reji I was little busy from last night as my mom had organized “mata ki chauki”. I was busy in proeprations of it. Last night, I didn’t watch the episode becoz I was busy in that. In morning also, I woke late as I was slept late in night. I was tired and didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday’s episode. I watched it even after watching the segments. That’s why I didn’t comment. Anyways reji, after watching yesterday’s episode, I felt that may b spoiler is going to come true when I saw abhi doubting on pragya and questioning from her. But when I watched today’s segment then I realized that abhi is still out of that thing when he will not only doubt on pragya and tanu even he will surily do something to find out the truth and will take it to the climax. In fact he is still in tanu’s hands, where she manipulated abhi according to her against pragya according to aaliya’s plan. That’s why he decided to take divorce from pragya by this trick which tanu said to abhi to use for taking pragya’s sign on divorce papers through business papers. That’s why this whole segment scene has created. but reji before going their, pragya takes abhi to the durga maa’s temple to take blessings from maa. Becoz of which pragya gets saved from signing divorce papers as abhi changes his mood on last moment after seeing tanu there and drops that plan. And reji this plan was the first step of tanu’s 12 hours challenge which she gives to pragya. So after failing in her first attempt definetly, she will try some other trick or tricks. But this will not end so soon just in 12 hours. Even reporter was saying that if this track has taken 12 months to finish becoz of CVS wish of stretching the story so how it can finsh in just 12 hours. It will take more time to finish becoz CVS will stretch the story like always. So don’t get exited after listening 12 hours challenge. CVS 12 hrs. challenge is more than it. How much?, it is only cvs knows. So just wait and watch. And if i say something about yesterday’s episode, so after watching yesterday’s episode and today’s segments, i think abhi is still far from that thinking when his doubt will get strong on pragya’s intentions and reality and he will take step to find pragya’s and tanu’s truth and finsh tanu’s chapter finally. And about aaliya, so after coming back home, she changed her priority. In previous she was planning to destroy abhi and now she wants to get purab. For which, she is planning to throw pragya out from abhi’s life and house. I was not expecting this much stupidity from her. How can she throw pragya out from the house, when abhi’s everything is still belongs to pragya. And if somehow, she gets succeed in it then also how could she think that purab will marry with her after getting her intentions. She is thinking to unite tanu with abhi by marriage so she could get abhi but she can get purab only after untitng abhigya. Purab will not ready to give Bulbul’s place to her but if she takes this step then some chances were there as purab can accept her for abhigya’s sake. But she totally ruined her chance by helping tanu. So aaliya’s plan is totally spineless for getting purab. Tanu is feeling strongest as she have aaliya and nikhil’s support and their evil minds with her. But as pragya said that they can change anytime for their benefits but pragya have not only her every relationship with her, even her true love for abhi is her biggest power against tanu and their helpers aaliya and nikhil which will definetly bring trio evils down on the floor badly one day. Taaliya is planning to use abhi against pragya to make their aim possible. But if god will support pragya like this as cvs showed in segment and if our predictions gets right then it will b only abhi himself who will stand against themvin support of pragya.

      2. exactly pratiksha i completely agree with u…..i think villains mind are changing often which will leads to their exposure …. so as u said we shuld wait and watch..

  32. Guys remember when tanu bought her parents to force abhi to marriage and later kidnapping took place and abhi turned the table remember ……now tell me when pragya is going to take bullet for abhi ……on eeath bed revelations will definitely take place. …..

  33. Solluvigala illa sollamatingala nanum pala masama indha seriala silent readera padikaran ana solramari therila.if u cant say the truth atleast end this serial already everyone hate this serial.to hell with this serial.

  34. U guyzz have to notice one thing tat in recent segments the reporter says tat tanu will be caught soon but this time they didnt say tat so atleast this time they will expose her or this time also our expectations were gng to ditch and one thing in this segment abhi n pragya loiking too good

  35. Omg tanu didnt deliever the baby yet.
    Its been a year almost
    This is too much too much of dragging
    kill all the charachters and end the serial

  36. Bakwas bakwas seriel stop watching it guys

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